Where Is Important Config Files For Iptables?

Dec 4, 2008

backup from my iptables config files, where is important config files for iptables?

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Can I Edit Iptables Config File And Update It?

Dec 13, 2008

how can i edit iptables config file and update it?

because my server is under DDos attack.

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Host Has Lost Important Files During Migration

Mar 4, 2009

I asked my host to migrate my account from a PHP4 to a PHP5 server which they did without question.

During the transfer they have lost a folder containing every product image my site sells, over 1000 different items.

I know I'm foolish not to have backed it up, but I didn't, I have all the photos but not after they're all been renamed and resized.

Basically, so far today - 24hrs, I have only had 2 orders when I normally get 60-70 a day.

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98% Of Ram Used. Config Files

Jun 9, 2007

I just went to a box for myself, and just realized that my ram is closing in on it's limit.

We have 1gb of ram, yet we have around 50MB left.

We run 2 forums, with around 200 concurrent to 2000 on peaks. ( Currently it's 200 concurrent. )

Just hoping somebody could take a look at my httpd.conf and my my.cnf to see if I should tweak anything.

Ran top shift+m, and find that alot of apache connections is using 5mb per process:

3173 apache 15 0 73672 51m 3924 S 0.0 5.1 0:56.63 httpd
4790 apache 15 0 73676 51m 3912 S 0.0 5.1 0:13.36 httpd
4980 apache 15 0 73672 51m 3908 S 0.0 5.1 0:08.21 httpd
3172 apache 15 0 69844 48m 3940 S 0.0 4.8 0:45.93 httpd
5096 apache 15 0 69872 48m 3896 S 0.0 4.8 0:06.21 httpd
4394 apache 15 0 68544 46m 3912 S 8.2 4.6 0:20.24 httpd
4256 apache 15 0 68540 46m 3912 S 0.0 4.6 0:30.12 httpd
3729 mysql 15 0 130m 35m 4968 S 2.0 3.5 147:49.81 mysqld
4003 psaadm 15 0 48212 34m 23m S 0.0 3.5 0:27.61 httpsd
1489 apache 15 0 53056 31m 3928 S 0.0 3.2 1:10.80 httpd
1538 apache 15 0 52692 31m 3928 S 0.0 3.1 1:15.86 httpd
1452 apache 15 0 52636 31m 3932 S 0.0 3.1 1:24.45 httpd
2098 apache 15 0 52576 31m 3976 S 0.0 3.1 1:10.90 httpd
1450 apache 15 0 52556 31m 3940 S 0.0 3.1 1:24.80 httpd
1457 apache 15 0 52484 31m 3964 S 0.0 3.1 1:22.13 httpd
1718 apache 16 0 52444 31m 3964 R 30.7 3.1 1:27.99 httpd

httpd.cnf ( Please tell me if I have missed anything out. )

# Timeout: The number of seconds before receives and sends time out.
Timeout 60

# KeepAlive: Whether or not to allow persistent connections (more than
# one request per connection). Set to "Off" to deactivate.
KeepAlive Off

# MaxKeepAliveRequests: The maximum number of requests to allow
# during a persistent connection. Set to 0 to allow an unlimited amount.
# We recommend you leave this number high, for maximum performance.
MaxKeepAliveRequests 100

# KeepAliveTimeout: Number of seconds to wait for the next request from the
# same client on the same connection.
KeepAliveTimeout 10

## Server-Pool Size Regulation (MPM specific)

# prefork MPM
# StartServers: number of server processes to start
# MinSpareServers: minimum number of server processes which are kept spare
# MaxSpareServers: maximum number of server processes which are kept spare
# ServerLimit: maximum value for MaxClients for the lifetime of the server
# MaxClients: maximum number of server processes allowed to start
# MaxRequestsPerChild: maximum number of requests a server process serves
<IfModule prefork.c>
StartServers 8
MinSpareServers 5
MaxSpareServers 20
ServerLimit 256
MaxClients 256
MaxRequestsPerChild 2000

