Why Country Specific Hosting Is Important For Marketing

Jul 3, 2009

Something not many people know when choosing a web host is the importance of choosing a host that will aid your marketing and your websiteís niche. This can be very important if you are running an online store depending on the geographic region you are focusing on. So first letís start with an explanation of why this all depends on who your siteís visitors will be.

Most internet connections are very fast but it still matters where the physical server is hosted in terms of speed. If I was starting an online store focusing on customers in Texas the site is going to server faster to people from Texas if it is in Texas. Similarly if you are building a site aimed at United Kingdom residents you donít want the server to be in the United States or even Europe in some cases. By hosting in a location near your customer base you are speeding up their access time to the server. This might not seem like a big deal but in a number of studies the importance of a quick loading page can mean a big difference in the number of conversions. Or if you are hosting a game server ping time will obviously matter when you are shooting your next zombie.

In terms of marketing it is also important in the eyes of Google and other search engines. One of the many factors for knowing whether they should rank you in a country specific search engine is dependent on your IPís location as well as your domain name ending. By using a host in the country your site is serving you is sending one more indication to Google of where you should be ranked.

We have had plenty of customers at UK2 who came to us from USA based hosting and after they started using our servers which are in the United Kingdom they found that conversions increased and they had lower shopping cart abandonment rates. Which when you are running an online store are two very key factors. This is also why we offer our customers dedicated server hosting in both the United Kingdom and USA, we want to be able to give them the best of both worlds.

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How Important Is The Country The Host Is Based? Host Overseas?

May 21, 2009

I'm wondering if you can tell me something about your experience with a host/server in a different country or overseas.

My webpage will be mostly frequented by Australians.

What do you think is the advantage and the disadvantage of having a host in your own country and having one overseas?

I'm thinking about stability, traffic speed, peak hours in different time zones, customer service, ....

What are your experiences?

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Hosting For Email Marketing Software

Jun 3, 2008

My company wants to install an email marketing software that all our clients can use.

Unfortunately our own servers are windows based and do not support php and mysql which are needed for the email system. I would like some recommendations on good hosts where we can host the system and also allow a high volume of email to be sent every now and then by our clients who would be using the system.

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Dedicated Server Order Is From One Country Bank Transfer Another Country

Nov 2, 2009

why a client orders a dedicated server from Russia but then they inform us they have transferred the money from Hong Kong bank Telegraphic transfer, different person?

We really do our best to be reasonable but what is the logic behind that?

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Hosting Outside The Country

Aug 9, 2007

What are the bad effects of hosting a website outside the country?

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Out Of Country Based Dedicated Web Hosting

Feb 5, 2007

I have a personal web site and am developing an online business that I hope will grow(of course) and am wondering if anyone could give me advice about using an overseas web host.

I am wondering if the extra distance bewteen customer and web host will cause a significant lagtime when they are using my website.

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How Important Is Hosting Location

Oct 4, 2009

I work for a company that does business mainly in California but we have people all over the country including Boston and NYC. I'm looking for dedicated servers and found good pricing/service in Chicago but worried about response times for my Cali folks. I'm hosting a non public web app that everyone needs to use so the load is low and response times are not super critical.

Will my users experience noticable latency?

Also people that manage the servers may be in Cali as well. Will they find it fustrating to remote into these windows servers and manage them or will it be acceptable or should I find something closer to california?

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What Is Most Important To You In A Dedicated Hosting Company

Feb 28, 2008

I am interested as I am sure others are as well in the results. Please also list things you want to see providers that they are missing the boat on now. Please dont mention specific providers and make this a bash session. I think this type of dialoge will benefit all the providers out there.

This was supposed to have a poll but my laptop died before I could post the poll questions

What is most important to you in a dedicated hosting company?

