Top Info - Multiple Cpu's

Jul 31, 2007

I noticed very slow performance while browsing e-mails through the webmail interface (Horde), it took almost 20 seconds to jump between e-mails.

I did a top on one of my hosts machines, it showed:
Cpu(s): 0.0% us, 0.1% sy, 0.0% ni, 99.9% id, 0.0% wa, 0.0% hi, 0.0% si

The one at almost 100%, is that idle time? If so, how come things craqwl?

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Which Versions Of Apache And Mysql Can Take Advantage Of Multiple Cpus

May 15, 2007

Are there particular version of mysql or apache that are best suited when you want to utilize a multi-core/multi-cpu system? For example, we are currently using apache 1.3 and am not sure if it has the inherent ability to use multiple cpus to its benefit.

Or would the fact that it spawns child processes take advantage as the processes will be spawned on the different CPUs?

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VPS Hosting In The UK That Uses AMD Cpus

Apr 22, 2009

I'm boycotting Intel for their building of a factory on illegally occupied Palestinian land, the village of Iraq al Manshiya.

As such I'm looking for a VPS provider that has AMD servers available in the UK.

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Cluster Cpus

Dec 22, 2008

i have a site which involves heavy cpu use but its in a small private network with 3 other boxes which are pretty much idle, so im wondering is their a way to use the idle cpu time /ram possibly on my main server via the network ?

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Intel Or AMD For Server CPUs

Aug 28, 2008

I have make an argument for going with Intel chips for some new platforms. These will be used in Xen VPS hosting.

Scanning thru the products of newegg for example, it would seem first that AMD boards (Opterons) are cheaper then Intel's 775 boards. Then the Intel boards also require FB-Dimms which is a bit more expensive then Registered ram.

I know alot of hosters here prefer going with Intel. Is there any other reasons then just following the crowd? I do know Intel chips perform better but does that warrant say 300 more dollars of going with an Intel based solution?

What would be some convincing arguments for going with Intel instead of AMD chips?

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Server Load: 12.08 (8 Cpus) With RED Status

Nov 1, 2008

I have an account at HostMonster.

Server Load: 12.08 (8 cpus) with RED status

Is it too much?

Any hostmonster users?

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Vmware Server Problem With OS 64bit And Some Cpus

Nov 7, 2009

Many people have some problems with vmware server on some 64bit operation systems.
If your server's ram is more than 6GB, you have to have a 64bit OS but I have tried to install vmware server on a 64bit server, it seems to be crashing my vmware server every 5 min and I cant use it more until I reset this service.

CPU : Intel Xeon Nehalem 3440 2.53Ghz Quad Core w/ HyperThreading (8 virtual cores)
Ram : 4 GB DDR2
Os : CentOS 64bit

I have had an another server and i have solved this problem whit Debian. but on CentOS I usually have problem, and I cant use vmware server.

Have you any idea how i solve this problem on CentOS 64bit?

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Fastest Dedi Host For Newest CPUs

Jun 9, 2009

Which dedicated host is the fastest at providing servers with the newest CPUs?

Intel just announced a 6 Core CPU that is being released within a few months, so which Dedi host do you think will offer this first?

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Attacking Multicore CPUs (new Vulnerability Discussion From Slashdot/The Register)

Sep 16, 2007

Attacking multicore CPUs

"The Register reports that the world of current multi-core central processing units (CPUs) just entered is facing a serious threat. A security researcher at Cambridge disclosed a new class of vulnerabilities that takes advantage of concurrency to bypass security protections such as anti-virus software The attack is based on the assumption that the software that interacts with the kernel can be used without interference. The researcher, Robert Watson, showed that a careful written exploit can attack in the little timeframe when this happens, and literally change the "words" that they are exchanging. Even if some of these dark aspects of concurrency were already known, Watson proved that real attacks can be developed, and showed that developers have to fix their code. Fast..."

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Multiple Email Certificates For Multiple Domains?

