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Can't Access My Local Web Server By Its External IP

I have a local web server that I want to make available outside of my local network of two computers. I configured NAT at my router, configured the firewall. I Typed the external IP and got nothing, while I still was able to access my web server by typing "localhost", I tried both IIS and Apache, but what is interesting is that fact that the other people can access my web server via that external IP, I just cannot access it from my local network.

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Allow External To Access Mysql Server
how I can do to allow External Access Mysql Database on my server ? What's the procedure ?

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Updating Access Databases On Local Web Server
I am using Windows XP Pro, and since I updated to Internet Explorer 7 I am having problems getting web sites to work on my PC in Internet Explorer using the local IIS web server. These web sites are using ASP and Access databases.

The two errors I get are:

Operation must use an updateable query.


Cannot modify the design of table 'TABLE_NAME'. It is in a read-only database. (they are not read only!)

Does anyone know how I can get this working so I can test my web sites locally before uploading them to the live sites?

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Releasing External Access To PostgreSQL?
A customer is asking to open the port to access PostgreSQL on a shared server because he needs remote access to his database. Is it a good idea to grant remote access to PostgreSQL?

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Allow External Access To The Mysql Db Under Plesk
how can I setup under plesk to allow a external server to access the mysql db.

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Block External Access To Cpanel Through Port 2082?
if it is possible to block external access to Cpanel through port 2082?

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Opening Up Local Access
I have a script running on my server that has access via port 1031, but I would like to block access to it from the public, and instead allow access only through a php proxy script on my server which will connect to port 1031 via (i.e.

So some may be thinking why? Currently users gain access by heading to . However I would now like to include adverts along side the script (but can't physically make adjustments to the script as the company that made the script has vanished of earth)
So the only way I can think of doing this, is by having the adverts in an Frame next to the proxy script.

So does opening up access via just for this case, give me security problems?

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Managing Local Root Folder Without Being Able To Access It
I'm planning a website at the moment but I'm wondering about a slight issue, regarding the local root folder of a website.

Currently, I'm using Dreamweaver to create a website and I have had no problems of uploading my files to a site through Dreamweaver before. But I will not have access to my computer for about one month every year. However, I have a laptop available during that month. But since my local root folder is located on my stationary computer it seems impossible for me to, in any way, use that laptop to manage my site (upload new files to the server).

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External Mail Server
we have a cpanel server that has been running our website and emails. We have just obtained another dedicated server. I would like to keep our first server running our website and move all of our email for the domain to the new server. The second server has the same setup and runs cpanel as well. Can anyone point me in the right direction to achieve this?

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External Mail Server
On a CPanel server, I have one account where mx records are configured to route all the e-mails to external mail server. Everything works great, except when the e-mail is from another account on the same CPanel server, it doesn't reach external mail server, I think it goes to e-mail box on CPanel server.

Is there a way to fix it? (How to send e-mails from the CPanel server to external mail server?)

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External Mail Server
I have a web server and two DB servers. I use a third party DNS solutions. I would like to move mail to a totally separate server.

My question is... How exactly would I do this? I assume that I install something like exim and then use the PHP mail function like normal except configuring it to send via the new servers IP address.

Then I suppose I would create a record for pointing to the new server and then create an mx record to use mail.mydomain when receiving mail from

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External Domain Name Server (DNS) Providers
Im setting up a few servers under one domain name and am in need of a external DNS service provider. Does anyone have any suggestions on who I should go with?

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Server With Multiple External IP Addresses
We require a server with 10+ IP addresses (Each one with a separate OS and external IP Address, i.e

This is to be used as an added security level for our employees logging into our system from outside the office. Our system monitors the IP Address and we need to restrict access to certain items depending on the IP. We basically would like to set up multiple VPS on one server.

Can you confirm how this would work?I know we can buy a Windows VPS for around £15, but we need multiple of these (10-20)and figure our own server might be the way forward.

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Redirect / Rewrite To An External Server
app and content are separate physical machines

I want [url]to be processed by app directly, which it's doing now

I want [url]or [url]to display content from content, either directly or through a hidden/stealth redirect.

How can this be accomplished? How else can I have one URL serve from two different servers other than using subdomains?

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Mailshot And External Mail Server
way of going about the following:

I have a client who has hosting with another company for their website and they have their own internal MS Exchange server for email...

