Recommendation For Adult Webhosting [unmetered Bandwidth]

Feb 29, 2008

i need unmetered bandwidth about 100mbps (may need to upgrade) where do you recommend

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Unmetered Bandwidth Adult Hosting Providers

Jun 27, 2008

I'm looking for unmetered bandwidth adult hosting service providers with Europe-based servers, want to keep this project on the low side.

Has anyone been trying hosting with

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Adult Host, Managed, With Unmetered Bandwidth

Feb 6, 2006

I am hosting a few websites with my host, (shared hosting). Now I am thinking to go for an adult xxx website, and my host is not ready to host an adult website with them, and thus, I am looking for a new host now.

Things are:

1. I have very little knowledge about server management, as till now my shared host was doing everything, so I may need a host who offers a completely managed hosting, including backups, security, etc (just as a shared host would do).

2. I need a host that allows extreme adult contents.

3. The site will be a new one, but I am planning to go for offline marketing and hoping that I will get a good amount of visitors. Also the site will offer online movies. Taking these things into consideration, I am thinking that I may need a host that offers unmetered bandwidth.

I would like to get some tips from you guys, and if any of you know a good host, thanks for letting me know as well.

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VPS Recommendation For Adult Content

Aug 24, 2008

Something less then US$ 150 for the start and an option to move to a full blown (4 Cores, 4GB) dedicated server later would be optimal.

1000 GB Transfer
10 GB Disk
1024 GB Memory
Plesk Panel

There will also be download links to copyright protected material but this are only links, there is no copyright infringement on the server itself which is absolutely legal at least in Europe.

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Adult Webhosting

Feb 25, 2009

What is the best host that allows adult hosting that is a reputable company with solid uptime. Cheap shared hosting is fine anything other than lunar pages that allows for monthly billing.

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Looking For Adult Webhosting

Feb 8, 2009

Is there any adult webhostings that you have hosted with or recommed that are reliable and affordable ??

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Unmetered Bandwidth

Oct 30, 2009

I was looking at a VPS plan that offered unmetered bandwidth on a shared 100mbit/s port. I thought it was a bit suspicious because it was at a very low price--but would this be what it means?

100mbit/s converts to 0.125 megabytes per second
= 7.5mb/min
= 450mb/hour
= 10,800mb/day
~ 334,800mb/month
= 334.8gb/month

Would that mean that I would be getting less than 334.8gb of bandwidth a month, but it's just filtered through to make sure I don't go over?

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Recommendation On A Shared Hosting Reseller With Unlimited Bandwidth

Apr 17, 2008

an recommendation on a shared hosting reseller with unlimited bandwidth(or atleast about 1500gb) and about 60-70gb harddrive? And preferably have servers in the US and europe, so i can pick one in usa and 1 in europe.

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Shared Unmetered Bandwidth

Oct 16, 2009

I got a question about shared unmetered bandwidth offerings. Currently we specialise in Dedicated Unmetered bandwidth offers but also offer metered.

we see an increase in demand for shared unmetered, with some minor guarantees of troughput. Much in the style of FDC servers. We are toying with the idea, to add a shared unmetered service thats overbooked 1/4 (100 mbit) or 1/6 (gigabit).

The questions.

Are these overbooking rates reasonable? it looks like other companies roughly have these overbooking factors.

What kind of hardware should be bundle with such an offer? obviously its the bargain hunter category (no pun intended) that we would try to appeal to. Would that mean generally lower end servers like ATOMs?

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Unmetered Cogent Bandwidth

Jul 13, 2008

i want to know any datacenter that offer 10 Mb or 100Mb port unmetered cogent bandwidth.
Do you know any?

It is for an image hosting file service.

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Unmetered Vs Fixed Bandwidth

Jun 11, 2008

What are the advantages and disadvantages to buy unmetered or fixed bandwidth dedicated?

For burstnet unmetered does it guarantee to have some good bandwidth or it can be very very slow at peak times?

I can find about the same price almost 2TB/month or 10mbps unmetered.

