Unmetered Bandwidth Adult Hosting Providers

Jun 27, 2008

I'm looking for unmetered bandwidth adult hosting service providers with Europe-based servers, want to keep this project on the low side.

Has anyone been trying hosting with Exmasters.com?

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Recommendation For Adult Webhosting [unmetered Bandwidth]

Feb 29, 2008

i need unmetered bandwidth about 100mbps (may need to upgrade) where do you recommend

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Adult Host, Managed, With Unmetered Bandwidth

Feb 6, 2006

I am hosting a few websites with my host, powweb.com (shared hosting). Now I am thinking to go for an adult xxx website, and my host is not ready to host an adult website with them, and thus, I am looking for a new host now.

Things are:

1. I have very little knowledge about server management, as till now my shared host was doing everything, so I may need a host who offers a completely managed hosting, including backups, security, etc (just as a shared host would do).

2. I need a host that allows extreme adult contents.

3. The site will be a new one, but I am planning to go for offline marketing and hoping that I will get a good amount of visitors. Also the site will offer online movies. Taking these things into consideration, I am thinking that I may need a host that offers unmetered bandwidth.

I would like to get some tips from you guys, and if any of you know a good host, thanks for letting me know as well.

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Adult Providers

May 11, 2009

I need to know which prividers are being specialized in adult content. I am to create some kind of directory, for personal use, currently I aware only exmasters.com.

Certainly I need not the names, which I can get on google, but the reliable compnaies. Could you provide me something like that?

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Any Cheap 1gbps Unmetered Providers Out There

Sep 5, 2008

We host a huge image host that is spread across 3 dual xeon machines on 100mb unmetered machines.
Each machine uses up about 12-15TB a month and we need more.

I've seen some sales lately with 8 core machines on 1gb unmetered ports.
We don't need management but we do need a SLA as we are going to put all of our "eggs" in one "basket".

My question is: can you guys recommend a cheap 1gb unmetered provider?

We will need a 8 core machine with 8gb ram and at least 2x1TB drives and we will use at least 80TB a month of bw (80% out going and 20% in going).

I tried OVH but seems they cap it at 100mbs average which isn't good enough.
Also looked at FDC but seems the prices are 3xtimes more then EU based machines.

I'm ok with EU/US machines as customers are from US and EU.

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Unmetered Bandwidth

Oct 30, 2009

I was looking at a VPS plan that offered unmetered bandwidth on a shared 100mbit/s port. I thought it was a bit suspicious because it was at a very low price--but would this be what it means?

100mbit/s converts to 0.125 megabytes per second
= 7.5mb/min
= 450mb/hour
= 10,800mb/day
~ 334,800mb/month
= 334.8gb/month

Would that mean that I would be getting less than 334.8gb of bandwidth a month, but it's just filtered through to make sure I don't go over?

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Shared Unmetered Bandwidth

Oct 16, 2009

I got a question about shared unmetered bandwidth offerings. Currently we specialise in Dedicated Unmetered bandwidth offers but also offer metered.

we see an increase in demand for shared unmetered, with some minor guarantees of troughput. Much in the style of FDC servers. We are toying with the idea, to add a shared unmetered service thats overbooked 1/4 (100 mbit) or 1/6 (gigabit).

The questions.

Are these overbooking rates reasonable? it looks like other companies roughly have these overbooking factors.

What kind of hardware should be bundle with such an offer? obviously its the bargain hunter category (no pun intended) that we would try to appeal to. Would that mean generally lower end servers like ATOMs?

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Unmetered Cogent Bandwidth

Jul 13, 2008

i want to know any datacenter that offer 10 Mb or 100Mb port unmetered cogent bandwidth.
Do you know any?

It is for an image hosting file service.

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Unmetered Vs Fixed Bandwidth

Jun 11, 2008

What are the advantages and disadvantages to buy unmetered or fixed bandwidth dedicated?

For burstnet unmetered does it guarantee to have some good bandwidth or it can be very very slow at peak times?

I can find about the same price almost 2TB/month or 10mbps unmetered.

