First Steps On A Dedicated Server

Apr 5, 2008

When I take delivery of a dedicated server setup with CentOS and cpanel; what is the first I need to do? Is there somewhere any tutorial how help beginners on the right way?

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Server Compromised Ė Steps For Recovery

Apr 12, 2008

one of the worst things (in hosting) has happened. I received a notice this morning from lfd (configserver) that someone had logged into my server as root and it wasnít me.

Unfortunately I didnít notice it until eight hours later so I have no idea (yet) what happened during that period. Thankfully I donít have any really critical data on the system that could have been stolen.

Iím in the process of restoring from a full system backup right now. After thatís done Iím going to look to see what the differences are between the files from the backup and that on the comprised drive. Iím not sure if Iíll get anything useful from the diff but hopefully Iíll find a clue as to how they got root access.

Then of course I need to get my server back up. However, I donít want to do this until Iíve taken some steps to identify how the individual got in and take some additional preventative steps.

Hereís what I am planning on doing:

1) Check to make sure all exposed services are patched and look at some security sites to see if there are any known vulnerabilities for these services. Anyone know which sites are good to look at?

2) Change firewall to only allow ssh access from a couple specific IP addresses.

3) Disable root ssh access so I have to login via a different account and perform sudos, etc.


Iíll also look for a good server-hardening guide to see if there are some obvious things I forgot to secure.

Do any of you find folks have any other suggestions or resources that I should check out?

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Steps To Get EMail Working On A Home Server (Windows, Apache)

Oct 25, 2007

What else do I have to do?

I don't understand.

Please see attached screen-shots.

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Want To Ban Spammers? 8 Easy Steps

Feb 20, 2008

1. Install CSF

2. Install Iptables if it's not installed (apt-get install iptables on redhat/centos)

3. In WHM under "# ConfigServer Security&Firewall" click on firewall deny ips

4. Open a 2nd window, Goto Main >> Server Status >> Apache Status

5. Check if there are any spammers with lots of connections to a specific file, that's how I got a lot of the IP's.

6. Goto

7. Enter the IP you found at "Server Status" and enter it at to get the proper CIDR which you can easily add to your CSF deny hosts file (which is open in another window)

8. Get a tea and watch the server status closely.

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Cpanel Steps For Security

Jan 24, 2008

I just signed up for a shared hosting plan that uses cpanel and got a simple page up and running with no problems. I need to know if there are any steps I need to take as far as security. I have read info about password protecting directories but I'm not sure if that needs to be done on directories that are already there like /etc /mail /accesslogs or just ones that I create like /myimages for example.

I don't have visitors yet and don't think I will for awhile but would still like to take all precautions early and get them out of the way.

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New Company: First Technical Steps

Nov 7, 2007

I have moderate experience in administrating. I recently got a quarter cabinet, and I have 2 servers in there.

I have registered a company name, as a domain which is currently hosted at GoDaddy (www/mail) (

But I have installed centos5 on one server, and called it, added the web1 CNAME in GoDaddy's DNS control. Even did an rDNS to it through my provider.

I have installed Webmin on it to help me add virtual servers (who will be my customers)
And has a mail server on it (Postfix).
Might even put DNS on it. These virtual servers will send emails as well (as I'll be hosting them)

But for now, what will be my next steps in getting my mail server (or the main server) accepted in the web world, for example, I've done SPF records, and rDNS. But what else do I need to do so my email is accepted everywhere?

The virtual domains will be sending mail using the postfix, and ofcourse it'll mean they're piggybacking on, so I guess I need to do stuff so email from will be accepted worldwide.

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Steps To Install FFMPEG On Centos5

May 5, 2009

Can someone please provide me steps to install FFMPEG on centos5.

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Moving To Hostgator - Migration Steps

Jan 3, 2009

I've been with midphase/autica on a $10 reseller plan for several years, but I think it's time for a change. I have a personal site, and 2 small business websites.

I think I'm just going to sign up for a shared hosting plan, as I really don't need the separate cpanel access for each domain.

These are the migration steps as I understand them. Am I missing anything?

1. Sign up with hostgator

2. Set up main domain and 2 other domains.

3. FTP over all files and folders, including mail folders.

4. Set up email addresses with new host

5. Go to my registrar (namecheap) and change the name server from old to new (that hostgator gave me).

Is that about it? Am I missing any critical steps? Mainly, I just don't want to miss any emails. According to the chat at hostgator, once I switch the name servers, the change should be instantaneous. True?

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Best Steps When Resold Hosting Goes Offline

Jul 14, 2009

I resell hosting and for the first time in 10 years, the hosting company's servers have gone down and my clients sites are currently down, including email (ouch!).

Any experience with this or suggestions on how to communicate and rectify the situation with my customers? None of them are doing major ecommerce so I don't think there is a significant loss of sales, but regardless, their site is down. I take pride in providing great service and want to be straight up with them and more than fair.

