Stay Away From Hostdime

Apr 2, 2008

The shared server I am on runs out of disk space every day and their support says they are still "deciding" what to do about it.

This has been going on for 2 weeks now and they still can;t "decide" what to do about the disks filling up.

How many people does it take to decide to add a hard drive to the server?

I have also had way more downtime than I have had with my other ISP's like HostGator or Lunapages.

Stay away from Hostdime!

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HostDime, Anyone

Aug 6, 2008

has anyone ever used HostDime shared hosting?

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HostDime VPS Users

Apr 19, 2009

I've searched around these forums (VPS specifically) and cannot find any recent "reviews" or opinions on HostDime's VPS offerings.

Anyone using them? They seem to have the most bang/buck and I'd like to get a more recent review opinion on them.

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HostDime USA And UK My Review -

Jan 9, 2009

HostDime - USA and UK su...! The situation as follows. We’ve agreed with the Hostdime owner Manny that we take a server, and from time to time a script will work on it* - sending messages to Wiki. We have agreed that if there are any displeased owners, their resources would be dropped from the database not to make any inconveniences. For what* Manny answered *“yes, yes, no problem” and gave us configurations published in the forum. The server wasn’t cheap – approximately $255.00. In half a month we received the second abuse. We said that we have deleted the resource and won’t bother the owner anymore. HostDime shut down the server and said the owner had approved that. Manny doesn’t answer our emails for some reasons…

The summary: they want to receive your money but they can’t render the full service. They don’t keep their word.*By the way, we haven’t even disturbed their support service as for the server, because we didn’t need the full technical support but we paid more to work quietly.

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Hostdime Beware

Sep 6, 2008

Been talking with Hostdime for quite awhile and just like every other company we find advertising "hard to believe deals" they do this because their service stinks. We pre-paid for ip's so that we could order additional servers without having to purchase individual ip's each time. Ordered a server using a promotion from here and it was deployed same day. Wasn't deployed with the ip's we paid for or working login information. So we have a server that we can't login to, isn't on the ip's we paid ahead of time for, and the 24/7 service they advertise doesn't exist. It's been at least 4 hours now since we submitted our ticket regarding these issues and nothing, so 24/7 is just an advertising word to HostDime, they aren't around 24/7 to resolve issues.

So before you do what I did and jump on board with one of these great deals, keep in mind they do NOT have the service the claim to have.

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HostDime Israel Review

Nov 6, 2008

We are a game server company and we were looking for a dedicated box in Israel. We found HostDime Israel and talked with them via e-mail and chat and decided to go with them. They ordered a custom server for us and it was quick delivery.

The service and communication has been great. Reboots are pretty quick and the bandwidth has been good, no complaints from our customers who are very ping-dependent as you know. The server has been crashing a lot but I think its due to Win08 rather than the box. We seemed to have settled it down recently.

We've also used HostDime in the US to coordinate support and that has gone pretty well too. My only complaint is that they are billing me from the order date rather than the install date that was about a week later.

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Aug 19, 2008

I have a fully managed dedicated server on, currently hosting a very popular auto blog on Brazil, using Wordpress and with around 25.000 unique visitors per day.

I would like to know if the price i am paying (US$ 345.00) per month seems fair and correct.

The initial price was US$ 250.00, but i have added a second drive and 2 GB of RAM, ending up with this configuration:

Processor: 2 x Dual Intel Xeon Woodcrest 1.8GHz 4M L2 Cache
Memory: 4096 MB DDR (upgradable to 12GB)
Hard Drive 1: 250 Gigabyte SATA (7200 RPM)
Hard Drive 2: 120 Gigabyte SATA (7200 RPM)
Monthly Bandwidth: 2000 Gigabytes
IP Addresses: 4
Uplink Speed: 100 Mbit/s
Fantastico License: Free w/Cpanel License
Enom Domain Reseller: Free
Full Root Access: Included
Pre installed Services: Included [View List]
24x7 Server Monitoring: Included [View what's included]
100% Managed Server Included [Info on services]
99.5% uptime SLA: Included [View SLA]

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How To Contact HostDime's Management? Having Horrible Times

Apr 30, 2008

how to contact hostdime's management? Because I can't get any answer that works for me from hostdime hosting and "no" answer from instantcpanellicense..

