Redundant Power Supply

Jul 30, 2007

I'm upgrading my server again and now that we have 8 disks we need to upgrade our power supply (I was told).

But do I really need a redundant power supply Or can I just buy ONE 650 watt to upgrade?

These are my current server specs:


2 X AMD opteron 270 dual core
2 X 2 GB kingston PC3200 DDR ram
2 X 1 GB kingston PC3200 DDR ram
(6 GB total)
8 X seagate cheetah 15k.5 SCSI 73.4 GB, U320, SCA in raid 10
1 X LSI megaraid 320-2x raid controller, dual channel
1 X Tyan thunder 8KSE (s2892) mobo
1 X 2 * 4 port chenbro scsi backplane (8 ports total)
2 X AMD CPU cooler
2 X 40X40X10 fans
(Currently 1 X zippy P2G-6510P, 2U, single power supply, 510 Watt)
1 X Sony FDD 1.44"
1 X chenbro RM311, 3U case with 8 hot swap bays
1 X LG DVD/CD-rom burner

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Dell 1750 Redundant Power Supply + 1u 1outlet Colo

May 15, 2007

a dell 1750 with redundant power supply that has two plugs on the back.


Looking at 1U colo with only one plug available for the 1U price.

Is the only solution to use only one of the two power supplies in the Dell 1750...?

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Power Supplies: Do Redundant Supplies Use More Power Than A Single Supply

Jul 27, 2009

do dual power supplies use more power than a single supply?

E.g. Say I have a server than uses two amps, powered by a single power supply. Now if I switch to a dual supply (and say each supply has the same efficiency rating as the single), does my server use more power? How much more?

My simple view of this is that it probably does, but maybe not much. The second power supply consumes some power itself, but since its not under load, it doesn't consume much. Therefore, my server with redundant supplies might use 2.1A or 2.2A.

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Estimated Power Supply Unit

Feb 16, 2008

We are planning to custom build a server and wanted to know your input on what kind of power supply we need.

We are thinking a 650W might be sufficient but we wanted to know your input.

Here are the specs:

12 SATAII Western Digital HDDs
1 Intel Core Duo CPU
1 Highpoint Raid 5 Card
1 Gigabyte Motherboard
1 256MB Video Card
1 Extra Network Card

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Efficient Power Supply In Cases

Jun 6, 2008

I been invegistating into the 1U-3U Cases, and I been wondering about the power supply units that powers the boxes.

I know that Supermicro have very high efficiency power supply units in their chassis, but I am also wondering about the others, like Asus and Tyan chassis. Reason is that I am looking into purchasing servers, and I rather have those that have efficent power supply units in it than those stodgy Dell units, that is known for not quite efficient power supply units in it.

If anyone know of other 1U chassis that comes with efficient power units, I would like to know.

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What Providers Supply Bulk Class C IP Addresses?

May 13, 2008

wondering - any decent providers who can provide high end servers (xeons) with 30+ class C IPs? This would be for SEO as well as some e-commerce sites.

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Redundant DNS

Oct 6, 2009

I have been working on and designing a hosting company. Now setting up my names servers has came to a question. When I ran a previous business with a partner he only use Name Servers on 1 Machine in 1 location.

Now my question is my first server is going to be located in New Jersey, USA . So that is where My first set of DNS starts. With my previous partner I noticed most of the customers were based in Europe, Philippines, etc. Over seas. Now What I am asking is Will a VPS in a different location work for DNS Server. That way I can keep a lower budget till we get a few customers under out belt.

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Redundant DNS Servers? How Do You Set Them Up

Apr 8, 2009

Because of the attack on theplanet yesterday, my sites were down.

People are mentioning adding "redundant DNS servers" to protect against downtime in future attacks.. but I haven't found any info on how to set these up.

I also seen somebody post that the planet doesn't allow "zone transfers" so I'm a bit confused at how to proceed.

I just registered an account at [url] and I'm unsure on where to begin. Their FAQ is just a large photo.

My .com is registered at Godaddy. Do I edit records at godaddy to point to the server IP? Or do I have to edit records via WHM?

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Redundant Hosting ....

Aug 13, 2009

I currently run a SEO control panel designed for windows hosting accounts. The site and web service is hosted on our own server and works great, however I am concerned about redundancy and do not want to purchase a whole other server just to be fail safe. So I am going to purchase a shared hosting account to facilitate redundancy.