I was thinking of extending their current hosting and acquiring a backup host in the rare event that this happens again so at least their site will be live, even if email is not.

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Dedicated Virtual Server Vs Regular Dedicated

Sep 3, 2007

What is the difference between Dedicated Virtual vs Regular Dedicated Server?

Also what are the pros and cons of going with Virtual?

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Dedicated Server Along With Dedicated Support

Apr 1, 2008

to move from shared windows hosting to Dedicated windows hosting. This will be our first dedicated server and experience with dealing it too.

Someone suggested me Rackspace. But they were charging premium rates 440 USD for entry level windows server.

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Dedicated Server Vs Virtual Dedicated Server ..

Sep 7, 2008

I am currently using a shared hosting but due to increasing traffic and server load my existing host is not able to provide reliable services and I am planning to upgrade my hosting service.

While I was searching for Dedicated Servers, I learnt about Virtual Dedicated Servers but I am not very sure about their reliability? Are Virtual Dedicated Servers useful? My website current serves over 2500-3000 visitors a day resulting in 30,000 pageviews and I am expecting the traffic to grow by atleast 2 folds in the next few months as I start some PPC campaigns and Email Marketing for my website. Can a Virtual Dedicated Server cater such needs assuming my website to be more of less dynamic website written in php?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Don't Have Root Access To Server As It Is A Webfusion Dedicated Server

Oct 16, 2013

I have Plesk 11.5 (service provider mode) on a Windows 2008 server IIS7.Most of my sites are developed in .asp and therefore i use a custom 500-100.asp error page that check s the IP of the visitor then displays either a friendly error, or if its my IP a full error of what has happened (it also emails me the error). This allows me to debug pages easily whilst developing and to keep an eye on anyone trying SQL Injection hacks on my sites (as the error and email also have session variables and IP address).I dont have root access to the server as it is a Webfusion dedicated server.I have following the Plesk documentation -

1) Switch on custom errors for the subscription
2) Look in virtual directories and navigate to error documents
3) Find the error in question (500:100) and change it to point at either a file or URL

FILE - I had the data centre add in the 500-100.asp error page in to the virtual template so that my page is available in the list of virtual files - this didn't work but that maybe because its not a static page??

URL - when i add the path it says its incorrect, if i add a fully qualified address, it accepts it but it doesn't work.give me a specific example of the URL that can be entered relative to the root as the format in the documentation isn't accepted. The last step is to restart IIS which is also an issue as i cant seem to do this from the Plesk panel..It is as if it isn't catching the 500:100 error, and only catching the general 500 error??

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Difference Between A Virtual Private Server And A Dedicated Server?

Feb 11, 2009

What is the difference between a virtual private server and a dedicated server?

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Converting A Dedicated Server Into A Flash Media Server

May 10, 2009

I am going to be buying a dedicated server from kimsufi Most likely the 2XL Package.

My streamers will be using my server aswell, On weekends we will be running 3-4 streams at a time, weekdays 1-2 at a time.

Spreading all the streams out, at anyone time we will have 300 viewers.

I need to know your advice on this before i go spending money.

How do i convert my dedi into a flash media server, i need red5 or something, thats all i know so far. My streamers wil be streaming to server with FME, And i also want it coded so that my streams can only be embedded on my site.

Basically i dont have a clue where to start, how long would it take me to set up etc....

In addition, what kind of server do i need, windows / linux / traffic / burstable / standard etc..

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Need A Virtual Private Server (VPS) / Dedicated Server

Jun 14, 2008

I'm expected to have around 1000-1500 users at a time after my ad compaign for my site.
currently, my setup is as follows:
guaranteed memory: 256 burstable : 512
disk: 20GB
traffic: 200GB per month
price : 15 dollars a month

I would like to upgrade to :
guaranteed memory: 1GB
which is better ? to go with VPS ? or dedicated server ? which provider do u recommend ? how much am I expected to pay for my required setup ? what about CPU ?

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Upgrading Kernel On Dedicated Server (

Apr 6, 2009

Is it possible to upgrade a kernel on a dedicated server? I have a dedicated at

I opened a ticket with them, it was open for about a month with no reply.

How can I tell if GRUB or LILO is on the server somewhere?

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How To Fully Backup A Dedicated Server To A FTP Server

Mar 22, 2008

I'd like to know, how do you backup a cPanel dedicated server to a remote FTP server? WHM's backup only allows you to backup the client's accounts, but not the cPanel settings, or the stuff in /etc?

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Mail Server And Dedicated Server Configuration

Aug 6, 2008

I'm a a JAVA software developer and it happens that I need to configure a dedicated server running Win 2003.

It's already up and running with static IP address, however hosting offers a "Static IP Address", which doesn't really make sense, cause I already have one?

Other thing is domain name. Current domain name is registered with a different company and we don't really want to transfer it from that company. Can I get away with importing a domain name and changing MX records in the domain control panel?