I am in a very bad situation now.. I did a special agreement with Hostdime's external cpanel seller brand instantcpanel and they don't reply my tickets since 5 days. I am not sure what to do.. My due date has arrived, I need to cancel some licenses, I need some new ones. Also they have removed my special promotional code without telling me!

I have 3 big problems will leave me in some legit sanctions but I am sure they don't care of me. I am willing to pay the problematic payments again Hostdime that's no problem.

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Should I Stay With FDC

Apr 5, 2009

I got my first dedicated server, So I'm not sure if this is what typically happens to everyone on every dedicated server setup, or if it's just my bad luck, or if it's a reflection of the guys at FDC.

At this point, I'm not sure if I should stick with them or not, it's been slightly weird, to somewhat humorous to just down right frustrating.

Only good thing is, it's not an actual production server, I was just seeing how FDC was as a company before I comitted. So other than the upfront cost and time spent dealing with this, we haven't thankfully impacted our customers in anyway.

(1) Contact sales, no response for two days.
(*) contacted them on friday, so I figure that was probably the delay in the response, quite understandable.

(2) They said they'll have to contact me by phone
(*) Sure not a problem, please contact me within these hours...

(3) They contacted me out of the hours specified
(*) ugh...maybe I didn't make myself clear in the email, oh well whatever, atleast they did contact me.

(4) Was promised server will be up by tomorrow
(*) Oh okay, he sounded nice on the phone

(5) Servers were not up by tomorrow had to email to find out what's going on
(*) They just got their shipment in and everything will be setup by the end of the day.

(6) It wasn't set up by the end of the day. Contacted them again.

(7) They got it up the next day, Server finally up, but I can't even ping it.
(*) Took them a day but they got that resolved

(8) I can finally ping it but I can't remote into it.
(*) I'm guessing someone forgot to enable RDP?

(9) Get another bill, Server 2008 Standard $20 more dollars
(*) I've never requested a update from web edition to standard. Maybe with all that reinstalling of the server, someone felt like upgrading me without seeing If I wanted the upgrade or not? Or maybe Remote desktop isn't possible in Web Edition and they upgraded me, if that's the case cool, if not I'm not sure why the upgraded me from Web to Standard.

(10) RDP finally works. Finally log into server...
(*) Hooray, it's finally over?

You figure it's clear sailing from here on out. Grab all my windows updates.

Right click on my computer, left click on properties...Windows not activated, automatic update will be done in 2 days.

(11) Contacted support, can I validate now, or just let it validate in 2 days.
(*) Support says it's not a problem and just to validate it now

(12) Validation failed.
(*) OMG this can't be happening...opened up a ticket.

(13) It looks like it was the wrong key, and we're waiting for msoft to get us a valid one it'll only take an hour.

3 hours later it's still not validated. They say they'll do it, and they'll email me, weird thing is they closed off the ticket? aren't things done by ticket status, if the ticket is closed then how do they know it needs to be done...

FDC is nice and all, decent response times on tickets, usually within 5 minutes, I've had response times with other companies(registrar) avg time was a day.

Anyhow I must be driving them nuts with all the tickets I've opened up, don't think it's any fault of my own though. Like I said earlier I'm not sure If I should stick with them or not, Is this typical? or is it just my bad luck, or is it just FDC?

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Stay Away From Quickpacket

May 26, 2009

All was good until last month, i request to reinstall os 3 days later they told me that server i'm renting will be replaced do to hardware problem. So takes another 1 days to setup another server. Ok server was up with what ever they claim better hardware. Problem is w/tech support!
They don't respond on tickets what so ever+ they will close your ticket w/out resolving the issue. now im waiting for past 3 hours for them to reboot my server and so far nobody moved a finger.
Im glad this service month to month. This will be my last month with lame tech support company.
Advice STAY AWAY or you will lose customers and waste money.

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Stay Away From

May 5, 2007

I inquired about this sales. New company good price Good service. WRONG.