In order to switch the hosting to one of my servers they just need to alter the A record for the website to my webserver's IP address at the registrar - correct?

They also want to start sending a "mailshot" to existing clients - what is the best way of doing this? I have no experiance of Exchange Server so I am thinking of running something simple like phpList on the webserver but how can this be configured to use their Exchange Server?

I am thinking that if I just setup phplist as normal then the emails it sends would bounce, is the trick to setup phplist differently or to change the servers DNS settings for that domain?

the server is running CentOs and cPanel

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Server Load - Balance With External Host
I have one dedicated server that hosts a PHP/MySQL highly dynamic site. In peak periods my site is starting to get high load (still very manageable but enough to warrant thinking about the future). My site is mostly images - photo gallery type stuff.

I've thought about using Amazon WS to host images from my site but it works out too expensive as do other similar Content Delivery options.

From what I can tell, when the load is high, mysql CPU usage isn't too bad, it hovers around 20% and peaks to 60% every 20 seconds or so, so my assumption is that the load is partly from apache (I see lots of apache processes in peak periods).

I am considering just get a cheap VPS hosted elsewhere that will be used as a static image/file server to release stress from my main server- How much stress would this help release?- Any other suggestions on solutions?

- I would have to do quite a bit of work to my application to ensure images are posted to this server and not my main server which seems a pain (or cron these tasks).

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CPanel External For Dedicated Server, Any Cheaper Than $36/mo For 1 License

Is that as cheap as it gets? I dont need support. Any opinions or suggestions?

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Is It Possible To Make Joomla Connect To An External Mysql Database Server
Is it possible to make Joomla connect to an external mysql database server?

Meaning, the database for Joomla won't be local, but on another server.

Will it work by just entering the mysql hostname, user and password in Joomla's config?

What issues might arose by doing this?

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Backup Server To Your Local PC
I am really thinking of upgrade my dedi server, but since its from a IDE disk to a SATA, I can´t move the IDE to the new system.

Is there a way to backup the server disk to your
local computer? FTP ?

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Local To Live...sql Server
I have been working on an online shop locally from my machine, using Visual Web Developer and SQL server.

This is working fine, but now its at the stage were i need to show a client. In order to do this i need to upload it to our servers.

What i cant get my head round is the connection to the sql server, do i need to upload this too, or can i somehow point the connection string to the sql server sitting on my local machine...

Is it easier just to upload an sql server? how would i go about this?

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Use Local Server As Database Storage
I have a question if it is possible to use my local server as database storage and even some uploaded files. I am planning to host my website even in a shared hosting server provided that I could used my local server as data storage.

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Local Mysql Server Name, IP Or Localhost
I am using localhost as mysql server name on my config file. then, when I enter [url], the address will automatically change to[url]that obviously getting error. when I change the mysql server name from localhost to the server public IP, everything seems ok.

My sql is 4.1.x with php 4.4.7, is that any way I may use localhost instead of IP?

or is there any potential danger using IP?

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Different Local Remote Server Types
I cannot find a suitable forum for this query so here goes on this one!

I am doing a charity site as a voluntary exercise. They currently host with Eclipse who have the Zeus server (site developed in Frontpage).

This is not an open source server. Thing is, what are the issues of say developing on my loacal machine (apache or IIS5) and having the remote being Zeus. I use Dreamweaver 8 for developing.

I would of thought this does not matter as the server technology is transparent and down to configuration files. The directory structure both ends can be the same.

Am I right to go ahead and not worry about this?

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Setting Up An SMTP Server On My Local Machine
I'm trying to set up a SMTP server on my local machine.. can i do this with a windows OS using apcahe?

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Can't Connect To Local MySQL Server Through Socket
mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)
/home/thesymbi/public_html/includes/class_core.php on line 274

I get this around 50 times a day!
I am fed up!

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Unable To Connect To Local Httpd Server.
When i go to my website or any page under the domain it's just white. Blank nothing, nada.

"Failed to receive status information from Apache. Unable to connect to local httpd server."

This error message appears when i click on "apache status".

Is this because of the network issue? Or is it because of something I did myself?

I did a google search and came up on some solution, I did them and nothing.

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Connecting To Local Server With Virtual Machines
How do you go about setting up virtual machines so that they can see sites hosted on the host machine?