#1 Price
#2 Support
#3 Network
#4 Client User interface

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Hosting For Corporate Site (low Traffic, Uptime Important)

Nov 2, 2007

i work for a small but fairly successful and quickly rising company. we're looking for hosting for our corporate site. we could host it ourselves but that would put an extra burden on engineering and we're stretched pretty thin as it is. we moved to bluehost on my recommendation. i've been using them for 2 years now and never had a problem. unfortunately less than two days after we switched the server is now down. it's been down for over 4 hours now and we've blown past several estimated times from tech support. i know this is a rare thing but it doesn't look good and i don't think the higher ups much want to stay with them. so here's some info about our site. requires SSI, CGI, Perl 5.8+ with Perl DBI 1.32+ and Perl DBD::Mysql > 2.1021+ Perl Modules, ImageMagick 6.0.6+ Perl Module or GD Perl Module (GD.pm 2.17+), PHP 5. small traffic with occasional spikes. approx 200 uniques daily. occasional spikes if we happen to show up in the news. we do have the possibility of showing up in all major US news outlets. it's happened once before which resulted in almost 1,000 uniques which quickly tapered back off to normal levels. we're currently using 154MB of disk space and 8GB of bandwidth last month. we need multiple ftp accounts to allow marketing and contract web devs to upload their own files. probably around 10 or so would be adequate. email not required. we have a hosted exchange server. uptime and quick response to server outages important. being a corporate site and not our application downtime isn't truly horrible but it is perceived as such. this site is our identity. we're a tech company and it looks bad when our corporate site is down. even when our application isn't.

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ADULT Hosting - A Few Specific Questions

Nov 13, 2008

I had a few specific questions about ADULT hosting. I've been refining an idea I had for an adult website after getting some good feedback from this site, but I had a few specific questions I still need addressed. If you think this forum is the wrong place to be asking about this, do you happen to know of any other forums that specialize in discussing adult web hosting?

My general plan is to set up a video-based adult site that charges people money (a monthly fee) to see the premium content. I have a general idea about my start-up investments, but not necessary how much each would cost, and I'm trying to put together a budget. If anyone could help me fill in some of these blanks I would really appreciate it!!

I'll need a lawyer to set up site disclaimers, contracts, etc. - I assume this will be a few hundred dollars - does this sound correct?

I need to build the site- this is where I'm not sure about costs. The general specifications are like any other adult website - users pay to register - so I would go with one of the established companies that deals with secure online credit card transactions - any ideas which ones are good? How much do they normally take?

Users then can watch the videos, rate and give feedback. Since I don't really know any programming besides HTML, I'm assuming I need to hire someone to build the site and make sure it is secure. I'm also assuming this will be the most expensive part of the investment. Can someone give me some estimates about this? Are there general templates online that I can use that will save money? Is guru.com a trusted place to hire programmers? Is this something I could do myself without spending years learning a new programming language? How DO I make the site secure, and how can I keep people from stealing my premium content and posting it on other sites? I'm obviously trying to make this as cheap as possible without sacrificing all the quality - but unfortunately I have thousands to invest and not tens of thousands (i don't know if this will be a problem or not).
Also - hosting. I was told that a popular adult video site will cost a fortune in bandwidth. If I'm charging a monthly membership fee I'm hoping that can offset the costs. Can someone recommend good, scalable adult video hosting - and give me a general idea about what kind of server I need, how much bandwidth etc. I figure since this is membership driven I can start small and then increase bandwidth depending on how many members join, so I'm always making a profit. Does that sound realistic?

Finally, can adult pay sites still make money today? Not just a couple bucks here and there, but enough so I can eventually quit my day job?

The wonderful feedback I got here before helped me to reshape my ideas, and now I'd like to begin the next steps. Thank you all very much again for ANY help you can give me - I sincerely appreciate all the generous, knowledgeable people that make this forum a pleasure to visit!

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Apache :: How To Redirect Specific Useragent On Specific URLs

May 20, 2015

I have question: How to redirect specific useragent on specific URLs to specific URLs in .htaccess [Question]


I want to redirect 301 with conditional:

useragent: Firefox
from my url1: domain[dot]com/old-url1/
from my url2: domain[dot]com/old-url2/


to new url1: in my url1: domain[dot]com/new-url1/
to new url2: in my url1: domain[dot]com/new-url2/

I create this in my .htaccess but not work

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} googlebot [NC]
RewriteRule ^/?this-is-url/?$ domain[dot]com [L,R,NC]

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Using Interspire Marketing

Apr 8, 2009

I use GoDaddy for my shared host and it limits me to 999 emails a day through my server mailhost and I use interspire email marketing to send emails to my clients and other opt-in leads (I am 100% spam compliant) but I can't seem to get around the 999 a day. I am forced to use a program I had to get to send the rest (I send 10,000 a day) and the program uses my isp's direct send but the thing is I want to use Interspire as it automatically unsubscribes and keeps statistics...