So I get on live chat and talk to Mike and tell him all the requirements I ahve He says no problem pay for managed hosting at $25 a month and we will install all of that for you. So i go to check out enter in there coupon code for 20% off for lifetime and when i get to the paypal page to pay whole different story. Says 20% first month then regular price the rest. So I cancel out of that go back to live chat and get Mike I tell him what happened he says no it is 20% for life. So i take his word for it and head back over to checkout. This time it wont let me there site has a problem and wont complet checkout. So back to live chat I go. this time they transfer me to victor. Who informs me they will only install my stuff if I pay $25 a month and pay them $50 and hour. I tell him I have a guy to install it all for one-time fee of $35 can you do it for that no our fee is $50. Plus they want to charge me $25 a month for fully managed. When i can forget the fully managed and only pay one-time $35. Victor found he would rather argue with me and then try and insult me about a typo error.

Stay away they will not be in business for long. See bottom of chat below. ....

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Stay Away From Serverbeach

May 28, 2008

About two weeks ago serverbeach null routed one of our servers for over 48 hours with no proof of an attack what so ever. We would randomly see it back online for 5 minutes at a time and the server was perfectly fine. No lag, no attacks, no nothing then boom nullrouted again.

They claimed the traffic the server was receiving was too much for the 10mbit port we were paying for (after we waited 48 hours to receive a useful response) so we were forced to upgrade to a 100mbit port. No big deal, they upgrade us to 100mbit and 10 minutes later the server is online without any issues what so ever. Today we find out the server has been nullrouted once again and we have not had a response from them in hours.

Not to mention when we called support the first time we heard a party in the background and it was impossible to talk due to all of the loud noise and yelling. We were promised an update within 30 minutes, never heard back.

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Stay Away From ThePeak!

Apr 24, 2009

Today.. my account is suspended because they said my .torrent files they found on their site are copyrighted.. Yes.. I mean.. the actual .torrent files.. NOT data files..

So - TOS states ....

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Stay Away From

Aug 13, 2008

Servage is the worst webhosting I have ever hosted with. From continuous cluster problems to stupid billing issues.

When my website is not giving a 404 error there are mysql problems.

This is a hard lesson learnt. I will never recommend or host with them again.

I wired them $90.30 for balance due since July. My banking institution even gave me the reference number and other transaction details. The funds never returned to my account. To this date their dumb billing department cannot locate the payment. When I contact supported they continually gave some cryptic message that is of no help. I forwarded them screenshots of my bank account and even gave the reference numbers provided by my banking instition, still no dice, account suspended.

To add insult to injury they added another period of webhosting to my balance owed so it now totals $180.60 owed and I lost revenue from my search campaigns.


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STAY Away From Startlogic

Apr 13, 2008

I have posted before a topic regarding the same issue that Startlogic and her partner/sisters ' Ipower,Ipowerweb and dot5hosting' are very very bad that you should wait 30 days to get ticket resolved but today i found a great website created against startlogic with about 30 bad reviews against it and proofs
[url] ....

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Stay Away From Hostgator

Apr 21, 2008

I went with HostGator based on the number of positive reviews I saw on this site. However I think I need to warn people to stay away.

I am on hostgator server #414. The server is so overloaded that it often has server loads >20. Currently its server load is in the 40's and the administrative cpanel is unusable. My site has been down twice in the past month (due to excessive loads crashing the server).

When contacted, their response is always "we'll boot the person causing these excessive server loads." This is fine, expect I shouldn't have to be the one policing their servers and letting them know that there is a problem.

I'd advise everyone to go with a host (even one that is a bit more expensive, say in the $10-20 range) that doesn't oversell. I know I wish I did. If anyone has recommendations for such a host feel free to send them my way.

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Stay Away From

Jun 13, 2008

how a webhosting compay name troubled me.

If you have forgotten the case; here is brief overview what happened,

I tired ordering new dedicated box (was an offer) but on payment page they had problem. So few days later i told there was problem with payment page and couldn't pay. So they said now its fixed pay now then will setup a DEDICATED boy with PHP/Apache/MySQL configured with required libraries as i had told them. So I even ordered Cpanel/WHM along. Thought was a good deal.

I got an email saying will be setup in FEW HOURS.

Waiting more than 5-6 hours; when enquired about it didn't get any reply. So in haste FILED CHARGEBACK in paypal. As soon as i filed they started responding saying the server was on its way... HAD they told that before clearly I wouldn't have to take such step.

So, I closed the dispute.

When I got my box, It was missing many stuff.

FIRST EXTRA backup HDD that i ordered.
SECOND php was not configured to work along with MySQL and other libs were missing.

When asked about the issue; for HDD was told will be added in few hours later.
So If i had not checked properly, they would have simply charged for that and would have never installed it.

