Speed Server

Apr 19, 2008

I am the server in my house and speed of communication server 2 MB per second Is this good speed Browsing

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What Is The Best Way To Test The Speed Of A Server

Jun 3, 2009

What is the best way to test the speed of a server?

CPU/processing wise, and not bandwidth wise?

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Server Download Speed

Sep 30, 2009

I've two shared hosting accounts, one is hostgator and other is godaddy.

I've uploaded a file (.flv) on hostgator and same file on godaddy.

here a link to both

Hostgator flv

Goddady flv

Now i am use a Download manager " free download manager" to download files
The hostgator file downloads at 17-35kb/s
The godaddy file downloads at 200kb/s

I am using 2Mbps dsl.

Also my hostgator cpanel loads slow. and other files are downloads at very low max 40kb/s.

What are the issues. I've contacted hostgator support and they say that every thing is ok on their end.

I have to stream videos on hostgator but the speed is too slow. and it buffers alot.

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How To Diagnose Server Speed

Jul 16, 2008

What would be best method to test quality of server?For example,how site loads,do they load at all,speed of loading,etc.

What bothers me some of my site which i host on my servers start to lose traffic a lot lately.It could be beacuse of summer slowdown,but i simply cant belive in that.

Maybe server have a downtime or server have bad hardware router which doesnt accept all traffic.In shortly i belive something is wrong.So please tell me how do i do deep scan/check of all my servers.

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Is My Server Speed Capped

Oct 6, 2008


This has happend before when server hit 4 mb/s i saw straight line on mrtg for 20 min.

I email the support but they said they do not cap anyone.

Anyway to check my server really isnt capped?

server is on 100 mbps port. Bandwidth not shared.

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Server Cpu Speed- X3320

Jun 18, 2008

I want to know how the speed compares between a single X3320 against a server with duel E5310 in it?

I have been told they should be about the same, or is the newer single x3320 faster?

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Server Connection Speed

Sep 6, 2008

I have a dedicated server, but i dont know how i can measure the bandwidth at specific time, the problem that i feal that my bandwidth is below what i requested...

what i mean with Bandwidth is not trfic, it is the connection speed at a moment
(i.e. 50Mbps)

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The Speed Of Server Is Slowing Down...

Nov 1, 2007

the speed of FTP access to the server is acceptable, if I surf the website on the server by ip address, the speed is also acceptable however, if I surf the website on the server by domain, the speed is really slow.

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Check My Server Speed

Jul 3, 2007

I have two servers one from hostmysite and other one is from 15minute server, I would like to know which one is faster, I have a dedicated server from 15minuteserver, but sometime I get slow speed I am not really sure which one is faster.

test two Ips and let me know.

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How To Test Your Server Speed

Feb 11, 2007

way to test the speed of your web host? If the answer is ping, what is a good response time to look for?

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Test Your Server Speed Worldwide

May 5, 2009

which site can do that job? when i plan to buy a dedicated server,

i want to test speed like my customers worldwide.

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Speed From Leaseweb (Webspace, Server)

Jun 3, 2008

since 2 month i have a linux gold webspace package from the hoster leaseweb.

The speed of my webspace is very slowly from time to time.

Are the server from leaseweb faster?

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FTP Server - High Speed / Capacity

Nov 19, 2008

I've been asked to look for a offsite ftp server solution as an alternative to having one inhouse attached to a 20-100mbps leased line. It will be used for storing ISO images of DVD's from client sites, must have a fast connection, reliable and full security.

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How To Check Connection Speed Of The Server

Apr 16, 2008

Can you conduct me to check the server speed by commands ( linux fedora )?

How to check connection speed of the server. i.e. 100 Mbps , 10 Mbps, etc.

I saw an message like this : " NIC Link is Up 10 Mbps Full Duplex", according to my knowledge, this is my server connection speed/ bandwidth is 10 Mbps, isn't it?

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Server Hardware And Internet Speed

Jun 28, 2008

I have seen many articles about setting up your server. WAMP, LAMP, IIS and more. But they are based on software.

I want to know that What server hardware is required to setup a server? What type of internet connection is needed? What will be total cost?

I am from middle class family from india. I have airtel broadband 256 kbps dynamic IP unlimited plan for my daily use. Airtel provides business plans too with static IP address. You can check their tariff here:


I want to know that if I want to host upto 10 websites with upto 20 lakh pageviews/month on a server...

which internet connection should I use?

what type of server hardware should I use?

what should be its configuration?

How can I set domain name on my webserver IP?

I am not going to host 10 sites on server. Even I am not going to setup a server.

I have never seen anybody talking about server hardware. They always talk about software (apache, php, iis, sql etc).

I want to know about server hardware and its configuration.

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Check Server Network Speed

Feb 29, 2008

Can someone throw light, on how to check my Server's network speed?

I have uploaded a 200 MB dump and getting this result :


# wget ******/dump.doc
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 231,816,431 [application/msword]

2% [> ]
4,984,776 1.15M/s ETA 03:22

1) How is this Dedicated Box, speed considered?

2) Any other way to test network speed?

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Check Dedicated Server Speed

Nov 21, 2008

I am planing to buy XLHOST dedicated server for my software project. Before buying this dedicated server I want to check it's standard server speed using following file. Please can anyone check download speed?[url]I will upload my file after getting satisfied with your test. Then I will post my dedicated server file link here to cross check download speed.

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Limit Server Upload Speed

Oct 17, 2007

Im trying to limit the total amount of bandwidth my server can use, but I am unsure where to start.

