Experience With Free Hosts?

Jan 31, 2008

I've had some experience with free hosts such as awardspace, etc. And I've done a thousand google searches for free hosts but I'm hoping sitepointers may be able to give some assistance.

I need this hosting for a non-profit that I'm doing a website for, and need 1 MySQL database with it. The site will not require huge amounts of bandwith by any standards so I'm looking for good quality free hosting for this organisation so they don't have to spend the extra bucks.

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Can I Find Free Hosts?

May 13, 2008

where can I find free hosts?

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What Makes Free Hosts Different

Oct 13, 2009

Apart from being free, of course. I can see thousands of free webhosts, many of which even don't put ads, and still support Databases, custom domains, even unbelievable bandwidths. Still, how does premium webhosts remain at the top? Or what is the problem with these free hosts?

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Which Hosts Provide Free Trial

Mar 4, 2009

I am looking to get hosting for site that I want to build. At the moment I am looking for shared hosting. Things that I need from the host are unlimited MySQL databases, Unlimited Domains/Sub-Domains, 5GB Disk Space and 10 GB Data transfer. My budget is about $10/month. I know hostgator provides 1 month for 1cent after coupon. I know hostgator oversells but their plans meet my requirements and from what I have read here they aren't too bad. Are there any other hosts that provide the first month for free or close to free, I would like to try out the hosting service for a month to see for myself how they are.

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Hosts That Do Free Cpanel Transfers

Dec 26, 2007

I was reading how hostgator will do up to 30 cpanel transfers for a reseller. Are there other hosts that offer a similar service?

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Anybody Have Experience Pacific Rack's Free MYCP

Jun 1, 2008

I'm interested in the free control panel from pacificrack mycp. Does anybody have any experience with it? What's it's functionality like? easy to use? many feutureS? how does it compare to plesk or cpanel?

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Ultima Hosts - Bad Experience

Dec 28, 2008

So I feel the need to post here, I had been a customer of ultimahost's vps service for about the last year. Things had gone mostly ok, with the occasional downtime, with the exception of a 5 day period last year where the VPS was completely unavailable.
On the 23rd the VPS started going down for no apparent reason. I requested to reboot a couple times and that request was granted, but then it would go down again within a couple minutes of coming back up.

On the 26th I was informed that they would have to rebuild the underlying OS and my VPS would be unavailable for 24 hours. OK, I thought, no big deal as long as it would perform better after this. At about 9 PM that night I received an email saying that my VPS had been deleted as well as all backups. I also had lost my sql server and mysql databases.

So by now I'm understandably a bit upset, but I sent an email back asking for a phone call to help explain the situation to me and what was still available, if anything, so I could start moving the sites to either a new vps or another provider. I did not receive one email or phone call back despite multiple attempts to contact ultima hosts.

I figured the least they could do would be to offer me a new vps and let me start transferring my stuff over, but still I have heard nothing. Then I see a post just yesterday on these very forums advertising a new special for their VPS? That is not fair. I understand if you want to promote new business but you need to take care of customers first.

Sorry for the gripes, but I am extremely frustrated right now. Hopefully this will serve as a wakeup call for them to start treating their customers better

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Universal Hosts (uni-hosts) Two Week Mini Review

Apr 2, 2008

I was in the market for a new dedicated server after a couple of years with my previous provider. The previous provider did nothing wrong but they were no longer competitive when it came to CPU and memory.

I moved first to geekrack. And I left them after a week and a half as they never were able to get my rDNS records setup.

I found Universal Hosts on this forum and gave them a shot. I had asked for an operating system that they didn't offer normally (Debian 64 bit) and they said that they could do it. However, when my server was setup it was 32 bit Debian instead. They apologized and had Debian 64 bit setup less than 24 hours later.

When I asked them to get rDNS records setup it took a few hours but they were setup correctly and they worked.

Universal Hosts is also a BurstNet reseller but compared to my other attempt at using a BurstNet reseller they are fantastic. While the initial config was incorrect they worked quickly to fix it and were very professional about it.

So after two weeks - so far so good. Keep up the good work UniHosts!