# worker MPM
# StartServers: initial number of server processes to start
# MaxClients: maximum number of simultaneous client connections
# MinSpareThreads: minimum number of worker threads which are kept spare
# MaxSpareThreads: maximum number of worker threads which are kept spare
# ThreadsPerChild: constant number of worker threads in each server process
# MaxRequestsPerChild: maximum number of requests a server process serves
<IfModule worker.c>
StartServers 2
MaxClients 150
MinSpareThreads 25
MaxSpareThreads 75
ThreadsPerChild 25
MaxRequestsPerChild 0


# Default to using old password format for compatibility with mysql 3.x
# clients (those using the mysqlclient10 compatibility package).




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How Do You Create/generate Config Files

Jul 10, 2009

When deploying new server/servergroup/cluster to your IT infrastructure, deployment (simplified) consist of following steps:

OS installation: to do it over network, boot server must be configured for this new server/servergroup/cluster,

configuration/package management: configuration server has to be aware of the newcomer(s),

monitoring and alerting: monitoring software must be reconfigured,

performance metrics: a tool for collecting data must be reconfigured.

There are many excellent software solutions for those particular jobs, say configuration management (Puppet, Chef, cfengine, bcfg2), monitoring hosts and services (Nagios, Zabbix, OpenNMS, Zenoss, etc) and performance metrics (Ganglia, etc). But each of these tools has to be configured independently or at least configuration has to be generated. What tools do you use to achieve this?

For example, when you have to deploy a new server, how do you create configs for, let's say, PXE boot server, Puppet, Nagios and Ganglia, at once?

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Apache :: Using Totally Custom Config Files

Dec 11, 2013

I am trying to get a Apache (Win7x64) to run using totally custom config files, so far I have this:

Code : httpd.exe -f ......confapachehttpd.conf

Loads fine and here is my trivial config:


Listen 8082

ServerRoot webinapacheapache-2.4
ServerName fitrak.me

DocumentRoot webhomewebsites

Regardless of whether I make the DocumentRoot absolute or relative Apache still won't load index.html

500 Internal Server Error

Nothing coming up erroneous in the logs...WTF am I missing???

The port is not occupied...

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CSF How To Config Limit Theart When Download Direct Files

Dec 25, 2008

I have an server linux OS CentOS 5.2 and using firewall CSF. and need question.

how to limit download theart ( limit connecting when download files ) EX : 4 connecting or 8 or 16 connecting ( my Guest using soft Internet Download Manager ).

For example, my website [url]and Direct links are: [url]. how to limit theart (Connecting) when Guest download which and using soft internetdownloadmanager, flasget.

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Unix Plesk: Generate Webserver Config Files

Sep 4, 2007

Is there any command to generate it? The httpd.include is there but httpd.conf is not picking it up. Suppose there is a "middle" man to connect the vhosts httpd.include and httpd.conf

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: AWStats - Regenerate Config Files?

Nov 13, 2014

I followed the following KB to allow country to be identified via GeoIP in AWStats: [URL] .... It works well on one of my domain, but I had to disable first the stats through PLESK Admin, then to reactivate it, so it would regenerate the conf file in /usr/local/psa/etc/awstats/* for a particulair domain. I then followed this KB to re-calculate all stats with country identification: [URL] .... It works as well.

But now: How can I regenerate all the conf file in /usr/local/psa/etc/awstats/* ? Is there any magic command?

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Reinstalled Apache2 - All Config Files Are Missed / Plesk Not Working

Feb 20, 2015

I committed a fault, I reinstalled apache2 in my dedicated server, all my apache config files are missed so now plesk not work, i have 3 domains in production w and all are broken ...

error: Not Found
The requested URL / was not found on this server.

I tried to reconfigure but:
psa/admin/sbin/httpdmng:: No such file or directory

There is a solution to restore my apache2 old installation w files config?

