Spam/Virus Protection On Windows Server 2003 POP Service

Aug 12, 2005

We have a Windows Server 2003 dedicated, and use the Windows POP3 Service for emails, is there anything that can be plugged in to provide serverside spam/virus protection?

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Windows 2003 Server Virus Worm

Jul 24, 2006

I have ClamWin on the server and it says the following after a 7 hour scan. I notice there is an option to remove files but not sure if i should.

C:WINDOWSjavaclassesjavavm.exe: Worm.Mytob.FN FOUND
C:WINDOWSsystem32TskMan.exe: Trojan.Servu.1 FOUND
C:WINDOWSsystem32wmc.exe: Trojan.RAdmin-2 FOUND

I have also ran the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software which says it has removed them, restart, and they are back.

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Windows 2003 Server Service Accounts

Jan 16, 2007

I have a windows 2003 enterprise (180 day demo) server.

I'm using it to host game servers (and i lighthttpd webserver).

I'm using Deerpark Visnetic Firewall (no hardware router), NOD32, Spybot S&D, a keylogger and Process Guardian.

I want maximum security.

I've already done some registry hacks to prevent some DDOS attacks and ive read about running services under another account, i've created the account and added access for it to run all the system services (via GPO). My problem is that when the computer is rebooted, none of the services start, even though i put the username, password and gave the account full control of the service.

Aside from this, any other tips on maximizing security?

Im also using WinSSH to secure remote desktop and FTP.

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Not Able To Send Mail Using SMTP Service On Windows 2003 Server Machine

Jun 17, 2008

Am using Windows 2003 server with IIS6.0 and SMTP.I tried to send mail using C# code through SMTP service.But my mails are getting queued in C:InetpubmailrootQueue.

What could be the problem??I've done many trouble shooting steps but no luck.I changed the Relay settings.Since I am in a LAN connection, i've tested the relay setting using both the 'localhost'and 'MyDomainIP'but everything in vain.

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Windows 2003 Hard Drive / Folders Protection Password?

Oct 5, 2008

Anyone know a good program to let me put passwords from opening the hard drives via My Computer or especific folders, shortcuts, programs etc?

Lets per say someone got a hold of my Administrator password to have those important confidential files not to be seen a program like this would help. I am also going to set up that the server is only accessed from 2 secure locations just in case.

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Cpanel And Virus Protection?

Apr 10, 2005

Does anyone know of any virus protection software that will work with Cpanel. Actually it probably doesn't have to work with Cpanel.. but here is my situation..

I have a lot of people uploading PDF’s and Word docs to our MySQL database, for other people to download. So far I have been downloading the files to my computer first and scanning them, then approving them. it would be nice if I can automate this check some how. I'm wondering of anyone out there does this sort of thing with the dedicated servers they run. Maybe just putting virus software on the server is good enough.

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Open Source Anti-spam/virus Server?

Feb 20, 2008

I want to set up a dedicated server for spam and virus filtering (MX)

But i was wondering, is there a good opensource based tool for this?

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Windows 2003 Email Service

Nov 19, 2007

i've purchased a domain name and would like to set up my windows 2003 server to host my own email with my domain name.?

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Lock Down Windows 2003 Terminal Service

Feb 21, 2007

How do I lock down my Windows 2003 server so NO ONE can terminal service in UNLESS they are connected through the PRIVATE network? The server is hosted with Softlayer which allows a private network.

Basically, I want to connect to the SL private network and then terminal service in to get in.

When I connect to the private network, my primary IP/network is STILL my ISP's network. If I goto, I see my ISP's ip.
However, if I do an ipconfig listing, I see the SL private network ip listed as well (it's just not primary). Hopefully, that won't restrict me from terminal servcing in when I lock down the server.

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Choose A DDOS Server Protection Service

Sep 27, 2008

Our customer wants some type of DDOS protection for their e-commerce website.

I'm trying to decide between 20mbps or 100mbps DDOS server protection (proxy shield) Do you think that 20mbs DDOS server protection is worthy? It costs >$1000 and it seems to handle only low attacks...?

They have a limited budget so... I will go for 100mbps (>$2000) protection only if I have to...

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Email Spam/Virus Gateway

Dec 11, 2006

Several companies like Fast servers and the planet provide spam filtering mail gateways (Spirus/ Barracuda etc).

Are there any reliable affordable 3rd party services out there as well?

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Windows Licenses :: Rent Windows Server 2003 Web Edition?

Nov 17, 2008

Any company rent Windows Server 2003 Web Edition ?

SPLA and External licenses ?

With Micfrosoft need pay 2,000$

I wait your answerds.

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Windows 2008 Versus Windows 2003 Server

May 26, 2009

With Windows 2003 server, there are comprehensive lists of what you need to do to secure the server before use. For Windows 2008, I wonder is there such a list? Or is it true as what I heard from Microsoft that it is already secured out of the box?

Anyone has any resources on the hardening or preparation of 2008 for server hosting uses?

