Use Local Server As Database Storage

May 4, 2009

I have a question if it is possible to use my local server as database storage and even some uploaded files. I am planning to host my website even in a shared hosting server provided that I could used my local server as data storage.

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Plesk Automation :: Local Server Visible When Adding New MySQL Database

Mar 27, 2014

Somehow when customers add a new MySQL database they can select a Local MySQL server. It turns out this is the MySQL instance running on the CP server, can I somehow hide this server from the list?

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Scalable Raid Storage Storage On A Budget? Also Hdd Reliability Q's

Sep 20, 2007

I'm completely torn on going the absolute budget route vs spending more for something that'll allow easy upgradeability in the future. I basically need lots of space but file sending-- media like mp3s, video, etc.

it'll be raid 5 and I'll need at least 2-3TB initially but the ability to expand would be nice.

option 1:
nice chassis with plenty of hotswap bays with sas expanders
expensive sas raid card

option 2:
cheap chassis to serve "immediate" needs and go with more later.
not sure what I'd use as a card? maybe even onboard?

regarding reliability: I once saw a database of failure rates of different models. raptor was the most reliable of the "desktop" drives. anyone have the link? I'm wondering of the seagate ES drives are worth the extra money vs the non-ES drives. they're supposedely more reliable and the "server versions" of sata drives.

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Storage Server Issue

Jan 12, 2007

Is it true that grub won't boot if your raid array is bigger than 2 terabytes?

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Mass Storage Server

Oct 31, 2007

building a mass storage server, but unsure whether it is better to go for most space per system, or most space per U.

Looking at making 2 storage servers sometime in the future, one more for performance (15k 300gb SAS drives) and another for more storage (bunch of 1TB SATA drives). Both would act as iSCSI targets and likely have multiple gigabit ethernet connections bonded together.

Some options I am looking at:

1) HP DL320s provides 12 drives in 2U, or 6 drives per U. Upgrade it to 512mb batter backed cache and it does RAID6. Probably the densest storage U.

2) Supermicro has a 3U chassis that does 16 drives, or 5 1/3 drives per U. Pair that with one of the newer Areca SAS controllers and up to 2gb onboard cache and it should scream.

3) Supermicro also has a 3U chassis with 15 drives... just 5 drives per U, though it is ~$200 cheaper than the 16 bay one. Probably a mute point, since either way, it is less storage per server and less storage per U.

4) Get a simple 1-2U case and use external JBOD enclosures. Could put in multiple RAID cards, hook it up to multiple 3U 16 bay enclosures, and really squeeze in a lot of storage per server.

Anyone else been in a similar boat? Overall, not looking for a real dense configuration, with like 10-20 servers of this config, so don't *need* to squeeze in more TB per U, but it is one way that I've been looking at it.

Perhaps, in a way torn between the pre-built DL320s and the white label Supermicro approach. DL320s is a nice packaged system, support, iLO, etc. Supermicro allows more space and likely more performance (Areca likely better than the HP SmartArray), but no iLO, no single source for support, etc.

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Linux Storage Server Partitioning

Aug 13, 2009

Linux Storage Server Partitioning

We are puting together a Linux Storage server which will have 4 x 1TB SATA Hard Drives connected to Hardware raid configured at level 10.

We plan to use this box initially for NFS services but in the near future iSCSI targets so would like to make a setup optimal the first time.

What is the best way to layout the drive partition’s for this setup?
My thought is

-100MB /boot ext3
-Rest in LVM
--LVM Group
---LVM001 2048MB SWAP
---LVM002 10GB /
---LVM003 500GB /nfs
---LVM004 500GB /iscsi

Is this an efficient setup and provide a great deal of flexibility down the road? We will end up having more than one iscsi target running on this box in the end. Also does LVM experience a performance hit ?

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Building A Storage Server. Power Consumption

Oct 30, 2008

I'm building a storage server out of spare parts that are lying around here at the office. Purchasing a brandnew server kinda overshoots it's target, since all basic hardware is available lika a big Chieftec 4U casing with 2x 4drive SATA hotswap bays.

The machine will just be dumb storage for saving our backups.

The plan is to add a decent serverboard, proc and some ram as a baseline. On top of that a 3ware 8-port RAID-controller with 8 1TB harddrives (seagate has some nice ones).

Now the only issue i'm having is powerconsumption. The case has an 460W PSU, but I'm not sure if that's enough.

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Dedicated Server With Very Large Storage Capacity

Mar 8, 2008

I have found SL can offer you 12*1 TB drive based systems, after RAID-5 and Win 2003 install you get just over 10 TB of storage. The monthly price works out to $1000/Month.

I know some time ago LeaseWeb offered these type of storages....any one else know of any others ?

Amazon S3 works out to about $1500 for 10 TB

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Building A Server With Lots Of Storage Space

Mar 7, 2008

We are going to offer web space to our students and we want to build a new server just for this purpose. We were looking at buying a storage array, a RAID card, and a server. I have no problems building a server; however, I have never built anything with an external enclosure. I am thinking about buying this storage array:

www newegg com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816702010

I plan on installing hard drives in every drive bay for a total of 12 drives.

The problem I'm having is I don't know what type of RAID card to buy. I saw this one; but, I don't know if it will work with this storage array.

www newegg com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816116062

Thanks so much for any light you can shed on this! I apologize for the link but I do not have enough posts insert URLs.

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: 11.5 Roundcube Webmail - Connection To Storage Server Failed

Jul 1, 2013

I am having the problem that with certain domains when they try to login in to webmail they ares seeing:

Connection to storage server failed.

Under the login windows and they are now allowed access.

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Backup Server To Your Local PC

Jul 1, 2008

I am really thinking of upgrade my dedi server, but since its from a IDE disk to a SATA, I can´t move the IDE to the new system.

Is there a way to backup the server disk to your
local computer? FTP ?

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Local To Live...sql Server

Jun 16, 2008

I have been working on an online shop locally from my machine, using Visual Web Developer and SQL server.

This is working fine, but now its at the stage were i need to show a client. In order to do this i need to upload it to our servers.

What i cant get my head round is the connection to the sql server, do i need to upload this too, or can i somehow point the connection string to the sql server sitting on my local machine...

Is it easier just to upload an sql server? how would i go about this?

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Can't Access My Local Web Server By Its External IP

May 24, 2008

I have a local web server that I want to make available outside of my local network of two computers. I configured NAT at my router, configured the firewall. I Typed the external IP and got nothing, while I still was able to access my web server by typing "localhost", I tried both IIS and Apache, but what is interesting is that fact that the other people can access my web server via that external IP, I just cannot access it from my local network.

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Local Mysql Server Name, IP Or Localhost

Jun 29, 2007

I am using localhost as mysql server name on my config file. then, when I enter [url], the address will automatically change to[url]that obviously getting error. when I change the mysql server name from localhost to the server public IP, everything seems ok.

My sql is 4.1.x with php 4.4.7, is that any way I may use localhost instead of IP?

or is there any potential danger using IP?

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Different Local Remote Server Types

Mar 22, 2007

I cannot find a suitable forum for this query so here goes on this one!

I am doing a charity site as a voluntary exercise. They currently host with Eclipse who have the Zeus server (site developed in Frontpage).

This is not an open source server. Thing is, what are the issues of say developing on my loacal machine (apache or IIS5) and having the remote being Zeus. I use Dreamweaver 8 for developing.

I would of thought this does not matter as the server technology is transparent and down to configuration files. The directory structure both ends can be the same.

Am I right to go ahead and not worry about this?

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