SSL Certificate - Your Key To E-commerce Secure

Jan 27, 2009

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is all about encryption. SSL encrypts data, like credit cards numbers as well other personally identifiable information, which prevents the "bad guys" from stealing your information for malicious intent.
I would like to know that,

Q.1 Is it compulsory for web hosting providers to get SSL Certification?

Q.2 Certificate Authority who issued the certificate, the root and the country it was issued in ?

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Cheapest SSL Certificate Suitable For E-Commerce From ENom

Jan 30, 2008

I've always been a seller that's primarily used PayPal only.. However, on my next online venture, we're stepping it up a grade and will be implementing a full CMS system, an e-commerce cart module (or platform in its entirety) and security through SSL certification.

I've taken a look at the SSL certificates offered by eNom and was wondering what you all thought would be the cheapest certificate that is suitable and ready for e-commerce that will process credit cards, etc.

Certainly the more expensive, I can assume is more feature and security laden, but just wanted to know what you all feel is a good balance of price, security and readiness for e-commerce.

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SSL Certificate :: Do You Want To Display Non Secure Items..?

Apr 27, 2008

I am working on a website for a new service company that I started. I wanted the site to be secure so I followed the necessary steps on godaddy but now when people go to the page, a pop up says "do you want to display non secure items.."

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Secure Webmail With SSL Certificate

Dec 9, 2014

I want to secure the webmail access ( with an SSL certificate. In this case, a self signed certificate should be enough because the users using the webmail will trust it.

Latest Plesk 12 and Windows Server 2012 R2, MailEnable WebMail as shipped with Plesk. Horde Webmail.

How would I set this up? I found no setting to enable SSL for the webmail subdomain. And I can not add it as subdomain and assign the self-signed certificate on it (Plesk panel does not allow as subdomain as it is already in use).

I found these links but they did not really answer my question as the information is mostly outdated (Windows 200):


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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Secure Connection To System When Posting Data - Install PEM Certificate

Nov 20, 2014

I've written a script to send property data to as part of their new automated data feed. However they require a secure connection to their systems when posting the data. They have provided me with a .pem file which is a security certificate. I need to install this on my plesk server but where to start as most certificates require a private key and the actual certificate. The private key I have been provided is only an 8 charter string, like a password.

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E Commerce- 3.5

Jul 30, 2008

I am developing a custom internet-based CRM program related to my specific business. It is targeted to an industry that is currently not well-served, and has the potential have thousands of users of the program.

This project requires e-commerce expertise to implement. I am looking for a professional individual or company that can review the concept, recommend an appropriate marketing and IT business plan, then implement and manage the operations of the project, on a contract basis.

The project is a CRM-type sales database management program being coded in Windows 3.5, on ms sql 2005 server.

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UK OS Commerce Site

May 5, 2008

I am running an OScommerce site which has about 300 unique IPs a day I am about to add a Joomla SOBI2 Classifieds part to the site. Currently it runs on a desktop PC which is attached to business broadband. I need to host it properly. My experience with shared hosting hasn't been good hence why I ended up doing it for my self. 99% of my customers are in the U.K so I would require a server in the UK. Since I run my own server CENTOS I am think that VPS plan might be the way to go so I can reuse skills, my cron jobs and SSL Certificate.

I have been looking at

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What Does It Mean: OS Commerce Or Agora

Dec 4, 2007

I want to know what "OS Commerce or Agora" means in web hosing service?

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Sites Using OS-Commerce

Sep 2, 2007

I have encountered a problem with all the sites on my server that are working with OS-Commerce!

The pictures are not shown in internet explorer but they work fine in other browsers like mozilla , and when I check the properties of the pictures in internet explorer ,the address of the pictures are just like this [url]

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Security For E-commerce Site

May 27, 2009

I am in the process of designing a new e-commerce site for a small business and am pretty much figuring it out as I go along. I do know that it is crucial to have absolute security for any kind of monetary transactions. I am just confused as to whether I need a shared SSL, dedicated SSL, dedicated IP address or a combination of the above.

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E-commerce Business Hosting

Dec 10, 2008

I have searched a couple of threads but haven't got exactly, what I was looking for,
We are an e-commerce business in UK,

Our website was hosted on shared hosting now we want to move to another good server, the current server is just fine and was provided free by developers,

we are having about 3000 Uniques per day and running oscommerce.

We are looking for UK based company,

Please recommend, what package will be good for us,

VPS, Dedicated server or Shared hosting?

and also please suggest good hosting companies?

I talked to but they are a bit expensive for us,

we are looking to get the same quality with less cost.