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Hotlink Protection For Streams From Windows Media Server

Jan 14, 2008

Has any body had experience with the different solutions available for protection your video/audio stream hosted on windows media server. We are planning on launching Media hosting services and are currently considering Video quota to protect clients streams. If there is any other solution,

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Spam Protection! ++ IronPort

Apr 11, 2008

For months ive been battling spam and other crappy stuff so i made a jump for a IronPort C10 (yea yea its the bottom of the barrel) but this thing works great for my needs and my users (family and friends).

My old load on my mail server was .8 all the time or higher now shes around .2

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Outgoing Spam Protection

Jan 28, 2007

What are the best ways to block outgoing spam? Installing APF would help ful?

Any other idea for outgoing spam?

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Windows Server 2003

Jun 9, 2009

My client have a windows 2003 Sever, we install xampp there to run his site because he gave us hosting information late on and we done all his work in mysql php,

so every thing is working but the main problem is this that queries are not going through email.

i don't know how can i set his mail setting.

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Windows Server 2003 Dns

Apr 5, 2008

This is my first dedicated and I am plugging away at it.I am running windows server 2003 web edition and I have my database, website, and ftp setup and everything is working so far. Now if you go to my site that I'm working on will show up. My question is my domain and site that I am in the process of moving is hosted on a shared server on 1and1. Now I need that domain to point to that ip. Do I need to set up name servers on the server? If so can someone point me in th right direction.

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Windows Server 2003 - Log Off

May 25, 2008

When we login our windows 2003 server and download some file / or run any process, whatsoever ; and then we log off the server.

The download / process, ends itself.

How can we keep running the download or any process, even when we log off?

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Windows Server 2003 AD / DNS

Apr 24, 2008

We have two Windows Server 2003 machines as active directory controllers and DNS servers for our in-house operations. For our purposes, let's say the domain name is

Both servers have DNS, and is stored in Active Directory to allow us to use the benefits this provides. Our issue is probably simple, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

Let's call server one EX1, and server two EX2. These have local IPs of and, respectively.

We want to be resolved to an external IP address (for web hosting), let's say The problem is, the two domain controllers keep registering with their internal IP addresses .111 and .112, so the DNS round-robins between and the two internal servers, which aren't web servers.

Is there a way we can get those DNS controllers to stop registering their internal IPs as

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Windows 2003 Server ...

Jan 23, 2008

Some of my factory guys can log on the same user name at the same time, so I want a situation where a user name may be able to log on, one at a time.

in case this forum cannot treat this, kindly direct to another site.

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Windows Server 2003

Dec 22, 2007

i am starting up a buisness running my own web servers and the licensing system for windows Server 2003 standard is really confusing and i was wondering if someone could give a simple explaination if possible.

I will be using these servers for Plesk web hosting.

and with CALs if i am renting out Dedicated servers and they use win server 2003 would i pre install CALs on it or would customer do that.

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Windows 2003 Server 32 Or X64

Dec 10, 2007

Just purchased a Quad Core Xeon Server with 4 gigs of ram and trying to decide if I should run Windows 2003 Standard 32bit or 64bit?

Basically I have a few 1.1 C# application and I want to make sure they will work properly.

Also does anybody know if Plesk 8.2 supports 64 bit?

Also I would assume and hope Microsoft SQL 2005 Express suppports x64?

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Windows 2003 Server SP2

May 21, 2007

I have a server running Win 2003 server at a data centre.Microsoft has released SP2 but mine is SP1.I have no access to the server physically and I wonder can I install SP2 using remote desktop?Will I get logout halfway?

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Which Antivirus For A Windows 2003 Server?

Apr 11, 2008

Should I go for Kaspersky or Nod32 for a windows 2003 dedicated server? Or some other antivirus?

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Windows Server 2003 X86 Or Ubuntu 9.04 X64

Apr 28, 2009

The past week I've been trying to answer the hardest question. I'm an expert windows user and a Novice Linux user.

I have a server built and ready for an operating system, this will be a development server for database and web development. It will also likely turn into an encrypted file server as well.

I do not plan on doing much else other then that.

Is it worth it to struggle through and learn the Linux command line or should I go for Windows Server something I am more familiar with?

I've considered VMware although I have "Fake Raid" and ESXi does not see my Raid-1 setup.

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Inquiry About Windows Server 2003

Jun 13, 2009

there is alot of Windows Server 2003 Editions, like:

windows 2003 web 64 bit
windows 2003 web 32 bit
windows 2003 standered 64 bit
windows 2003 standered 32 bit
windows 2003 DataCenter 64 bit
windows 2003 DataCenter 32 bit

i wanna know what is the different between 64 bit and 32 bit in every edition.

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DS With Windows 2003 Server Installed

Apr 21, 2009

any DS provider, well-known and providing good support who does offer DS with Windows 2003 Server installed?

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Windows 2003 Server Crash

Apr 14, 2009

I have a windows 2003 server with Plesk installed. It keeps crashing and requires a reboot every couple of days.

Here are screenshots of event logs and task manager.

Also, its a Pentium HT with 1GB memory, so it isn't too slow for Windows.

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Hardening Windows Server 2003

Dec 24, 2008

Other than anti-virus

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