Server / Boxes For Streaming

Aug 9, 2007

anyone got any suggestions for very high bandwidth media streaming (flash comm server)?

And what kind of boxes to run it from?

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Mail Server - Setup Virtual Mail Boxes

Feb 10, 2007

AMD Athlon54 X2 512Kx2 socket AM2 3800

Just completed installing the captioned OS with everything installed except GAME. This is an experiment. slamd64 is now running on the box.

I'm going to setup virtual mail boxes on this server, allowing my friends using the mail server sending and receiving mails. Please advise;

1) how to check whether sendmail is running and configured properly.
2) how to setup virtual mail boxes. Where can I find relevant tutorial.

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Unmetered Boxes For Mediaserver

May 23, 2008

to run a static files server w/lighty or otherwise - need VERY low spec hardware, but shared 100mbit port enough to push at least 10TB/mo each.

at most $200 per server if possible, celeron/p4, 512mb ram, 500GB+ HD, shared 100mbit.

us or eu is fine. (just no crap german "unmetered" with 10mbit throttle after 1tb)

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Best Fully Managed Boxes Under $300

Sep 4, 2008

We want a reliable and powerful fully managed Linux server (Cent OS if possible) for under $300 a month.

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2 Apache Boxes That Back Each Other Up

Feb 28, 2008

I have a managed box with rackspace (green) On this I am running a couple of distance learning sites e.g (moodle on apache) and video streaming (lighttpd). This is all working fine.

I'm now looking at moving our "normal" website (drupal on apache) to a managed server with rackspace. (call this blue)

The 2 different parts will be running on 2 different machines, but I'd like to be able to move sites/applications between them if needs be due to load/work/failure

For example if the normal website server goes down, temporarily move that on to the distance learning/media server or vice versa.
Or if after a while we get more traffic on the distance learning server than the website, move the media server over to the normal website server.

Hope that makes sense - I'm not looking at a proper cluster here, but 2 servers I can juggle things between if needs be.

The way I'm thinking of doing it is having both machines with the same setup (apache port 80 and lighttpd port 81 for streaming)
And use Vhosts on both machines setup for all the sites.
i.e. and each have vhosts setup for, and

This way, whichever server the dns for points to goes there, and the same for other services.

Then do a nightly backup of the mysql databases to the other server and keep files rsynced.

Then if a server goes down or I want to move x from green to blue I just load the backup of green database for the relevant application on the blue server and point the dns entry for the app to blue.

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Large Email Boxes + Cpanel

Jan 7, 2007

I ever seen a large mailbox be reliable, but now I have one that's mine and I have 8000 messages and 1.2gb. I can't even log into Horde webmail, if I use NeoMail its very slow, it takes 1 or 2 minutes to delete 100 messages or empty the trash. So I tried to setup the email account in Thunderbird and it times out. When I use POP3 thunderbird says it timed out but on the server I can still see the CPOP process for that user and it says it authenticating, if I try again to access it it says the mailbox lock is on, if I remove the lock same thing, no way to access it.

So any advise on how to access this large mailbox, perhaps there is a way to increase the timeouts?

Also whenever I try to do anything with the mailbox it increases the server load, from .20 or so it goes to 1, 2 even 3+

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Is Colocation More Expensive Than Reselling Dedi-boxes?

Feb 18, 2007

I currently run 16 boxes which I rent from various data centers, mark-up and resell. Conventional wisdom says that it's time for me to start colocating my own servers. I've got approval for capital (loan) so it's no problem for me to just buy these boxes and colo them. But... how the hell does anyone afford it?

I mean, I can get a cabinet in H.E. with 10Mbps burst to 100Mbps for $600/mo (through EGI). Which is an insanely good deal until you realize that it only includes 15amps of power. So (I think) that means that I can really only run about 15 or 20 Celerons at the most. So much for filling up the rack.

Optimistically, if I can run 20 Celerons which I've priced at about $700 each including shipping -- plus a switch, KVM, spare parts and bank interest over 24 months -- that's about $800/mo for the servers plus $600 for the cab, plus about $200/mo for remote hands in case I need the DC guys to do something. I'm looking at about $80/mo per server which I have to pay whether it's rented or not.

I can easily find celerons for $80/mo which include some level of support and I can very easily cancel whenever my client does and buy a fresh new one whenever I get a new client.

I was all excited to go colo -- but the numbers don't add up. What am I missing here? What's the big advantage to all the extra hassle of owning your own?