So here is the question.

How do I do it? How do I set up my current host to redirect to the new host when it goes down?

If the current host has problems how can I force the users browser to redirect to the redundant host? I simply don't understand.

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Is My Host Redundant

May 28, 2008

I have a renewal bill for my hosting account, but I can't see if I have any domains in it and therefore not sure if I should cancel it or not. I am with bright-byte.

Can I do a domain tools reverse search or something on the domain so it can tell me which of my domains are with that host?

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Redundant Config

Mar 18, 2007

I've decided to move from managed hosting to colocated hosting and I'm in a bit over my head as far designing the server configuration goes. I'm looking for assistance with setting up a fully redundant configuration with no SPOF (single point of failure).

The colo provider ensures full redundancy to the cabinet, terminating with two network drops from diverse bandwidth providers and HSRP. I need to eliminate all SPOFs inside the cabinet.

Some questions...

1) I'm thinking of using the Cisco 2960 Series switch as the in-cabinet distribution switch. I believe it supports HSRP. From my understanding, the switch will automatically failover from one uplink to the other in case of a network problem on one of the uplinks, and this will all be transparent to any servers connected to the switch. Is this correct?

2) However, this introduces the switch as SPOF. So, I believe what I need to do is ask the colo for a second pair of network drops and deploy a pair of 2960's. Then I would connect each server to both switches via separate NICs. Is this correct?

3) Finally, assuming I am on the right track here, I would like this to all be transparent and automatic with no human intervention required to recover from a switch failure. The servers will be running RHEL 4. How would I configure the network interfaces on the servers so that they can transparently use either (or both) of the switches? Is there some way to assign the same IP address to more than one interface? How does the OS keep from getting confused about where to send the traffic?

Thanks in advance for any insight. I would also be happy to hear recommendations for excellent network consultants that I could hire to design and implement this configuration for me.

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Redundant Server

Sep 15, 2007

I have two servers. One hosts about 55 small sites and the other does nothing.

Can I make use of the spare one to take over automatically if the main server fails for whatever reason?

I had been thinking of using Rsync to backup accounts / mail every 6 hours or so and then manually changing the nameservers on the domains in the event of server1 failing. Would that even work? Then I got thinking about it all being automatic.

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Redundant VPS Solution

Apr 14, 2007

I have a few VPS's, the main one has cPanel/WHM and runs all my sites / email / DNS and MySQL DB's. Heres a little info:

VPS1 - CentOS 4.4, cPanel/WHM, runs all domains (OpenVZ)
VPS2 - CentOS 4.4, Webmin, Slave DNS to VPS1 using Webmin cluster (OpenVZ)
VPS3 - CentOS 4.4, Webmin, Slave DNS to VPS1 using Webmin cluster (Xen)

However, if VPS1 fails for say 24 hours, im screwed!

So, my question is can I get some kind of redunadancy built in somewhere. For example if someone is trying to access my domain "" and the main VPS is down, then the request for the site would go to VPS2, or VPS3...

The same for the mail server, if some is sending mail to one of the domains on the VPS, and the main VPS was down, the mail would be sent to my other VPS's.

I just don not like the fact there is a single point of failure!

I do have WHM managed Weekly and Monthly backups of all cPanel accounts etc.

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Redundant EMail Service

Jun 11, 2009

We are a hosting company in Colombia, and we want start selling corporate email service.

The main idea is have two servers with redundance, I think this servers have to share the filesystem I don't know if using a scsi disk or just a network file system. We also want to have a good appliance for stop the SPAM, Im not so sure if we need to have redundance on it, its ideal but we are just starting the bussines and we dosn't have cliets yet.

Can anyone share their setup with us, and give us recomendations or tips?

Another option is, if someone know how to do that and have implemented this setup before and want to work $$ with us to implement that, please contact me to jbravo[at]

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Redundant Network Cards

Aug 29, 2007

to setup a Windows server that can support the failure of the switch that comes before it in the network diagram. The idea would be that if the 15A circuit the switch was on failed, or the switch just died, the server would still be online.

I already have two switches in spanning tree just before the server. Is there a way to assign a single IP to the server on both its network cards and connect each card to a different (spanning tree'd) switch?

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Redundant Router Setup

Jun 5, 2007

I'm in the process to setup a new service with an ISP with the following scenario and need your help.

