VPS NODE Stress Testing...

Apr 1, 2009

I want to know if there is a set of tools or a linux distro that I can use to create several Virtual Machines and make them use up all their allocated Memory/CPU to the max to see how much the VPS Node will hold.

I do this on Windows easily as I overclock my PC at home. But in linux, no idea. I need something that will do iterations like Prime95 or SuperPI.

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Stress Testing VPSes

Mar 14, 2008

I've been playing with hyperVM lately and was wondering what tools all you computer geeks use to stress test your VPSes.

Right now I'm testing out Xen VPSes, Linux AND Windows.

Can some people recommend some tools to stress test reliability of the VPSes on both linux and windows?

Windows seems a little flaky to me on Xen unless I'm doing something wrong.

Stress tests based on a hosting environment would be perfect.

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Stress Testing A PHP Application

Apr 12, 2007

Was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of stress testing a site? We have a PHP application (Apache + Mysql) that searches a database and displays a screen of results.

Each screen is different per user. We might have something like a few thousand people at any one time coming to the site and using it, so I was wondering how people normally go about testing for load, cpu, memory usage etc?

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2mhost.com - Web Stress Testing To Use Up Bandwidth Quota?

May 17, 2008

I was just curious as to whether anyone has ever came across a situation where your monthly bandwidth/transfer quota is being consumed at an exponential rate without any increase of traffic to the site?

My current situation is this.

I have an account 2mhost and a monthly bandwidth transfer quota of 100,000 MB. For the past few months it's been steadily growing. When I first transfered the site to this host their cheapest package quota wasnt sufficient and I ended up with a bandwidth overage error page on my site, so I had to upgrade. In doing so I've always ended the month just shy of 80% total quota.

My problem is that it's only the 17th, and a few days ago i was at about 32%, now im at 51% with no increase of pageviews. Looking into awestats shows the alexandria2.2mhost.com using 30 gigs!! I questioned the tech support via live chat and they said it was wordpress accessing the images. So I downloaded the raw access logs and noticed that Every few seconds the server ip would make a request to a dozen or so images, each image being requested 3 times.

here's a portion of the log: ....

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Plesk Automation :: Cloud Server Hardware Node As Backup Server Node

Apr 11, 2015

We have one Cloud Server hardware node that exists only as the backup location for containers and VMs in Cloud Server/PVA (it hosts no virtual servers). Can it also serve as a Backup Server Node?

A related question, in my case, is whether we can configure a Backup Server Node to use a particular drive/mount/directory, as we can with PVA? I couldn't find any info in the docs about any settings at all for the Backup Server Node.

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How To Stress Test A Website

Jun 9, 2007

regarding the server configuration and my application design I would like to do some stress tests that show me the number of requests the server can handle on my website.

I have tried JMeter but I can't find how to get such a statistic.

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Stress Tests- Benchmarks- Constant Load

Jun 15, 2007

I was having issues with what I would like to think as power.

Now, I was wondering if there are any SQL database benchmarks, or something else I can run on the system for a given period of time, that will let me see if I'm still having those power issues.

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Web Server Performance, Load, And Stress-Test Tool

May 25, 2008

Is there a website/tool/software I can use for testing my web server performance?. I need a server based solution because I don't have enough bandwith to run it from my pc.

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Windows VPS - Run WAPT To Stress Test/load Check

Oct 24, 2008

I am looking for a Windows VPS, preferably inexpensive, but the primary goal is to have a fast pipe to it and be capable of running the WAPT windows load testing tool [url]

I currently have a Zone VPS, and have looked using http_load, or siege from it, but they don't appear to be anywhere near as full featured ad WAPT.

I need to run the tests against both a corportate website to see what our current capacity is, and want to make sure I am not bandwidth limited, as would be the case if I was testing via a T1 or DSL connection, hence the reason for wanting a Windows VPS on a thick pipe that I can run the tests on.

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Node Ram

Nov 7, 2009

i'm a vps provider and i'm using this server for vps host

Dual CPU Xeon 5420, 24GB Ram, 1TB HDD
24GB of Ram

and now i see the used ram is un normal

[root@216-19-200-162 ~]# free -m

total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 24064 23865 199 0 541 19509
-/+ buffers/cache: 3813 20251
Swap: 4094 0 4094
[root@216-18-201-162 ~]#

the free ram us 199 of 24GB!

every time when i reboot the server the used ram back normal but after per hours the issues back again

i have contacted the DC and they say that there is no problem with there hardware

the number of vpses in that node is 7 and all the vps have a limit ram.

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VPS Node

Mar 6, 2009

I want to build a VPS Node using Quad Socket Tyan Motherboards and AMD Opteron 2376 Shanghai 2.3 GHz Processor (Quad Core).

