How To Setup A Redundant Server For A Domain Name To Reduce Downtimes

Oct 29, 2008

I have registered a domain using godaddy. I have hosted my site on a server of my shared hosting provider(lets call them X).Currently I have pointed to the server and it is up and running.Sometimes, I have experienced downtimes.

In order to solve this problem, I have hosted a clone of my site on another server from another hosting company(lets call them Y).

1. I want to point to Y when X is down

2. again point it to X when it is up.

My main aim is to have my site live with less downtime. The probability having both servers down is very less.

I dont know if it is technically feasible, just a thought out of dirty mind. I tried to google but was not able to find an answer specific to my problem.

Can anybody tell me how to achieve this through godaddy domain.

Added note, My site is not a commercial site and I cant afford large dedicated servers with clustering and failovers.

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Redundant Router Setup

Jun 5, 2007

I'm in the process to setup a new service with an ISP with the following scenario and need your help.

I've got the rack (42U), servers and switches. Only routers has been left and here is that I need your help.

I have also 2 ports from the ISP where I can connect my routers. I need to get 2 router devices with auto sync feature in order to be able to setup a redundant plan in case that one of them goes down.

Those routers should have firewall features too in order to avoid setup iptables rules for each server. A basic DDoS protection is needed too.

I'm going to push around 100Mbit of traffic across the servers but that will happen after 3-4 months from the initial setup. In the first instance no more than 10-20Mbit will be used.

I heard a lot about Cisco but got no idea what model is the most suitable for my case. I will probably need a module for DDoS attacks and another one for advanced security IOS from what I read but it is not clear to me.

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Looking For Redundant Setup, Round Robin?

Nov 5, 2008

Looking for redundant setup, round robin?

I'm looking to make high availability setup, and wondering how many of you have made it so?
we are looking to multi-home the page with a round robin setup, using multiple VPSs/dedicated servers geographically different locations.

Right now i'm still looking at "stale" DNS setup, no automanagement of servers down. Is there a service/software which already offers automatic changes of zones for removing servers which are down, and adding them back when they get back online?

Do i need to custom tailor everything?

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How To Setup 2 Email Server For 1 Domain

Nov 9, 2007

if there is any tutorial to setup 2 email servers serving just 1 domain?

Currently, i have 1 dedicate email server running centos with DirectAdmin, it works just fine.

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EveryDns Setup Secondary Domain Name Server (DNS)

Jun 15, 2005

I have signup with everydns. I have read faq for secondary DNS but not understand.

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Domain Name Server (DNS) Cluster Setup In Cpanel

Jul 7, 2009

Hi there, i have few question for the best suited DNS Setup for our compagny.

We have tree server located in montreal.
Two are running web services, one of them is only for dns ( home server ).

Two main server have Whm/Cpanel.
One run Cpanel Dns only.

Main server have 7 ips each
Dns server, only have 1

Let say we use domain
Right now we have ns1/ns2/ns3/ns4 point to server1
ns5/ns6/ns7 point to server2

We have no Nameserver that point to our dns only server for now.
I'd like to advoid runing DNS Service on all of them, maybe having two slave one master would be fine. Question: What would be the best suited dns setup with my current config for best responding time and fast replication?

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1 SSL Cert... 1 Domain... 2 Servers. How To Setup A Backup Server

Jan 13, 2009

We have two in-house servers, one is hosting our public web server. The other one was just purchased to host a mirror of the production server (as a backup). The site is protected by an SSL cert... my question is how do i set up the server(s) so if/when the backup server needs to be switched into produciton, the SSL cert will transition flawlessly?

They are both apache 2 servers.

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How Come The Big Websites Never Have Downtimes

Jun 14, 2008

Just out of curiosity, do the big boys deploy hosting solutions that are different from the ones we know?

They never complain of Network Outages or Hardware failure. How come the likes of Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube and the others are always there any second you need them?

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Burstnet And Downtimes

Oct 5, 2008

Is anybody else facing this problem? I've been with Burstnet for two and a half weeks and have had numerous downtimes during this period.

I can bear with my sites not responding for a few minutes, but the downtimes have lasted for more than an hour on most occasions.

I don't know what to do since I've already paid for three months upfront.. but I'm definitely gonna switch hosts as soon as this period ends.

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Redundant Server

Sep 15, 2007

I have two servers. One hosts about 55 small sites and the other does nothing.

Can I make use of the spare one to take over automatically if the main server fails for whatever reason?

I had been thinking of using Rsync to backup accounts / mail every 6 hours or so and then manually changing the nameservers on the domains in the event of server1 failing. Would that even work? Then I got thinking about it all being automatic.

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How To Setup Domain Name Server For Multiple Server?

Sep 16, 2006

I have 1 server so I setup dns as, ip address pointed to server1. So, now I just bought another server. Can I setup pointed to 2nd server. Also how to setup more servers ie. 10, 20 server because I can only set up to 6 dns in one domain name.