I've got the rack (42U), servers and switches. Only routers has been left and here is that I need your help.

I have also 2 ports from the ISP where I can connect my routers. I need to get 2 router devices with auto sync feature in order to be able to setup a redundant plan in case that one of them goes down.

Those routers should have firewall features too in order to avoid setup iptables rules for each server. A basic DDoS protection is needed too.

I'm going to push around 100Mbit of traffic across the servers but that will happen after 3-4 months from the initial setup. In the first instance no more than 10-20Mbit will be used.

I heard a lot about Cisco but got no idea what model is the most suitable for my case. I will probably need a module for DDoS attacks and another one for advanced security IOS from what I read but it is not clear to me.

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Looking For Redundant Setup, Round Robin?

Nov 5, 2008

Looking for redundant setup, round robin?

I'm looking to make high availability setup, and wondering how many of you have made it so?
we are looking to multi-home the page with a round robin setup, using multiple VPSs/dedicated servers geographically different locations.

Right now i'm still looking at "stale" DNS setup, no automanagement of servers down. Is there a service/software which already offers automatic changes of zones for removing servers which are down, and adding them back when they get back online?

Do i need to custom tailor everything?

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Jan 10, 2008

I have a DB server, running mysql 64bit. I would like to add another server to the mix to build some kind of redundancy if the 1st one were to go down.

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Redundant Apache (failover System)

Sep 22, 2009

I currently own several servers: let's say sites on 3 of those servers rely on a website that sits on server 4

If server 4 goes offline, then servers 1 2 and 3 suffer a lack of usability.
The website on server 4 is very small and fast, but receives several hundred thousand visits a day

I figured it would be a good idea to replicate that website on each of my servers, but I'm unsure about how to set up a good redundancy system..

Using several nameservers doesn't work as expected (visitors are randomly sent to one of the nameservers, in no particular order)

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Does Anyone Exceed 80% On Primary/redundant Circuits

Oct 18, 2009

So the rule of thumb is if you have a 30A circuit to not exceed 80% or 24A.

If I buy a 30A circuit, I am assuming it is protected by a circuit breaker that is 30A, correct?

In *theory* we could run 29-30A all day and be fine.

So, I understand, the rule of 80% to be to the effect that "during startup, equipment uses more power ... or during runtime if it heats up, the fans go faster using more power" so it is safe to be at 24A in case you get spikes to 27-29A.

Is my reasoning correct?

Further, if you run primary/redundant circuits, is there really harm in running 13A on one circuit and 14A on the other.. and in the unlikely event of a failure, you are running 27A on one circuit (at 90% instead of 80%).

Any thoughts on this? Getting an extra 3A out of a 208V circuits is like putting in 3-4 more servers. If someone is doing this please let me know. I think it would work fine but i would like to know from the experts that do the colo stuff for a living what problems i could encounter, if any.

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Lightspeed Host With Redundant Servers

Sep 29, 2009

Who are the reputed hosts in the market that comes with "Lightspeed Host with Redundant Servers"?

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Redundant Dns, Backup Mail Server

Apr 15, 2008

We have 2 linux servers with plesk. We want Redundant Dns and backup mail servers for our hosting domains. We already setup Primary nameserver ip address is first server, Sec Nameserver ip address is second Server. like - first server ip address - Second server IP Address

and how can setup backup mail server for both servers

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Setting Up Redundant Mirror/Mirroring Server

Jul 7, 2009

I have a LAMP server running and would like to have the exact mirror running on another location. I would like to sync the web files and database in either real time (upon any update) or in delayed mode (x minutes after the update).

For MySQL, I believe replication can do the job unless anybody has better recommendation. What would you guys suggest for web files? Can I use different Linux flavor but maintain back the same LAMP version?

Is there any "online" 3rd party load balancing service that I could use to load balance the traffic to both servers?

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How To Setup A Redundant Server For A Domain Name To Reduce Downtimes

Oct 29, 2008

I have registered a domain using godaddy. I have hosted my site on a server of my shared hosting provider(lets call them X).Currently I have pointed to the server and it is up and running.Sometimes, I have experienced downtimes.

In order to solve this problem, I have hosted a clone of my site on another server from another hosting company(lets call them Y).

1. I want to point to Y when X is down

2. again point it to X when it is up.

My main aim is to have my site live with less downtime. The probability having both servers down is very less.

