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Troubleshooting Slow Website Loading

I have a VPS over at futurehosting, and I'm having some issues with my PHP/MySQL sites loading slowly after a few days of uptime. A restart of the various services (apache/mysql) fixes the issue, but I'd like the issue to not start in the first place.

I know very little of server administration (I'm still learning) so just let me know what info you need to see to do the troubleshooting and I'll get it to you.

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Website Loading Too Slow
I lunch a filesharing website below this server configuration:

# HP ProLiant DL180 G5 Server

# 1x Intel Quad Core Xeon L5410 / 12MB CPU


# 8 x 1000GB SATA II + 2 x 80GB (OS) Harddisk

# CentOS (64bit) OS

# 2 x 1000Mbps Full-Duplex Uplink Port

# No RAID Hardware RAID

# Remote Power Management Remote Power Management

# 4 IP

250 Mbps Unmetered bandwidth Volume Connectivity

But most the time it load too slow.

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Website Loading Very Slow In IE
i have a problem loading my web pages in IE, i taking a bit long time to load whole page. but at the same time it is loading very fast on firefox.

i tried to disable gzip in apache configuration, it not solved the problem.

my php conf:-

System Linux 2.6.9-023stab044.4-enterprise #1 SMP Thu May 24 17:41:23 MSD 2007 i686 Build Date Sep 26 2006 17:52:35 Configure Command './configure' '--with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs' '--prefix=/usr/local' '--with-xml' '--enable-bcmath' '--enable-calendar' '--with-curl' '--enable-exif' '--enable-ftp' '--with-gd' '--with-jpeg-dir=/usr/local' '--with-png-dir=/usr' '--with-xpm-dir=/usr/X11R6' '--with-gettext' '--with-mcrypt' '--with-mhash' '--enable-magic-quotes' '--with-mysqli' '--with-mysql=/usr' '--with-openssl' '--enable-discard-path' '--with-pear' '--with-pspell' '--enable-sockets' '--enable-track-vars' '--with-ttf' '--with-freetype-dir=/usr' '--enable-gd-native-ttf' '--with-zlib' Server API Apache Virtual Directory Support disabled Configuration File (php.ini) Path /usr/local/Zend/etc/php.ini PHP API 20020918 PHP Extension 20020429 Zend Extension 20050606 Debug Build no Zend Memory Manager enabled Thread Safety disabled Registered PHP Streams php, http, ftp, https, ftps, compress.zlib

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Website Slow Loading (possible DNS?)
I seem to be having a problem with slow loading. When I type in a couple of domain names on my browser, I noticed that it will take 2 seconds, before the site will start to load.

On my status bar, it would show "Looking for" during that 2 seconds.

It seems like the DNS is taking a long time to find my IP?

a's tools report, shows my DNS as pretty healthy.

What could be the possible reasons behind this?

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Slow Loading Website Even After Following Tutorials
i am trying to optimize my dedicated server to host one website (php-nuke platnuam 7.6v2b5 taking 1min to 1min 30secs to load). ive read the tutorials and it does not seem to make a difference no matter what i try. if one of you guys could kindly point out what could possibly be the problem i would be very greatful.

Kernel Version:
Motherboard SuperMicro X7DBR-E Intel Xeon DualCore DualProc SATA 2Proc

Processor Intel Xeon-Clovertown 5335-QuadCore-LV 2GHz

RAM slot 1 Generic 1GB 667ECC FB-DIMM DDR2 1GB
RAM slot 2 Generic 1GB 667ECC FB-DIMM DDR2 1GB
RAM slot 3 Generic 1GB 667ECC FB-DIMM DDR2 1GB
RAM slot 4 Generic 1GB 667ECC FB-DIMM DDR2 1GB
RAM slot 5 Empty
RAM slot 6 Empty
RAM slot 7 Empty
RAM slot 8 Empty

Drive Controller Mainboard Onboard SATAII Controller

Hard Drive 1 Western Digital WD Caviar RE 16 WD2500YS 250GB
Hard Drive 2 Western Digital WD Caviar RE 16 WD2500YS 250GB

