HIt Vs. Request - Is There A Difference?

May 10, 2008

I'm curious. I have read some stuff recently about Amazon, Mosso and other clouds. I know Mosso has switched over to a request based pricing model and I realized that I am not sure exactly what a 'request' is.

I think that a hit, as tallied by AWStats, Webalizer, etc. would be the same thing as a request, but I wasn't 100% sure if that was the case with Mosso. I actually contacted Mosso support (someone I know is considering using them) to ask them for clarification on a request. They stated that a page with two images would be three requests, one for each image and one for the page itself. I asked if it was the same as 'hits' and they said no, it isn't. This didn't sound right to me, because my understanding of 'hits' is the same as how he described 'requests'.

So, I figured I would just ask the experts on WHT.

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To Www. Or Not To Www. What Is The Difference

Jul 24, 2008

I looked all over the web.....well google like 5-6 pages and found the answer but I am not sure I understand.

What is the difference from having [url]and [url]?

does it make a difference to the web user, is it a server thing.

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Difference Between VPS And Hybrid

Oct 7, 2009

I am looking to purchase either a VPS1024 or Hybrid1 server from WiredTree this Friday.

The purpose of the server is to house a fairly active phpBB3 forum (10,000 registered members with around 100 members online at any one time). Now what is the benefit of going for the more expensive Hybrid1 ($99 with coupon) compared to the VPS1024 ($71.20 with coupon) - thats almost a $30 difference in price?

In layman terms - am I going to get a greater benefit with the Hybrid1 over the VPS1024?


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Difference Between Www And Public_html

Jan 13, 2009

what is the difference between www and public_html? I have hosed my domain in a small hosting company and when i was going through all its folders i found both the folder www and public_html has the same content. but by hosting company asks me to upload all my files into public_html. Iam curious to know the difference between these two folders.

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Difference Between A Level 1, 2, And Three

Apr 19, 2009

what is the difference between a Level 1, 2, and three issue.

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Apache 2 Difference?

Feb 1, 2008

i have apache verion Server Version: Apache/1.3.37 (Unix)...do you think that i must upgrade to apache 2?is it necessary?i will see an diffrence?

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Difference Between Http And Ftp?

Oct 15, 2008

whats the difference between http and ftp ? I have read many references of those but still couldn't comprehend. The internet world is way too many inferior quoting.

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Difference Between Providers

Mar 7, 2008

i just wanted to know what exactly is the difference between providers like say Burst.net and corenetworks and say hivevelocity or cari or any other.

why is that they can provide 2 Tb bandwidth in around 30 usd and rest cant?

is the bandwidth quality difference or what?

what will be the dfferences?

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Difference Between RAM And Burstable RAM?

Dec 5, 2008

What is the difference between RAM and burstable RAM?

What even is RAM!

I ask because I upgraded my server (again) today. I went from 256 RAM, to 512, now to 1024 of RAM. Is 1 gig of RAM good?

Also, I want to know in general if I am getting a good deal here

I have a VPS now with these specs:
Dedicated RAM: 1024 MB
Burstable RAM: 4096 MB
RAID 10 Disk Space: 100 GB
FREE Backup Space: 100 GB
Premium Bandwidth: 4000 GB
Dedicated IP Address: 2
Monthly Price: $119.99

does that seem like a good deal to you?

I ask because I am new to all of this, and don't know if I am getting jipped.

Should a site on this server run fast, if it is a high traffic "tube" site?

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Difference Of Used Space Between Du -hs And Df

Jul 31, 2008

I have a partition /dev/sda2 which is mounted to /webroot.

Today, I find that I can't upload any files via IPB (running on lighttpd)
So, as usual, I went on SSH and tried df in order to see how much space is left on the server:

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2 20641788 19483292 109856 100% /webroot
Since lighttpd is running inside chroot, I thought it was the log files but even after I deleted them, it is still at 100% usage.
After spending some time, I couldn't find any large files so I did du -hs to see which folder is using large amount of space.

web1:/webroot# du -hs /webroot
2.2G /webroot
I'm without a clue on this as what du -hs is telling me and df is different but it seems like the partition is really full.

Any ideas?

Here is the output of tune2fs for reference:

web1:/webroot/var/run/lighttpd# tune2fs -l /dev/sda2
tune2fs 1.40-WIP (14-Nov-2006)
Filesystem volume name: /webroot
Last mounted on: <not available>
Filesystem UUID: 62625b28-9ad6-4258-8acc-0bfa0e7b5f48
Filesystem magic number: 0xEF53
Filesystem revision #: 1 (dynamic)
Filesystem features: has_journal filetype needs_recovery sparse_super large _file
Default mount options: (none)
Filesystem state: clean
Errors behavior: Continue
Filesystem OS type: Linux
Inode count: 2626560
Block count: 5242880
Reserved block count: 262160
Free blocks: 5123494
Free inodes: 2626465
First block: 0
Block size: 4096
Fragment size: 4096
Blocks per group: 32768
Fragments per group: 32768
Inodes per group: 16416
Inode blocks per group: 513
Filesystem created: Fri Jun 27 13:34:27 2008
Last mount time: Sun Jun 29 01:11:27 2008
Last write time: Sun Jun 29 01:11:27 2008
Mount count: 7
Maximum mount count: 36
Last checked: Fri Jun 27 13:34:27 2008
Check interval: 15552000 (6 months)
Next check after: Wed Dec 24 12:34:27 2008
Reserved blocks uid: 0 (user root)
Reserved blocks gid: 0 (group root)
First inode: 11
Inode size: 128
Journal inode: 8
First orphan inode: 820811
Default directory hash: tea
Directory Hash Seed: de38e2ce-4ee2-4ecd-a562-16ecb5982500
Journal backup: inode blocks
Also /etc/fstab entry for /dev/sda2:

web1:/webroot# cat /etc/fstab|grep sda2
/dev/sda2 /webroot ext3 defaults 1 2

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What's The Difference Between Ssl Certs?