I dont know if it is technically feasible, just a thought out of dirty mind. I tried to google but was not able to find an answer specific to my problem.

Can anybody tell me how to achieve this through godaddy domain.

Added note, My site is not a commercial site and I cant afford large dedicated servers with clustering and failovers.

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Dec 2, 2007

I just signed my agreement for 2 cabinets at Internap's Atlanta CoLo. For now, I will just have 1 120V 20A circuit in each cabinet.

At my office's server room we currently have 8 circuits I am powering my 2 racks from. I am just curious how many servers you can typically put on a 20A circuit. I am also considering adding two additional power feeds (1 more for each cabinet) to have truly redundant power for my dual power supplies.

I am hoping that 20A is plenty for my needs. I have around 20 HP and Dell systems. Mostly HP DL380s and Dell PE2950s.

Any ideas? I am splitting them in half, only filling up a half of each cabinet for now, as we are growing quickly and I wanted to overguy space so I would not be forced to add another cabinet later and have it end up somewhere else in the DC.

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Power Metering

Sep 10, 2009

I wonder if any colocation providers here have any tips for measuring power. Currently I'm using APC 7900 power strips with amperage meter. I'm not a power expert by any means but I want to be able to calculate whats the cost having a server drawing 2 amps 24/7 365 days week.

Our secondary site gave us a whopping power bill, and at our own data center we never considered charging our customers for power.

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Power Consumption

Aug 10, 2009

I need to know what happens when a rack has capped its (lets say) 5A limit. I'm trying to calculate what exactly I can put into a rack and am considering that not all servers are going to be 100% load, as that would be bad performance anyway.

I guess it could do the following (but really don't know):

Cap performance of all servers

Cause system failures


The rack would have servers, a switch and perhaps a Remote Power Strip and Firewall. I don't know how they would be affected.

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Power Estimate

Apr 8, 2008

how much power the average hard drive would use? (ie a 1tb drive). I was looking on WDC's website and it said 7.5 watts peak durring writing and reading etc, so assuming thats at 110 voltage, would it be safe to assume that 12 drives @ 7.5 watts each would make a total of .81 amps? I am going off of the equation that Amps = Watts/Volts. So amps = 90/110

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Low End VPS To Power Forum

Jun 21, 2008

"Can i host a small forum at a 64mb ram vps with lighttpd and mysql? How many users can i have online?" I said that he can do that.Is this answer true?

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Servers That Use Little Power

Feb 4, 2008

I've been doing research, and looking around on Google for a list of processors that use little power.

What are some of the processors out now a days that have minimal power usage?

Chassis will be SuperMicro's with 1-4 GB ram, if that's of any use.

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Colocation Power

Jan 13, 2008

We are transitioning from an on-site data center to a collocation facility and are having problems negotiating the right amount of power, the type of connections, and the PDU power strips that we need.

For simplicity lets say that we are going to rent a 10 ft by 10 ft cage area. This should house 4-5 rack cabinets.

The amount of power we are given for this area varies with the lowest being 120 watts/sq. ft and the highest being 175 watts/sq. ft.

With 120 watts per square foot that comes out to about 6.25 circuits that are 20 amps for a 10x10 space.

For the initial setup we would have a Cisco 73xx Router, a HP 26xx switch, an Avocent IP KVM, an EMC CX3-10 SAN, and our Dell PowerEdge 2950 III servers (4).

Using the calculator at: I show the power requirements for all of the Dell equipment to be:

C13 Power Cord Qty: 12
Amperage on C13 Cords: 26.49 amps
System Heat/Power: 2754.6 watts
Total Current: 13.24 amps

The way I was envisioning this was Rack 1: Router, Switching, KVM on a 20 amp circuit and Rack 2: Dell Equipment on a 30 amp circuit. Is that right?

Additionally, I'm confused about single phase vs. three phase power in the data center and what most people choose to implement. I've heard talk of getting redundant power in each cabinet but that seems like you limit yourself to half of your space doing it that way.

And the last thing is it's confusing about what type of PDU you need to put in your racks to make it all come together. All of our equipment should be using IEC C13 cords and we're thinking about going with Avocent for all of the KVM/PDU so we can centrally manage it.

It seems to me that if the cost is roughly the same we should be pressing as hard as possible for the highest watts/square foot since that seems to be one of the most important commodities in any data center.

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