WHM 11.11.0 cPanel 11.15.0-R17665

Top output:
top - 16:44:51 up 17:42, 1 user, load average: 0.01, 0.00, 0.00
Tasks: 154 total, 1 running, 153 sleeping, 0 stopped, 0 zombie
Cpu0 : 0.0%us, 0.0%sy, 0.0%ni,100.0%id, 0.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st
Cpu1 : 0.0%us, 0.0%sy, 0.0%ni,100.0%id, 0.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st
Cpu2 : 0.0%us, 0.0%sy, 0.0%ni,100.0%id, 0.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st
Cpu3 : 0.3%us, 0.0%sy, 0.0%ni, 99.7%id, 0.0%wa, 0.0%hi, 0.0%si, 0.0%st
Mem: 3369376k total, 2478128k used, 891248k free, 228052k buffers
Swap: 2096440k total, 0k used, 2096440k free, 1964784k cached

procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- --system-- -----cpu------
r b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id wa st
0 0 0 891124 228272 1964832 0 0 34 21 99 81 1 0 98 0 0
0 0 0 891124 228284 1964824 0 0 0 9 1045 161 0 0 100 0 0
1 0 0 891124 228292 1964832 0 0 0 3 1031 130 0 0 100 0 0
0 0 0 891124 228300 1964832 0 0 0 3 1045 157 0 0 100 0 0
0 0 0 891000 228308 1964832 0 0 0 7 1035 144 0 0 100 0 0

REDHAT Enterprise 5 i686


Server version: Apache/2.0.61
Server built: Oct 17 2007 14:55:40
Cpanel::Easy::Apache v3.2.0 rev2623

PHP 5.2.4 (cli) (built: Oct 17 2007 15:00:59)
Copyright (c) 1997-2007 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2007 Zend Technologies

things from the tutorials section ive tried:
this website/showthread.php?t=549666
this website/showthread.php?t=579135
this website/showthread.php?t=340239 (only did 4. Tuning sysctl.conf from here)

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Videos Not Loading/ Loading Very Slow
I have been having soooo many issues with this new server

It is nothing against my host; but now the videos aren't loading or loading so slow

What could be the issue? It would have to be a server issue, correct?

The site is nsfw but it is ftw (hint hint) , it is an adult site and I don't know if

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Mysql Loading Very Slow
I'm running a forum system on my server. Loading pages that don't connect to the forum database load normal. Whenever I browse any page that connects to the forum database on my forum, the page either takes ages to load or times out loading. I never exceed using 14% of one of my two cores, I'm using a quarter of my 1.5GB ram. It's only been loading slow like this since I've switched from running Windows to Ubuntu Server 8.10. I enabled logging slow queries on SQL, but nothing's been recorded. I've installed the server packages through Webmin,

when I access the server through its local IP address it's still very slow.

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Site Is Loading Very Slow On My Vps
I have a website The site takes a very long time to load. I don't think it's because of the server's connection speed. What would be the best way to diagnose the problem? What could the problem be? I noticed that it get's slower and slower with time and when I restart apache it's faster (but still not fast enough).

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Reverse DNS- Slow Initial Loading
I have a page that is loading very slowly the first time I connect to it. After that it's very fast.

Now I did some research and found out that this could be a DNS issue and that my nameserver might do a reverse DNS lookup.
I do not know excatly what that means yet, but I suppose that could be the issue.

To the my.cnf file I added skip-name-resolve in order to disable DNS lookups, but what I can do to find out if I have a dns issue?


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Low Server Load But Websites Loading Slow
server load is low according to top command / mytop but what I dont understand all websites on the server are loading very slow.

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Website Loading Time
regarding the speed of loading my website. How do you find in terms of speed of my blog? Is it slow? - My blog:

I am contemplating in changing host as I believe my current host isn't up to par when it comes to loading times.

Tell me what you think about the loading times and if you happen to know a good, reliable and fast host please list it below so I can take a look at it and see if it fits to my needs.

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How To Remove Pre Website Loading Ads
I have this site gameplanet,pri,ee and it has this built-in annoying ad that always

shows up if you're viewing the website for the first time.

Is there a way to remove or disable it or do anything about it.

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Website Not Loading From Some Places
I signed on to a host just a few weeks ago and from my computer at home I got some work-in-progress pages up and running. However, I tried looking at the pages from some other computers and get weird, inconsistent results. In those computers either my site page loads, or GoDaddy domain parking page loads (I registered the domain with GoDaddy).

Why are some computers referring back to GoDaddy's page while in other places they go right to my pages on the web host? Have I did something wrong in setting up the nameservers? Currently I have my host's nameservers on the top of the nameserver list, but GoDaddy's are still on the list, although below my host's in priority order.

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My Website Is Slow In China
My customers are complaining that my web site is extremely slow in China. But I have never received any complain from outside China (I have talked to non-China users).

What could be the reason behind this? Or how can I find the root cause?

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Slow Running Website.
I have a website that I recently moved to a dedicated server. Before hand I had the website hosted with 2 other hosting companies (not dedicated).

I decided to go to a dedicated server because the website ran extremely slow or even went down due to traffic.