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After Flush+zero Iptables, Will A New Iptables Ban Work

Jan 5, 2008

I execute the following commands, in the following order:

iptables --flush
iptables --zero
iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP

will that last command successfully ban that IP until reboot?

If not, what needs to be done? I can't access my site if I don't flush + zero iptables first but I need to be able to ban with iptables.

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Most Important VPS Features?

May 12, 2009

The market is full of VPS providers with different combinations of features.. some offer huge amounts of ram, bandwidth, managed, unmanaged, etc.. The sheer number of choices is dizzying..

My question is, if you had to pick one feature of a VPS plan that was most important to you, what would it be?

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How Important Is Location

Oct 11, 2009

I live in Turkey. I'm gonna buy a reseller package from Hostgator which is located in Texas. I will mostly make websites in English language for business(affiliate websites) but I decided to make 2 websites in Turkish language for a hobby of mine. Should I buy hosting from a company in Europe or can I still go with Hostgator? I really like Hostgator's package but how much disadvantage would there be in terms of speed? Would people be able to tell by speed whether the server is close or not? Is there a way to test it? All my friends' computers have a speed around 100kb download per second.

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PCI Compliance How Important Is It To You

Dec 11, 2008

How important is PCI Compliance to you as a hosting provider? Are you compliant now?

Do you intend to be complaint? Also how many thing that just getting a scan from comodo or another scanner makes you compliant?

As far the rules for PCI-DSS state if you store CC's which all hosting companies do if they are using a billing system, i.e MB, WHMCS etc.. You have to be compliant to a fault for a 37 page document with lots and lots of requirements that most don't do and don't know how to do.

Is it worth it to not make the effort and get compliant or risk losing your merchant account and getting on the TMF list and fined $50k?

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How Important Is Host Location

May 5, 2009

I am in the process of finding a host for my website (as I am not very happy with the current one).

My statistics shows that most of my visitors are from Europe and Asia and not much from US.

My question is, should I think of a host in Europe or Asia?

does it actually make a lot of difference where is your host located ?

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How Important Is Live Chat?

Feb 15, 2009

How important is this from a customer standpoint? Assuming ticket response times are under 1 hour, is Live support something that customers really want? I'm considering adding it as a support option, but want to weigh whether or not its worth it.
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Is Ping Time Important

Apr 12, 2009

When I talked with my friends who are into computer stuff, they'd say that it is important that the provider that I am about to host my site with, has good ping response so that my site will load faster.

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Is 24x7 Support Important To You

Apr 9, 2009

I don't know how some web hosting companies get away with saying they offer 24x7 support but don't. I have come across many companies that all clam the same thing but at the end when it comes down to it they are not there when you need them.

My question is if they have a live chat button on there site and I see there sales team offline, that is an immediate sign they are really not there 24x7. If a person is qualified to manage a server is he/she not qualified to sell a product?

how can a network be monitored if you don't have a staff 24x7?

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How Important Is Hosting Location

Oct 4, 2009

I work for a company that does business mainly in California but we have people all over the country including Boston and NYC. I'm looking for dedicated servers and found good pricing/service in Chicago but worried about response times for my Cali folks. I'm hosting a non public web app that everyone needs to use so the load is low and response times are not super critical.

Will my users experience noticable latency?

Also people that manage the servers may be in Cali as well. Will they find it fustrating to remote into these windows servers and manage them or will it be acceptable or should I find something closer to california?

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How Important Is It To Have RAID On A Dedicated Box

Apr 18, 2008

What really are the chances of a drive failure in any given year?

I worked in corporate IT departments for 15 years and had RAID on everything even though I rarely saw a drive failure. Out of hundreds of drives one might fail in any given year.

It does look like some folks here have experienced drive failures on dedicated boxes though, so my dilemma is this: If both cost the same am I better off to have a box with no RAID at a good host like theplanet, or have a box WITH raid with one of the value hosts?

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How Important Is Server Location

Mar 2, 2007

I am based in the UK and ideally I want my server based in the UK too. But the best host I've found so far seems to be American.