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Original Boxes To Ship The Servers Back

Apr 7, 2007

For VOIP traffic I am thinking of moving some servers from bay area to C4D.

I store all my server boxes so its easy to UPS them.

My question is if i wanted the servers to be shipped back from c4d in case of any reason in future do they keep the original boxes around to ship the servers back?

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Streaming Server

Mar 26, 2009

I'm looking for a streaming server to stream a few flv videos, some mp3s, 3gp, mpg, mp4. If we can get this with a single host it would be really helpful.

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MMS Streaming Server

May 28, 2009

I am thinking of streaming something to the internet and i will be streaming it through MMS through Windows Server 2003.

The streaming rate will be around 500-600 (Good Quality)

I want to know if i have 1000 people watching at the same time, what kind of server and bandwidth do i need so they dont experiance any buffering/slowness/downtime at all?

Is this server enough for what i want to do:

Dual core ATOM 330 CPU
100mbit Unmetered Bandwidth


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Server For MP3 Streaming

Oct 31, 2009

I have mp3 streaming website hosted on VPS from WiredTree
after a down time more than 12 hours I decided to move from them

My mp3 files size APPROXIMATELY around 60 GB

for good fully managed Dedicated server that meets my requirements

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Streaming Server Experience

Sep 29, 2008

I am planning to purchase a streaming server for ~ 200$ - 500$/ month. And I would like to hear your past experience or expertise. I am sure this will help lot of people here that are looking to buy streaming servers.

For my specific need,

Streams are usually 450Kbps and they run for 12 hours straight per day and 30 days. And I run at least 50 slots at a time.
[450Kbps*50*3600*12*30]= ~30TB (Worst case scenario)

I think need 100Mbps shared (I hope to run at least 50Mbps when there is a streaming event).Thank you for all the help.

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Streaming Audio Server MP3

Jan 19, 2006

I'd like to be able to stream mp3s. I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with myspace or not, but thats what I want them for.

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Media Streaming Server ..

Sep 14, 2007

Any one know why media streaming server dont working?

I installed the media streaming server, 1 month ago and it was working well. However, from Thursday to now it dont working. I have checked and the wmv files only run 3seconds is broke.
please tell me what the reasaon make my server doesnt working?

OS: Windows 2003 enterprise R2
Streaming Protocaol : MMS

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Red5 Streaming Server

Mar 23, 2009

I have been fascinated by the Red5 streaming server and tried to configure it on my VPS , i could follow the instructions and get upto the demo page eventhogh most of the demo pages are not working , I believe this is a problem with the configuration and the location where the files should be uploaded after installation or the rtmp URL which should be used on the demo page for the demos to work, I have experinced the issue mainly with the oflademo.

I was quite dissappointed to see that there are not much docs available for post installation configuration of Red5 too for a normal person

I urge the members to develop this thread into a good tutorila on Installation and Configuration of Red5

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Good Streaming Server?

May 27, 2009

I want ASK What is the Good server For streaming ? I have one server with 8GB RAM But its not working good when to mach user Streaming Video,

And i also want ask Web hosting Company's about Somthing I am Planing To do,

I am Planing To Make Flex APP will allow to the site Owner To know How many visitors they Have Every Day (The correct figure 100%) and From What Country They Come With NO for Each Country And with 3D map FOR Earth , And How the visitors come to the site (google , yahoo etc ) And A lot Of information,

and that for 3$ a month, I know some site Do this For Free But I am Planing To make this statistics 100% true and Clean,

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How To Setup A Streaming Server

Aug 2, 2007

how to setup a streaming server to host?

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How Do I Secure A Streaming Server

Jul 27, 2007

I would like to know if it's possible to secure a server used only for streaming.

Here is what I have on my server :

- Gentoo,
- FlashMedia Server,
- and the following services are enabled : ftp, ssh, named and web ssl

Is it possible for instance to install Mod_security?

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Building A Streaming Media Server

May 3, 2006

I need to build a video server that supports remote inbound live streams (multiple sources) and multiple outbound streams. I'm interested in hearing feedback or suggestions on Real Media Server, Microsoft Media Server, or other alternatives. Please share your thoughts on any of these. I would prefer Linux hosting and would prefer Windows Media formats. I would love to hear what some of you have had successes with.

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Darwin Streaming Server Installation

Dec 20, 2006

I've just installed DSS 5.5.4 on Apache/Redhat server.

The installation went fine. The darwinadminserver started automatically.