With the dedicated server I am having the same problem with the same amount of visitors online. This usually occurs with aprox 250 members online.

I know nothing about servers and have no idea how to cure this problem or if possibly it could be a setting in the server. However this is killing my website because new people are unable to register because of site coming down from traffic.

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Website Suddenly Became Slow
I have a client who has 3 to 4 websites. His websites are database driven mysql. When we transfered to a new server everything works. Then he requested a iconv and GD installations. Then it was installed. Now all of his sites is impossibly to view but its up. The rest of the clients are doing just fine. What do you think is the problem? we recompiled php several times already same thing.

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Slow Internet Connection To Our Website
For about the last two weeks I've had issues connecting with the website that I help run from my home connection which is Time Warner Cable Internet connection in Los Angeles. I'm on a Dell laptop Inspiron 6000 running Windows XP. I'm always able to connect to the site but what's happening is the page will get hung up on loading a single image usually and then it will take about a minute just to load that last image. And sometimes the page won't load at all, but all it takes usually is hitting the refresh button and the page loads instantly. I was hoping this issue would just go away, but it's been persistent after numerous restarts of our cable modem and switching from wireless to plugged in and so forth. And it's really only happening for our site and no others, which is just puzzling.

At our office on our DSL connection our site loads fine and we haven't had any customer complaints about the site loading slow like this. Our traffic numbers have stayed steady so I don't think it's a global problem connecting with our site. At home I conduct a trace route and it looks good:

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 5 ms 5 ms 1 ms
2 15 ms 13 ms 12 ms []
3 12 ms 11 ms 9 ms
4 11 ms 12 ms 12 ms []
5 11 ms 12 ms 16 ms []
6 14 ms 15 ms 47 ms [
7 15 ms 18 ms 25 ms [4.78.195.
8 15 ms 15 ms 15 ms []

9 16 ms 15 ms 25 ms []
10 15 ms 15 ms 27 ms [216.52.255
11 16 ms 38 ms 25 ms [63.251.209
12 19 ms 29 ms 18 ms
13 32 ms 18 ms 18 ms

Trace complete.

Does anyone know what the heck is going on and how I can fix this?

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Website Extremely Slow To Load/doesn't Load (numtcpsock)
I've been having trouble with my VPS for a while now. In the QoS alerts page in Virtuozzo it seems to be a problem with numtcpsock and tcprcvbuf, mainly numtcpsock.

Copy these into the browser:

And when i run cat /proc/user_beancounters:

This line is particularly scary:
numtcpsock 164 164 166 166 7321

What do i need to do, to get the website running again? It's only one site on the vps a proxy. So i thought a vps would be able to handle one proxy.

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Troubleshooting Kernel
I have a FreeBSD server crashing a few times per week sometimes 2 or 3 times in one day, then 3 days fine sometimes each other day...

/var/log/messages shows nothing related to the reboot when looking at the server screen after a crash, it showed kernel panic

any ideas on how to troubleshoot that with the minimum downtime possible? DC already tried swapping memory, but it didn't solve

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Monitoring And Troubleshooting
I am on a freebsd semi managed dedicated server (semi managed in that they dont really do out lol i just dont have root access, ssh though) unsing DirectAdmin

I need to find a way where i can monitor the processes that each account is using.

In the Service Monitor its showing all the services thats running for example, at present httpd is showing this:

httpd httpd (pid 96703 96702 96700 96698 96697 96696 96695 96694 96693 96692 96691 96690 96689 96688 96687 96686 96685 96684 96683 96682 96662 )I need to find more info about each of the pid's as i would like to know who is using what. does that make sense?
The other day (above httpd is normal) there was at least 10 times that amount and the server was dead slow, but i could not find any information as to who was using what and what cause the server to die....

I also have a customer that usually uses about 400mb to 500mb bandwidth per day, since the 28th of march this has gone sky high to nearly 2gb, he says he does not have any attachments fro download, nothing new has been added and no extra traffic, yet this has happened, this is why i need to find more info about such things, I have had a look at the logs but again, i do not really understand what any of it means...

i read this somewhere, but i dont think it works on my server...


Look at the PID of the process using the most resources. Then use "ls -alh /proc/PID".

Ya'll get something like:

root@server02 [/]# ls -alh /proc/10231
total 0
dr-xr-xr-x 3 nobody nobody 0 Jan 17 15:35 ./
dr-xr-xr-x 144 root root 0 Dec 29 09:48 ../
-r--r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 cmdline
-r--r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 cpu
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 cwd -> /home/USERNAME/public_html/
-r-------- 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 environ
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 exe -> /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd*
dr-x------ 2 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 fd/
-r-------- 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 maps
-rw------- 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 mem
-r--r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 mounts
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 root -> //
-r--r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 stat
-r--r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 statm
-r--r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jan 17 15:35 status

The cwd -> will tell you what folder is being accessed. That should let you know what user.