Last thing is an email server. What do I need to set up an Email Server? I have a domain name with few POP3 email addresses. I thought about using hMail server for windows. What else do I need to do, pay for?

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Difference Between Dedicated Server And Shared Server

Apr 17, 2008

i want to know what is the difference between dedicated server and shared server. I was relaly confused in these services. Couls any one please let me know in detail about these servers?. I will be choosing one of these service.

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Managed Dedicated Server For SQL Server 2005 & IIS

Jun 17, 2008

My client is looking for a company that can provide managed dedicated servers for use with SQL Server 2k5 and IIS. I believe the client is looking to have everything installed for them and then be handed the keys once complete.

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Creating A Virtual Server On A Dedicated Server

Oct 22, 2007

Whats the easiest way to create a private server within a dedicated server running cpanel/WHM/Fantastico?

I need to allow this 'virtual server', to host up to 10 domains, and for them to use their own nameservers, not the ones used on my dedicated server.

I have 2 IPs to spare, but I have no idea on how to do this.

Any help is much appreciated, or if you can guide me on where to get info on this.

i need this new reseller NOT to be identified with my own server (IPs)

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How Many VPS Per Dedicated Server ?

Sep 29, 2008

I am new to VPS business and all, I would like to know how many VPS I can host in a single Dedicated Server ?

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Looking For IRC Dedicated Server

Jul 3, 2008

i'm looking for cheap dedicated server , do you know where is good provider?

and also ALLOW IRC.

I'm very-very looking for that kind of server.

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VPS Set Up On Dedicated Server

Mar 8, 2009

i want to get a dedicated server and set up small VPSes on it so i can sell them to people this is the dedicated server im looking at

Processor AMDAthlon LE 1660

Hard disk 250 GB IDE

RAM 2 GB DDR 1/2

i need help on how to set it up when i get the server how ever when signing up for the server i get a list of these operating systems some whihc are for like virtualisaion
Hosting: Web / Emails / VPN / VoIP

Release 2, Release 1, Linux Plesk 9, Linux Plesk 8.4, Linux Plesk 8.0, cPanel, Extranet Group Work, Windows Plesk 8.1

Experts: raw distro

Debian 4.0 old-stable, Debian 5.0 Stable, Ubuntu Server 8.04, Ubuntu Server 8.10, Open Suse 11, Fedora 9, CentOS, Gentoo 2007, Gentoo 2008, Slackware 12.1, FreeBSD 6.2, FreeBSD 7.1, Windows 2003 Pro, Windows 2003 Basic


VMWare, Xen, Proxmox, Virtuozzo4
Remote desktop
Ubuntu Desktop 8.04

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What To Do With A Dedicated Server

Feb 10, 2009

I have been given a fairly high spec dedicated server and I would like suggestions what I could do with it.

Briefly the spec is: Dual Opteron, Two 360GB HDD's, 4GB Ram, on Unmetered Bandwidth located in Germany.

I don't want to host anything like warez, torrent server or any web -hosting service. ( I already have a hosting server )

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Dedicated Server, VM Or VPS

Oct 21, 2009

I got control of some colocation resource in Taipei, Hong Kong and several cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai and probably Guangzhou & Shenzhen), and is now considering starting a business by deploying blade servers into my racks with Internet bandwidth as well as private bandwidth interconnected between the above IDC.

My target will be corporation, web developer / SI who want their / their clients' web site or IP application online with target users in those regions.

I prefer to deploy VM or VPS instead of dedicated servers as space/electricity in China is very expensive and higher density should be the way to go.

So I'd like to know more what the difference is between VM and VPS in terms of customer perception and actual features.

In areas of VM and VPS, which vendor do you recommend and why?

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VPS In Dedicated Server

Jun 12, 2009

I have one Dedicated server , with Centos 5 and Cpanel. I want with *a magic way* to have and some vps 4 -5 in the same server,

So my question is how i can install a vps in this server and also i am wondering if it any GNU vps software for my server also.

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Dedicated Server And VPS

Oct 10, 2009

what is the difference between dedicated servers and VPS?

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Dedicated Server IP's

Apr 23, 2009

Is there any dedicated server providers, where you can change the whois, so you would be able to resell server, and if someone looked up or traceroute the ip it would look like you on the DC?

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RPS Dedicated Server

Aug 9, 2009

Just found out about these RPS Servers from my friend. They are dedicated servers without a Hard Drive directly inside of them. They are connected elsewhere for some reason however it makes them alot cheaper that way especially worth while for the need of Dedicated systems for low costs.

I wondered if anyone else had experiance using these systems and/or this host also?

And wanted to know if most thought these would be acceptable to run Shoutcast Hosting ? I know it depends on resources etc but I mean generally speaking with these specs. Im pretty convinced to get this rather than a VPS.

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