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Apache :: Virtual Hosts With Windows 8 Hosts File

Aug 11, 2013

I am running Apache2.2, PHP5.I have been running with virtual hosts on a Windows 7 environment fine for a couple of years successfully, but have just had to move to a Windows 8 environment.It looks like Apache and PHP have installed and are working fine, but my Virtual hosts are now not being recognised. From what I can tell, it is the Windows 8 hosts file that is having a problem, as it looks as though it is now just setup to Block websites.

If I make the host file just have the one line127.0.0.1 localhost entry, then the very first Virtual Host from my apache config file will come up, but the rest are not found.If I put the usual mywebsite.name aliasname is appears as though my website works momentarily and then is blocked..

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Free Hosting And Free Domain

Sep 17, 2009

Do you think if a company offered free web hosting and free domains people would snap them up like there is no tommorow?

Also does anyone one how much ICANN acredited registrars pay ICANN when they register a new domain?

any feedback would be great!

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SSL Certificate (free Install + Free Ip)

Aug 5, 2009

Simplehelix offers a 128/256 bit RapidSSL Certificate for just $99.95/year. In addition, this certificate comes with a year of dedicated IP address with free installation.

Do you think the conditions are normal?

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Directadmin Hosts Or Cpanel Hosts

Aug 16, 2008

Recently I stumbled along a host on here with a good rep and that uses direct admin.

Because they were very nice on the live support I signed up to see what direct admin was like.

Its very diferent from cpanel. Some parts seem to be harder to use like the phpmyadmin requires the username and password to the database you created not the control panel username and password like cpanel. Although I guess that could be a good security feature just in case some one gets into the control panel they can not get into the phpmyadmin, then again if they are smart and were able to get into the control panel they could get into ftp and look what the username and password is on the config file for the script you are using.

The bandwidth meter seems to be better in direct admin although I think its acting up for me as its putting yesterdays bandwidth on todays. I was told by the host that it updates every 2 hours and at first it did but now its gone to every day. Oh and unlike cpanel this bandwidth meter includes bandwith used by the control panel.

Niether one from what I can tell counts sftp though at least for the hosts I have right now.

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Free VPS - Should I Keep It

May 3, 2008

I cancelled a VPS ages, ago, and they stopped charging me, but it's still up, and I can use it. I emailed them saying they hadn't stopped it, but they haven't replied in 2 days. Should I just keep using it?

Think I might just set up a CS server and leave it

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Free Hosting

Nov 28, 2008

What does everyone think about free hosting? Is there always a catch or are there really some good free hosting?

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Best Free Hosting

Aug 24, 2009

I need a good and free hosting with php/mysql support for a personal site i am making.

All the site is database driven so the host needs to have fast db connections.
The site will also have some audio/photos not bigger than 3/4mb.

Any suggestions?

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Looking For A Free Hosting

Oct 1, 2007

I've made my first website and I'm trying to find web hosting that is free and that it will also allows me to transfer my files through ftp directly through an ftp server. (ftp.example.com)

I've tried using the one for freewebpage.org but it doesn't work.. I tried it using port 21, 22, and 80 in both frontpage and filezilla and they didn't work.. I guess it's the ftp server that isn't really working, or the information they provide is inaccurate.

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Looking For Free ASP.net Hosting

May 7, 2007

I have been searching for free ASP.net hosts since last few months and I didnt have much success in it,

so far I have tried these sites none work ...

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Server Has 7 GBs Of Free RAM

Oct 27, 2009

Current server has 4 GB ram, all buffered by linux.


total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 4054 3917 137 0 99 2139
-/+ buffers/cache: 1678 2375
Swap: 4094 0 4094

The buffer has 2375 MB of free ram. However this is a heavy mysql server. I want the empty ram be used by mysql so it becomes faster.

We are currently moving to a 8GB ram server, and the free ram will be around 7 GB if we use the exact same configuration. I want the free ram to be 1 GB at most, why pay for 8 GB ram if I'm going to use a fraction of it?

What optimizations should I attempt?

I know about harddisk I/O bottlenecks, I have two SATA drives in the system, and a SAS drive dedicated to mysql, that's all we can afford currently.

All mysql databases are for SMF forums, and currently using MyISAM tables. Switching to another storage engine is a possibility, if it won't create problems in restarts and hot backups.