You can also from SSH on Cpanel boxes use something like "lynx localhost/whm-server-status" to see connections to specific URLs.

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Troubleshooting CPanel Email
I've been concerned that my cPanel email address on my dedicated server hasn't been receiving emails. This was confirmed when an email sent by request from a friend did not arrive. The address is fosterd(***at***) if anyone would like to send me a test email.

What are the steps I can take to see if my cPanel email software is running correctly? I have already looked into my mail statistics, and it seems as though there are messages not being delivered, a fair amount which seem to be spam, but others that may not be.

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HTTPD Failing .. Troubleshooting
I noticed all of my sites were down earlier.. so I tried restarting apache via WHM.. and that didn't work, said the following:

Waiting for httpd to restart.... . . . . . . . . . . finished.

httpd status
root 8103 0.5 0.8 30892 29264 ? S 12:28 0:00 /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/whostmgr ./reshttpd

httpd has failed, please contact the sysadmin.

I tried rebooting.. same issue.

how to troubleshoot this? This is very bad!

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Troubleshooting Tips On IIS6 And An Exchange 2003 Server
Customer wants to move his website in-house along with his email. The hardware guy installed a windows 2003 64-bit exchange server. I logged in with logmein and created a directory c:Inetputwwwroot hewebsite. Copied iisstart.html to the new dir. Put the company name in the iisstart file. Opened IIS6. Went to properties of the default website and pointed to the new directory on the home dir page. Added iisstart.html the Documents page and moved it to the top. Closed everything. Opened Internet Explorer 7 and put in http://localhost. All worked well. Brought up the new start page. Opened IE7 on my pc and put there ip address in and it also brought up the new webpage (tested the port 80 in the router). Said we were ready to go.

The hardware guy sent me an email stating that he was having problems with the 64-bit version and took the server back to the 32-bit version of windows exchange server. I logged back in with logmein and followed the same exact steps as above but it will not show the new webpage. Am getting a page not found error.

I have done the above on several 2003 servers and several xp pro machines. Always works.

Have done one 2003 exchange server. Went to a couple of those servers and made sure the default website settings were exactly the same as the ones that work. Still no help.

Downloaded an iis6 troubleshooting program from microsoft but cannot locate the error. I have been studying the II6 documentation and 2003 exchange server documentation. Went thru all the tutorials in google on iis6 and exchange I can find no help.

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HowTO : Troubleshooting Ran Out Of Working CPAN Mirror/Mirroring In WHM Error
If you receive the following errors while trying to install a Perl Module through the WHM ...

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VPS Incredibly Slow, Huge Numbers Of Slow MySQL Queries For Plesk/Watchdog
I've got 25 domains on a Virtuozzo/Plesk8.6/CentOS5 VPS. Each domain has one up-to-date install of WordPress, most have very little traffic (average 200mb per month), maybe 2 domains get 5-7gb traffic per month.

I monitor port 80 connections and rarely see more than 10 at a time.
That should in my opinion be no problem at all for a VPS with 768mb guaranteed ram and 2.4ghz cpu. I've got 30gb hard drive spare too.

But.... about 8 or 10 times a day it grinds to a complete halt: server load at 500-1000%, sites timing out, plesk takes 3mins to load, often I can't even connect with SSH, and the plesk web server, apache

INSERT INTO module_watchdog_sys_stat (time, type, value, service_id) VALUES(FROM_UNIXTIME(1226404705), 'MAINMEM_USAGE', 17472, 11);

80 seconds sounds like a huge amount of time for a MySQL insert to me! Does anyone know if this is likely to be the cause of my trouble? Some problem with Plesk and the database? Or could it be something else?

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APF Loading: Is Everything OK
i am getting iptables errors when reloading APF, and after that APF takes a few seconds to move thru each line in deny_hosts.rules (and also other rules files). is this normal? if i have a very long list of deny rules wouldnt this delay loading other rules?

