Hosts That Do Free Cpanel Transfers

Dec 26, 2007

I was reading how hostgator will do up to 30 cpanel transfers for a reseller. Are there other hosts that offer a similar service?

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Can I Find Free Hosts?

May 13, 2008

where can I find free hosts?

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What Makes Free Hosts Different

Oct 13, 2009

Apart from being free, of course. I can see thousands of free webhosts, many of which even don't put ads, and still support Databases, custom domains, even unbelievable bandwidths. Still, how does premium webhosts remain at the top? Or what is the problem with these free hosts?

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Experience With Free Hosts?

Jan 31, 2008

I've had some experience with free hosts such as awardspace, etc. And I've done a thousand google searches for free hosts but I'm hoping sitepointers may be able to give some assistance.

I need this hosting for a non-profit that I'm doing a website for, and need 1 MySQL database with it. The site will not require huge amounts of bandwith by any standards so I'm looking for good quality free hosting for this organisation so they don't have to spend the extra bucks.

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Which Hosts Provide Free Trial

Mar 4, 2009

I am looking to get hosting for site that I want to build. At the moment I am looking for shared hosting. Things that I need from the host are unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited Domains/Sub-Domains, 5GB Disk Space and 10 GB Data transfer. My budget is about $10/month. I know hostgator provides 1 month for 1cent after coupon. I know hostgator oversells but their plans meet my requirements and from what I have read here they aren't too bad. Are there any other hosts that provide the first month for free or close to free, I would like to try out the hosting service for a month to see for myself how they are.

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Directadmin Hosts Or Cpanel Hosts

Aug 16, 2008

Recently I stumbled along a host on here with a good rep and that uses direct admin.

Because they were very nice on the live support I signed up to see what direct admin was like.

Its very diferent from cpanel. Some parts seem to be harder to use like the phpmyadmin requires the username and password to the database you created not the control panel username and password like cpanel. Although I guess that could be a good security feature just in case some one gets into the control panel they can not get into the phpmyadmin, then again if they are smart and were able to get into the control panel they could get into ftp and look what the username and password is on the config file for the script you are using.

The bandwidth meter seems to be better in direct admin although I think its acting up for me as its putting yesterdays bandwidth on todays. I was told by the host that it updates every 2 hours and at first it did but now its gone to every day. Oh and unlike cpanel this bandwidth meter includes bandwith used by the control panel.

Niether one from what I can tell counts sftp though at least for the hosts I have right now.

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Reseller To Vps Transfers Having Mysql Problems

Sep 8, 2007

i recently got a new vps plan from the same webhost i had, since its a vps, i rarely get support for some issues like transfers.

i have transfered around 70% of my accounts from the old to the new server, most of them have no databases.

when i am transferring database-handling accounts from the reseller to the vps all of them lose database permissions, so what happens is all database-using apps dont work. does any one know how to fix this or what is happening?

i have cpanel 11 on both servers and i do the CP full backup - ftp - full restore method

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Setting Up A New Server For Small Data Transfers

Jun 5, 2009

I am an end-program computer engineering student. I have experience with programming languages such as C++, Java and various others but have very little experience with web based applications and hosting.

I am working on a project for my local chapter of Engineering regulators. Once a year, they hold a popsicle stick bridge building competition in different areas of the province and measure and record the maximum force that each bridge can withstand before breaking. I am tasked with measuring this data for each bridge and displaying it on a GUI.

There are approximately 5 of these competitions held in the same week, each in a different area of the province. I would like to bring the data recorded in each competition online so that the competitions can be linked together regardless of geographic location.

To do this I would need some very small scale web hosting. These competitions tak place only once a year and the amount of data sent to the server from each competition is minimal - approximately 5 entries per bridge (number, weight, max load, owner, age group) for about 200 bridges. Each competition would sample this data at regular intervals so that they can compare their top scores with those of different locations.

I have come here for some advice on the best way to set this up. I have considered the following options:

1. Purchasing server space online - This seems to come at too high a cost ($10/month is the minimum that I could find) and come with more space and speed than is required for this purpose.

2. Setting up my own server space online - This would require a dedicated PC running at all times for a long period of time (it will probably be 10-15 years before this system is redesigned). This system needs to be self maintaining as once I am off this project it will not have IT support.

3. Using the engineering regulators website space to host this data - They have a website already and I may be able to keep this data there, however, I am unsure about accessibility of this space. This database will have to be accessed by a Java or C++ based program as the GUI will be written in one of those languages, and I am note sure if this type of webspace supports the commands needed to access this information.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Transfers And Migration Agent Hangs While Updating

Aug 21, 2014

I'd like to upgrade my server from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 14.04. The idea is to migrate my actual server (S1) to another one (S2). Then, format and install ubuntu 14.04 with Plesk on S1, and finally migrate the data from S2 to S1. Is it a good solution? Is it possible to do this using only one server? I don't know if I can do it making a backup, install Ubuntu 14.04 and then, restore the data into the server.

However, I have a problem with the migration agent. When I go the migration page, the migration agent tries to update itself and it keep at 0% forever (I attach an screenshot).

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Free Cpanel For Vps

Jun 5, 2007

Is there any free cpanels for vps other than webmin?

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Free Equivalent To Cpanel

Apr 13, 2009

Im looking for a free equivalent to Cpanel, how ever it must do similar things and offer similar features. Its also must do the same things in terms of emails such as the incoming/outgoing mail server will be and their user names will be their email addresses.