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E-Commerce Site On Reseller Account

May 30, 2007

Is advisable to setup an ecommerce site on a reseller's account?

Planning to do that with Host9's reseller's package.

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E-Commerce Host But Hostgator Will Not Work

Oct 21, 2009

Been doing a lot of reading the last 2 days before posting. The popular host atm for "affordable" hosting seems to be Hostgator, however it seems there might be an issue with them and the shopping cart I use.

See the dialog below and please let me know any alternatives that will not have the same issue (other than CyberLNC, $20-$30 a month seems steep for an average hosting account with very little bandwidth or storage). My cart contains a lot of large images and while I dont need unlimited storage/bandwidth, I do need some.

(12:02:39 AM) Tirade: Here is the comment I found. "Hosting - Be careful of the permission limits that some host providers have. CS-Cart recommends a setting of 777. I have just moved from Hostgator to CyberLNC as Hostgator could only use a setting of 755 - whilst there is documentiation to show that it should work, I was receiving 500 server errors and my payment gateway wouldn't work. I'm a big fan of Hostgator, their service is excellent, but they just weren't configured for CS-Cart unfortunately and I had to move."

(12:05:38 AM) Davon Da: There are many scripts which state that 777 permissions are needed, but since we due use a suExec envoirment, 777 files are not allowed

The hosting requirements (other than the ability to set permission limits to 777), would be speed, mysql, php5, and price.

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Small Business E-commerce Hosting

Jul 8, 2008

I've been poking around here for a few evenings trying to find someone else who's asked just the same question I need to ask, but I'm not really seeing it.

My situation is this. I am writing a website in ASP.Net 2.0 for a small business. I do web development for a living, so the database admin, asp/ coding is not an issue. However, I've never dealt with the hosting side of things.

I need the following:

1) ability to host two different domains using some shared DLLs that provide funtionality used by both sites. I've read that some hosting companies won't let you put DLLs on their servers, so I'm not sure if I can do this.

2) Ability to send and recieve e-mails at "". I think this is a no-brainer.

3) Ability to use SQL Server express.

4) We will be taking orders with credit card numbers, so I need to be able to do HTTPS and I need to know my data will be secure.

5) obviously, I need a server that has the .Net 2.0 framework on it.

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E-commerce, Hosting Recomendation.Shared/VPS

Sep 1, 2008

I'm getting a new site made within the next couple of months and I need a new host for my current site now.

My new site will be a bespoke e-commerce website.

I've been looking at VPS hosting as I've been told it will be faster, and more secure. Just how much more secure is a VPS server? Is it worth it?

I'm currently on a shared host now, and haven't had any problems with the speed/security etc. But I expect my site to grow and get more hits/bandwidth used.

Does anybody have any recommendations for a VPS host? I'm not after a huge amount of bandwidth or webspace, I can't get any details of what I'm currently getting now, hence the change of host, but it's not a huge shop so it shouldn't need much, I'd expect 5/10gb web space and 100gb bandwidth to be sufficient, maybe even less. O ye.. it's just for 1 site only too, so I don't need a control panel to manage other domains if that makes sense.

Main things i'll be after:

I will be sending a lot of Newsletters, I currently have 654 signed up and in the future I'd be wanting to send newsletters 1-2 times per month with double the amount of people signed up now. So I need a server that can handle this. And handle a lot of incoming e-mails, as my current server just ran out of space and stopped incoming mail.

A fast server
Half decent customer support

I'm not a guru on all this so some kind of managed service, I won't know what to do if I have to constantly change things, but I don't even know if I'd have to, I just like the thought that somebody is there to sort it if I don't have a clue/goes wrong.

Some kind of control panel to manage e-mail users etc, like on a shared plan.

A secure server.

Something with all the PHP and MYsql database lark so my website will actually work. I don't know exactly what the programmers are using though.

I'm also worried about a company overselling, to me 200gb of bandwidth on vps hosts seems a lot, I don't want to be told I'm getting something then be cut off after I've used 10gb and them going "there is a fair usage policy".

The main reason for this post is my budget, it's only £20/$10 per month. And I'm in the UK if it helps to get a UK host.

If you think I really don't require a vps host and a shared option will be ok and be fast enough, let me know and any recommendations.

Also, would "128MB Dedicated Memory, 512MB Burst Memory" be good enough or is that just rubbish? I take it that just gives the site the operating speed depending on the usage at that time.

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Which SSL Certificate

Jul 7, 2008

I want to use SSL on my website.


I don't really get the differences (and it seems all companies offering SSL offer different types of certificates.. don't even know where they overlap)

Can someone recommend where I could get an SSL certificate and why I should choose between a $15/year one and $100+/year?