(running centos/virtuozzo 2.6.18-028stab062.3)

/etc/apf/apf -r
apf(7689): {glob} flushing & zeroing chain policies
apf(7689): {glob} firewall offline
apf(7721): {glob} activating firewall
apf(7761): {glob} determined (IFACE_IN) venet0 has address
apf(7761): {glob} determined (IFACE_OUT) venet0 has address
apf(7761): {glob} loading preroute.rules
iptables: Unknown error 18446744073709551615
iptables: Unknown error 18446744073709551615
iptables: Unknown error 18446744073709551615
iptables: Unknown error 18446744073709551615
iptables: Unknown error 18446744073709551615
iptables: Unknown error 18446744073709551615
iptables: Unknown error 18446744073709551615
apf(7761): {resnet} downloading
apf(7761): {resnet} parsing reserved.networks into /etc/apf/internals/reserved.networks
apf(7761): {glob} loading reserved.networks
apf(7761): {glob} loading bt.rules
apf(7761): {glob} loading deny_hosts.rules
apf(7761): {trust} deny all to/from
' not found.3.5: host/network `
Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.
' not found.3.5: host/network `
Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.
apf(7761): {trust} deny all to/from

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About High Loading
I have a Shared Hosting , and a Vps . i use the VPS to Storage Audio files and Leach to them from my Shared Hosting . the shared hosting Only Has Some php, and Html pages with the links to leach from the vps ..

Now which One Gets The Load , or which one is the One Suffering the Load . the Shared Hosting or the VPS ..

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High Cpu Loading
I found many processes like this from a user log, this is a forum site, >>

116.49.xx.xx - - [15/Jun/2008:18:16:30 +0800] "GET /?fromuid=448?info_hash=%A0%AF%9E%0C%9C%A9%0D%29k%A4%21%AF2%AC%DD%5C%5E%CB%DF%17&peer_id=%2DXL0012%2D%E8%ACfS%94%9E%81%8E%FF%D9%F2%1D&ip=169.254.xx.xx& port=80&uploaded=2348474988&downloaded=2348474988&left=2094006272&numwant=200&key=6830&compact=1 HTTP/1.0" 200 453 "-" "Bittorrent"
116.49.xx.xx - - [15/Jun/2008:18:16:30 +0800] "GET /?fromuid=23?info_hash=%A0%AF%9E%0C%9C%A9%0D%29k%A4%21%AF2%AC%DD%5C%5E%CB%DF%17&peer_id=%2DXL0012%2D%E8%ACfS%94%9E%81%8E%FF%D9%F2%1D&ip=169.254.xx.xx&p ort=80&uploaded=2348474988&downloaded=2348474988&left=2094006272&numwant=200&key=20271&compact=1 HTTP/1.0" 200 453 "-" "Bittorrent"
116.49.xx.xx - - [15/Jun/2008:18:16:31 +0800] "GET /?fromuid=168?info_hash=%A0%AF%9E%0C%9C%A9%0D%29k%A4%21%AF2%AC%DD%5C%5E%CB%DF%17&peer_id=%2DXL0012%2D%E8%ACfS%94%9E%81%8E%FF%D9%F2%1D&ip=169.254.xx.xx& port=80&uploaded=2348474988&downloaded=2348474988&left=2094006272&numwant=200&key=8883&compact=1 HTTP/1.0" 200 453 "-" "Bittorrent"
116.49.xx.xx - - [15/Jun/2008:18:16:31 +0800] "GET /?fromuid=221?info_hash=%A0%AF%9E%0C%9C%A9%0D%29k%A4%21%AF2%AC%DD%5C%5E%CB%DF%17&peer_id=%2DXL0012%2D%E8%ACfS%94%9E%81%8E%FF%D9%F2%1D&ip=169.254.xx.xx& port=80&uploaded=2348474988&downloaded=2348474988&left=2094006272&numwant=200&key=12323&compact=1 HTTP/1.0" 200 453 "-" "Bittorrent"
116.49.xx.xx - - [15/Jun/2008:18:16:31 +0800] "GET /?fromuid=32?info_hash=%A0%AF%9E%0C%9C%A9%0D%29k%A4%21%AF2%AC%DD%5C%5E%CB%DF%17&peer_id=%2DXL0012%2D%E8%ACfS%94%9E%81%8E%FF%D9%F2%1D&ip=169.254.xx.xx&p ort=80&uploaded=2348474988&downloaded=2348474988&left=2094006272&numwant=200&key=14310&compact=1 HTTP/1.0" 200 453 "-" "Bittorrent"

when i suspend this user account, it fix the problem....

but when i reupload a new forum file (no mods, original version but keep the old data, ex. post, pm)

to recover the old forum file and then reactive the account again,

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Continuous Loading
I have a weird issue with my Plesk VPS. If I restart the VPS it will work find for about 20 minutes and then go down. All my websites will continue to load and load until they time out.

The weird thing is, I can still access everything. FTP, Plesk, SSH. Just no my websites.