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Windows Server 2003 Reduce PHP Cpu Load

Feb 24, 2008

1) Use PHP as isapi module

2) Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager > Right Click On "Web Sites" select properties > Click Service Tab > Open HTTP Compression > Select Compress Application Files and Compress Static Files

3) Use eAccelerator (PHP accelerator, optimizer, and dynamic content cache) with This options;

eaccelerator.cache_dir="c: mpmmcache"
eaccelerator.keys = "shm"
eaccelerator.sessions = "shm"
eaccelerator.content = "shm"

4) Don't load this extensions,

Only use this Extensions in php.ini
upload_tmp_dir= "C:WINDOWSTemp"

This Settings tested on Windows Server 2003 SP2 IIS6 with PHP v4.4.7

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Redundant Dns, Backup Mail Server

Apr 15, 2008

We have 2 linux servers with plesk. We want Redundant Dns and backup mail servers for our hosting domains. We already setup Primary nameserver ip address is first server, Sec Nameserver ip address is second Server. like - first server ip address - Second server IP Address

and how can setup backup mail server for both servers

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Setting Up Redundant Mirror/Mirroring Server

Jul 7, 2009

I have a LAMP server running and would like to have the exact mirror running on another location. I would like to sync the web files and database in either real time (upon any update) or in delayed mode (x minutes after the update).

For MySQL, I believe replication can do the job unless anybody has better recommendation. What would you guys suggest for web files? Can I use different Linux flavor but maintain back the same LAMP version?

Is there any "online" 3rd party load balancing service that I could use to load balance the traffic to both servers?

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While Setup DNS For 1

Jan 28, 2008

One of our customers need to use a (.de ext), he registered the domain using godaddy, and godaddy have a few very special requirements for .de domains:

The first 3 bits of the IP address (C-class) is different for each name server.
A glue record is necessary for the domain on the name servers.
The SOA (Start of Authority) must be within the following guidelines:

refresh : 10000 - 86400
retry: 1800 -28800
expire: 604800 - 3600000
ttl: 180 - 345600

This is all done, 2 different C class IPs for each name servers, glue record, and SOA has been configured between specified values. Because of the 2 C class, we created DNS at server1, and pointed all www traffic to server2 (where the will be hosted)

This is the DNS zone at server1 (an Ensim server):

$TTL 3600 ; 1 hour IN SOA (
2008010804 ; serial
10000 ; refresh (1 hour)
1800 ; retry (10 minutes)
604800 ; expire (2 weeks)
345600 ; minimum (1 hour)
$TTL 86400 ; 1 day

This is the DNS zone at server2 (an cPanel server):

; Modified by Web Host Manager
; Zone File for
$TTL 3600
@ 86400 IN SOA (
) 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 14400 IN A XX.XX.XX.XX 14400 IN A 14400 IN MX 0

mail 14400 IN CNAME
www 14400 IN A
ftp 14400 IN A XX.XX.XX.XX
While checking the domain at [url], an error appears:


Test results

---- fatal ----
f: [TEST SOA record present]: server failure (IN/SOA:


I have verified every single thing at on both servers at /var/named/, disabled DNS Recursion protection, stopped firewall, and the error continues.

And the error as you can see only happens with SOA at second server.

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How To Setup Domain

Jun 5, 2007

i have dedicated server [ Debian/linux/ ], where isn't installed any control panel.

i'm using this server for my primary domain, but now decide to move to this server on of my domains too.

unfortunately, before this i "add domains" only via control panel, but as i know i can do it via SSH too (w/o any control panel).

can u give me any advice or give me url of tutorial with guide how to do it step by step.

i have experience of work via SSH, so knowing how to do, i'm sure i can do it myself.

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How To Setup Domain Via SSH

Jun 5, 2007

i have dedicated server [ Debian/linux/ ], where isn't installed any control panel.

i'm using this server for my primary domain, but now decide to move to this server on of my domains too.

unfortunately, before this i "add domains" only via control panel, but as i know i can do it via SSH too (w/o any control panel).

can u give me any advice or give me url of tutorial with guide how to do it step by step.

i have experience of work via SSH, so knowing how to do, i'm sure i can do it myself.

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How To Setup DNS For 2 Servers With One Domain Name

Apr 8, 2008

I have 2 servers. How do I setup the DSN for these 2 servers with my domain? For example, I have domain "" and server1 and server2. I want, --> server1, --> server2

Both server installed cPanel/WHM.

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VPS Account With Multiple Domain Setup

Apr 11, 2008

I have a VPS account with WHM/Cpanel console access. I have three domains that I am trying to setup. Within WHM I have setup three different accounts, one for each domain. I am able to login to the cPanel for all three accounts. This also created a new web directory for each domain in /home/domain_name/public_html/. I have placed my default index.php in all three public_html with the same permissions. But only 1 domain is working the other two are not. What am I missing? I have confirmed that all three have the correct DNS servers with godaddy and I can do an nslookup on all three. My provider told me to share the IP so that is what I am configured as..

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Nameservers In VPS - Domain In Godaddy - Backup - How To Setup?

Aug 2, 2009

I just got a VPS plan for the first time where I want to host several new websites. In the past I've used individual accounts to host a couple of other websites and haven't paid much attention to nameserver setup, just configured at my registrar whatever I was given from the hosting service.