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New SSL Certificate

Aug 26, 2007

I am running a site that currently has a Geotrust SSL cert installed (Plesk 7.5.3). That certificate is about to expire and I am going with one from a new vendor. My question is, do I need to generate a new CSR before requesting the new certificate or do I use the CSR from the current one and just upload the new certificate file (overwriting the current one) when I get it?

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SSL Certificate

Jan 18, 2007

how i get SSL certificate on my online shopping site?

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Which SLL Certificate

Jun 20, 2007

Which SLL certificate would be needed if I was just setting up a site that accepted payments? Also, were would be the best place to buy one?

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Ssl Certificate, Sub-domain

Sep 8, 2009

i just got this ssl certificate but i have some doubts how exactly should i set up the whole magic. i created the which suppose to be the sub-domain for the login page which means when user decide to sign up/login to immediately transfer to the ssl state(sample: see and then their https login page). so, far the home page which is it doesn't need to be covered by the ssl. so, i was just wondering how do i play the game? i know it's kinda tricky and the key is somewhere in the sub-domain name(cP set up), .htaccess and/or index.php files but not very clear to me.

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Suggestions For SSL Certificate?

Oct 29, 2009

My online store is almost ready to publish and Im trying to work my head around this SSL thing.

So through reading on here Ive determined that only the cart or PII areas need to be secured, not the entire site.

My host provided a free SSL cert but I discovered that it is a domain verification SSL only and there is no "clickable seal" or business verification. Verification is important however Im not sure I need an EV cert (nor that I can afford it).

Im looking for business verification, clickable seal, 128/256, 2048bit, free reissue.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a SSL cert and what I might need? There was someone in the ads forum offering a GlobalSign OrganizationalSSL cert for $100yr. Does this seem like a good deal? There isnt a lot of feedback about GlobalSign on the net.

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Renew SSL Certificate

Jun 24, 2009

anyone can tell the right way to renew SSL certificate? if possible, a way that won't be alerting users that the certificate has changed

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How To Choose SSL Certificate

Jul 16, 2009

I am now in process of choosing ssl certificate from certificate authority for one of the sites I administer and I got confused.

I visited numerous sites offering certs and I concluded:

- I don't need EV certificate

- 128 bit certificates can vary in price at different providers from $25 to $100 and higher

- some sites are offering 128 bit at lower price and 256 or 515 bit certs at higher prices

I don't understand why are some certs so expensive? Doesn't 128 bit cert form any provider at any price provide the same level of security?

I thought 128 bit encryption is unbreakable. Why do someone buys 256 or 512 bit cert at higher price?

Some of those more expensive certs are offering "higher level of security", warranties... Is that only marketing or there is some real value behind additional features?

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How Do I Restore Ssl Certificate

Jul 13, 2009

How do I install an SSL Cert with just the .key and .crt in root WHM?

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SSL Certificate Self Signed

Jun 7, 2009

I got a plesk VPS and purchased SSL from GoDaddy. After I installed it, I was getting an error message from firefox about “SSL is self signed”. I obviously did something wrong, but what?I first logged into the SSL certificate section and created a new one...

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Creating An SSL Certificate - Www Vs No Www

Apr 25, 2009

When you create a SSL certificate for vs, is the "www" vs "non-www" decided when you generate the CSR (for example, in cpanel/whm)? Or is it "decided" when you actually purchase the certificate?

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Certificate For Dovecot On

May 7, 2008

i recived below email from my server!

what is this and what should i do i don`t use any SSL

Certificate for dovecot on was expired and a self signed one was created to replace it. You should install a new certifcate as soon as possible to replace the self signed one that was installed to replaced the expired one. You can install a new certificate in WHM under "Manager Service SSL Certificates", or by clicking this link: [url]

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Positive SSL Certificate

Jun 26, 2008 offers PositiveSSL certificate for free at the moment


I was wondering what is its encryption ability compared to RapidSSL certificate?

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Install An Ssl Certificate

Jun 23, 2008

i have to install a ssl certificate for one of the websites on my server, i have openssl installed on a centos 5.1 with whm/cpanel i have found this comand to generate a CSR but didnt work dunno what im missing...

openssl genrsa –des3 –out 1024

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Certificate For Dovecot On

May 8, 2008

i recived below email from my server!
what is this and what should i do
i don`t use any SSL

Certificate for dovecot on was expired and a self signed one was created to replace it. You should install a new certifcate as soon as possible to replace the self signed one that was installed to replaced the expired one. You can install a new certificate in WHM under "Manager Service SSL Certificates", or by clicking this link: [url]

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