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Websites Are Not Loading
This is a little wierd, I am not able to see any of my websites on my home network, but from anywhere else it seems too load just fine. Even when i go through a proxy site they load. I'm still able to get to WHM and cPanel from my home but the websites themself do not load.

this started happing yesturday and after a few hours it seemed to work again on its own.

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Zend Not Loading
root@server [/usr/local/ioncube]# php -v
PHP 5.2.0 (cli) (built: Feb 2 2007 22:41:26)
Copyright (c) 1997-2006 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2006 Zend Technologies
with the ionCube PHP Loader v3.1.24, Copyright (c) 2002-2006, by ionCube Ltd., and
with Zend Extension Manager v1.0.11, Copyright (c) 2003-2006, by Zend Technologies
with Zend Optimizer v3.2.2, Copyright (c) 1998-2006, by Zend Technologies



zend_extension = /usr/local/ioncube/



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Loading Php Extension Dynamically
I realize the title isn't clear enough, but that's the closes to my question

What I basically want to know is if its possible to add pgql support for PHP without rebuilding PHP (running easyapache). Currently all standalone phppgadmin instaces return:

Your PHP installation does not support PostgreSQL. You need to recompile PHP using the --with-pgsql configure option.

Is it possible to load the pgsql extension without rebuilding, like you'd do with zend for example.

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Webpages Loading Slowly
I have this problem with my hosting provider. Website is loading slowly (sometimes up to 10 sec) from my location. I've made several checks:

1. Script execution time is within 0.1 sec.

2. Tracert shows times within 0.3 sec.

3. Also, shows average loading time ~2.0 sec (they check from 20-30 different locations around the world).

So, the questions:

1. What can cause such long slow-downs?

2. What average loading times can be expected from shared hosting? Is 2.0 sec (average) good or bad? For example, has average response time of about 0.2-0.3 sec, but they have many servers around the world.

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How To Find Out Which Is The Heavy Loading PID
I have some websites running on my LINUX server now.

Not all of them are running stable commercial scripts or cgi.

In fact, our server had some records down before by some package scripts.

I only know TOP to know the current server status.

But I can not know which PID is making CPU usage high, or which website.

I think if I can check the exact site or cgi causing heavy loading. Perhaps it helps us to make our server up.

Is there a way or LINUX command to find out which PID is causing heavy loading?

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Why Is This Site Loading So Slowly
I have just had a new Wordpress theme made but ever since it has been in use the site has been loading really slowly for me.

The site is This One - Is it loading slowly for you?

If so why do you think it is so slow?

It was working fine with the old theme and it is the same when installed on different servers.

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Loading Localhost With Apache
I've had a localhost server setup for awhile now, and all of a sudden when I access [url]it wants to download my "index.php" file. However, when I access it via [url]is loads fine.

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Error 500 While Loading Perl File
We have a perl script that is located under cgi-bin/yabb/

Everytime it's loaded is causing an error 500, suexec logs shows everything correct but error_log shows this: ...

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Apache/MySQL/PHP Issue - PHP Not Loading
I've got a server that was running Apache 2.0/PHP 5.2.5 & MysQL 5.0 just fine, however I needed to upgrade to a newer version of MySQL.

So I uninstalled MySQL 5.0 and installed MySQL 5.1, copied the MySQLlibs over, and recompiled Apache/PHP with easyupdate. Apache & MysQL both start/run fine without errors, however PHP files don't load. Just get black pages (HTML works fine obviously).

I went ahead and updated to Apache 2.2 & PHP 5.2.6 while I was at it, but that doesn't change things. I'm not sure why uninstalling MysQL & reinstalling would break any dependencies, but looks like thats the case. Perhaps I need to reinstall some libraries?

Or would it be easier just to reinstall Apache/PHP entirely? I have no data.

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Page Loading/Shopping Cart
I have a dedicated server with a shopping cart and I have had a very few people say they were buying and at the order completion stage the final page would not load.

This happens very rarely and I actually cannot reproduce it.

How can I even begin to trouble shoot this type of problem?

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Loading CPanel And WHM (probably Router Problem)
Lately the cPanel and WHM on my server loads very very slowly or not load at all from my pc..

The problem is local. It works from other places.. It's not my firewall (pc-cillin) as it have the same problems even when i disable my firewall..

It's probably my router. I have a d-link DI-524 router.

Is it a known problem?

I don't understand a lot in configuring it so "open this port" or "close this port" won't help.. I realy need detailed instructions

I've tried to play with the filtering settings (adding port 2082,2086) but nothing worked..

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Error Loading Callback Data
I have some web space but the other day all the folders in my folder manager disappeared and I cant upload any files to me web space.

