MidPhase Is Spamming My Forum

Jun 11, 2008

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ref: http://forums.plex9.com/showthread.php?t=4

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Spamming Without DNS

Apr 11, 2008

I would like someone more knowledgeable perhaps explain this.

I have an email address on my own domain that has existed for about 4 years now. About 5 weeks ago, the VPS it were on died and so the email went unresolved for about 3 weeks. I then transferred to a new VPS, and set up the email. About a week later, I moved again.

I left up the 2nd VPS for DNS propagation to take place. What interest me is that the server is still running about a week later, and the email server is still getting spam messages directed to it. So somehow, the spams are being send to the old IP, with a valid recipient, even when the most stubborn of DNS cache should have updated by now.

So it seems (some) spammers are just capturing email address and the IP for the server, storing it, and mass spam straight to those IPs instead of resolving the server.

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Feb 2, 2007

My site is sending spam but I have done nothing for spamming, is there anybody who can help me how can I check what is going on in my site?

I am not sending spams, it seems my site is attacked.

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Jun 10, 2007

some one is sending spam via my server, my server is a linux CentOS with Cpanel and the mail server has got problems . in Mail Queue Manager there are more than 1000Messages and new email are just waiting there to be sent or received.

I have checked /var/log/maillog and there is just some login and logout information of my users, and when checking /var/log/messages there are some messages of IPs that are connected and regular informations.

How I can trace which account is sending spams? and how can I stop spamming? it's about 2 days that my mail server situation is terrible!

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How To Detect Spamming

Apr 21, 2009

How do you know your clients are sending bulk/spam emails?

I don't seem to understand the reports in "Email >> View Mail Statistics" section of WHM.

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LunarPages Now Doing Direct Spamming!

Apr 28, 2008

I have never had any dealings with LP, nor have I ever communicated with them in any way but I just received this unsolicited SPAM email from them :

Hello, My name is Tom Sebastiani, and I work for a hosting company called Lunar Pages.

I ran across your website on the Internet, and I thought I might be able to offer you more features on your hosting for less money.

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Heavy Spamming -How To Avoid

May 20, 2008

For past one week, my wordpress based blog is just dead, becasue of heavy trackback/pingback spamming(500 a minute). I've tried various plugins, but to no avail.

In addition to stop spammers before generating PHP load, I've tried all possible HTACCESS rules, but to no avail. I truly sure, I've done something wrong.

May I request the experts here to advice on how to stop this ongoing spamming?

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Email, Spamming , Tracking

May 24, 2008

I have a few questions about emails. I have root access to the server in question.

1.) I have a spammer on my server and i'm having trouble tracking him down. Anyone have any suggestions?

2.) I'm using cPanel and WHM is there any way to track by account how many emails there sending?

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Can More IPs Help In Stop Spamming From A Domain

Jun 9, 2007

working as domain admin in a web company.

Well i generally mail newsletter and offers to my subscribers in different domain using 6 IPs in my domain but due to slowness and huge spam receiving from the sender domains i m now deciding to increase my IP to 20. In which i will be using 10 each IPs distributed in two domains.

Will it be good by doing this ? Will it stop the rate of spam? Will the domains where i m sending the mails block me ?

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Prevent Hacking/spamming

Jun 2, 2007

Will I depend on my hosting account(SSL) in preventing a hacking/spamming case scenario? What do I need to know to prevent hacking/spamming?

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UltraWebsiteHosting Account Suspended For Spamming

Jun 10, 2008

I found out why my website has been down for 8 days. I finally contacted someone at UWH and found that someone jacked my domain and spammed. So they suspended my account.

What really pisses me off is David Turner over at UWH has accused me of sending the spam. Even after I told him is was not me, he still accused me of sending the spam and threatened to bill my credit card for the spam fees.

I can tell you the $hit will hit the fan if he charges me anything and he had better stop accusing me of sending spam and appologize and it would be nice if THEY WOULD STOP THE SUSPENSION OF MY ACCOUNT!

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Catching A Spamming Virtual Host

Aug 8, 2007

I am managing few virtual domains on a server.

Recently I have seen lots of email activity. Most of the emails are being sent with php scripts which are run under apache. what I want is to catch the culprit domain

so the sender's return path in most cases is root@xxxxx as apache is running under root user.

The server runs plesk admin panel.

I know I can always inspect messages in the queue, qmhandle is good as well to do so. but is there any better way.

e.g. is there a way that instead of emails sent from php scripts with apache user domain name in return path and not root@server etc.

any tools to analyze this activity and then take necessary actions.

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How To Find Account On CPanel Server Spamming

Apr 14, 2007

How do I find an account on cPanel Server mass mailing?

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MidPhase DC

Jun 28, 2008

Does anyone know what DC MidPhase is in?

I know its apparantly Softlayer but I cannot determine which one from the TraceRoute and slightly is im getting there via cogentco.com which isnt in the Softlayer public mix.

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Any Review For Midphase

Aug 6, 2008

i think to get dedicated in midphase,i serched in forum but i cant able to find any reviews, if any one have server with them please share ur review.

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Dreamhost Or MidPhase

Mar 10, 2006

Which is one is better?? MidPhase.com or Dreamhost.. i need lot of bandwidth with fair price.

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Midphase Reviews?

Jun 13, 2006

Anyone here used Midphase? Over at WHT you can find as many negatives as positives for almost anyone you chose. Anyone at Sitepoint used them? I'm very cautious about switching and have checked into several web hosts. I would stick with the one I have now, but server load spikes seem to come at the worst times and stay around for hours.