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Free FTP Program

Jan 14, 2009

Does anyone know where I can get a free FTP program?

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Is HyperVM Free

Feb 8, 2009

Is HypereVm free? and if so how do you set it up.. do you just run the shell or?

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Free Web Hosting Ads?

Jun 25, 2009

i have seen one website ad on internet, offering free web hosting for 1 year (500 mb) with the purchase of any domain name.

I would like to confirm. Is these types of Ads are original or they are offering a fake offer (hidden cost). Because as i know, the domain hosting cost is very high as compare to buy a domain...

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Free CGI Access

May 14, 2009

I am after a free webhosting site that will let me run cgi scripts... I have tried so many sites that are meant to support these scripts, but none of them work...

Does anyone know of a free site that will let me use cgi?

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Free Windows

Mar 11, 2008

which hosts have free windows?

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Free DNS Services

Aug 5, 2008

what free DNS hosting service to use? So far I have had experience with the following services:

Xname.org - fine, admin-wise kind of DNS zone management. Con: it is relatively often offline (DoS/whatever0

EditDns.net - fine, but it has several times rolled abck their DB state, wiping out my records. I can't name that a rliable service.

EveryDns.net - fine, quick, easy to manage. Con: I have tried to donate, to have limits removed, but my donation was never recorded, all the attempts to contact the administration failed, as well.

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Different Free MEM Via Different Commands

Jun 9, 2008

I am running a CPanel VPS and wanted to see whats the actual ram stats. (My package have 512 MB ram)

The issue is, using two different methods, I am getting two different values.

Via SSH, free -m gives this
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 512 204 307 0 0 0
-/+ buffers/cache: 204 307
Swap: 0 0 0

and while running a script that I have found Here in WHT

# Revised 02-Feb-2007: include kernel memory (kmemsize) in 'used' calculation
# and show percentages in output.

BEAN=`cat /proc/user_beancounters`
GUAR=`echo "$BEAN" | grep vmguar | awk '{ print $4;}'`
PRIV=`echo "$BEAN" | grep privvm | awk '{ print $2;}'`
KMEM=`echo "$BEAN" | grep kmem | awk '{ print $3;}'`

let TOTL=$GUAR/256
let KMMB=$KMEM/1048576
let PVMB=$PRIV/256
if [ "$FREE" -gt "0" ]; then
let UPER=$USED*100/$TOTL
let FPER=100-$UPER
let UPER="100"
let FPER="0"
echo "VPS Memory:"
echo " Total: $TOTL mb Used: $USED mb (${UPER}%) Free: $FREE mb (${FPER}%)"
It gives
Total: 512 mb Used: 482 mb (94%) Free: 30 mb (6%)

Why such huge difference??

Also "top" command shows
top - 02:44:04 up 1 day, 9:55, 2 users, load average: 1.35, 1.04, 0.94

Is that good for a a VPS with 512 RAM? (The site has extremely high traffic)

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Free Web Hosting .....

Jan 25, 2008

I think this information can be useful for you. If you plan to get your website, here is one good free web hosting provider to choose - 000webhost.com

They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 250 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing. Moreover, there is no any kind of advertising on your pages.

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How To Get Free Host Of My Own

May 14, 2008

I want to know if it is possible to get a free service of my own?

like how Geocities offers free hosting with ads ie, I want to be able to do this, I know it is sort of possible

ie, [url]

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Free Web Host W/ IP Log

Oct 25, 2008

I've been wondering if there are any free hosting sites that have IP Adress logs of the people that have visited your site.

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Free Web Hosting

May 7, 2007

Here's a new free web host to check out:


5GB disk space
20GB monthly bandwidth
10 MySQL databases
PHP support

Perfect for sites that aren't bandwidth intensive. Anyway, you can't beat the price, particularly if you need to host lots of small sites. I'm currently using the service to host articles and link pages, and it's working out nicely.

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Free Litespeed

Dec 15, 2008

Anyone using free version of litespeed?

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Free No-ads Hosting

Aug 6, 2008

some companies claim that they provide hosting services better than some paid ones for free and with no ads. Like 110MB Hosting

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