How To Limit Number Of Simultaneous SSH Logins

May 28, 2009

I would like to know if it is possibl to limit SSH logins for any user to 2. The OS is CentOS.

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Remote Desktop Number Of Simultaneous Connections

Dec 25, 2008

Can I check what is the maximum number of connections for Remote Desktop Protocol in say W2k3? Also anyway to increase that? This question has been bugging me for a long time.

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Limit The Number Of Emails Sent From Qmail

Sep 14, 2007

I have a VPS based on Hypervm+Lxadmin.

I want to limit each user to maximum 20 mails per hour. Is this possible? If yes, how do I do it?

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Apache :: Limit Number Of Sessions

Nov 18, 2014

I implemented a Reverse Proxy using apache2 v. 2.4... What i need to do is limit number of sessions against a Virtual Host. Is that possible?

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Limit Number Conection In Apache/cpanel

Oct 27, 2009

Cpanel have option for compile with limit number access from IP via apache?

I want earch IP can access 5 conection in apache.

Via cpanel is possible?

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Apache :: Limit Max Number Of Concurrent Access To Specified URL

Jul 11, 2014

Is it possible to limit the max number of concurrent access to an url?

Let's see the following example: URL...

/a1 concurrent access should be limited to for example 20.

While we have an other url:

/a2 should be limited to 30.

Is it possible to do it with some apache config?

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CPanel - How To Throttle/limit Number Of Emails Sent Via Script

Mar 30, 2008

cPanel server with EXIM.

Seems the standard feature there - number of emails per hour limit is not working in this case of script emailing.

Any way to limit the number of emails sent via .php scripts or/and throttle this emailing speed cause in the case of spamer the server load hit the roof.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Cannot Limit Number Of Backup Files

Oct 30, 2014

I'm running Plesk v12.0.18 #22 on Ubuntu 12.04.

In the plesk backup-settings I've set the max. number of backup-files to 5.

Actually Plesk doesn't limit the number of backups stored in the local repository.

So unfortunately the partition is running out of space.

What can be done to solve that problem?

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Can You Limit Number Of Recepients In CPanel Outbound Email (webmail/smtp)

Apr 30, 2008

I want to cap users on outbound emails ....

Example: User A sends an email to 100 people (using To,cc and bcc) . However the server needs to stop sending that message and cap a limit of 5 recipients per email

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Backup And Quota - Limit Number Of Cores Backup Zipping Tool Uses?

Aug 15, 2014

I have 2 problems:

Firstly I wonder if there is any possibility to limit the number of cores the plesk backup zipping tool uses? This pigz takes up all my CPU. Is there any way I can reduce the amount of cores it uses because all my websites are down every time a backup takes place for around 3 minutes.

Secondly I get the following in my syslog:

1 baby plesk sendmail[20189]: Error during 'check-quota' handler

I don't know what is wrong. I think it's since the upgrade to Plesk 12. I now have 12.0.18 Update #13.

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Record .htaccess Logins?

Dec 20, 2006

I have a site that has a members section requiring members to log in with a username/password through .htaccess & .htpasswd file. Just wondering, is there a way I can record their logins and ip addresses using PHP scripts or .htaccess? I just want to keep track of the logins so I can see which login is being abused and keeping track of them.

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How To Block (IP) Failed Logins

Mar 2, 2008

I have a personal dedicated server for family sites, but there seems to be someone or something trying to ssh into the server.

I have BFD installed and that has blocked the IP(s) after a number of attempts.

How can I change when it blocks the IP, say after 3 attempts or a certain number of attempts within a time limit, is this possible with BFD?

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WHM/Cpanel Block All Non Ssl Logins

Oct 30, 2008

We are being required to turn off all non-ssl logins to our server. I have turned on ssl redirection, but that only works when access by domain.

if a user types in the direct port number either
they can still get access to the non-ssl login page.

I need to be able to disable all port access to non-ssl login pages for ports 2086,2082 and 2095.

My servers are running CSF+LFD and i have tried removing the ports from the configuration, but i still can gain access.

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Anyone Seeing Tons Of Rejected Ssh Logins

May 6, 2008

I have DenyHosts to ban an IP after 5 failed ssh logins, and send me an e-mail when it happens. Ordinarily I average around 3 banned hosts a week.

