How To Filter / Track Outgoing Spam

Aug 9, 2007

I'm wondering if theres anything I can install on the server that will either filter or track outgoing spam. I don't want to limit the number of emails sent per hour or anything, I just want to be able to maybe search through some flagged emails or something. Or if they send the exact same email more than x times it can disable their account... I'm not sure

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Filter Outgoing Messages

Apr 1, 2007

I am on a DirectAdmin server, with root access. Exim mail server.

Is there any way to filter outgoing messages? Let's say if IP of client is listed in blacklist, they can not send out emails

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How Do I Track Down Spam Coming FROM My Server

May 29, 2007

Logwatch says I send out about 3k emails each day and that is a ridiculous amount. I use postfix and do not run any sort of relay, even for myself. I have IPB 2.2.2, Wordpress 2.0.4, and Gallery 2.x.

How can I track down where these messages are originating from? Or perhaps I am reading my LogWatch file incorrectly?


--------------------- postfix Begin ------------------------

17999281 bytes transferred
2460 messages sent
26 messages expired and returned to sender
145 messages removed from queue

Top ten senders:
24 messages sent by:
apache (uid=48):
2 messages sent by:
root (uid=0):

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To Spam Filter Or Not To Spam Filter

Apr 23, 2008

As a web host or ISP what do you think is best to do? do spam/virus filtering, or don't touch mail and let the user do what they want with it? (no chance of false positives, or lost mail, this way)

I work for an ISP and we have a barracuda and we get tons of calls from customers regarding lost mail and such as when you're filtering such a large varitey of mail its very hard to have a "perfect" filter. Mail that a car dealership gets and what a hospital get is totally different, for example.

Also in terms of web hosting the filtering will put a reasonable load on the server during peak spamming hours.

So just curious, as a ISP/webhost customer do you think your host should do filter or do you rather manage that yourself?

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Microsoft And His Spam Filter

May 28, 2009

We have identified that messages from your IP are being filtered based on the recommendations of the Symantec Brightmail filter as well as our internal Smart Screen Filters. The filter was initiated by Hotmail at (5/20/2009 12:00:00 AM) PST due to a large volume of emails that were sent prior to this time.

We will be happy to work directly with Symantec on your behalf to investigate and possibly resolve this problem. In order to move forward, we will need examples of the messages that were caught by the Brightmail filters.

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SPAM Filter / Control

Jun 30, 2008

I am running a small hosting operation and would like to know more about SPAM filtering and controlling. SpamAssasin is installed on my server but it does not do much. I was looking into different solution with a anti-spam device and would like to know which one is recommended the most: sonicwall, barracuda or symantec? (total email addresses is less than at thousand)

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How Much CPU Load Does Your Spam Filter Put On Your VPS

Jul 8, 2007

How much CPU & RAM load does your spam filter put on your VPS? It seems logical that the more mailboxes hosted, the more VPS resources the spam filter will consume - especially if any of the email addresses are targeted by spammers (or the user is careless and gives out their email address everywhere - as many do).

It's become so much with some of our subscribers that we have had to offer a hardware spam filter, to keep the load off the VPS. It's been great in that the VPS's protected by it have seen a dramatic performance increase....but are these subscribers unique in some way?

And so here is my much CPU is everyone's spam assassin/spam filter using and how many mailboxes do you host on your VPS? very curious...

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Yahoo Spam Filter

Apr 9, 2007

Anyone else have problems with Yahoo Spam filters being overzealous? I recently setup a new domain and a few email accounts. After sending a few test messages to my Yahoo email, each one of them was flagged as spam. I changed the text to a more regular email, with no controversial words and still the same result. I notice that Yahoo regularly traps some newsletters I subscribe to in my spam filter, but rarely, if ever legitimate emails. I checked with my web host who informed me they are not on any spam blacklists and that I would have to contact Yahoo. Yahoo's help is quite a maze (designed to make you lose interest and move on), so before I continue hunting for how to contact Y!, I thought I would come here to see if this is a common problem (with a common fix).

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My Server Blocked By Gmail's Spam Filter

Nov 30, 2007

I just found out all my mails sent to Gmail are marked as spam. However, if I check my IP address in independant grass-root spam databases, my IP address isn't blacklisted. I checked 7 of them. Do you know how to solve this problem

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Server Side Anti Spam Filter

Nov 20, 2007

i was wondering if there is any other free anti-spam filter other than Spam Assassin that can be used on a VPS account?

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: SPAM Filter Literally Doing Nothing?

Sep 8, 2014

A few months before I updated to Plesk 12 I noticed a huge jump in uncaught spam - I hoped the update to Plesk 12 might solve this but no luck.

I have now changed the spam sensitivity on my account 1, the idea being I would then whitelist the domains I want to get through but literally nothing is getting marked as spam. Users on other domains on the same server are reporting the same.

I'm using the following blacklist database lists:;;;;

I have Plesk SpamAssassin 3.3.2 installed and set as the Spam handler.