I've got Virtual PC 2007 and the disk image that MS supply for testing IE6 on Vista machines and I'm having trouble accessing my local Apache server (set up with XAMPP). Until recently I was able to set the XP VM's LAN settings to use a proxy server with the IP address of the host machine, but I got migrated to ADSL2+ yesterday by my ISP and now that's no longer working.

To access my sites locally, I set up httpd.conf like this:

PHP Code:
<VirtualHost *:80>  DocumentRoot "C:PathToFolder"  ServerName siteName.local</VirtualHost><Directory "C:PathToFolder">    Options FollowSymLinks    AllowOverride None    Order allow,deny    Allow from all</Directory>

and then in Windows hosts file I add siteName.local.

So what's the best way of getting the host and VMs to talk to each other?

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How To Use External CPanel Mysql In Another CPanel Server
I have 2 servers both have cpanel. I want to use 2nd server's mysql in my site which is on 1st server. I think thats not that hard. I don't wanna do clustering as this is temproary.

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Email Error - Error Number 0x800CCC79 Server Response 451 Temporary Local
As the title says, 1 of the accounts on my server is getting the following error message - error number 0x800CCC79 server response 451 temporary local problem -

Yet other accounts on the server are sending and recieving fine?

what would cause this error? Its not tempory as its been 48 hours

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Can't Access Server Via SSH
I've changed the shh port on my server and now I can't log in.

I changed the port to 4247 in the /etc/ssh/sshd_conf file.

I've tried using port 22 incase I messed it up but that doesn't work either.

Obviously I can't get back in to check it or change it.

Using WHM/cPanel.

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Cannot Get Access To My Server Unless I Run ISS
When IIS is on using Windows 2008 standard I could get access to my server IP remotely ; otherwise my server is invisible

Is this due to Win firewall config,? Active Domain Controller config? or any other setting?

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Cannot Access Server
I have a little problem with either my server or my connection. For some darn reason I will be doing FTP uploads on small PHP files or viewing the forums on the server and then everything will start timing out. Yesterday this happened I would be able to get on the server from time to time for short amounts of time. After about 3 hours is went back to normal. Tonight, however, it did the same thing but I have no access to the server and it's been like this for about 4 hours. What could be causing this?

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Can't SSH Access Into Server
I have requested SSH access and they said they have enabled SSH on my account. The problem is, when I try to connect to my domain, I keep receiving Network error:

Connection timed out. There is no login window asking me for username and password. I'm using PuTTy and WinSCP, both with no success.

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Server Access Denied
I have a strange problem that I encounter sometimes. I have 3 websites on my hosting account. About once a week, I will try to access one of those sites and I will get a timeout or connection error in my browser. I will not have any problem viewing any other websites and as soon as I restart my computer, I can view my sites again.

It seems like either my computer, wifi router, isp or webhost decides to block me from accessing any of my 3 sites for no apparent reason. Restarting my computer fixs this. My ip does not change when I restart my computer so I do not know why it would suddenly allow me acces again but it does.

What is this problem likley to be? A bug on my computer, a bug on my server? My isp being retarded? No one else seems to have any problems accessing my site, I would guess it is a local issue. What I can not figure out though, is why it only happens to my own websites on my hosting account. This never happens when trying to view any other websites except my own(on my hosting account). This cannot be a coincidence. It is a big mystery to me.

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SSH Access Allow The Installation Of An IRC Server
Do most webhost that come with the SSH access allow the installation of an IRC server (unreal)?

can anyone link me to good cheap ones

dont want to go registering to one and find out later that i cant

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Customers Can Not Access The Server
I've got customers in the UK and Canada that are having problems accessing the server. It's defiantly a problem with the server, just got it, I've had them try to go to the site directly using a server address,, with the FIREWALL disabled.

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FTP: Access Denied On Whole Server
I have many accounts on my server, everyone can connect via FTP but when they try to upload something they get "access denied", i get it too, sometimes it works for a few minutes and goes back to giving me access denied. I have not changed any settings since it was working just fine before. I checked the folder permissions, user permissions, used chown command to make sure the folders belonged to the correct users/groups and I disabled the firewall same thing, any ideas what might be going on? do you this I have a virus on the server? it's a linux server

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MS Access Databases On Server
My question is regarding Microsoft Access Databases and ASP.NET. I know that you need SQL server installed so that your website can communicate with any sql databases in use. Do you need Microsoft Access installed on a server where you accessing a MS Access Database?