But when I go to the Webadmin page on port 1220 from the browser, or when I try to stream the sample videos from quicktime, the server just hangs, won't connect.

I checked the error logs and they read:

2006-12-20 09:32:39: WARNING: Another process is already using the following RTSP port: 554
2006-12-20 09:32:39: WARNING: Another process is already using the following RTSP port: 7070
2006-12-20 09:32:39: WARNING: Another process is already using the following RTSP port: 8000
2006-12-20 09:32:39: WARNING: Another process is already using the following RTSP port: 8001
2006-12-20 09:32:39: WARNING: Streaming Server failed to listen on all requested RTSP port(s).
2006-12-20 09:32:39: WARNING: Streaming Server is not listening for RTSP on any ports.

I rebooted the server without darwin to see what processes were using those ports but I couldn't see any processes.

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Streaming Dedaicted Server Needed

May 13, 2008

Can some please suggest best and cheap dedicated server for live video streaming for 300-400 users.

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Streaming Video From HTPC Through Server

May 15, 2009

I would like to stream from my home theatre PC over the internet via my linux server. I have a dedicated server with CentOS 5.2, it's main function is to host a vbulletin forum but I would also like to stream video from my HTPC and offer it to my members.

Does anyone know of any software that can achieve this?

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DMCA Friendly Streaming Server

Mar 23, 2009

We run into DMCA problems (Windows Media Streaming) 3-4 times a year and most of these requests come for content that are not even governed by US laws.We currently have Ecatel and they have been good with DMCA but their quality has been a major drawback (Stream buffering big time, even for a dedicated server)

We are looking for a Windows server 2003 streaming server with at least 100Mbps dedicated unmetered connection (will upgrade to 500 or even 1Gbps dedicated if the quality is reasonable).

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Quicktime Streaming Server With QTSS

May 22, 2009

Any sugestions for renting a server with QTSS

What kind of prices would i expect to pay

Would be creating accounts for live 1 on 1 video streaming

Also renting video streaming paackages 25, 50 and 100 viewers

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Video Streaming :: What Type Of Server?

May 29, 2008

What of servers are used by hosts offering packages with this type of support?

I've read that streaming can be made via web server and streaming media server. The first type has only one advantage and this is that it allows to utilize existing infrastructure, while the second type offers more effective network throughput and (what's more important for me as an end-user) allows for better video and audio quality and support of the advanced features.

Now looking at the hosting plans how do I tell which type of server is used by the host?

I'm interested in this particular plan


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Dedicated 100mps Streaming Server

Aug 29, 2008

We dont usually post on here just use it for information.

But thought why not,

We have 1 streaming server for sale.

P4 with 1gb ram and 160gb hard drive.

Dedicated fully burstable 100mbit!

This is strictly a streaming server, no ilegal torrents etc.

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Audio And Video Streaming Server Using LAMP

Oct 12, 2009

I want to make a Audio and Video Streaming Server using LAMP. I am running Redhat and have latest version of PHP, MySQL and Apache.

what i need to make such a server? I dont want to buy anything all things should be OpenSource.

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Streaming Or Direct Download - Which Causes More Server Load

May 15, 2008

I have a website, where i provide streaming videos. Recently i read somewhere that, streaming video or audio files increases server load a loot. Is providing direct download to files is a better option than streaming videos? Please let me know.

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Dedicated Server For A Video Streaming Website

May 1, 2008

My website provides streaming videos of live events through a third party software called Sopcast.

Currently i have hosted it on a shared server which cannot high CPU load when an event occurs. The hosting company takes down my website.

I am looking for need a solution by which thousand of visitors can watch the video at any given time. The streaming videos are not hosted on my website. I need a dedicated server that can manage high CPU load.

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Live Streaming Without Flash Media Server?

Aug 31, 2008

I have a VPS server running on Windows 2003, and would like to stream live videos to about 50-80 people. I was wondering is there a way to have a FLASH based stream embed into my website, without paying for a software like Flash Media Server?

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Free Email - Lot Of Space And Email Boxes Involved

Feb 13, 2007

One of my customers asked me if is possible technically to offer free email services.

Since he's going to launch a big portal he want to offer such things later, for all users.

Now, there are problems as:
a) if there is any possibility to compress emails similar with GMAIL or YahooMail or so, because i can't imagine the email is uncompressed

b) how can be handled email boxes over multiple (mail ?) servers if the HDD space needed would be larger than for one server HDD ?

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