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Emails Not Going Through After Marketing

Feb 4, 2009

Hello all....I use an email blasting software for my clients and newsletter and this is what happened: I was at my mother's house and accidentally used the wrong server (I do my marketing on a diff. smtp server) and after I did that when I sent emails to my mother's email address (with the isp she is with) she would not receive my emails.

I called my domain's company and they said there was no problem on their end as I did tests and my emails went through. I called my mom's isp service and they said there was nothing wrong but to email this email address for "blocked" accounts and they never responded but the weird thing is when I send my mother email's, they go through if I send it from the "online backend" of godaddy rather through my MS Outlook.

To make things worse...I have a client who uses TimeWarner and he doesn't get my emails now either! Again...it works if I log-in on the backend but not through my outlook. Is there a port being blocked? I appreciate the responses as I don't know what to do and I need my main email address to send to clients.

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VPS For Email Marketing

Dec 11, 2008

I was wondering if VPS would be able to handle my double opt-in email marketing website?

If yes then what would be cheapest cost i.e provider that some of you would recommend based on previous experience and the best configuration that I need to go with?

I am looking at sending about 10,000 emails per hour with the list size about 50,000 emails.

I am not to keen with going dedicated due to not being tech savy to manage a full dedi server.

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Email Marketing Scripts

Nov 20, 2007

an email auto responder/email marketing service to my website owners. I will install it on a new domain and offer it as a side service to help market their websites.

I found one I think is good: [url]
Here is what I want, beyond the standard features:

1. ability to bill users monthly with authorize.net

2. ability for user to import pre-created follow up campaigns
(so I can provide some value with default marketing campaigns they can be up and running with)

Is there any other services that you reccomeend or know of, or ANY reviewing sites?

There are Dozens of these scripts available and I don't want to make the wrong move here,

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Choosing Email Marketing Solution

Sep 24, 2008

how other people with large subscribersí database (over 500K subscribers) manage their e-mail marketing needs.

We do have a number of different everyday newsletters and occasionally send surveys to customers (once in a couple of months). I do like the functionality and features that different e-mail marketing providers offer with their packages like Constant Contact, Icontact, etc.

However, considering the number of subscribers their services cost too high in our situation. Maybe there is a standalone software product which we can license and install to our servers and manage in house instead of buying a hosted application?

Quick update: I just found [url]. Does anyone has any experience working with them?

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Email Marketing Dedicated Server?

Aug 14, 2008

I currently manage over 1 million optin subscribers in outsourced email marketing solutions such as aweber or getresponse.

I'm looking to grow to a dedicated server solution, but I know is not as easy as just put the server and the software and just send the emails.

I know there are HUGE issues with the ISPs, complaint rates, bounces, deliverability, etc...

I'm looking if there is any company that specialized in providing management or any kind of solution to mantain a dedicated server for just sending emails (not spam) and solve all the issues to have a smooth email marketing server.

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Google Apps And Limits With Email Marketing

Jun 3, 2009

Not sure if it's the best forum to ask this, but it's related to hosting.

I have a Windows hosting for our business and send a newsletter twice a week to almost 10,000 subscribers through the hosting mail server.

I'd like to move to google apps so we can use the gmail interface. The problem is that I see Google apps has some limitations for sending mails (500 per user per day if I understood right, no matter if it's free or premier account).

Does anyone send a newsletter through Google apps? What can I do?

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Email Marketing Software On Dedicated Server

Apr 28, 2009

We are custom web development company and have created a email marketing software similar to constantcontact.com .. We need a dedicated server to host this application that will allow us to send mass emails for our clients. I have figured out that not every hosting company allow that..