I've gotten ten today. Four of them happened with a couple minutes of each other.

I'm just wondering if this is widespread, as if something new was just unleashed? Or is it just dumb (un)luck? I'm not really concerned; every account has a strong password.

I'm merely curious about whether or not other people have seen a surge in brute-force attempts?

(This machine is just hosting a couple of my sites, which get almost no hits... It's not as if people are specifically targeting me. It's just them guessing "alice" and "bob" type usernames.)

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Simultaneous Connections Wait

Jun 16, 2007

I have Apache2 installed on my dedicated server. I would like to install a mod / configure my Apache Server in order to limit simultaneous connections / IP.

The thing that I want is that for example if I want a maximum of 2 simultaneous connections / IP, when that IP reaches the LIMIT, I would like to delay its next request, and NOT display him a 503 error like most mods DO.

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How Many Simultaneous Users On A Hostserver

Nov 20, 2007

how many simultaneous users on the 2 hostservers below can .

Here are some spec from 2 hostservers.

Processor Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
DDR Memory 1024mb
Hard Drive 80gb SATA

and here is the second one .

Intel Xeon 3040 Dual Core 1.86GHz Processor
Dual Gigabit Ethernet NIC
2 x 160GB SATA2 Western Digital disks

if you now a better one please tell and give the spec from the server and the number of simultaneous users it can handle.

And lets say fore the simultaneous users that they are on a forum.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Unlimited Number Of Website With Unlimited Number Of Domains?

Oct 5, 2007

I'm new to Private Virtual Server and the package offered by different company are quite confusing.

I was on RackForce and their basis VPS package dds200-L can host 100 domain names on Plesk and unlimited domain names on WHM/Cpanel.

On 1and1 it didn't say if Plesk support 100 or unlimited domain names. My question is, do we always have the liberty to host unlimited domain names on our PVS?

Can anyone recommend a good VPS hosting company?

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Test How Many Simultaneous Connections Allowed

May 26, 2008

Is there anyway to test how many simultaneous connections my host is allowing me to have? I seem to be getting alot of people telling me my site is unavailable and so on when I'm not having an issue. My site and host by VT6 extreme account.


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Installed A Script To Notify Me Of Root Logins

Apr 29, 2009

I got an email from my server telling me "tty1" has logged into root. Can anyone tell me what that means? Is this some sort of hack? Usually it tells me which IP logged when someone logs in not "tty1".

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2-5min Delay In Logins And Misc. Apps.

May 9, 2009

VPS: Openvz, 512mb, 50gb hd, 10mbit shared located in Kansas.

Problem: After entering in my username / password I experience a 2-5 minute delay before the login is processed. I have tried logging in from 3 different ISP's (AT&T, Comcast, T-mobile via Blackberry), 1 webserver (ssh), and HyperVM's Java client. Each produces the same result.

Also, apps such as yum and traceroute produce the same long delays ranging from 2-5 minutes as though the vps locks up or the node has zero resources.

When I use the command center via HyperVM I receive the same long delays. Rebuilding the VPS does nothing. O/S has no affect.

Despite long discussions with the VPS staff they insist there are no problems on their end and that no one else is experiencing this problem. What gives?

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Server Load :: Of Simultaneous Processes Should Not Exceed 5

May 1, 2008

In learning that some hosts seem to be tightening shared hosting specs, I'm wondering what a 'simultaneous process' is... as from this clip: 'number of simultaneous processes should not exceed 5'.

Is each part - for example, graphics and includes - of an individual webpage a 'process'?

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Hardware Requirements For 40-50 Simultaneous Video Streams

Jul 10, 2008

I have done some searching here but wasn't able to find what I was looking for, so am making a new post.

I have a client who needs an online training web application. I have done plenty of sites in the past, but none with streaming video so am really unsure what type of hardware this requires. At peak the client expects 50 users watching streaming video at the same time (so lets double it to 100 to be sure). What type of server hardware requirements am I looking at to deliver that content at a good speed with little to no hick ups? Also, is a 100Mbps link good enough?

