Not Able To Send Mail Using SMTP Service On Windows 2003 Server Machine

Jun 17, 2008

Am using Windows 2003 server with IIS6.0 and SMTP.I tried to send mail using C# code through SMTP service.But my mails are getting queued in C:InetpubmailrootQueue.

What could be the problem??I've done many trouble shooting steps but no luck.I changed the Relay settings.Since I am in a LAN connection, i've tested the relay setting using both the 'localhost'and 'MyDomainIP'but everything in vain.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: SMTP Mail Send Limit?

Jul 31, 2012

I am using SMTP for mail service. Is there any limit for maximum that mail can be sent for a month or day? If limit is der then how much i can send?

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Windows 2003 CPU Irratic + Slow Machine

Sep 7, 2007

I run mdaemon mail server and IIS6. Recently the machine started acting real freaking slow and I noticed that mdaemon was taking up 25-50% cpu almost all the time. When browsing through my computer/explorer, it takes a number of seconds (about 5-10) to show all the folders as you drill down any directory tree. Also, when you right click on any folder/set of folders/set of files/individual file, it takes a good 5 seconds for the right click menu to show up.

The entire machine is just going butt slow for some reason and I'm at a total loss as to why. Here are a few bits of info regarding how the machine responds to things. If I reboot the machine, its totally fine for a short time... mail takes up the usual 1-5% cpu and all folder browsing is normal and speedy. When the machine does become slow as crap, if I turn off the mail server, the machine still runs super slow, nothing changes really. The folder browsing takes forever still and so does right clicking anything. I've done a full virus scan, and nothing. I'm not sure what else to do, but there are no processes running that are taking up a lot of cpu or ram that might be programs causing problems. Bandwidth is not being eaten up either, its on a T1 and on average does about 5-10GB of total IN/OUT bandwidth and that has not changed. I'm not stupid when it comes to computers, but I'm at a total loss as to what could be causing this.

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Windows 2003 Server Service Accounts

Jan 16, 2007

I have a windows 2003 enterprise (180 day demo) server.

I'm using it to host game servers (and i lighthttpd webserver).

I'm using Deerpark Visnetic Firewall (no hardware router), NOD32, Spybot S&D, a keylogger and Process Guardian.

I want maximum security.

I've already done some registry hacks to prevent some DDOS attacks and ive read about running services under another account, i've created the account and added access for it to run all the system services (via GPO). My problem is that when the computer is rebooted, none of the services start, even though i put the username, password and gave the account full control of the service.

Aside from this, any other tips on maximizing security?

Im also using WinSSH to secure remote desktop and FTP.

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Spam/Virus Protection On Windows Server 2003 POP Service

Aug 12, 2005

We have a Windows Server 2003 dedicated, and use the Windows POP3 Service for emails, is there anything that can be plugged in to provide serverside spam/virus protection?

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Cannot Send Mail Through VPS SMTP Server. The Usual Fixes Didn't Work.

Feb 1, 2007

Over the past week, the SMTP server on my VPS has been hanging whenever I try to send an email from my computer. It'll eventually work again, but now it's been down for the count for about 18 hours. Tech support keeps on recommending minor fxes and issuing standard responses like "try disanbling your firewall" and the like, but nothing works. I have already told them this:

* I know _you_ can probably send POP/SMTP mail through my server. I can't.
* Mozilla Thunderbird will connect and send mail through other
POP/SMTP servers.. Not my server here.
* I can connect to _receive_ email, but I can't send it.
* My ISP (SBC/AT&T ADSL) does not block outgoing mail to port 25 on my account; I had the block removed.
* I've got an exim server running on port 26, too. Doesn't make a difference.
* I tried connecting from another ISP (my work PC). Still can't send mail.
* I tried using IP addresses instead of my domain name. Doesn't work.
* I didn't change any account names, passwords or anything like that.
* I tried other email clients. Can't send mail with them, either.
* The exim queue has very few messages in it. Clearing the queue didn't work.
* I disabled firewalls. Didn't help. Besides, I was able to connect
to other mail servers - just not my VPS here.
* There are no typos in any of the account or general configuration settings in my client. Nothing changed. One day I could send mail, now I'm having problems.

I keep saying this, and keep attaching entried from exim_mainlog with error messages like this PROVING that I can't send mail:

2007-02-01 08:26:00 H=adsl*****
[*****]:1294 I=[*****]:25 incomplete transaction
(connection lost) from for
2007-02-01 08:26:00 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP
command from adsl*****
[*****]:1294 I=[*****]:25
2007-02-01 08:26:17 SMTP connection from [*****]:1344
I=[*****]:25 (TCP/IP connection count = 1)

2007-02-01 08:29:34 H=adsl*****
[*****]:1344 I=[*****]:25 incomplete transaction
(connection lost) from for
2007-02-01 08:29:34 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP
command from adsl*****
[*****]:1344 I=[*****]:25

Any ideas? I think tech support at my end has given up; it's been hours since I last heard from them, and that was just to say that they updated everything to the current version, and disable the firewall. (Again!) Didn't work.

So, before I pack my bags and find another VPS host, what should I do? Having outgoing SMTP email is a MUST; not having it is a deal-breaker.

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VMware Server On A Win 2003 Dedicated Machine

Mar 20, 2007

Our company website runs on a Win 2003 server with ASP.

Now we also want to run some new PHP applications (e.g. MediaWiki). I think of running them in a (Linux) virtual machine on the Win 2003 server, to keep everything separated.

Does anybody else use VMware to split his dedicated server in several parts? It sounds like a good idea to me, but can not find much information about it. Or are there better alternatives?