I am in doubt since I notice that some providers (at least two rather big provider which I have account) are using Dual Core AMD Opteron 2212.

Is there any specific reason why those providers is not using 2376 AMD Processors? .. is it because the Dual Core AMD Opteron 2212 supports Virtualization Technology, while the 2376 is not?

I will use Xen Hypervisor, usually I use Intel 54xx Processors but looking for *cheaper* solution , so I am really new in AMD Base Server.

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VPS Node With SAN

Oct 22, 2009

I build raid10 for VPS nodes. Now, I will use SAN, so all VPS will be created in SAN. With the host server, I assume that I don't need fast disk array, because all the disk requests have been processed in SAN already?

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30 VPS's Per Node

Oct 18, 2009

For a quad core processor with 16-32GB RAM and SAS raid 10, would 30 VPS's be a lot?

I have a VPS with 1Gb RAM on a machine as above. I'm running about 40 (relatively low-volume) websites on it. Seems to me that if 30 others were doing anything similar, that would overwhelm a single machine.

Am I just making an uninformed bad assumption? So far, performance on my VPS has been fine.

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Migration Testing

Apr 21, 2009

I am migrating my website to Hostgator, and before I change the DNS entries, I want to make sure that everything displays properly. To do this, I have added an entry into my /etc/hosts file pointing the domain to the new host. If I then ping the domain, the reply comes from the correct IP address. However, if I try to view the website, it is still served by the old host.

I thought it might be a caching issue, but I have checked with wireshark and using curl, and it is definitely connecting to the new IP address, but the server that is returning the pages is still the old one. I've contacted hostgator support, but when they make the changes to their hosts file, it loads correctly. Is this a local problem (my system), or something with their server configuration?

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Testing New Webserver

Nov 4, 2009

I am looking for some decent tools to test a web server that can run large scale web sites running Windows and Linux.

I am more interested in the underlying hardware at this point to see if the servers them selves are capable of withstanding the loads without choking.

I am most interested in Disk testing and Network testing but the server but of course the server as a whole is important to since cpu and memory bottle neck can affect everything.

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VPS For Software Testing

Apr 19, 2009

I am currently developing a piece of software that will act as an all purpose control panel for a specific niche. I have coded the vast majority of the control panel already, and want to purchase a cheap (under $25/mo) VPS to test the installation and performance of the control panel.

As a result of me testing various configurations the main feature I am looking for is free (or very cheap) OS reloads.

I want to be working under a CentOS environment, and have a decent amount of CPU that I can use. Disk space and bandwidth are really not an issue, as I am simply testing using this VPS to test the software I am developing.

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Testing Scripts

May 17, 2009

I am using Winxp and would like an application to test my cgi scripts.

Is there anything out there to do this?

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Reboot Testing

Mar 11, 2008

for testing reboots? Basically, the goal is to avoid having a reboot fail leading to support or reinstall costs.

Right now, I'm using qemu -snapshot /dev/hda, but that obviously has limitations.

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Testing Mod_Evasive

Apr 2, 2007

I have 2 questions here.

1. I have installed mod_evasive version 1.10.1 on a Cent OS 4.4 server.

I'm using the test.pl script that comes with mod_evasive to test the configuration and when running the script from the same server mod_Evasive is installed. The mod_evasive is able to detect the intrusion and block the IP of the server.

If I use the same test.pl script from an external server the requests come in and are viewable in the access log but mod_evasive doesnt block the IP of the external server. Probably is not blocing the ip of the external server because of latency.

Is there a way to modify the test.pl script to make it more agressive and get results when testing from an external server?

Here I'm pasting the code of the test.pl script:


# test.pl: small script to test mod_dosevasive's effectiveness

use IO::Socket;
use strict;

for(0..100) {
my($SOCKET) = new IO::Socket::INET( Proto => "tcp",
PeerAddr=> "test.domain.tld:80");
if (! defined $SOCKET) { die $!; }
print $SOCKET "GET /?$_ HTTP/1.0

$response = <$SOCKET>;
print $response;

2. Also, I have sendmail installed and on the mod_evasive config I have email address specified on DOSEmailNotify. When testing from the internal server with the test.pl script the server is able to block the ip, put in the hash table but it never sends an email to my email address.

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Mod Evasive Testing

Mar 20, 2007

I just installed Mod Evasive and I want to fully test it but dont know how. I was planning to use Http Traffic Generator from NsaSoft but I'm afraid the ISP will block my IP space after testing the web site.

What will be the best tool and way to test this module?

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Load Testing

Oct 8, 2007

We have been doing some research on some colocation facilities lately and a question came up about load testing. I'm wondering what the standard is in regards to load testing a colocation facility.

Are they full load tests? How often are they done? How long are those tests done for?