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Simultaneous Download Speeds On Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Oct 7, 2007

I just got a VPSlink account about a month ago and for all testing purposes, it has been great so far [my first VPS]. But I haven't transferred my main site to it yet mainly due to one specific question about download speeds. Quickly, here's what I've found about their network...

VPSLink is owned by Spry, so from all I can tell, they're using the same network speeds. Which are:
Unmetered: 1.5 megabits per sec in total traffic.
Metered: Spry's site says "throughput of up to 8Mbps"

Ok, so here's what I'm trying to find out:
I'm running a small software business with some downloads (all legal of course - they're mine ) and would like to know what the real-world download speeds that users would normally see when downloading my files. Here are the knowns:

a) Let's assume for this question that all of the user computer's are on very quick connections, so their speed wouldn't be an issue.

b) An example file would be say, 20 MB.

I'm most looking to see how speeds would be (in Kbps) if say, 20 people are downloading a 20 MB file at the same time (again, with their connections being extremely fast; fast enough for the sake of this example to not be a factor - so the max speed would only depend on my VPSlink server's connection).

I don't know of a good way to really test this since I only have access to 1 physical connection. I did try a test with a friend. Here's what happened:

I normally get about 500-600kbps sustained on my cable modem, as does my friend. When downloading a test file on my server I was able to get about that when downloading all alone. But, when my friend and I downloaded it at the same time, both of us got around 350kbps -- so the total speed about dropped in half. Again since my site is for software downloads, and when releasing an update to one of our products, sometimes I'm guessing 20+ users download simultaneously for a couple days.

This currently seems to work ok on Dreamhost, but for many other reasons, we're needing a VPS. But would this vastly decrease our file transfer download speeds to users? If users got something horrible like 2kbps, that would most certainly loose a lot of business for us since they'd just get frustrated and cancel for the most part.

Does anyone know of a rough estimate on how to figure this out, or even better, are there any VPSLink customers out there that have experience with this?

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Simultaneous FTP User- Cpanel/WHM/Pure-FTP, Dual Xeon 2.4, 1gRAM, Dedicated

Dec 12, 2008

Simultaneous FTP User Question - Cpanel/WHM/Pure-FTP, Dual Xeon 2.4, 1gRAM, Dedicated

Does the following dedicated server spec throw any flags for you when considering our intended future use?

Dual Xeon 2.40 ghz.
1 gig RAM

- We currently host 300 low volume websites on the server.

- We only use 40 gigs of data bandwidth per month. (1000 allotted)

- We developed a new software product that allows auto-updates 300kb of data each day.

- We expect up to 500 people to use this software and need to access our FTP daily, at different times of the day (random).

- We plan to embed the FTP information into the software.

The FTP access will be transparent to the user.

Does our dedicated server sound like it could handle this? My guess is yes.

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How To See Number Of Ip Connected?

Apr 28, 2008

I think someone from a single ip abusing my service.

is there anyway to check number of conenction per ip?

so that i ban the ip with max number of connection.

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Number Of Sites

Aug 28, 2008

I just want a rough idea; How many sites could safely fit on a server with the following specs?

CentOS Linux 5.X

I am thinking in terms of CPU power and Ram here. The sites I have in mind are all low usage (at most 300MB storage and 1GB bandwidth per month) so bandwidth and storage is irrelevant here.

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VPS Ram Vs Number Of Users

Jun 11, 2008

I will generally have around 1-70 people browsing my forums at one time. I would like to know if 128mb of ram would be good enough for average performance?

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Ban A Large Number Of IPs

May 30, 2007

I'm currently using iptables to ban IP addresses from the servers, like:

iptables -A INPUT -s -j DROP
I ran a "spam trap" for the last few months and now I have over 11000 IP addresses who were trying to spam on my website (guestbooks, phpBB and forms) and I want to ban them all (pretty sure bots run from them).

My question - is iptables the way to do it? I mean does banning such a large number of addresses have any significant performance or other issues I should be aware of (except of the fact I may be banning some legitimate traffic)? Is the -A INPUT the way to ban them all or is there a more appropriate way of baning such a number of addresses?

I'm on CentOS 4.5 i686, Apache/1.3.37, Pentium D 930, 2GB RAM.

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