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My PC Is Blocked. Cannot Access To My Server
Yes, cannot access my server with my PC. Tried everything but no avail. I confirmed that the server is up and running, everyone else can access it.

Here is what has been done so far:Cannot access to server after my FTP program automaticly tries to connect few times with wrong password. Fine, my IP will be flushed in 10~20 minutes tops. But no, after an hour still cannot access.

Submitted a ticket to the provider. They have flushed the Iptables, stopped the firewall, and added my IP address to allowed hosts file.

I have stopped the firewall in my PC. Flushed the DNS cache and restarted the windows.
Can use internet without a problem. Can access any website w/o problem except my own server.

Can anyone think of anything causing this?

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Network Access Only Server
I am wondering how powerful of a computer/server I'm going to need for a project for work.

The server will only be accessible over the companies LAN, it will most probably need to be running Windows, because that's what the rest of the system runs. Even though I'd rather have it Linux. The server will be running Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

It will need be accessed by around 100-200 workstations (200 on the far out side max).

They don't need to write to the database. Just read. So possibly only 1 to 2 MySQL queries per page. PHP will be of course used to generate the pages.

So how powerful of a server that's just dedicated to this would be needed?

I realize this might not be the right forum for this, but the people here are so helpful

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How To Access 2nd Drive On Server
I am in the process of moving my dedicated server from one location to another. I have requested second drive to be installed on server. How do I access in through SSH? I am using Linux, FC4.

Also, what is the command to compress all data in certain directory, so that I can simply wget the large compressed file from the new server?

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My IP Was Blocked To Access To My Server
I got the server hosting at liquidweb.

I access my website and ssh normally until 2 days ago. I couldn't go to my website and ssh anymore. All my clients can go to the website, sftp, ssh normally. I did a VPN to my company office and I can access to my website and ssh from my office.

Obviously, my IP address at home was blocked.

Do you think that was from Liquidweb firewall or my server cpanel firewall or something like that?

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Getting Remote Access To My Server
I would like to setup my server to allow remote access from home. It's on an office network which is separated from the WAN by a router. So long as I'm on this network, I can access the server from any computer connected to it. I enter the https URL of my server through IE and it brings me to the helm interface (the one that comes with Windows Server 2003). I can click on Maintenance and then on Remote Desktop, and it opens a new window with the server's desktop displayed.

If I'm somewhere other than the office network, I can't access it. IE gives me a "can't find webpage" message (or something along those lines). How do I setup my server to access it from outside the office network. I'd prefer to have a similar graphical interface as Remote Desktop.

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403 Forbidden :: You Don't Have Permission To Access / On This Server
I wanted to know about 403 error. I want to access a site, as I am browsing - its giving the error as below:
You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Does anybody will help me regarding my issue. Can somebody tell me why I am unable to see the site.

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You Don't Have Permission To Access /phpmyadmin/ On This Server
Recently, i upgraded my WAMP from WampServer2.0f to WampServer2.0g.

I uninstalled WampServer2.0f and then only installed WampServer2.0g.

I can access [url] and i can see under my tools section that there is a link to phpMyadmin which points to [url]

I get the error: Forbidden - You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server whenever i try to access phpMyadmin.

Additional Info:

My WAMP icon is white.

I tried Restarting all services but nothing helped.

I have a folder called phpmyadmin3.1.3 which is located inside C:wampapps.

The version of MySQL on my localhost is 5.1.32 (How do i know this? I clicked on my WAMP icon, pointed to MySQL --> Version and it displayed a checked mark on 5.1.32).

Did some homework, and people say that there may be a problem with the phpmyadmin.conf file. It's located in my C:wampalias

Can that file be edited phpmyadmin.conf?

I havent tried uninstalling and reinstalling WAMP. I'll do that as a last resort (and i don't know if that will fix things).