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Dedicated Server For Large Scale Legitimate Email Marketing

Apr 4, 2009

my main client wants to rehash his database. Now this is a 1.5m strong list. All legitimately collected with time/IP stamp, privacy policy, etc. These clients are from the online gambling industry (legally licensed).

The problem is many of these users subscribed to our services up to 4 years ago (not all are that old, but some are), and they haven't heard from us for up to 2 years (again, some heard from us more recently).

Anyway, I've never deal with that number of emails and potential bounces. Obviously, the first round of emailing will have a large number of bounces, but that will quickly subside.

So, can you guys point me to a quality dedicated server, with at least 4 IPs (hopefully 10) and that can handle this type of activy? I'll be glad to sign up under an affiliate link if I can get a good answer.

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IP Ban By Country

Nov 26, 2008

I've just finally got fed up with all the people from Israel trying to hack into my servers. Of course they're always auto-banned, but getting several attempts per day emailed to me it gets old...so I banned the entire country.

Anyone else ban entire countries from their servers?

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SSL Certificates And Country?

Jun 11, 2009

Can an SSL certificate be issued to any tld. Does country matter etc?

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Ban An Entire Country

Jun 30, 2008

im using apf firewall and wonder if someone could provide me a list of turkish ips.

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Host Outside My Own Country

Nov 2, 2008

Just joined sitepoint forums so Hi everybody

I am very new to web design and have been messing around making mock sites and would like to get some of them live so I can get experience with using host's and get some reviews on my basic designs.

I have just relocated to New Zealand and it seems pretty steep on pricing for hosting companies so can I use hosting companies outside of NZ.

What would be the disadvantages if any?

I am not after anything special like loads of bandwidth or storage.

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Blocking A Country

Apr 14, 2007

I had a few sites hacked today. I'm using phpbb (all updates) and, apparently, the only thing they did was to drop the database and replace it with one featuring a single post "advertising" their hacker group. I tried bringing everything back on-line, but they would just attack again and take it down quickly... I'm thinking it's probably just some script kiddies.

They announce themselves as "turkish hackers". Browsing around for their message, I found they attacked quite a few sites. What I was thinking, to help preventing this from happening again, is to ban all visitors from Turkey (none of these sites has a need for them, as they're aimed at a local audience).

Can I do this simply by using "deny from .tr" in htaccess? Or are there any more steps to be taken?

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Server With PA/PI IPs (Own Netname + Country)

Oct 25, 2009

Are there hosters that do that?

Best would be European.

i know that i.e. Hetzner gives you PA Space with your own Netname ("netname:" field) (maybe also own Adress) but they dont allow to change the "country:" field, and it stays "DE"

I would like to have a block of 8/16/32 IPs with own "Netname:" field, and own "Country:" field (or as Countrycode "CN", "HK", "AG", "BS" or "KY")

Could Provide P.O. Boxes in all that countrys if needed.

The Server behind it does not really matter, location should be not Germany and not USA (cant comply with some Laws in this 2 Countrys) - something like 1Ghz CPU, 80Gb HDD, 512Mb Ram is enough - 100Mbit (or 10Mbit Burstable) with ~350Gb Traffic.

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Block By Country Code In Csf

Jul 18, 2009

how this new feature works in csf with blocking by country code.

I'm trying to put a block on Indonesia.

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Use An IP Address Of A Different Country/datacenter

Jul 6, 2009

Is it possible to buy an IP from a different datacenter location in the same country and use it on a server/vps. where can I buy IP's from?

or can I get an IP of for example UK and use it on a US server?

Will it show as a UK Server?

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Same Domain -> Different IP Based On Country

Dec 19, 2007

I've seen sites that use only 1 domain name, and when I ping it from one country the IP is different from when I ping it from another country.

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What Country To Locate This VPN Server In

Oct 21, 2007

I am in the process of setting up a VPN server for a client who lives in a Middle Eastern country.

He will be using the VPN for all his internet surfing, email access, etc. (So the VPN will be his internet gateway. His local ISP connection will only be used to make the VPN connection.)

The majority of his internet surfing through the VPN will be to US websites.

Where is the best place to locate the VPN server? I have two datacenters available to choose from: USA or UK

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