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Testing A Certificate

Jun 1, 2007

I've installed a certificate in my server that's certified by a CA, but I want to see what happens when that CA is no longer listed as trusted. In Internet Explorer I click Advanced and de-select "Server Authentication" for my CA. When I go to my site, though, I don't see the usual untrusted warning come up. How do you test this?

what's the difference between the certification authority and publisher sections in Internet Explorer?

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What Type Of Node Would You Rather Be On

Mar 6, 2009

Well the age old question for virtual servers, would you rather a host put all his eggs into one basket "monster node" or several smaller ones. From a provider standpoint one server is easier to manage than several, although if that one goes down, all your customers do with it. Lower costs for the provider, s/he can then pass the savings along.
Example Package:"2GB Ram Packages, 500GB bandwidth, and 20GB space."

The "EXAMPLE" Specs.

All in one

Max Clients: 126
4U Rackmount,
4 Quad Cores, "16 total cores"
256GB DDR2,
8 600GB SAS 10k,
Several Server setup:
Max Clients: 14
1U Rackmounts,
Single Quad Core, "4 cores"
32GB DDR2,
2 300GB SAS 10k,

If you could tell me why you picked either or.

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Node Load

Oct 16, 2009

i have a very high load in my node every time i monitor the load i see load average: 8.19 and some times it's go up to 60 - 80

i'm using this server

Intel Core2Quad Q9650
Ram 8GB
Bandwidth: 10000gb
Hypervm Control Panel

and there is only 6 vpses ....

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How Can I Add Ip Addresses To Node

Jun 19, 2009

i'm using hypervm/openvz

and i have the main package of ips which i have received from datacenter

i orderd other package ips (13) ips

i have add them to ip pools in hypervm and it didn't working

Note : netmask are different for the first ips and the second ips

when i create vps i can't login and when i ping ip it didn't ping ( requested timed out )

i have one server from softlayer and the other from limestonenetworks
when i order additonal ips from softlayer it works proberly .. now when i orderd those ips from limestonenetworks ; i think it must be modified manually

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To Set Configuration Node

Apr 14, 2009

i have node 16 cpu AMD 64 gb ram HDD sas 15 with raid 10 /hypervm + openvz i host 10 vps
my problem when any vps load go over 2 the Node load go to 30 - 40 some time 100 i set CPU UNITS , Number Of CPUS and Cpu Usage for every vps but the load in node is go up

how i can set limit in vps and prevent from effect on load Node?

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Recomendations For A UK VPS Node

Jun 13, 2008

GeekLayer is looking in to expanding in to the UK - We want to offer VPSs in the UK, but to be honest, I have no idea who people consider the SoftLayer of the UK hosting industry - Who has the best rep around WHT with reasonable(ish) pricing for something like a core2quad with 8gb ram and 2tb+ bandwidth?

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So What Exactly Can Take Down An Entire Vps Node

Jul 21, 2007

I figure while I am twiddling my thumbs here waiting for my host to tell me what the heck happened for the second time in two or three months why they have to do an entire VPS hard restart, which of course causes another hour of fck delays, that I'd ask some of the more skilled and experience folks here, how?

Just before it happened, as I was watching, the load shotup over 1, 2, 4, 20, 30 boom. (I opened a ticket at 4)

Shouldn't virtuozzo always guarantee a certain amount of cpu and bandwidth to the node root? Why do they have to hard reboot and not access it directly and stop the badly behaving vps? Better yet, why isn't the badly behaving vps stopped automatically by virtuozzo?

(oh and am I an idiot for putting up with over two hours of downtime?)

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Web Server Performance Testing

Jun 15, 2008

Is there a site which will enable me to enter url of my website and it will simulate visitors from multiple locations. It needs to open the page completely, and run for example 10 minutes. Two things I found are host-tracker, but it just gets headers from multiple locations, and does it only once. Another thing is Paessler software which can test exactly what I want (number of visitors for some period of time with full page download) but it must be run from one (my) PC, so I can not test bandwidth from multiple locations. I need combination of these two, anyone knows for something like that on the net?

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Create Testing Directory

Jan 11, 2008

I have a USB drive with Uniserver, XAMP, and WOS portable webservers installed.

The problem is that I would like to have a "test" directory that is independent of these three servers, but still accessible by typing something like "localhost/test" into the browser, regardless of which package I'm running.

Each server package has its own neat little pros and cons and I'd like to be able to play around with all of them and still have the same common access to the same test directory.

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Testing Server Security

Jan 4, 2008

Currently working on securing my server and i think I'm doing quite well until I asked myself the question, have I done it right? Is there anyway to actually test how secure my server actually is? I'd rather not just wait and see if someone can hack me to bring to light what I did wrong...I was also thinking of hiring someone to secure my server but then how do I know that they've done anything different to me?

Are there any scripts or programs I can run to test server security?

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