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How Much Bandwidth Do You Get On A Unmetered 10 Mbps- 3 Teras

Aug 7, 2008

i finally ordered my first dedicated server -previously i had a vps. I ordered at an unmetered 10 mbps - dedicated server but i am now confused, about how much bandwidth 10 mbps really represent?

10 mbps = 3.300 gigas?
20 mbps = means how many gigas?
and the 100 mbps = means how many gigas?

I have a alexa 12.000 site with adult videos that is getting more and more traffic, thats why i decided to get unmetered but stupidly i thought 10 mbps was a lot of more than only 3.3 teras : ( so 20 and 100 mbps means how many gigas?

I am going to pay at ThePlanet for this 10 mbps unmetered connection $200 plus $ 109 for the server pentium 4 512 ram.

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BurstNET Or FDCServers For Unmetered Bandwidth

Dec 24, 2008

BurstNET or FDCServers for unmetered bandwidth?

BurstNET or FDCServers for unmetered bandwidth?

I'm talking about the 100mbit shared bandwidth, who would you reccomend for this fdc or burstnet?

Also do you have any other solutions for cheap bandwidth as I'm trying to open a file hosting website like rapidshare and I'm looking for the cheapest bandwidth.

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Dedicated Server With True Unmetered Bandwidth

Oct 15, 2009

Looking for a dedicated unmetered server to stream movies and audio for over 500 visitors a day. Anybody knows any place that is good?

Also, what kind of hardware specifications would be OK for me - in terms of speed and memory? And would we be OK with a 10mbit port or 100?

Would I survive on a dedicated server with a shared bandwidth?

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Dedicated Servers With Unmetered Or 30TB+ Bandwidth

Oct 27, 2009

Im running my own file host, and in the past few days its just blown up in traffic. I current have "Intel Core2Quad Q9650" package from Limetone. 3ghz Quad, 8GB Ram, 1TB HD, 10TB BW.

I need something that has either unmetered or 30TB+ bandwidth. It should be on 100mbps lines too.

The closest thing I have found are FDCnetworks

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Any Other Companies Like FDC With 100mbit Shared Unmetered Bandwidth

May 24, 2009

Any other companies like FDC with 100mbit shared unmetered bandwidth?

I need a shared 100mbit unmetered bandwidth server like FDC.

But i am looking for a better company that offers management aswell.

My price range is $200/month where FDC fits in.

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Bandwidth Or Features?which Is Important In Webhosting

Dec 22, 2007

i have entered in contract with a web hosting compnay and they are providing the cheapest rate.But have no good features..only they are giving 20 gb bandwidth for 15$.So is this good plan.

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VPS Recommendation

Apr 30, 2007

I have a colocated server with cpanel right now.

The cPanel license on my server just expired and I don't feel like paying for another month as there's 3-4 sites on that box that are still active.

I pay $80 a month for the colo with cpanel

So my questions are

1) What do you recommend (reseller vs vps) and who do I go with
2) How do I get my 4 sites off to the new cpanel with an expired license?

If anyone can help that'd be great. Looking to move within 48 hours

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OS Recommendation

Sep 25, 2007

I have a E326 from IBM for a few months now (unused). But I need to put in online asap so I need a suggestion if you worked with him as a normal hosting server (no cluster) for the O/S.

I preffer CentOS is it ok with this server ? Otherwise fedora, suse?

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VPS Recommendation

Jun 23, 2007

I've been reading a lot on this forum lately for a good VPS solution for me, but I've not been too lucky. Perhaps I am just too lazy to read all the posts.

At any rate, I've been with Alpha Red for about a year now and I feel I need to get something new (been having some problems with my mail server and speed, and since it isn't managed, I don't want to worry about fixing it myself). Thus, I am looking for a good VPS solution.

My needs aren't critical, most personal/business type sites, with some client hosting (clients can get very demanding traffic, however, as they will commonly get featured on Digg or YouTube). Because of the clients, I feel I need something clustered with redundancy. I tried out Mosso and just couldn't stomache the simplicity and lack of control.

Disk space would be around 10GB or higher, bandwidth around 500GB or higher (1TB would look amazing to me), and managed is really a plus. However, my budget is only around $150/mo (currently paying $139 for a very slow dedicated server).

I've been tempted to try MediaTemple, but recently looked at's clustered VPS, and KnownHost.