Nov 11, 2014

I have two domains as virtual hosts on same IP address.

I am getting certificate error for the second domain when I try to check email (using MS Outlook). I can't permanently "accept" certificate, it complains again and again. Certuficate I created and self signed for, but the second email server is, so it complains.

How do I set separate email certificates for two domains? Is it possible at all?

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Apache :: Multiple Error Codes For Multiple Pages

Nov 9, 2012

Depending on where u are at on my site (documents pages, training, main root, etc.) will depend on which type of background, footer, header and the like you'll get. Now I was thinking. Is there a way to have multiple error messages for more then one page depending on where you are at on a site? Right now it's intranet site and a modded snitz forum. What is the code and were does it go and in which apache conf file(s) does it go in?

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O/s Info

Apr 15, 2008

I know uname -a out puts the kernel info, but how do you output the actual linux flavor and version?

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Need Info On Dreamhost

May 16, 2006

i have decide to buy hosting plan on dreamhost with a discount coupon of 24$ per year, i want to know whether this offer is valid for year or for ever.

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Nameservers Info

Apr 3, 2009

I need some info please about nameservers in a new unmanaged dedicated server.

Do i have to get the nameservers from my hosting company or i must setup them manualy?

What does private nameservers are?

I need some info please in general and where i will find the nameservers so i can setup them?



I think that i will need somethink like:

NS1.HOSTING.COM -->With my main ip

NS2.HOSTING.COM --> Another ip?

What is the difference to use company name e.x NS1.COMPANY.COM and my NS1.MYNAME.COM?

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How Do I Change SOA Info

Oct 1, 2009

How do I change start of authority (SOA) info, specifically I need to change the email listed?

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File Info

May 6, 2009

any idea on this error,? my fiend is having pb with fileinfo after his installation

Warning: finfo_open() [function.finfo-open]: Failed to load magic database at '/usr/share/file/magic.mime'. in /home/tomita/public_html/ff/fileinfo.php on line 2

Warning: finfo_file(): supplied argument is not a valid file_info resource in /home/tomita/public_html/ff/fileinfo.php on line 3

Warning: finfo_close(): supplied argument is not a valid file_info resource in /home/tomita/public_html/ff/fileinfo.php on line 4

these are the errors he see when he use the following code


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Email In PHP Info

Apr 25, 2009

i have a strange problem, i use a VPS with CentOs 5 linux and i noticed when i look on the php info page that my email adresss is there and i need to change that email to another one but i don`t know where to do that

I have looked in my HyperVM control panel and in Plesk 9 control panel but i don`t find that adress...where is that set ?


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Info About

May 29, 2009

I made a couple of search on this forum but that did not fetch me what i exactly wish to know.

Obviously, the first question which has been asked millions of times
1. How good is their server performance?I have my site hosted from When i go for speed test of my site i always found the speed to be about 0.40 seconds while google and yahoo being 0.01 and 0.04 respectively.

2. I am need JAVA hosting. seems to offer every thing under one hosting plan which is really good for me.

3. I tried seeing their help files to find out how many times their TOMCAT restarts a day but i guess their help files are restricted to only registered user. Can some one please tell me is there a way to manually restart Tomact in

4. The number of MySQL database is not important for me. What i am looking for is how much data can i save into each database. offered 25 databases, for which i was pretty happy but latter on i figured out that the amount of data i can store is limited to 200 MB only. which is really sad!

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Any Info About

Oct 9, 2009

Any info or any review about Are they reliable?

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Any Info On

Mar 27, 2009

if anyone had any info on or Richard Perez?

They were hosting several of my websites, my server-side autoresponder and ad-tracker, etc. up until they disappeared last Mon-Tue, March 23-24.

I don't know whether to keep waiting, see if they re-appear or give up and just start re-building everything from scratch.

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SoloGigabit Info

Nov 6, 2008

I did some searching and couldn't find any relevant information on
has anyone used then before? hows the network? service? hardware?

