Spam Report And User White List

Mar 14, 2008

We have see a interesting system from one competitors:

any user that have a email account receive any 24 hours a email report of all spam receive (as html attach)
In this html file there is list and flag and user can be indicate that is NOT a spam and click submit into html file that send information to mail server

May be interesting system

We use exim on ours server and horde as webmail..

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Spam Filter Settings - White List Limit

Jul 24, 2014

I can only add 100 addresses to the global address spam white list. I need to add more!

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Report / List / Statistics Of Top Domains Continuously Gray-listed?

Oct 15, 2014

I'm looking for a way to get a report of the top domains that are continuously greylisted so I can determine which ones need to be put on the "domains- whitelist" because they use different IPs when resending, causing very long delays (hours/days/never) for each message sent.We're using Plesk11 on CentOS 6.4 with Postfix and the Plesk built-in Greylisting option enabled.

# /usr/local/psa/bin/grey_listing --info-server
Grey listing configuration.

Grey listing checking enabled
Grey interval 5 minutes
Expire interval 51840 minutes
Penalty interval 2 minutes
Penalty disabled
Personal grey listing
configuration allowed


Black domains patterns list:

SUCCESS: Gathering of server wide information complete.Click to expand...

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Do You Report Spam To Spamcop

Feb 10, 2009

I regularly report spam that makes it through an RBL (, SQLGrey, and an internal blacklist. I've noticed that the spam I get originates all over the place (though seems to be getting more popular). However, one host stands out when it comes to the spamvertised websites that are being sent - In looking the past 30 days of spam reports 60% have advertised a site hosted on [url]

Do you report spam via spamcop? Who is your biggest sender and hoster?

Please understand that I filter hundreds of spam messages a day (about 560 yesterday). These are only the ones making it though.

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Qmail User List

Jul 24, 2008

How can i sort user who are using 100MB above space in qmail.

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Server IP On Spam List

Jan 1, 2009

I recieved a new block of ips from my server folks and this block is worse than before, the main ip is on more than 10 spam lists.

How do I resolve this? Is there a way a server company can select a clean block of ips?

can I set the email program to use a separate ip or something intead of changing ips of server?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: (Main) - Domain Is Not Shown In User Panel List

Aug 19, 2014

I have a problem with on domain. The domain is the "main-domain" of the customer but it is not shown in the overview /smb/web/view

Not with the User logged in and not with the admin logged in.

But I can change setting, when I call the detail-page manually: /smb/web/overview/id/d:26

I tried to lock/unlock the domain/account, but nothing worked.

I could not see any mistakes in the database.

Deleting and adding the domain would be a trick, but because of having many domains/subdomains and dns-entries this is not my first choice.

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Horde "report As Spam" Button

Oct 14, 2007

I have linux centos 5 and the latest horde imp

I enabled this in conf.php:

$conf['spam']['reporting'] = true;
$conf['spam']['program'] = '/hsphere/shared/bin/sa-learn --spam';

but the spamassassin database is not updating.

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Exim :: Catch The User Sending Spam With Mailnull?

May 28, 2009

i have a vps but there is too much process called mailnull
after that the data centre closed my server for being sent spam

so how i can catch the user sending spam with mailnull?

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Find Spam Relaying User?

Jun 20, 2014

I facing a serious problem with my qmail and plesk 11.0.9.I found the way spammer did with my server by listening everything on port 25. Maybe he know the RCPT hosts of mine, and they send emails with random username but with domain hosted on my Plesk. (, user2@ my, ...

qmail only check domain in RCPT if spammer input:"mail from" - (with out ":") - no email address on my server.then server reply: 550, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.7.17)

But qmail check username and domain if spammer input:""mail from:" - (with ":") - no email address on my server. Then server reply: 250 OK..This is really weird! I tried with all my plesk server, this bug still effected.Click to expand...

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What Is A White Label IP

Oct 8, 2009

What is a white label IP? what does it look link when you whois the IP?

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White Labelled Vps Not White Labelled

Jun 12, 2008

We have a VPS with Eukhost, most things are good - decent price etc, but a lookup on the IP of the servers, a revers dns lookup etc all points to Eukhost - which is obviously not good for a web host!

How can we sell a service thats effectively branded by our supplier? Whats more, the prices Eukhost charge for shared and reseller accounts is too low to compete with.

So we're looking for a new, UK based host that can provide a completely white labelled service.

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Apache :: Connecting To Website Gives White Screen

Mar 14, 2015

So, let me start off by saying I am completely new to website and FTP server hosting. I've hosted game servers in the past so I know about port forwarding and the like but this is obviously a step-up. I've managed to get a fully-functioning FTP server that works great on the domain I'm using but the website using Apache just gives people a blank white screen (as stated in the description). I'm using port 55567 for the website as I don't know want to use 80 because of security risks and what not. The domain being used is Below are the error.log, httpd.conf and httpd-vhosts.conf.

httpd-vhosts.conf: [URL] ....

httpd.conf: [URL] ....

error.log: [URL] ....