Now when asked about second case; they told its not their work to install all PHP/MySQL stuff...

Why did they promise in the first place about the thing they were never going to deliver?

Ok, I tried my hands with WHM/Cpanel to get MySQL and Php working but I failed.
So i thouhgt of cancelling the whole server itself. After getting rude replies regarding any support.

So I had made payment on 31st may 2008 for server. I cancelled server on 10th June 2008 (both from their client area and sending email to their support also).

I lost $120 bucks. Did get a lesson there are companies who promises BUT DONT DELIVER.

Now today suddenly I get an email from their support THAT I AM OBLIGED to pay another MONTH BILL too....


Thank you for choosing PC Core for your hosting needs. This email is a reminder that you currently have a balance with PC Core, due to an invoice that is been created. You are currently responsible for paying Invoice #5222 which was generated on 11/06/2008. This invoice is currently due on 25/06/2008.
According to our records, you currently pay with PayPal. Please submit this payment using the information below to avoid possible service interruption.
Invoice: 5222
Invoice Ammount: $119.90 USD
Invoice Due Date: 25/06/2008


Now why am I still obliged to pay. WHEN I HAD paid on 31st may 2008 for SERVER till June 30th, 2008?

Are these guys trying to irritate me first by GIVING NO REFUND to me and sending such email EVEN AFTER I HAVE CANCELLED WITH THEM?

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Stay Away From Nixism.

May 28, 2008

I've been hosted by them for less than a week.

Every day there is downtime. At least 50% of the time. Also, if the site is not down, it is so slow to load that it times out in my browser.

I also asked the administrator (apparently some kid, after doing heavy research on these forums) on their hosting forums if I was allowed to host a certain type of script on his site. He said yes, then 2 days later he edits his post and changes it to "no" after I sign up.

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Stay Away From Virpus

Aug 8, 2008

Stay away from this provider! Last months I am down straight for 7 days but they promise to improve they service and I give them a chance, now I am down for 3 days straight with no response from them, here the proof: ....

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Oct 7, 2008

stay away

worst hosting ever!

downtime 99,9%

non clearly charges!

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Stay Away From IndyaHozting

Sep 7, 2007

This thread to make sure no one else falls for

I had a reseller hosting account for hosting as well as domain sales.
WHM panel for hosting loads extremely slow, and domains are never activated when i pay the money from my debit account with them. Everytime i have to send a mail to them asking for activation, really frustrating.

Then, last month (August 2007), their server got hacked and someone defaced all websites hosted with them and put up a really pathetic photo there, shame on everyone. When i called them and asked abt it, they didnt care to apologize, instead the guy said that its clients responsibillity to backup sites, and they cant be held responsible for the data loss.

I have hosted around 50 sites with them since January 2007. There was another hack attempt around March, that time someone hacked and hosted a phishing bank site (Canada bank!), and we got a call from Mumbai Cyber crime cell, and Indyahozting cancelled our hosting account!, we made really hard work to get all our hosting plans back. They behaved like some sort of overlords.

There are downtimes everyday, and its normal to be blacked out for a few hours everyday, the reason, they say "Servers need to be restarted once a week, so only this downtime". Havent they ever heard abt Dual processor servers and about hot swapping ?!!!!!!!!

They never respond to your email, and you have to mail atleast 5 times to get a simple one word answer. Please dont call those guys, u will regret it.

And, they sucessfully corrupted the database of my wordpress site i developed for 6 months. I thought wordpress was unbreakable, but, their CPanel and Fantastico itself got broken and SQL server was not working. My site is still offline after a few months this happened, i just lost interest to write everything from start.

And finally, i started to move to Godaddy, i am really fed up with Indyahozting, they are changing their servers after the last hacking (they said so), my old sites are still hosted there, will have to wait and see whether this new server is hack proof.

And, dont worry abt tech support even if they reply, they are clueless abt most modern technologies.

Anyway, stay away from IndyaHozting, i thought of moving to ************, but, they have a worse review on this forum, so, Godaddy and Netffirms are my new hosts...

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Stay Away From

May 5, 2007

Beware of - I opened an account with them 2 weeks ago and it was the worst experience I have ever had with a host. My gripes with them:

-In their advertisement, they say their Windows VPS Starter package comes with a 10-license Plesk installation, however I found out that you have to actually request it to be installed after you order the VPS - it isn't preinstalled. I put in a support ticket through their system for that to be done, but they never replied to it - even after the 72 hour response period stated in their Terms of Service.