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Secure Employees SSH Access To Server
I'm thinking about creating a limited platform for my employees to access my hosting servers

I wish they can create certain types of directories for users, set permissions on some directories, list users accounts, etc.

but although I don't think they would want to abuse this kind of access, I not only like the Trust-No-One premisse, but I also find it not very unlikely that the computer they're using get compromised or something like that

so I'd like to get technical ideas on how to develop this system and to know if anyone is interested and would like to contribute to the code

what I've considered so far is that I should either create a special user for that which would be on all users group, or should give it "root" access... the latter seems more reasonable for me considering the implementation and compatibility between systems and control panels

but with "root" access I mean "running MY INTERFACE to the employee as root"... this interface would have limited options like "create directory for user X", "list content of user X", etc. (taking a lot of care on input validation)... and would enforce some limits to prevent abuse (for example, can't list the content of more than 10 users per hour, or something like that... and alert me)

my main doubt is how you think that should be implemented? as a special server or as a webservice? with webservice I have the advantage of being capable of using SSL in a simple way and I don't need a special client (since any browser is a client)
then that could be PHP or Perl... but running as UID 0 (I don't even know if apache allows that, or if there's a workaround like SUID)

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SSH Access To My Server Only From IP Address IPtables
my question

i Have a server with centos and WHM cpanel , the last days i have read in the ssh log files (security) many failure logins from many IP adress

i read some about IPtables and everytime when i read in the log for an ip i block this Ip from IPtables , but this seems bad and boring exepiriance everyday.

so does anyone know the exact command for the IPtables , how to have access to my ssh ONLY from my ip address ?

my IP adress it is static and i want only from that ip to have access to the server and noone else from diferent ip

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How Can I Http Access A Server Without A Domain
I've setup a dedicated server that is currently running with a domain bound to it. However this time I want to setup a centos 5.1 + latest apache 2 + bind 9 server that can only be connected to by IP address and doesn't have a domain name. So what do I need to modify in the below files to do so:

First of all will I even need bind at all? I already have it setup and (mis-)configured but I guess if I don't need it I can just take if off of autostart and stop the process "named".


options {
pid-file "/var/named/chroot/var/run/named/";
directory "/var/named/chroot/var/named";
query-source address * port 53;
allow-query { any; };
allow-transfer { };
recursion no;
notify no;
version "unknown";

logging {
category default { null; };

zone "" { type master; file ""; };
I don't even want the zone have in its name but that's just there so I could show you how I'd include

$TTL 14400
@ IN SOA (
86400 ) 14400 IN NS 14400 IN NS

localhost 14400 IN A
www 14400 IN A
I'm not sure what to do about those references to here, they shouldn't be needed but without them I don't know what to put here. ^^
Obviously I can't use those nameservers...


The only thing missing from this file is "search" at the top, is that needed even though I won't really have any domains used by this server?


# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail ....

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Access All Sites On A Server Except One (can Ping)
I got this domain hosted on my server where i can't ping or trace it. Every setting seem to be correct, the ip address, name server...etc. and other websites hosted on the server is working fine. i can reach other websites with no problem but not this domain.

how do i trouble shoot such problem? would deleted the website and recreate solve it?

has anyone ever come across such strange problem?

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VPS: Unable To Access Remote Server
I have an outsourced project where someone from India is developing a program for me but we keep running into a problem that I can't find the solution too.

Every time we try to use our program to access one of our private squid/proxy server we receive an error back.

Type: System.Net.WebException
Message: Unable to connect to the remote server

Our VPS is a windows 2003 server and I'm pretty sure that one of the services is blocking the program or anything from accessing a remote server. By the way I disabled the firewall and I'm still having problems .

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Can Client With Ssh Access Hurt My Server
my clients are asking for ssh access, if I gave them ssh access, can they hurt server / other clients in any possible way?

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Getting Files Off The Root Server That Is Outside Web Access
I am actually very inexpirience in server management. I have a small - I believe - problem. I need to get config file onto my computer from my root server. I can access it through terminal, but it is not very confortable. The config file is on root server.

the file is located at //etc/xxx.conf

Do I need to use web browser to do it? If so how?

Or is there a way that I log to my root server through ssh and transfer onto my computer?

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How To Access MYISAM Files In My Server
1. If I recompile my mysql, can that potentially harm any of my database / table / data?

2. Here is a list of files. [url]. I guess, I have the same in my server. Any idea how can I access to these files?

Here is what I got -

root@usr [/]# find myisam
find: myisam: No such file or directory

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No Shell Access To My Server Exept Mine
how can I get sure there is no shell access to my server exept mine. I mean alkl the security issues I should care for preventing shell access from all my users and hackers.

I have diabled all the shell accesses of my users via can I disable the exec() function on my server?

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