I am referencing this ad:[url]

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Mar 28, 2008

We have a webhosting company
our details and our webhosting users is Secure
i don`t like any body else knows our users list

but 2 website is there
1 -

those Show our users and website list to everybody

i am not interest for this service,

how can i Stop this service?

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.info Nameserver

Oct 22, 2008

My server is with cheapvps.

I have just purchased a .info domain just to use for playing about on.. I purchased it from I have 3 other domains with them but these are .com, and domains. All pointing to my VPS nameeservers..

For some reason when i goto add my nameservers to the .info domain it says
Error text: Nameserver doesn't exists in the registry
Error text: Nameserver doesn't exists in the registry
Ive not encounted this before. My friend purchased a domain last night and when i added the nameservers to his it worked fine.

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How To Get All My Server Info

Oct 6, 2008

how can i get all my vps / servers information and configuration reports, like a full report on a server.

So i already uploaded phpinfo.php so i can get the PHP report. And about getting other reports, like sql config, apache, plesk,?

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Info About

May 28, 2008

What do you think about what are you using it for?

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Info On Gnax' VPS

Oct 31, 2008

The glorified NetDepot (Gnax) has finally launched it's VPS services with a cool promo: only one buck for the first two months!! cPanel & all IPs you want for low prices, LxAdmin portal (you can install and reinstall a lot of OSs). Does anyone there tried this product? I'm interested in a honest report...

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Dec 15, 2007

I have been a customer of for the past 2 years. Satisfied customer I might add. However, on 12/11/2007, I received an email telling me they were discontinuing service as of Jan. 8, 2008.

The actual purpose of this post is to let anyone looking for a host know NOT to go to Microterra's site, which still seems to be functioning as if nothing has changed.

Just a bit of FYI.

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Aggregating AWStats Info

Feb 23, 2006

We run about 100 sites across our cluster, and we want to be able to view a more detailed report of what's going on across the network. We already have an aggregate AWStats view which shows overall network info...

What we were hoping for was a way to generate a table of each site, the core info for each site (ie: uniques, visitors, pages, hits, traffic) and then to click on the name of the site to go to the actual AWStats reporting page.

The thing is, I've SEEN this tool somewhere... but just can't remember where, and mutliple searches turned up empty.

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Some Info On Slicehost/Linode

May 7, 2009

I have a Magentocommerce shoping cart presently hosted on a dedicated server (2.40GHz , 28 KB Cache celeron processor - 512 MB RAM) and the processor is running on full steam when customer accesses certain pages. This is because the shopping cart is processor intensive. I see that my MYSQL hogs the processor and am looking to VPS to provide me with more power for less cost.

I have slicehost and Linode on my list of VPS providers.

1.Linode offer only RAID-1 against Slichost's RAID-10. Does this matter that much? How do I decide on this?

2. From what I see, on VPS, a 256 MB plan would mean around 40 sites sharing the quad core processor which means, I would get worst case, 250MHz guaranteed from VPS provider. Will this still be better than my present celeron processor. I am unable to compare them.

3. I would like to hire someone reliable to get the VPS server installed with basic LAMP setup and extensions required for Magento. Will someone be able to help me on this? Where do I look for such a service?

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How To Enable PHP Info On My Server

Apr 6, 2009

I am tried to make a file to tell me the php info of my server, but I get the following error.

Warning: phpinfo() has been disabled for security reasons

I have no idea how to enable or figure out why this is happening

I did disable some stuff in PHP configuration a while back because people were uploading c99 shells and whatnot on my box, so I'm not sure if that could be the issue.

I am running WHM/Cpanel on my server

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Info On HostChum Personnel

Apr 16, 2009

I am filing a complaint with the local FBI office here and would like any help I can get to gather as much information as possible to give him.

The guys full names, phone numbers and any other info available and the addresses of the HostChum company and the VpsWiz company and any prior companies that the guys would have committed fraud at prior.

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