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Windows VPS Recommendation

May 9, 2009

I am planning to launch a site in India for which i require a windows vps. my requirements are as

space - 5gb

ram - 1 gb

transfer - 50gb

MSSQL 05 DB - with 300 mb space

1 domain name with sub domains


your recommendations will go a long way in helping me make an efficient decision.

how is verio vws basic plan

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E-mail Recommendation

Jan 4, 2009

opinion about what E-mail would be the best as a autoresponder and email campaign program. Something that can be configured to forward emails to different addresses from different recipients, automatic responces and scheduled email campaigns, all that kind of things. I would prefer an open source solution but if not any I would pay for that.

how to extract the text from an incoming email (through a script maybe) and input to another ougoing email?

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Recommendation For 20-40 Domains

Apr 2, 2008

I plan to host 20-40 domains that will include ~20 blogs total and roughly 20 SQL DB's. I anticipate 5-10 GB traffic / month.

With these requirements, can I realistically make use of a shared hosting plan (like HostGator's)? They claim unlimited domains, though I'm not sure how far I can really take this.

Update: shame on me: GB's, not TB's

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Recommendation For Webmin?

Jul 10, 2008

I'm planning to operate my own dedicated server and bad news is I'm not much of a technical person. A friend recommends that I can use free Webmin as a front end (control panel) rather than paying for others. Do you think Webmin is suitable for newbie on this front?

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Switch Recommendation

Sep 11, 2007

I am planning to get 2 uplinks for a cluster of servers. So, there will be 2 different
IP subnets and 2 different uplinks. I want the switch:

1. To be able to switch providers when any one of them is down

2. To be able to load balance the traffic (optional)

Also, I prefer to use Cisco.

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Recommendation On Web Site Movers?

Jan 12, 2009

I'm looking to move ~150 accounts from one server to a knew server. Any recommedations on any web hosting account movers?

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Vps Review/recommendation - Automatedvps

Apr 15, 2009

I have been hosting with for a few months now.

I heartly recomend them.

They host windows 2003/2008 and centOS.

I use windows 2008 which is faster then windows 2003.

They have the best deal I found at the time and since.

Support is friendly, avilable by email and phone. I'm very pleased with it, for instance upon my request they reinstalled the OS at no extra charge.

CPU, memory and internet all work fast.

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Steadfast Recommendation Review

Nov 6, 2008

I wanted to recommend and give a review of my service with Steadfast. Before I went with steadfast I read WHT almost everyday, looking at different hosts. Steadfast has exceeded my expectations by far.

I have a basic shared account but the speed and service make me feel like it is a dedicated account. My site is still in construction so I wont give the address but I have never experience any lag in loading or it ever being offline.

Whenever I submit a ticket, simply because I have a question, I have never waited more than a few minutes. It is genius. I think that Steadfast's business plan is to have the best equipment and software with the best service and reliability so that their customers stay and say good things about them. Sounds like a plan to me.

One of the things that I like the most is that Karl, owner and operator, actually knows what he is talking about is always happy to help.

I had never paid for hosting before or had a domain name and thought that the control panel and learning curve of hosting was gonna be hard but it is well organized and everything runs so perfectly that I almost never need to log into the control panel.

(I would put the link to steadfast but the board says I don't have enough posts to link websites. Never heard of such a thing.)

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Colocation Recommendation For Bay Area

Mar 25, 2008

my company is looking for a colo provider in the Bay Area. We have done some research and the final choice comes down to these 2 companies: internap and

Price wise, Internap is slightly more expensive on the bandwidth, setup cost and cabinet rental.

Could anyone provide some recommendation based on personal experience? Our service is live video streaming, therefore we are looking for good network with low latency and with a bandwidth of 100mbps.

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Recommendation ( Spam Protect )

Jun 26, 2008

Recommendation to manage my server

Recommendation me for max send mail per hour for per account?

(I not want my server go to black list server and spam provider list)

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Remote Backup Recommendation

Nov 6, 2008

i'm planning to add a remote backup to my vps, the only solutions i know at this time is only from but i would like to know if there's other solutions out there used by WHT members

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