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How Much Bandwidth Do You Get On A Unmetered 10 Mbps- 3 Teras

Aug 7, 2008

i finally ordered my first dedicated server -previously i had a vps. I ordered at theplanet.com an unmetered 10 mbps - dedicated server but i am now confused, about how much bandwidth 10 mbps really represent?

10 mbps = 3.300 gigas?
20 mbps = means how many gigas?
and the 100 mbps = means how many gigas?

I have a alexa 12.000 site with adult videos that is getting more and more traffic, thats why i decided to get unmetered but stupidly i thought 10 mbps was a lot of more than only 3.3 teras : ( so 20 and 100 mbps means how many gigas?

I am going to pay at ThePlanet for this 10 mbps unmetered connection $200 plus $ 109 for the server pentium 4 512 ram.

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BurstNET Or FDCServers For Unmetered Bandwidth

Dec 24, 2008

BurstNET or FDCServers for unmetered bandwidth?

BurstNET or FDCServers for unmetered bandwidth?

I'm talking about the 100mbit shared bandwidth, who would you reccomend for this fdc or burstnet?

Also do you have any other solutions for cheap bandwidth as I'm trying to open a file hosting website like rapidshare and I'm looking for the cheapest bandwidth.

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Dedicated Server With True Unmetered Bandwidth

Oct 15, 2009

Looking for a dedicated unmetered server to stream movies and audio for over 500 visitors a day. Anybody knows any place that is good?

Also, what kind of hardware specifications would be OK for me - in terms of speed and memory? And would we be OK with a 10mbit port or 100?

Would I survive on a dedicated server with a shared bandwidth?

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Dedicated Servers With Unmetered Or 30TB+ Bandwidth

Oct 27, 2009

Im running my own file host, and in the past few days its just blown up in traffic. I current have "Intel Core2Quad Q9650" package from Limetone. 3ghz Quad, 8GB Ram, 1TB HD, 10TB BW.

I need something that has either unmetered or 30TB+ bandwidth. It should be on 100mbps lines too.

The closest thing I have found are FDCnetworks

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Any Other Companies Like FDC With 100mbit Shared Unmetered Bandwidth

May 24, 2009

Any other companies like FDC with 100mbit shared unmetered bandwidth?

I need a shared 100mbit unmetered bandwidth server like FDC.

But i am looking for a better company that offers management aswell.

My price range is $200/month where FDC fits in.

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Bandwidth Providers

Jul 8, 2007

I have seen on WHT alot of negative comments about cogent?

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Best High Bandwidth Providers

Aug 3, 2008

I'm looking to get several dedicated servers, I don't require alot of processing speed or storage. And I'm not really picky about uptime, if the system is down for a few hours in a month its not a problem. What I need is alot of bandwidth. It needs to be quick and unlimited! What provider is going to give me the best deal?

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Who Are The Best / Fastest Bandwidth Providers

Jun 27, 2008

I have been reviewing a lot of different data-centers and networks, and everybody seems to use different bandwidth providers. Is there any consensus on who the best (Top 5 maybe?) carriers are? According to WikiPedia.org, there are currently only 9 "true" Tier-1 carriers:


Global Crossing
Level 3
Verizon Business
NTT Communications

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Pooled Bandwidth Providers

Jun 5, 2008

What other providers offer bandwidth shared by several servers?

As in, I rent several servers connected to one switch and can upgrade the bandwidth later if needed.

So far,

Razor Servers


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How Do You Get Bandwidth Providers Interested

Apr 16, 2007

Our data facility is located in an area that does not have a variety of providers. Our current provider is Verizon (formelrly MCI) and we are looking into buying a small building and build up a small data facility. Can any one recommend what is the best approach to ineterest more providers in our area or I am just going against the tide?

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Frankfurt Bandwidth Providers

Jun 12, 2007

I'm trying to decide between two Frankfurt co-location providers and I'm not sure who has the better network when it comes to bandwidth and latency. Does anyone know what a good bandwidth provider is in Germany or what an unreliable one is? Or is there any difference?