So, I got a brand new domain to act as the host of the rest of the domains I'm setting up:

In the VPS I have setup this one as the default domain for nameservers:

Question 1:
- Can I setup and as the nameserververs for ? i.e. nameserver is used for the same domain in which it is named. Even if this is possible, is it a good idea or would it be better to host it somewhere else? When I try to define those as the nameservers in Godaddy I get the error message Nameserver not registered. What am I missing?

Other DNS questions
Question 2:
- If I host my nameservers in my VPS, I will need a separate IP for each one (ns1, ns2...and so on). Can I still use those IP's to actually host websites, or do I need additional IP's to host the actual sites? Any value in keeping each IP dedicated to a nameserver?

For example:
IP#1 = used for ns1
IP#2 = used for ns2
IP#1 = used for website 1
IP#2 = used for website 2

Question 3:
- Are DNS backup services valuable if I host my own nameservers? Any suggestions on good quality providers? Price not an issue.

Question 4:
- If I used DNS backup services for will that apply to and which I used for my VPS? and therefore will be applicable to other domains I host? Does this make sense? Or would I need a separate backup for each domain I host? Can I use one backup for multiple domains?

Question 5:
- What are the drawbacks of hosting multiple sites under the same IP? I control all sites under these IPs

Question 6:
- Can somebody recommend a good resource to learn how IP, DNS, nameservers, etc work? Any book, paid website, video... anything ? While there's a ton of info on the web, all is scattered and none seems to be too detailed enough for somebody starting to learn about this.

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Google Apps Domain Email Setup

Oct 28, 2009

I would like some help on setting up google apps emails on a PLESK hosting on

Here is my MX server setup, and doesn't seem too work. I set it up before but i didn't save it and now I forgot how to do it again.

where the error is?

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Setup MailEnable To Use External Mailserver For A Domain

Jul 9, 2009

SmarterMail 5.x is setup on one of our servers into Plesk 9.2. Just wondering how I configure a domain to use an external mailserver.

For example, the domain is running it's own extermal

In MailEnable I would do the following;

- Start | Programs | Mailenable Administrator

- MailEnable | MailEnable Management | Messaging Manager | Post Offices

- Expand the domain

- Right-click the Domains folder and choose 'Properties"

- Select the 'domain is disabled' checkbox

- Select the 'Act as Smart Host'

- In the 'Redirect mail to' textarea enter in the external
mailserver names;

How can I configure SmarterMail to use the external mailservers of a domain?

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Setup Domain Key (DK) On DirectAdmin (DA) Control Panel

Oct 27, 2008

to setup domain key (DK) on DirectAdmin (DA) control panel. DirectAdmin used exim as mail server by default.

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Account Creation Status: Failed (that Domain Is Already Setup)

May 5, 2009

when i create an account from whm it gives me error as below

please tell how can fix this error ?

Error message


we are unable to set up this domain name & getting the following error please resolve this issue

Account Creation Status: failed (Sorry, that domain is already setup (remove it from httpd.conf))

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: 11.0.9 - Setup DKIM Default For Each Domain

Oct 3, 2013

Is it possible to know how can I setup the DKIM default for each domains without manually activate it each time?

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How Can I Reduce My CPU Usage

Mar 18, 2008

Last year my web host stated that my site was over utilizing allowed resources for my plan. Specifically, they state that I was overusing the CPU. At the time, I had to upgrade my plan in order to stay online. I would like to move to a new host, but the prospective hosts are all suggesting a dedicated server because of my CPU usage. I don't want to pay that kind of money, so I would really like to curb the CPU problem. Does anyone know how to reduce the CPU of a Wordpress blog? I tried posting this question over at, but I haven't received a single reply.

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Apache :: Gateway Setup - Point To Different Webservers Depending On Domain Name

Jul 17, 2014

I am looking for setup a gateway (reverse proxy I guess?), specifically how to configure Apache to point to different webservers depending on domain name.

I currently have a single webserver running multiple virtual domains all accessible via a single external IP address.

I would like to break this into 2 servers each running multiple virtual domains accessible via gateway with a singe external IP address.

As an example, a single internet IP address points to port 80 on the gateway machine. The gateway machine will determine if its,, or If its or it will direct internally to webserver1 and if its or it will direct internally to webserver2.

Webserver1 and webserver2 each host different websites via virtual hosts.

Is this possible and if so, what is the correct configuration of the gateway machine. I currently have installed apache2 with mod_proxy enabled, but I am struggling with configuring it properly.

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Redundant DNS

Oct 6, 2009

I have been working on and designing a hosting company. Now setting up my names servers has came to a question. When I ran a previous business with a partner he only use Name Servers on 1 Machine in 1 location.

Now my question is my first server is going to be located in New Jersey, USA . So that is where My first set of DNS starts. With my previous partner I noticed most of the customers were based in Europe, Philippines, etc. Over seas. Now What I am asking is Will a VPS in a different location work for DNS Server. That way I can keep a lower budget till we get a few customers under out belt.

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