Say for example I want to limit the total available upload bandwidth to 100kbit/s.

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How Do I Test The Actual Speed Of My Server

Jul 17, 2007

My host keeps telling me that it is my connection but my server keeps getting slower and slower. how can I actually test it?

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Need Back Up Server With High Speed Connection

Jun 4, 2009

I need a backup server

main tasks

- Download/Upload files from/to my other servers very fast.
- 1 GBps Port
- Storage no more 250 GB .
- 600 GB Traffic
- access the server from the IP no domain
- Cheaper always better : )

What offers / recommendation do you have for me?

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Server Network Speed Gets Very Slow Then Unconnectable

Mar 5, 2008

I have a server with a overheating problem and a network problem.

(With a lot of users connecting to it every second)

Well, recently the server started to get slow then finally it was up on KVM but network connections do not work.

After reboot, it works for around 10+ hours but it won't last for a day as it gets slower then unconnectable.

When I look at the logs, I see this:

Mar 5 00:38:35 cn1 kernel: printk: 769 messages suppressed.
Mar 5 00:38:36 cn1 kernel: dst cache overflow
Mar 5 00:38:39 cn1 kernel: CPU0: Temperature above threshold
Mar 5 00:38:39 cn1 kernel: CPU1: Temperature above threshold
Mar 5 00:38:39 cn1 kernel: CPU1: Running in modulated clock mode
Mar 5 00:38:39 cn1 kernel: CPU0: Running in modulated clock mode
Mar 5 00:38:41 cn1 kernel: printk: 709 messages suppressed....

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How To Determine Port Speed On CentOS Server

Jun 3, 2008

How can I detect port speed on my CentOS server ? I need to know it's 10Mbit/s or 100Mbit/s

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How Can I Test Port Speed On A Dedicated Server

Mar 5, 2008

i just buyed a dedicated server with 100mbps dedicated port..

how can i test the traffic on port to see is is realy working on 100mbps?

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What Can I Do To Improve Bandwidth / Uplink Speed Of Server

Oct 4, 2008

As per topic, what is the best method to do to the hardware to improve bandwidth / uplink speed of server?

I have a production server that is used for regular file serving.

P4 3.0Ghz
500GB + 160GB + 160GB hard disk
2Mbps Dedicated + 10Mbps shared.

However, the most I can pulled through the whole server is always between 1.5Mbps - 3Mbps, anyway to pull the speed up to around 10Mbps should there be availability of bandwidth for me to burst?

For any informations, the hard disk is SATA 2.

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Capping Port Speed On A Dedicated Server

Nov 26, 2008

I've got a CentOS 5 box that I want to cap/throttle the speed of the port to ensure that no more than 50 meg is passing in either direction at any given time.

- I know you can do this with FreeBSD using ipfw but that's not an option for me at the moment...

- I also know you can do this with some reasonably decent switching gear but again that's not an option. It's not my switch and they don't provide capped ports.

So, the question then becomes is there any way to lock the port down to 50 meg using only linux itself?

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What Is The Best Server Hosting Company In Terms Of Speed

Apr 23, 2008

what is the best server hosting company that i can get speed from to the midle east --?

i have houge files that i want to store on my server and let people download them att maxemom speeds

so what is the best company that can do that?

or what?

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How To Perform Speed Test On My Virtual Private Server (VPS)

May 6, 2009

Can any one tell me, How to perform speed test on my VPS...

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More Important For Shoutcast Server? Bandwidth Or Port Speed?

Jun 28, 2008

I wonder whatLs more important on a shoutcast server, to get more bandwidth per month as possible, or a faster port connection?

I have test a 2 hours music stream at 128k bit rate and was only 5MB per listener !
This is not to host 24/7 radios. Its a project to host DJs /Live Bands at
a maximum of 128k, with no more than 2 hours events.

Also each event between 50-80 listeners, and not at same days or hours.

About the port connection, what this means? :

Is it shared and from 10 to 100mbps?

I am trying to find the best deal with dedi servers.
Have at this moment a unlimited bandwidth /100Mbps shared, but it seems the CPU is too low (AMD Sempron 3100), as I canLt seem to create more than 40 shoutcast accounts (and no client is streaming, just ON), and the server load goes up to 4.5 !!

So, I am looking on the market , as I saw better deals with better processors (Pentium4, Core 2 Duo), and much cheaper (below $100), but they only offer 2000/3000GB bandwidth.

Whats do you think?

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Suitable Internet Speed For Dedicated Server Hosting About 30 VPS

Oct 16, 2009

What is the suitable internet speed for dedicated server hosting about 30 VPS?

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Which CPU For Web Server Tasks? Higher Clock Speed Or More Cores

Jan 8, 2009

which type of CPU would be better for a web server that will run Windows, PHP, ColdFusion, mail, DNS, and IIS. Would a dual core CPU with a higher clock speed do better than a quad core CPU with lower clock speed? For instance, would a dual core 3 Ghz processor do better than a quad core at 2.4Ghz?

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Good Server With Fast HTTP Speed Capability

Jul 31, 2008

currently i am on OVH...and ovh's speeds are amazing when it comes to torrenting..and stuff..no problems whatsoever till now..but i am looking for a modest budget server than will give me good http speeds average 400-500KB/sec ...i dont care much abt the hard drive space..even a 40 geg hard drive will do..but all i need is a good RAM..i am expecting 300-400 max users to download from the server using http..concurrent connections may be not more than 150..so i definitely need a good RAM..3 gegs i presume? budget: preferably less than 100 dollars

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