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SPAM Filter Choices Plesk Control Panel

Apr 15, 2008

switched to and not getting any help - really stuck as my customer wanted better spam filtering so I went to them on a recommendation and I do not know how to turn on and what is the best setting for spam filtering with their panel. Also using HORDE where I can set a filter using rules but it only works if I log on and hit apply filter so my customer still gets it in his in box -

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: SPAM Filter For Mailman Lists

Jul 18, 2014

I am happily running Plesk 11.5; with just one small but annoying persistent problem:

I have Clients with large mailinglistes
- SpamAssassin
- Server-wide greylisting
is running.

But apparently many of the lists mail addresses have been harvested over the years. And as there is no easy way to use SA in mailman, I am down to greylisting only for list addresses.

This results in insanely large amounts of SPAM (-> moderation requests) on the client's lists. Is this behavior improved in Plesk 12?

Or can probably SIEVE filters work here - are those available to mailman? (probably not as they work in Dovecot?)

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Understanding Spam Outgoing

Mar 25, 2007

I'd like to seek help on how to read eximlog file. I saw the below inside eximlog. I'm wondering now because does not exist on this user emailaddress when I browse his cpanel. Now who is sending it? the only correct info is the pixelxl which is the user.

2007-03-25 14:49:41 1HVMXt-0000SV-7j => pixelxl <> F=<> R=localuser T=local_delivery S=2213
2007-03-25 14:49:41 1HVMXt-0000SV-7j Completed

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Outgoing Spam Protection

Jan 28, 2007

What are the best ways to block outgoing spam? Installing APF would help ful?

Any other idea for outgoing spam?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Email Address Blacklist - Spam Filter Settings

Apr 3, 2015

Almost all mail adresses on my server is getting a spam mail from same mail marketing company everyday and i want to block them... Normally i just add the mail address to blacklist from "Spam Filter Settings" but this company is opening new addresses everyday and it is impossible to add all of them to blacklist so i need adding it as a regex to the blacklist...

The company i am talking about is opening mail addresses every day like below...

As you can see all mail addresses begin with "nrt"+"6 digits of day"+"free mail provider", so right now i am using the regex below and it is already added to the blacklist but they are still able to send me... What can i do now?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Spam Filter Settings - White List Limit

Jul 24, 2014

I can only add 100 addresses to the global address spam white list. I need to add more!

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SPF, Outgoing Spam And Mail Configuration

Dec 10, 2008

I am trying to make sure my server configuration is optimally set to prevent my outgoing activation emails being set as spam.

so far I have set up an SPF record - Using Plesk for set up a DNS record of type TXT and value v=spf1 mx -all.

How do I check if this has been set up correctly?

I am using CentOS with Apache and Plesk 8.3 and I am sending mail using PHP's mail() function. The majority of the emails that aren't being received are going to hotmail accounts but I haven't yet sent a large enough amount of emails to view any concrete pattern. Curiously they don't appear to be going to the user's spam folder they are just being deleted outright.

Also, I'm not sure if it's related but one of my users mistyped their email address as and I now have a message in the qmail mail queue which is dated 1970. Is this something I am failing to do at a PHP level (i.e. not setting a date attribute)?

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Stop Outgoing Spam Using Mod_security

Mar 2, 2007

Can you share your mod_security rules to stop outgoing spam? (most generated by php contact forms)

And for incoming?

I would like to know what rules can work with mod_security 1.9.4.

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Outgoing Email Is Flagged As Spam

Mar 30, 2007

A user in my server trying to send email, but email is flagged as "Absolute Spam" by Spamassassin. It says IP is listed in SBL/XBL.

There is an IP address in "Received-From" part of the headers. That IP is actually listed in several spam databases, but not my server's IP (Below, red and bold).
Email is sent from my server, but how come "From" IP is different from mine?

Headers of the email are below:


Received: from [] (helo=[])
by with esmtp (Exim 4.63)
(envelope-from <*********>)
id 1HQ3Yj-0007jV-6J
for ************; Sun, 11 Mar 2007 00:32:37 +0900
Mime-Version: 1.0 (Apple Message framework v624)
In-Reply-To: <**********************>
References: <**********************>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-2022-JP; delsp=yes; format=flowed
Message-Id: <>
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
From: =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCOWI2NhsoQiAbJEIwITUqO1IbKEI=?= <**********>
Subject: Re:
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 23:32:34 -0800
To: *********
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.624)

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Mysql Duplicate Entry Error - Enabling Spam Filter

May 7, 2013

when im trying to enable spam filter for a particular email account i get this mysql error:

Error: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '' for key 3 (mail id i hid it for security reasons

i searchd in the psa database but could not find any duplication...

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How To Prevent Spam Flag On Outgoing Mail

Feb 14, 2008

I have a linux VPS with WHM and exim 4.68.

What common settings can I configure to not have emails sent to spam folder for mail servers like gmail, yahoo, and hotmail?

Reverse DNS seems to work, on my server name comes up for my IP. is coming up as the same IP as reverse DNS.

SPF record is set up for the domain.

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