When I click on the only folder left a box pops up saying "error loading callback data"? (SEE pic below)


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How To Point To (or Vice Versa)
If I type in my address bar, it forwards me to This is not happening for my website right now. I think its a good idea to do this, since then search engines will have only 1 main URL for the website to index.

My question is:

How do I implement this? I think this may involve mucking with CNAME settings...

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SELinux Is Preventing Apache/PHP From Loading Modules
I can't get SELinux to let httpd load the IonCube module for PHP. I've given the CentOS 5 forum a try (here:, talked with WHMCS's support (the app I'm using that needs it), and even opened a ticket with IonCube. Unfortunately nobody seems to know how to tell SELinux to let httpd "exec" modules.

I'm running CentOS 5, and the error I'm getting in /var/log/messages is:

Jul 23 10:15:30 host kernel: audit(1216833330.905:1249): avc: denied { execheap } for pid=22055 comm="httpd" scontext=root:system_r:httpd_t:s0 tcontext=root:system_r:httpd_t:s0 tclass=process

I can disable SELinux and it works fine (setenforce 0), but that's not the solution I'm looking for. Can someone please tell me how to do this the *right* way?

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Find Out Which .conf Files Apache 2.2 Is Loading
Is there a way to get Apache to tell me which .conf file it is loading at start-up?

There's a box that's misbehaving and Apache is running on port 80 and 8080 on the box... but we can't locate *why* it's running on port 8080. I can't find any Listen 8080 statement in the typical config files. If I knew which config files it was loading, I could go through all of the files in more detail.

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Php4 Extension (eaccelerator) Not Loading Anymore
Server :
pentium IV 3.0 Ghz
debian 3.1
kernel 2.6

Some months ago I installed php4 on this server , and added , mostly with this site as guide. Everything worked fine.

Few days ago I realize I hadn't updated this server for a while. I run 'apt-get update' and 'apt-get dist-upgrade' . A whole lot of things get updated, and after that I perform a reboot, as adviced by the update script.

The next day I experiment a bit with the profiler of xdebug . I manage to install it , play around with the results, but decide to uncomment it from php.ini again as it is not that helpfull to me and it makes quiet big log files too.

Today I notice this server is getting very big loads. Normally on peak evenings it would float around 2-4 , with sometime jumps to 10-12 but always quickly recovering and working well. But on this evening it kept rising, stayed around 30-60 for most of the time, and even hit up to 85 . It only lowers when the busy hours are really over. So I look around everywhere , and then after a few hours I notice that eaccelerator is not visible in phpinfo(); anymore. This is the only weird thing I could find, and I assume this caused a big difference on the performance.

I dont know why exactly it went away. Maybe it was the server update, wich touched a lot of files. But I thought it was not supposed to update any configuration files, not without warning at least. I could also have been the xdebug script, wich also uses 'phpize' to install and also required editing in php.ini . I really wish I noticed the lack of eaccelerator after the update but before trying xdebug.

So I try to install eaccelerator again. Unpack from source, phpize, make, etc etc, just as last time. I edit php.ini to make sure the load command and settings of eaccelerator are still there and reload apache. I check phpinfo(); , but nothing changes. I try it all again to be sure, but still nothing. I check the location of the .so files, yes they are still there and the rights of the files look ok.

I edit php.ini again and uncomment '', and reload apache. I notice a mysql error on my site as expected. So that means I'm really editing the right php.ini file and that I can influence the extensions that are loaded. I add the mysql extension again and reload apache.

I load an old php.ini backup file, from right after first installation of this server. The eaccelerator settings are there too already, but if I try it and reload apache : no difference.

I reboot my server again, because .. well sometimes it helps. But not with this. phpinfo(); still says no eaccelerator.

I check another server, exact same specs, same php+eaccelerator installation on the same day as the first one. I compare versions of apache/php/php extensions/zend extensions and all numbers I can find. Everything still looks the same, except server 1 does not have eaccelerator and server 2 still has.

I'm shomehow out of things to check now. I'm pretty sure eaccelerator has a big influence on the performance of my heavy php site, and I want it back. Everything looks ok, the files are there, the settings in php.ini are there, it should work ... but it doesnt. No errors or warnings anywhere, just phpinfo(); saying that eaccelerator has not been loaded and the high loads are confirming this.

It will either be a very complicated solution, or a very simple one, but I'm just looking over it. Does anyone has any tips on where to look or what to try ? Thanks.

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After CP11 Upgrade: 404 Error While Loading Any
After upgrading to cPanel 11 ( did all steps in the checklist ) i can not login using & , but i can login using [url]and [url], same as webmail at 2095 and 2096.