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Currently Under SPAM Attack "vpopmail User Not Found"

Nov 3, 2009

I'm running a dedicated server with CentOS 5

Today I open my email logs and I was surprise by what I found!

Logs like this:

Nov 3 17:23:55 warhead vpopmail[5979]: vchkpw-smtp: vpopmail user not found sys@:
Nov 3 17:23:58 warhead vpopmail[6010]: vchkpw-smtp: vpopmail user not found sys@: ...

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Supermicro Resellers / White Box 1-2U Builders In Los Angeles/Orange, CA

Apr 14, 2008

Does anyone know if there are any locals in Orange county or Los Angeles that sell or reseller Supermicro built servers?

I know Apaq resells them but he is in Atlanta, I want someone local.

Or can I build them myself?

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Apache :: White Pages For Enabled Site And Localhost

Jan 7, 2015

I'm using Oracle's VirtualBox.My network on the virtual box is set to Bridged Adapter

php 5.5.9
Linux/Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
No errors in my apache2 error.log file.

First time creating a server on a virtual box. I am not confident i understand how my computer browser access the virtual box server i created. Once i understand that i could fix my issue. Which is, I can't finding my enabled site or localhost via my browser on my computer. All i get is a white page for both. I don't even see the it works page.

I am following this book and got stuck on chapter 1: Understanding and Setting Up Our Development Environment.
link to book -- URL...

I have installed Oracle's VirtualBox, mounted Ubuntu, installed apache2 with $ sudo apt-get install apache2 -y. At this point everyone says, now go to your ip and you will see "It Works". Which i do not see. I see a white page with nothing on it. I then looked to see if the localhost /var/www/html/ index. html even exists. Which is does, i opened the file and i can see the line "It Works!".

My hosts file on my computer has ../driver/etc/hosts localhost

My hosts file on my Virtual box /etc/hosts localhost

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: 12.0.18 Only A White Page Appears In Roundcube?

Jun 30, 2014

After the update to Plesk 12.0.18 only a white page appears in Roundcube. Unfortunately also reinstall did not remedy.

OS Debian 7.1
Plesk version 12.0.18 Update # 5, last updated at June 30, 2014 09:02 PM
Roundcube 1.0.0 [URL]

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: White Page After Adding New Domains

Feb 5, 2015

i registered some new domains and wanted to add them via Plesk. Before i did that i got the stanard Plesk default page saying that i have to add the domains via plesk as usual.

When i did that the domain switched to a white page and is not able to load .html pages, i can load a phpinfo.php or install wordpress etc. but when i try to load a simple .html file with css or something, i only get a whitepage..

i dont know why this is happening, other domains from december are working fine, new ones wont. the error.logs are empty and even after a whole server restart it wont work.I´m using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server 64bit + Plesk 12.0.18

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Apache :: Building A Dynamic White-label Site On 2.4.x

Oct 29, 2014

How do I architect and design a dynamic, white-label website i.e. a site where the components are dynamic based on a path component in the URL?

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Redirect Domain/user To User.domain ONLY IF Folder 'user' Doesn't Exist

May 7, 2007

I thought I knew enough about my .htaccess stuff to do this, but I can't seem to work it out. What I want to do is if a user visits, we check to see if the folder exists. If so, show as normal (IE

If a user visits (dynamicusername is not a physical folder), redirect to

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What Does This Dns Report Mean

Sep 13, 2007

FAILReverse DNS entries for MX recordsERROR: The IP of one or more of your mail server(s) have no reverse DNS (PTR) entries/* (if you see "Timeout" below, it may mean that your DNS servers did not respond fast enough)*/. RFC1912 2.1 says you should have a reverse DNS for all your mail servers. It is strongly urged that you have them, as many mailservers will not accept mail from mailservers with no reverse DNS entry. You can double-check using the 'Reverse DNS Lookup' tool at the DNSstuff site if you recently changed your reverse DNS entry (it contacts your servers in real time; the reverse DNS lookups in the DNS report use our local caching DNS server). The problem MX records are: [No reverse DNS entry (rcode: 3 ancount: 0) (check it)]

FAILAcceptance of postmaster addressERROR: One or more of your mailservers does not accept mail to Mailservers are required (RFC822 6.3, RFC1123 5.2.7, and RFC2821 4.5.1) to accept mail to postmaster.'s postmaster response:<br /> >>> RCPT TO:<><br /> <<< 550 <>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table <br />

what do these dns fail report mean in english? that there's something wrong with my host company and i should dump them?

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Mytop Report

Jul 12, 2008

The mytop has installed on DB server. When run mytop command the following status displaying more. Please let me know what is this exactly.

194545 user localhost testdb 5 Sleep
192371 user localhost testdb 184 Sleep
191333 user localhost testdb 272 Sleep
191233 user localhost testdb 279 Sleep
191031 user localhost testdb 296 Sleep

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