-Their technical support is incredibly slow and useless - I had problems getting my mail server setup (port 25 being blocked, could not send outbound mail) so I used their online chat. I got a technician online and explained my problem to her - to their credit this was at 3am in the morning and there was actually someone manning the live chat. However the rep was utterly idiotic...

I asked her if there was a smarthost I could use, since my local connection (Rogers) was probably blocking port 25 on their end, which is why I could not telnet to it....she was clueless....she then told me she will look into the issue and email me back in 20 minutes. 2 hours later I still had no response... I tried searching their FAQs and KB, but there was no information there about smarthosts, and nothing in any of the guides they sent me. I emailed the rep back, asking about the issue but she never replied. I finally got pissed off and cancelled the service after 4 days (still waiting for my refund) and switched to GoDaddy VPS. Funny thing is after I cancelled, the tech support rep emailed me back saying the reason I couldnt send email is because my nameservers were incorrectly pointing to GoDaddy, which is why I could not send email properly LOL!!

I'm now with GoDaddy VPS and so far it's been great - their self-help centre is extensive and has all the info I'm looking for and also when you put in a troubleticket, someone actually RESPONDS to it. Moreso I have 512MB guarenteed ram (up from 256MB from Webserve), have a 30 DOMAIN Plesk license (instad of Webserve's 10 domains) and am paying 15 bux less a month!

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Aside From LunarPages, What Hosts Should I Stay Away From?

Apr 29, 2008

Please tell me why I should avoid the host that you mention.

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Stay Away :: Midphase Review

Apr 5, 2008

I have been hosting with An hosting / Midphase for almost 5 months. I am really disappointed with service quality. Here is my honest review:

My Background

* Four years hosting experience with other hosting companies
* 9 years experience as consultant in IT
* I have almost 200 websites and have 3-8 employees working for my websites in the last 6 months.
* I generally keep the websites in shared hosting accounts to minimize downtime.


I signed up for cheap hosting around thanksgiving time last year. It is something like 4.95 or 5.95 USD per month. I have 40 subaccounts (domains) an huge amount of disk and bandwidth. I just use 2-3% of available resources (disk and bandwidth).


I am very disappointed with the service at midphase. Here are the details:

Technical Support:

First two months were fine. Once midphase was acquired by another hosting firm located in Europe, service quality declined rapidly. Support requests were addressed in 4-5 hours in the first two months. Later, they started to respond slowly.

Most of the time, I felt that my tickets are never read. It was like a robot responding my emails. Answers were generic and has nothing to do with my questions.

The second issue is that they seem to have lost customer touch. I remember telling customer service representative that my website is not showing up at all. I am told that it is OK. I pinged my website from 9 different computers. None of them showed that it is accessible. It is really frustrating to get an email like "Please check it again and if you have a problem still please run the following command ..."


I checked the websites on the server where my shared hosting account is. There are almost 350 websites. It is reasonable.

Bad Neighborhood effect
The strange thing is that some of the websites are spamy on the server. I am pretty good at Search Engine Optimization. All I can tell you is that my two websites were heavily punished by google due to bad neighborhood effect. I asked Midphase to change my server. I got nothing.

First site was getting 3000-3500 uniques per day before switching to anhosting. Number of visitors were almost the same in the first 3 days. On the fourth day, it dropped to 400/day. Whatever I do, it never bounced back. Number of indexed pages on website were almost 4000. Now it is just 930. It is unique content. It is an established website for three years, I can't be sandboxed. Anyway, I gave up building that site.

I decided not to host any websites on anhosting even though I paid 1 years' price as there is no point in getting pissed off by bad neighborhood effect.

One employee just placed a newly developed website on hosting without my consent. Here is the result. Website was PR2. It dropped to 0 in 6 weeks. Number of visitors dropped by 74%. I decided to abondon that domain.


Worst service... After I decided to completely abondon an hosting even though it is paid for a year, I just used it for FTP.

In fact, failure of FTP is the main reason I am writing this review. I just get the following error. "Disk full -please upload later".

This is the first time in my lifetime I get "full disk" error from a shared hosting provider. It is very likely to be the only one in my life.

