How To Pass Through Postini Spam Filtering

Apr 7, 2008

I've got a PHP mail system which sends emails with these headers: ....

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Postini Vs Spam Assassin

Sep 5, 2007

My webhost says that I can enable "spam assassin" on my email account for free. But if I want "Postini", then I will have to pay extra. I need spam protection on my email account. But I don't want any false positives because I don't even bother scanning through my spam box.

How much better is Postini than spam assassin? I know Google is trying to buy Postini. So I figure it must be pretty good. But is it so much better than than free one?

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Green Eggs And Spam - Postini

May 2, 2007

we've been evaluating the Postini product for a short bit and was hoping this would be all that it's touted for.

So far, we're seeing it catch about 60% of spam but still some very obvious blatent ones are coming in.

Amazingly, we have done a forward as well to a gmail account, the gmails junk filters are pretty damm catches the *rest* that Postini does not tag.

Just curious if anyone has has used other 3rd party spam services and your feedback/review

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Spam Filtering

Jan 5, 2009

I used to have a reseller account and have shifted everything to a dedicated server. I now find that a couple of clients are getting lots of spam when they didn't before.

It seems that the servers used by the reseller account had some level of basic spam filtering installed; my provider suggested I look for a filtering program to install on my server.

There are, of course, dozens of them, so I wondered if anyone has any experience - enough, perhaps, to make a recommendation.

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Spam Filtering

Feb 7, 2007

decent spam filtering service that allows you to do multiple domains and charges on a per user basis (with most you have to have the same domain or you have to buy another license pack). Anyway I'm looking to spend around $1-3 per user

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GoDaddy Spam Filtering

Oct 27, 2008

Does anybody know if GD filters email BEFORE it reaches my domain? It surely seems so. I recently moved to GD. I turned off spam filtering and don't receive any spam on accounts that used to receive a lot of spam. The only possible explanation is that they kill it before it reaches my domain.

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Managed Spam Filtering

Apr 10, 2008

if anyone may know of a server spam filtering product which has these features....

1. stops identified spam at the server and keeps it for a period of time eg 7 days before dumping it

2. forwards clean mail to end user

3. end user gets daily report via email of mail tagged and kept

4. clickable link in daily email report to 'release' mail and send it

5. auto whitelists released mail (ie adds it to bayesian database / whitelist addresses)

6. configurable to work with either individual end user, or with eg domain sysadmin (who can view / help see mail for all domain users)

7. can be either a hosted service, or server software product; although linux opensource server product would be good.....

8. not hugely expensive :-)

I have been using ASSP for quite some time; and like it's accuracy. So I suppose what ideally I'm looking for is ASSP with Bells and Whistles. On Cpanel I'm using grscripts ASSP deluxe, and this already has some great bells, but lacks a couple of the whistles I'd like (as above).

If anyone has ideas - or can point me to other threads (I did a search here already, but couldn't refine my search enough to find anything relevant)

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Remote Spam Filtering

Jan 4, 2007

We have a serious spam email problem. Can anyone recommend a good Remote Spam Filtering service?

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Email Piping And Spam Filtering

Mar 7, 2008

I have SpamAssassin on my server, and I use email piping to forward incoming emails to a PHP script. I'd like to know if emails go through SpamAssassin before being piped, or if they don't go through SpamAssasin. Where exactly is SpamAssassin requested to scan emails?

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Amazing Spam Filtering At Reliablesite

May 12, 2008

reliablesite has filtered 100% of the spam emails

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Recommendation For An MS Exchange Admin Who Knows How To Set Up Spam Filtering

Aug 4, 2008

We have a customer who has their own in-house Exchange server. The problem (don't ge me started!) is that they get a LOT of spam.

We've been looking for some kind of hosted barracuda service, but can't seem to find anything reasonably priced.

So... I'm thinking that maybe for a one-time setup fee we can help them find an Exchange admin who can set them up with Spam Assassin or some other *simple* but effective spam filtering system on their server.

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Hosted Third-party Spam Filtering For CPanel

Oct 3, 2007

Can anyone recommend a hosted third-party spam filtering service for cPanel servers?

Most of the servers are reseller based, and I don't see myself or my team having to enter each individual email address into the service.

With that said, is there any service where you can just point the MX records to it, it would scan the email, and then deliver it?

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DirectAdmin / Plesk Hosting - Enterprise Grade Spam Filtering A Plus

Aug 16, 2008

We have a variety of clients that we just put on various providers/platforms that we use for various reason. I've given up on HSphere though. I can see the versatility in this but I just don't have the time to invest learning the interface. What is a +++ though is HSphere platforms bundle in urchin--so for certain sites, we can turn urchin up on the fly.

Is there any hosts you guys recommend that have Enterprise grade email filtering. Part of the problem we have seen is just the level of spam filtering. Even with Pair, stuff was just coming through. For those with email in house -- great , as we just run the MX through Postini 1st and lock down SMTP on the FW side.

For some of our clients *with some minor hiccups* at times, we moved them to Google Apps. The spam filtering is just a +++ as much as I would like to get away from Google on the email. And yes, I am aware they own Postini now...

Back on to Webhosting.

I think we have found a couple of new guys to try
For nix based hosting, I'm planning to move some sites to Medialayer. Support or just various emails between them is very good !

For windows, we are debating. I have to reach out to Karl over at Steadfast and or Wiretree to inquire...but I'm leaning on a Plesk Windows Shared or VPS.

Usability is key on the CP and Cpanel/Plesk is just so much easier than Hsphere.

For the *email aspects* that's tied into any hosting provider, Mosso was interesting - BUT just looking at was frighting.