Im using RHEL 4 and latest cp v11 RELEASE

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Speed Of Page Loading Goes Down Some Minutes After Httpd Restart
Recently we have launched our new cpanel server, We have some problems on that.

When we restart httpd, all things will be good before 15 min, but after that, speed goes down to 1/10 and after some hours that will get as low as nobody can view pages on the server.

We are using cPanel latest release and CSF on CentOS4.5.

Apache 1.3.7 and PHP4.4.7 is running on the server with Zend.

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LXADMIN :: SummarySELinux Is Preventing From Loading ..requires Text Relocation.
I am currently installing lxadmin in my webserver, but during the intallation i received a alert message from my "settroubleshootebrowser" saying:

SummarySELinux is preventing /usr/local/lxlabs/ext/php/php from loading /usr/local/lxlabs/ext/php/lib/ which requires text relocation.

Allowing AccessIf you trust:

/usr/local/lxlabs/ext/php/lib/ to run correctly, you can change the file context to textrel_shlib_t. "chcon -t textrel_shlib_t /usr/local/lxlabs/ext/php/lib/"The following command will allow this access:chcon -t textrel_shlib_t /usr/local/lxlabs/ext/php/lib/

This message was for thwe SQL and Zend optimizer.

My Question is, where do i find the "chcon -t textrel_shlib_t" file allow access?

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How To Redirect.. ->
I want my users to be redirected directly to my forum

so when they type in it will redirect instantly to

I know this can be done on Cpanel... any other ways?

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If you need a hosting provider, reliable with logical prices and fantastic support then you should consider

I'm developing web sites since 1995 and through all these years I have changed many hosting companies always looking the best for my clients. BUT what are the basic 2 critical factors for a website?

1) Reliability -stability - fast loading

2) Excellent support staff. has also logical prices for Windows2008 hosting needs.

Whenever I needed to open a new ticket during the process of domain transfer I always was getting a reply in minutes. Also the support staff is very gentle, experienced and always looking for to satisfy your needs. You need Full Trust for your domain? No problem. Just open a ticket and in 5 minutes you'll have it.

One main reason I left from one of my previous hosting provider was Full Trust. They offered only Medium Trust.

I left also another hosting provider since support system was horrible. I opened a ticket and I wasn't sure when it will be answered. In cases of troubles a complete absense of support may ruin your business. I usally do changes at night or weekend when my clients do not work. What happen if something goes wrong and there is no one at the other side of support to help you? I have faced such situations that the 24x7 support was 8x5.

So if you want to be free from anxiety and have reliable hosting with a fanatical support team, then I suggest you to join Support rocks.

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Default Pages Not Loading Without "/"
Hard to describe the situation in the subject so here is the spill:

CentOS Server

While getting my new server ready to move my main site over to I have a problem with default PhP pages not loading correctly. I set index.php to be a default page in .htaccess but the default page won't load unless a trailing "/" is used in the url.


[url] ----- Works fine, loads index.php

[url] ----- Does not load index.php or any other default page

I'm sure this is one of those easy settings I have just overlooked .

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Slow VPS
At 15.00 PM (+1 hours here) my isp rebooted the hardware node. After the reboot there were some issues, they think it is possibly a DDoS Attack. They said the load on the host node was in the hunderds and my VPS was stopped because of the reboot and when I started it, HyperVM first told me it was not possible and after a few tries it started finally.

But the load was very high, and it still is. How can I check what the problem is that creates the high load?

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VPS Slow Ftp
Im getting very poor ftp speeds from my server, can someone test the speed and report it back, link below:-


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Slow Mc
I did nothing but my whole server got slower.

Especially the sshd and mc.

I solve the sshd problem cos I edited the conf file with UseDNS no so it faster right now but I couldnt do anything with mc.

I have to wait about 15 seconds to load it.

Any suggestion?

or any ideal why my server become slower?

System: Debian 4.0
kernel: grsec 2.6.19-1

Till today morning its okey.

Oh, yes, I run tiger and got the following message in log:

09:50> Beginning security report for (GNU/Linux Linux
# Performing check of passwd files...
# Checking entries from /etc/passwd.
--WARN-- [pass014w] Login (firebird) is disabled, but has a valid shell.
--WARN-- [pass016w] User oident has / as home directory
--WARN-- [pass015w] Login ID sshd does not have a valid shell
--WARN-- [pass015w] Login ID sync does not have a valid shell (/bin/sync).
# Performing check of PATH components...
--WARN-- [path009w] /etc/csh.login does not setenv an initial setting for
# Only checking user 'root'

I modificated this to the correct one (I mean I try to solve this warnings) but when I noticed that my machine becmome slower, I recover everything.

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