Uptime is the service I use to check server uptime. Here are the stats for the week of 2008-02-18.

Weekly uptime:71.86% Downtime:1 day(s) 23 hour(s)
Day 2008-02-24 Uptime:98.53% Downtime:21 min(s) 10 sec(s)
Day 2008-02-23 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2008-02-22 Uptime:100.00%
Day 2008-02-21 Uptime:97.48% Downtime:36 min(s) 14 sec(s)
Day 2008-02-20 Uptime:59.48% Downtime:9 hour(s) 21 min(s)
Day 2008-02-19 Uptime:6.27% Downtime:22 hour(s) 29 min(s)
Day 2008-02-18 Uptime:40.79% Downtime:14 hour(s) 12 min(s)

This is simply unacceptable. Those stats are for the first website I abandoned at anhosting.

Support Tickets

Once I got so mad and told them that I am going to leave a negative review at I am told that it is OK. I was busy and decided to keep quite to discipline them.

2 months later, I now have ftp problem. I decided to mention spesific issues happened two months ago. Guess what??? The ticket that I threaten to leave a negative feedback was removed without my consent. This is insane.

I remember that their network engineers messed up with routers once. Anyway, they fixed it in few hours.

I have been living in US for 5 years. An hosting is the worst service company I have ever interacted in this country.

If I am given a chance to get the money back for the remaining 6 months in my contract, I won't hesitate for a minute to get the money back.

I recommend staying away from anhosting or midphase. It is just waste of money, time and other resources.

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Stay Away From DreamHost Aka DeahHost

Jan 23, 2009

I got this email from DH


This is just a note to let you know your DreamHost account has been
disabled for violation of our Terms of Service listed here:

Specifically, section 8 of Material Products, "Customer agrees to not
engage in activities pertaining to Black Hat SEO, Spamdexing, and so-
called "Scraper sites." These can all have a severely detrimental
effect on server performance and are not permitted."

As such, we have now closed your account effective immediately and
refunded all your money. It should show back up on your credit card
within 3-4 busines days.

Please do not attempt to sign up for service with DreamHost again in
the future.


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Stay Away From Or

Sep 1, 2005

I signed up for there 1 year plan, i was waiting for 3 to 4 days and didnt got any response from them in regards of how to setup my account or whats next...

I called them several times.. It will take you to a dead voicemail even if you select any choices like "billing, sales.. etc. u will get "LEAVE A MESSAGE". If u leave ur phone number u will get "NO REPLY:

I send few emails to all there departments in regards of this issue. I will always get an automated reply... "We have forwarded it to the right department.. Thats's all.. nothing else..

I called my credit card company and told them to deny any payments from lypha. I send out a cancellating letter and refund if u charge me. Still a reply "We have forwarded it to the right department"..

If this is the case, if my site goes down i am sure that i will never get a support.

They do have some online supports named "Ashley.. blahh blaahh etc...". It will says they are currently online.. when u tried to chat it says "Leave a message"..

I been with many hosts but his is the first time i am seeing a host like this.. piece of crap...

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Apr 21, 2008

I do not want to be a nuisance, but I find the service at to be intolerable.

First, I placed an order for a dedicated server (Intel Core2Duo E6400) with the cPanel/WHM addon on April 8, 2008, and I paid for them upfront with PayPal. I have to chase after its support team before finally had the server set up on April 13.

Diligently following the instructions that I gathered from the Support Center of cPanel and from my domain regristrar, I tried to set up a nameserver for my domain, but had no luck. At first, I blamed it on myself for not knowing now to configure cPanel/WHM, so on April 24, I paid an extra $15.00 USD for initial cPanel setup addon service.

Subsequently, I had to send two emails to its Sales Department and two support tickets, requesting the DNS problem be fixed as soon as possible. Only on April 18 did Liroy reply, apologizing for the delay and promising to have my order carried out on that day. To my utmost dismay, when I checked back on cPanel/WHM today, nothing had been done.

Under Basic cPanel/WHM Setup in cPanel, I noticed this error message:

Warning: Setting ADDR value to an IP not associated with this server is not advised.
System has 2 free ips.

And Show IP Address Usage revealed that the two extra IPs that I had been provided with remained in idle.

This has led me to believe that all this mess, which I am currently stuck in, is actually a result of giving out to me the wrong set of extra IPs.