If most of my users are from the UK, then I don't want the latency to be too high. Or it so insignificant that I don't need to worry?

I was looking at [url] but if someone knows a similar deal in the UK I'd like to hear about it!

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IMPORTANT: Do Not Ignore This Email

Jul 25, 2008

I'm receiving this email from the server :

"IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email.
The hostname (one.icv.ro) resolves to It should resolve to Please be sure to correct /etc/hosts as well as the 'A' entry in zone file for the domain.

Some are all of these problems can be caused by
/etc/resolv.conf being setup incorrectly. Please check this file if you
believe everything else is correct.

You may be able to
automaticly correct this problem by using the ' Add an A entry for your
hostname ' under ' Dns Functions ' in your Web Host Manager"

So everything is working fine ..
I checked the DNS zone and every thing is ok.

but run this on the server :
dig +noall +answer +additional icv.ro NS
icv.ro. 84220 IN NS ns9.ixwebhosting.com.
icv.ro. 84220 IN NS ns10.ixwebhosting.com.
dig +noall +answer +additional icv.ro
icv.ro. 82792 IN A

and they are wrong.

strange that the ping is fine.. and is corect ip:

ping icv.ro
PING icv.ro ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from one.icv.ro ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=0.060 ms

So my server didn't updated the ns. They are the old ns .. and the new one are

Name Server: ns1.wiredtree.com
Name Server: ns2.wiredtree.com

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Why Server Memory Is Important

Oct 27, 2007

today i was asked if my server support ruby on the rail. The person said that the rail needs at least 256Mb of free RAM to run it. Is it true?

I checked my server memory by using TOP command and saw that it has less than 10MB of free RAM. My question: Where does it go? I got only 30 sites running and mostly are static site and No proxy.

what eats up memory? What ways can i use to free up my memory?

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Is Logwatch Important? Can I Remove It

May 9, 2007

I'm running out of disk space on /var and it seem /var/cache/logwatch has almost 4GB of space. Can I remove everything inside and uninstall logwatch? How do I remove logwatch from the system and any affect of the system functionality.


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Location Of The Domain Name Server (DNS) Is Important ?

Jun 26, 2009

we have a server where we run sites and emails, but now we are going to buy a offsite email solution (based on ms exchange) in order to have our emails running when our web server is down.

But at the momment we run our own dns at our webserver using our own nameservers, in order that our emails keep working during a webserver downtime, we need to host our dns server at another location. So the offsite email company that is based in usa, said to us that they can host our dns at their datacenter in usa.

So i will have a configuration like this:

Webserver >> location: Spain
Mail Server >> location: USA
DNS Server >> location: USA

note: 99% of my website visitors came from Spain

So my question is:

Does it matters in terms of speed/performance having my dns server located in usa?

So in a simple way, will my website will it be fast with the dns located in spain, or having it in usa is exactly the same in terms of speed/performance?

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Clients: Is Phone Support Important

Jan 26, 2009

This question is mainly for the client, but anyone is welcome. I am curious how important is phone support when you are looking for a host. Does the host need to have one or not or does it even matter?

Support also includes billing and sales.

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Whats Important To You In A Colo Facility

Apr 25, 2009

We are in the process building a new colocation facility and I wanted to take some input from everyone here. We have most of the infrastructure planning and layout done but were still early on in the construction phase so now is the last chance to get some input. I have two main questions I wanted to ask.

1)When your looking for a colocation facility what things are most important to you?

2)Have you ever wished that datacenters offered something outside the normal things that most providers do.

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What Is Most Important To You In A Dedicated Hosting Company

Feb 28, 2008

I am interested as I am sure others are as well in the results. Please also list things you want to see providers that they are missing the boat on now. Please dont mention specific providers and make this a bash session. I think this type of dialoge will benefit all the providers out there.

This was supposed to have a poll but my laptop died before I could post the poll questions

What is most important to you in a dedicated hosting company?

#1 Price
#2 Support
#3 Network
#4 Client User interface

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