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Setting Up An SMTP Server On My Local Machine

Aug 19, 2008

I'm trying to set up a SMTP server on my local machine.. can i do this with a windows OS using apcahe?

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Configuring Mail Features Of Windows Server 2003

Jan 23, 2008

Please pardon the "newbie" nature of this post. (Due to circumstances outside my control, I've had management of a Windows Server 2003 VPS thrust upon me, and I'm feeling like a fish out of water!)

I have finally abandoned any hope of getting phpmailer to work with Joomla 1.0.13, so I've decided to configure the POP3/SMTP features of my server so that I can use Joomla's SMTP mail service. (Joomla's SMTP option is limited to port 25 and cannot use ssl.) Anyway, I've tried to set up my POP3 and SMTP services, but I must be doing something wrong. I have both services set up with my registered domain name -- and a check of the DNS in the SMTP setup comes back OK. However, if I try to use my domain name as my SMTP and POP servers in Outlook Express, the program times out while "looking for host." If I enter "localhost" or my IP address (numeric) as my mail servers, I get a dialog box asking me to log in. However, when I try to log in -- using my administrator name & password -- it doesn't work.

I should probably stress that I'm using SERVER 2003, not an EXCHANGE server for this. I have need for one, whole mailbox to make my stupid contact form work, which is why I'm doing this in the first place. If this doesn't work, I'm going to create my own contact form in html, throw it into a joomla content page, and use the phpmailer script to send it manually. Not ideal, as it will always go to the same mailbox, but I'm getting to the point where I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!

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Windows 2003 Email Service

Nov 19, 2007

i've purchased a domain name and would like to set up my windows 2003 server to host my own email with my domain name.?

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Send Mail From Web Form Using 3rd Party SMTP

Apr 1, 2008

I have a CDONTS script which has been sending mail from a client's website form to their address. However, the script has suddenly stopped working. It doesn't error, they just don't receive the mail. I've tried CCing myself in the script and the mail is not getting through. The script itself is tried and tested and syntaxially correct.

I think the problem is because they're using their own exchange server, not the web hosts' mail server. Therefore I would expect that mail sent from the web script wouldn't go through because there is no local mail server to process it.

The problem is that the script hasn't changed, the host say their system hasn't changed, and the client's IT team say their exchange settings haven't changed!

I could set up a CDOSYS script to use their Exchange server to deal with the email, but their IT support won't allow relaying, so I don't think this is possible.

Is connecting to their Exchange box the only option, or should the website host still be able to process the web-script-generated mail despite not being their mail provider? I'm getting a lot of grief here, but it can't be the script that has suddenly broken because nobody has touched it!

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: Send Mail Via Relay Server

Sep 1, 2014

how can set relay server on plesk 12 ? i need send mail by another server

mail server : mailenable

on linux/whm/cpanel add this to exim configirutation :


driver = manualroute

domains = !+local_domains

transport = remote_smtp

route_data = ""

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Lock Down Windows 2003 Terminal Service

Feb 21, 2007

How do I lock down my Windows 2003 server so NO ONE can terminal service in UNLESS they are connected through the PRIVATE network? The server is hosted with Softlayer which allows a private network.

Basically, I want to connect to the SL private network and then terminal service in to get in.

When I connect to the private network, my primary IP/network is STILL my ISP's network. If I goto, I see my ISP's ip.
However, if I do an ipconfig listing, I see the SL private network ip listed as well (it's just not primary). Hopefully, that won't restrict me from terminal servcing in when I lock down the server.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Service Plan With NO Mail Server

May 11, 2013

I have it installed with SmarterMail.

However I have a need to recreate a Service Plan that does not add the domain to SmarterMail.

Like on the Hosting Parameters tab there is an Enable hosting tick box, I need the same type of tick box on the Mail tab.

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Plesk Automation :: SMTP Rate Limit For Receiving Mail On Service Nodes?

May 5, 2014

Is there a KB (I couldn't find one) - to implement rate limiting for receiving mail on our service nodes?

Just had another customer account compromised (not a very weak password either) - and that meant > 250,000 emails - a LOT of cleanup.

Not only do we need rate limiting, but we also need notification of potential abuses.

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Windows Serve Runable To Send Mail To Outside Email

Mar 5, 2008

I have a Windows server + Helm 4 + smartermail 4.

I found that my server today all users web scripts suddenly cannot send the contact form mails, membership registration mails to outside user. (all acripts code by

I try to use many form mail scripts, all als

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Windows Licenses :: Rent Windows Server 2003 Web Edition?

Nov 17, 2008

Any company rent Windows Server 2003 Web Edition ?

SPLA and External licenses ?

With Micfrosoft need pay 2,000$

I wait your answerds.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: SMTP Settings For Live Mail

Aug 10, 2013

I tried to configure windows live mail for an email account. Domain is hosted on a windows Plesk server. Incoming mail is working but unable to send outgoing mails.

Subject 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Server Error: 503
Server Response: 503 This mail server requires authentication when attempting to send to a non-local e-mail address. Please check your mail client settings or contact your administrator to verify that the domain or address is defined for this server.
Server: 'xxxxxxxxx.tld'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC79
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No

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Windows 2008 Versus Windows 2003 Server

May 26, 2009

With Windows 2003 server, there are comprehensive lists of what you need to do to secure the server before use. For Windows 2008, I wonder is there such a list? Or is it true as what I heard from Microsoft that it is already secured out of the box?

Anyone has any resources on the hardening or preparation of 2008 for server hosting uses?

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