1st Provider:
NTT, Level 3, Interoute, Colt or BT

2nd Provider:
TeliaSonera and Tiscali for upstreams at DE-CIX and KleyRex

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Getting IP Range Of Bandwidth Providers

Aug 3, 2007

Is there any way to get the IP Range of providers like SAVVIS, Global Crossing, or Level3?

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Definition Tier-1 Bandwidth Providers

May 28, 2009

Who defines Tier 1 provider definition?

I am seeing multiple definitions and seeing various posters argue and make claims against Tier 1 and who is/who is not and how many total, etc.. I do not think that there is consensus out there. Personally, I see more than 7 Tier 1 providers and know several other very good Tier 2 or Tier 1b providers.

Many on WHT claim that there are only 6 major Tier 1 providers, but I recently had a CTO who has been in the business since 1996 tell me directly that there are 9 Tier 1 providers. I know that some providers themselves claim to be Tier 1, but many of us “know” that they are not really Tier 1.

So, who are the best Tier 1 providers out there?

Who are the best Tier2 or non-Tier 1 providers?

Who are the best providers to/in Europe? …South America?

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Do Dedicated Server Providers Oversell Bandwidth

Mar 11, 2008

Do dedicated server providers oversell their bandwidth? Here are some examples.

ThePlanet offers 2500GB bandwidth.
Softlayer offers 2000GB bandwidth
LiquidWeb offers 4800GB bandwidth

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Who Offer Unmetered Hosting?

Nov 3, 2008

I'm currently doing close to a 25,000 daily unique average on my site and coming close to 12TB or monthly bandwidth transfer. With most DS Hosting services, I would usually be offered virtual rack solutions with multiple machines that would help raise my monthly limit but it would be greatly cost effective if I just stuck with one powerful server that offers unmetered bandwidth at a great price.

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Adult Hosting ?

Aug 11, 2008

I am currently looking for a hosting company to host an adult web site. I have searched through the web but can't make a final decision. Here are the companies I am looking at:

Extreme Hosting

Any advice?

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Adult Site Hosting

Jul 19, 2005

I have a client who wants to feature skimpily clad women. Does anyone know of a host that will do this? My host says, "no way!"

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Semi Adult Web Hosting

Aug 2, 2005

I have never worked with an adult oriented website before, so I really don't know a whole lot about the arena. I might be making a web site for an exotic dancer that may contain explicit photographs (no sex, topless images probably). This is more of a homepage, not a pay for membership adult site.

Anyways, whenever I have signed on with a host in the past they all seem to have the uniform user agreement that states no pornography, warez, etc. Would this type of thing be considered a pornographic web site? If so, are there any hosts that provide affordable shared web hosting that allow this, or would I be forced to get a dedicated server or something?

Just trying to get a feel for how much of a pain in the butt this could end up being, I might decide not to do it if this will require some expensive specialty hosting. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Best Adult Hosting Site!?

Jul 28, 2008

I'm after some hosting for some adult content (nothing too bad!) as my current host won't allow it (no big loss, they're atrocious anyway)

Preferably something UK or US based, not too bothered either way as long as it's fairly reasonable in price and has a good service.

Not sure about bandwidth limits, to say the site is in it's early stages would be an understatement, but something flexible would be good.

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Adult Friendly Hosting

Jul 18, 2008

Can anyone recommend a good adult friendly web host? I have a client who wants to put together a site selling various "toys" and he's going to need a host that allows that sort of thing.

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Decent Adult Hosting?

Aug 2, 2008

Does anyone know of a decent adult hosting provider thats not going to give me any problems?
i've been with cirtex for 1 month and in that month i've had my account suspended due to high cpu usage.. and the sites mysql has been down due to disc space full cos they didnt clear the tmp folder.. all in the space of one month..

My site gets currently 4,000 uniques per day with around 13,000 page views..

its a tube site however the videos are embedded from another site so bandwidth is relativly low at around 4gb/dayso if anyone else runs a similar site i'd like to know who you host with and if you get many problems.

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Adult Free Hosting?

Sep 26, 2008

Is there a site that shows the different companies that offer free hosting? I have found a few but they never state if the company offers a free site creator or if the site allows you to use ithe free service for adult websites? Please help i need a site creator because i do not know html plus i want to make a adult site!

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