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Plesk Automation :: Use Mail Node With Spam Filtering Appliance

May 20, 2014

We want to configure our PPA mail node to send all outbound mail through our spam filtering appliance but don't know where to start.

Reading standard Postfix docs give basic instructions on how to direct a handful of domains through a mail relay but we want to direct every outbound email from all domains through our spam filter.

We also want to ensure that any regular updates to the mail node won't break or undo this config.

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Apache :: Proxy Pass / Proxy Pass Reverse

Jun 10, 2013

I'm using the isapi rewrite module for iis 6 which uses the exact same syntax as mod_rewrite in apache. I'm not very well versed in apache and need getting this to work asap. Basically I have a directory in our website: URL....

I need to forward this to an IP address, for example to this address: keeping the original URL ( I'm unsure of the apache syntax for this.

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Dec 4, 2007

Just wondering what's your take with Postini mail filtering services. I was expecting a huge difference but even with the filter sensativity at max threshhold *5*,, 15-30+ spam emails still seem to trickle in. The built in *junk filter* in Outlook always seems to catch the stuff that get's past by the Postini filters.

Just wondering for those using Postini, how do you feel about the accuracy of the spam filtering services.

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DNS / Mail Issue With Postini Relaying

Feb 14, 2008

I've got a domain name ("") on my server (CentOS 4, WHM/cPanel) that has been set up with Postini for quite some time. All has been working & routing correctly. I recently changed to a new server with a new IP address. I transferred the account so that the DNS is setup identically on the new server. The only thing that changed is the main server IP, and the IP addresses that and resolve to. That propagation went through today and should be well set in.

Now, whenever you send an email to someone on this domain, it gets bounced back with the following:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): ( [] is currently not
550-permitted to relay through this server. Perhaps you have not logged into
550-the pop/imap server in the last 30 minutes or do not have SMTP
550 Authentication turned on in your email client.

The way I have the DNS setup on the server for the MX records is as follows:, 14400, IN MX, 100,, 14400, IN MX, 200,, 14400, IN MX, 300,, 14400, IN MX, 400,

This DNS is exactly the way it was setup before when it was working. Any ideas what could be causing this?

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Postini / MX Logic / Message Labs

Jan 22, 2007

Has anyone done any comparisons between these companies.

I've tried reaching out to each and plan to do follow-ups .

3 calls, 2 phone convos with Postini and the local rep still has not called me back to discuss their offerings.

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SSH Saving Login And Pass

Aug 12, 2007

I have 5 servers that I login to everyday and its annoying typing pass and username and server IP on putty every time I want to login.

Is there client software that I can use to save Login so i can login using one click?

I currently use putty

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Change Pass And Bandwidth

Oct 1, 2007

my cpanel is expired.. i urgently need to change the pass of an user account and the bandwidth limit for that account..

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Change CPanel Root Pass Via Shell

May 31, 2007

Is there a way to change the CPanel root password via the shell?

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Apache :: Pass SSL Through Balancer - Let Workers Decrypt

Apr 23, 2015

I'm using mod_proxy_balancer in Apache 2.2.29 with OpenSSL on Windows to distribute HTTPS requests to two other back end servers, both of which are also Apache 2.2.29 with OpenSSL on Windows.

DumpIO shows that the requests are being decrypted on the balancer, and then sent unencrypted to the two workers. I would like to have the requests pass through the balancer without decrypting there, and let the two back end worker servers do the decryption. Is that possible? If so, how?

When I tried simply disabling SSL on the balancer, the requests fail, with nothing logged at all.

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Weird MySQL: User/pass Stops Working After A While

Mar 29, 2009

I am having a very strange problem with 2 different cPanel accounts on a server with 500-600 accounts. For some reason after a day or two the mysql username/password stops working. We have tried changing the MySQL user and the password with no success. The log does not indicate that the MySQL password was changed in any way. Only these 2 accounts are affected and this problem occurred at least half dozen times each.

Again: these are two different accounts with 2 different MySQL users that after a while stop working (I am unable to determine if they stop working at the same time b/c they belong to different customers). When we reset the user (with the same pass) it works for a day or two. I have checked to connect not only from PHP but also from shell when it's down: it also doesn't work so this is a pure MySQL problem.

Also on the server we have Fantastico.

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Apache :: Proxy Pass Through Fail Going To IIS Server With DEVEXPRESS

Feb 13, 2013

I am trying to setup a pass through on our apache proxy server, typically this is not any trouble but our developers have started using a product call DEV EXPRESS and I cannot figure out how to get my pass through to work. Here's what my pass through looks like

ProxyPass /tmsdev
ProxyPassReverse /tmsdev
The initial url is

I am getting 404 errors on everything that has /RealEstate/DXR.axd......... The DXR.axd is something from DEVEXPRESS here's the error I'm getting.

<title>404 Not Found</title>
<h1>Not Found</h1>
<p>The requested URL /RealEstate/DXR.axd was not found on this server.</p>
<hr />
<address>IBM_HTTP_Server/ Apache/2.0.47 (Win32) Server at ghweb04 Port 80</address>

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Direct Admin :: Installation Didn't Pass, Halting Install

May 4, 2009

After installing in my vps the Direct Admin panel i got this at the end:

14:11:40 (156 MB/s) - `/etc/named.conf' saved [949/949]

*** gcc is required for compiling, please install gcc (yum install gcc)***
*** g++ is required for compiling, please install g++ (yum install gcc-c++)***
*** cannot find /usr/bin/make. Please make sure that patch is installed (yum install make) ***
Installation didn't pass, halting install.

Cannot find /usr/local/bin/php
Please recompile php with custombuild, eg:
cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
./build all d

The first command that i was run was:

yum install gcc-g++

*Default username and password for login?

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