It has now been 14 days since I first order my dedicated server, which remains quite useless to me. Yet this hosting company will be billing me again on May 9, 2008. How very unfair!

I have tried to believe that Liroy will eventually have everything sorted out, but unfornately, he has not even replied to emails ( or to 'open' support tickets for almost two days. There is a limit to my tolerance.

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Jul 8, 2008

I'm having the very same problems as everyone else, and after a quick google it seems I'm not alone. Servage just keep fogging me off on the support over there dreadful MySql performance.

Getting the same old rubbish as everyone else, we will move you to different server, we will fix your database etc. When will servage stop blaming there customers and step-up admit there is a problem and fix it? The support is fast but there just monkeys repating the same as the last.

I have been with them for 3+ years now, and this will be the last. Just put a request in for a full refund of this years fee's. The 1st year maybe the 2nd there service was excellent, since then its got worse and to a point now where its dam write criminal to charge people for what they offer.

Do your self a favour people stay clear of this company it has wasted alot of my time.

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Stay Away From Simple Helix

Apr 30, 2009

I cannot express this enough: Stay away from Simple Helix!

We switched to them after our last $5/mo host kicked us out without warning. Simple Helix is just as bad but more expensive... Their support system is awful. Our website is down at least once or twice a week without any warning or support.

You cannot talk to anyone in their support. You have to write a stupid ticket. Then you wait and wait until someone decides to open it and read it. The if you are lucky, they will respond to it. But you gotta be REALLY lucky that they respond with something useful. Most of their responses are irrelevant or do not make sense.

Last week my website was destroyed because their server crashed. When i wrote a support ticket, which was answered 24 hours later, they said that I did it! Then they told me I had to pay them to fix the problem. Only when I contacted their corporate offices they got their admin working on it. Even then, it took over a week to fix the website. The admin would only respond when he wanted and sometimes he would ignore my messages to the point where I had to open new tickets to tell them to take care of my original ticket.


It seems is a good host and I am going to be calling them tomorrow to talk to them about switching to them.

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My Bad Experience With Hivelocity - Stay Away

Nov 2, 2009

I want to share my bad experience with hivelocity.

I need a backup server for my remote backups so I need a dedicated server form a reliable provider.

I ordered Xeon Quad-Core X3220 2.4GHz: server on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 and paid with my Credit card. I done my all verification process and on Wednesday, July 01, 2009 I got my server.

I just ssh on said date to check server is online and then I logout because I was very busy in those days.

On dated 03 Jul 2009 08:00 I want setup my new server for backup and I try to ssh but I can't. I contact Live chat and they told me your server is offline please open a reboot ticket.

This is my first downtime I got after 1-2 days of server setup even I was not touch any thing in server.

I open a reboot ticket and then with 30 minutes my server was online and hivelocity can't give me a reason why my server was down even I have not hosted anything.

After this I have started setting up this server for backup use An I was shocked to see that I have ordered and paid for Xeon Quad-Core X3220 2.4GHz but this server was Core2Quad CPU Q6600. I reply ticket below ...

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Stay Away From 1 & 1 - Bad Billing Practices

Apr 3, 2008

Last year I tested out 1&1 for registering two domains. What a mistake.

DNS propagation takes forever. Namecheap and godaddy propagate within minutes.

My experience with billing has been unnerving.

I moved my domains away from 1&1 before the year was up. I was still billed for the renewal. I phoned 1&1 and received an email that my account was canceled & credited.

Low and behold today I received a notice from NCO Financial Systems, a collection agency that 1&1 uses, stating I owe $6.99 plus $18.95 in fees.

Going back over my records (I save everything) I see that the Credit memo I received (as an email attachment) was for only one of the domains. Yes they had billed me for the two domains even though they had been transfered away.

Thus the $6.99 allegedly still owed them.

Today I phoned customer service and explained the situation. The rep seen the invoice (on my account) for the two domains and only the one credit memo yet could not figure out what to do. I explained the situation to him three times clearly and he would take no action. I asked for a supervisor and none could be found. I will have to call back or have them call me.

He said they would not be able to credit my account for the NCO fees of $18.95 for the $6.99 they BILLED ME IN ERROR!

I am waiting to call back to speak with a supervisor.

In my eleven years of hosting this the lamest company I have dealt with. Even dreamhost had better customer service.

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