Another feature i would like is the ability to migrate from Cpanel to this control panel.

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Universal Hosts (uni-hosts) Two Week Mini Review

Apr 2, 2008

I was in the market for a new dedicated server after a couple of years with my previous provider. The previous provider did nothing wrong but they were no longer competitive when it came to CPU and memory.

I moved first to geekrack. And I left them after a week and a half as they never were able to get my rDNS records setup.

I found Universal Hosts on this forum and gave them a shot. I had asked for an operating system that they didn't offer normally (Debian 64 bit) and they said that they could do it. However, when my server was setup it was 32 bit Debian instead. They apologized and had Debian 64 bit setup less than 24 hours later.

When I asked them to get rDNS records setup it took a few hours but they were setup correctly and they worked.

Universal Hosts is also a BurstNet reseller but compared to my other attempt at using a BurstNet reseller they are fantastic. While the initial config was incorrect they worked quickly to fix it and were very professional about it.

So after two weeks - so far so good. Keep up the good work UniHosts!

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Apache :: Virtual Hosts With Windows 8 Hosts File

Aug 11, 2013

I am running Apache2.2, PHP5.I have been running with virtual hosts on a Windows 7 environment fine for a couple of years successfully, but have just had to move to a Windows 8 environment.It looks like Apache and PHP have installed and are working fine, but my Virtual hosts are now not being recognised. From what I can tell, it is the Windows 8 hosts file that is having a problem, as it looks as though it is now just setup to Block websites.

If I make the host file just have the one line127.0.0.1 localhost entry, then the very first Virtual Host from my apache config file will come up, but the rest are not found.If I put the usual aliasname is appears as though my website works momentarily and then is blocked..

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Free Email Plugin For CPanel

Jul 10, 2009

I want a Email Plugin for cPanel that can tell me how many email is sent (per user)
and some other usefull info.

i have CMQ (Configserver Mail Qeue) but i have seen another free plugin on a server that i can not remember the name of the Plugin and i just remember that there was something like A-SAT in its name.

can some one name any plugin that can do this?

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Free Hosting And Free Domain

Sep 17, 2009

Do you think if a company offered free web hosting and free domains people would snap them up like there is no tommorow?

Also does anyone one how much ICANN acredited registrars pay ICANN when they register a new domain?

any feedback would be great!

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SSL Certificate (free Install + Free Ip)

Aug 5, 2009

Simplehelix offers a 128/256 bit RapidSSL Certificate for just $99.95/year. In addition, this certificate comes with a year of dedicated IP address with free installation.

Do you think the conditions are normal?

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Largest CPanel Hosts

Jun 1, 2009

any reports of the top cPanel hosts in terms of total customers or total servers. I'm assuming HostGator is number 1, but I would love to know who rounds out the top 10. Anyone know where I might find this information?

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Any Cpanel/paypal Hosts With SOX And LAME?

Jan 8, 2007

I NEED a Php host with SOX and LAME software already installed, SHARED HOSTING, i know its out there, ofcourse i need a good amount of bw, thanks!

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How Many Percentage Of Hosts Out There Do Not Provide Cpanel

May 13, 2008

in my country 99% of web masters do not know what cpanel is!

they hardly have any other way of controling things

they use ssh or telnet or ftp and send a support request

now my question how many percentage of hosting companies in the world do not provide cpanel?

And if you as a host do not provide cpanel how should you expalin that to the client?

Is cpanel really necessary?

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Do Any Good Hosts Provide A CPanel That Keeps Addon Domain Lists In Order

Feb 2, 2008

I find that I like using CPanel with addon domains in a new unlimited domains shared plan rather than using WHM with each name having its own CPanel in a reseller plan (which I have been used to until now at another host). The only problem is that all the addon domains are out of order - they are not even in the order in which I add them. This puts a damper on things and makes managing them much less efficient than one would expect with the addons in order.

After putting in a support ticket, I was told they can't do anything about it at all. They told me the order of the listing is the order in the "mail server apache configuration."

After posting this matter here in the Apache forum, I have been informed by an SP member that the answer I got wouldn't hold any water at all, or more accurately, consists of a whole lot of smoke. As a person who knows how easy and basic it is to sort data lists or drop-down form selector fields myself, I must admit that it's hard to believe nothing can be done in the 21st century.

I have no desire at all to go with another reseller plan, and like using CPanel instead with addons.

Does anyone know of the good and well known unlimited domain hosting providers who keep the addon domains in order within CPanel? Is there any other good option for shared hosting that doesn't involve using WHM and does offer common sense multiple domain management where everything is in order?

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Cpanel VPS - Plenty Of Free Memory, But 'committed' Memory Exceeds VPS RAM

Jun 12, 2009

I have a VPS. And have had an issue both when it was 1Gig and now I recently downgraded it to 768m, because I am moving some sites to a dedicated.

However, the part I am having trouble grasping is that when I look at graphs from Munin, it will typically always show 200-400MB free memory (and free -m and top agrees with munin), but Munin shows 'committed' memory that is above the total Ram on the VPS and once the 'committed' ram exceeds the VPS limit, processes start failing.

So, why is 'committed' memory exceeding the RAM on my VPS, when Munin, free -m and top all show there is free memory available?

root@server [~]# free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 768 449 318 0 0 0
-/+ buffers/cache: 449 318
Swap: 0 0 0
Here's a graph that munin produces that shows the 'committed' memory exceeding the total memory.

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