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MIDPHASE - Contacting Them

Oct 22, 2009

They have 365 /27 phone support but i can't get any of the numbers to actually work. It says they have been disconected?

Is this just an issue from the uk?

I'm trying

Tech Support & Customer Service
1-866-MIDPHASE (Toll Free Phone)
1-435-787-7101 (Local Phone)
24 Hours per Day - 365 Days/Year

so from the uk
001 435 787 7107
001 866 643 74273

nothing connects says number disconnected?

can anyone else get them?

clicked the live help, but sadly that does not work for dedicated servers.

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Midphase Dedicated

Aug 7, 2008

does anyone have experience with midphase.com dedicated servers.

I found out that they host in the softlayer datacenter and offer 10TB of bandwith and amazing servers for the price.

My quesiton is, if they host in the softlayer datacenter i can assume pretty solid uptime and bandwith / DL speed?

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Anybody Has Used/experienced Midphase Vps?

Apr 19, 2009

as my title tells all anybody has used/experienced midphase vps?

They have very good vps plans..

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Anybody Tried Midphase Or Powweb Please?

Feb 24, 2006

Looking for more webhosting for different sites: I was wondering if anybody had any opinions on Midphase or Powweb please. I have researched them both throughly but would be interested to know what the latest opinions are on them.

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Midphase Being Unreasonable!

Jul 11, 2008

I just got the mail from midphase stated that they will not allow bandwidth pooling anymore. And it is effect immediately. Exactly from email:

Dear Dedicated Customers,

Due to the popularity of our dedicated program we are no longer able to offer bandwidth pooling between servers. We regret any inconvenience this causes but we do have some helpful solutions for your bandwith needs.

This month all overages above the allotted 10 Terabytes per server will be billed at .20 cents per Gigabyte over.

Next month in order to receive this price you will need to purchase bandwidth packages in advance. Please simply let us know how much additional bandwidth you would like to purchase for the upcoming month and we will add that bandwidth to your account at the same .20 cent price. This service will renew with your account addons and will be a monthly fee. All overages above your pre-purchased allotment will then be billed at .50 cents per Gigabyte. We will notify you in advance of any overages as well so please feel free to add more bandwidth to your account at any time by emailing billing@midphase.com. If you find that you're no longer using as much bandwidth you can also cancel these addons by emailing billing@midphase.com.

This will result me paying alot for overuseage as i have 2 servers from them. And i am using bandwidth mainly on 1 server. ( more than 10TB for this month already.

I also emailed them 2days ago that i need at least 30 days notice but the did not reply.

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Midphase VPS Feedback?

Sep 23, 2007

Am considering Midphase's VPS as an upgrade from shared and after searching the net am fairly comfortable with them at this point. However, knowing that most happy/content customers usually don't think about writing a review and the dissatisfied ones sometimes do...I'm posting this question not as an opportunity to bash but to be informative.

Keeping that in mind, my specs are as follows:

1) Run 3 Wordpress blogs (one of which is picking up steam fairly fast)
2) Have 2 static sites that may see increased traffic. (At this point they do not but one is an offshoot of the blog with the most traffic so this may change)
3) Have a SMF forum setup for family that is fairly active.
4) I like to try out various scripts for review.

I'm looking for any feedback from current Midphase VPS customers or past ones. Like I said, this is not an invitation to bash them. That can be done somewhere else. I'm looking for those with experience with their company's VPS hosting.

I am presently a shared hosting customer with them on their Linux plan and would prefer to keep with Linux over windoze.

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Hostony Or Midphase

Dec 14, 2005

Which one will u ppl recommend. Any one has good words about these hosts.

Both seems to fit my requirements for windows hosting.

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FdcServers- Or Midphase

Apr 15, 2008

im planning to buy dedicated i have a budget of 300 usd per month

so i got 2 option

1) To Go with Fdc

100Mbit Burstable Unmetered Dedicated Server #1

CPU - Core2Quad 6600

Memory - 8GB RAM
Hard Disk Space - 1x500GB HDD

100Mbit port - full duplex

$ 299 /month / But many people says thats fdc is not good , they have fake hardwares , and not a good support at all / and their all time excuses is HARDWARE FAILURE

2) Midphase.com dedicated

This one

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Do Not Host With Midphase

Sep 30, 2008

I only have headaches with this host.

My site has been down several times.

I wanted to add a add-on domain to my account but I received a park-wrap-error. I submitted 2 tickets and called in multiple times but this has not been fixed.. for OVER 2 WEEKS now.

Now the most recent insult. They moved my site to another server.. without telling me and lost my files that I uploaded the other day. I called in to ask about this but the service tech hung up on me. He told me "If this happens again please submit a support ticket" without even listening to my question or concerns.

DO NOT Host with Midphase!

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Midphase Or LunarPages? Which Would You Recommend?

Sep 28, 2005

OK, after investigating nearly 30 hosts over the last month we're in the final...

Telephone support was essential for me and both hosts have answered the phone instantly ever time I've rang them, no matter what time of day.

Both have packages with multiple-domain hosting.

Both have generally positive reviews in this and other forums and also on other review sites.

LunarPages has rave reviews like no other host in this category, but their price is significantly more for the multiple domain package:

Lunarpages: $25.50 - 4 GB storage - 200 GB bandwith
Midphase: $12 - 7 GB storage - 'Unlimited' bandwith

Both include a free domain.

Storage/bandwith llimits don't mean much to me because I know I will not fill them.

Was wondering what other people's experiences had been with these two hosts please?

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