Dec 10, 2008

you can get really cheap ones, like $20/year, but you can also get really expensive ones, I've seen over 1k per year.

What is the difference between these? Right now I just use self signed but eventually I'll probably want to get a "real" one to suppress all the warnings. (newer browsers are bad for that, they make it look like the site is down, to a typical user).

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Difference Between TW Telecom And TW Cable

Jul 25, 2009

SoftLayer recently added TW Cable to their BGP mix. However, it is Time Warner Cable, while the ones I usually see is TW Telecom.

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Unmanged Vs Managed What Is The Difference

Nov 8, 2009

Unmanged vs Managed ? What is the difference

So i am guessing unmanged there is now support one is on their own and managed it is just like shared cpanel hosting?

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Difference Between 120V & 208V?

Aug 31, 2009

As stated on the title. I'm confused about power..

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Difference Between Managed And Unmanaged

Dec 4, 2008

I think I'm ready to take the plunge for an unmanaged dedicated server but before I do,

I was wondering what's involved when managing a server (brief summary)?

I've been reading these pages and I'm sure this is within my capabilities.


Obviously there's more to keep it ticking over smoothly so that's what I'm not sure about. I'm going to go for a server at Limestone Networks with cPanel.

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Does Virtuozzo Make A Difference?

Aug 29, 2008

As a VPS customer, are you more likely to spend slightly more on a provider providing the same specs but Virtuozzo instead of HyperVM? Why or why not? I'd love to hear some people's opinions on the matter, as I know people are very divided as to whether Virtuozzo is better than HyperVM or not.

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What Is The Difference Between Virtual And Dedicated

Sep 11, 2008

Not sure what is the difference exactly. What is the most preferred hosting for a reseller business? What is the best option for forums and blogs?

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Difference Between Vds And Dedicated Server?

Apr 29, 2008

what is diffrent between vds and dedicated server?

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Difference In A VPS Vs A Shared Hosting..?

Jan 9, 2008

can someone explain the difference in a VPS vs a Shared hosting..?

All I know is it's your own server or virtual..?

i am trying to set up an acct now and having some serious problems.

I can't even find the File manager to add files, images, etc.
add email accts, forwarders..etc..

Please help the host's tutorial didn't give me much. Icalled support & they want to charge us to ask for support since it is a un-managed vps. I did manage to update the NS and add the hostname...so I think there are only a few more simple steps. BUT I can't believe the file manager is not there or email set-up.

it is a linux VPS with cPanel

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Difference Between A VPS And Reseller Hosting

Oct 26, 2008

can i run a vps like a reseller account

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Difference Between Bandwith And Transfer

May 29, 2008

I know exactly that bandwith and transfer are not the same things. what the differences are?

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Difference Between Admin_backups And User_backups?

Aug 14, 2008

is there any diffrence between admin_backups and user_backups? They are both stored in my home dir from my dedicated server. Both will also make backups of the MySQL's, emails etc?

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The Difference Between Webhosting Companies

Sep 9, 2007

I've been personally scanning the web and looked through different webhosting sites and attempted to compare their prices and hosting features. I found that m0st sites offer identical packages, same promises at minimal pricing difference. I've found it very confusing and I'm in dilemma deciding which one to go for. Is it the company's reputation that becomes a deciding factor for this? What if the company is new and they boast that there servers are not so populated therefore possibly better performance?

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Difference Between 1u And Rack Prices

Dec 30, 2007

when i see best prices for colo on a 42u rack its about 600-800$ for a full rack + 20 amp + 1-5 mbps bandwith but when i see the offers for 1u or 2u colo its almost 50-60$.
Why is there such a big difference?

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Difference Between Managed & Unmanaged VPS

Sep 15, 2007

I wanna know Difference Between Managed & Unmanaged VPS
what is the type of management is it.

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Difference Between My Present Setup And A VPS

Nov 3, 2007

presently I have hosted my site on a shared hosting platform. I would like to know if it would be a wise decision to move away from shared to VPS.

My site is hosted on "Compaq ProLiant ML370 G3 Xeon 3.20GHz/2MB Cache, 2GB DDR RAM, 146GB UltraSCSI Hard Drive" which is shared.

Now if i move to VPS with the following specs,
Disk Space = 6 GB
Monthly Transfer = 100 GB
RAM (upgradable) = 128 MB
Backup Space = 3 GB
IPs= 1
Monthly Price= $9.99

I am playing $10 monthly for my shared hosting account.

The above specs for a VPS if from buyaVPS.com

I am concerned about the RAM, would 128 MB be enough to run a couple of sites.

or would it affect the speed of my site as compared to the shared hosting account setup.

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Difference B/w Plesk And CPanel/Fantastico

Jul 16, 2005

Does anyone know what the difference is b/w Plesk vs. cPanel?

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Difference Between Core2Quad And Xeon Quad

May 26, 2009

What are the differences between using core2 quad and xeon quad?

Specifically, what are the differences between Q9400 and Xeon X3330?

Assume that other hardware are all the same (say supermicro X7SBi) are there any difference in using either?

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Difference Between Windows Vs Linux Hosting

Oct 17, 2009

what is the difference b/w windows and linux hosting. which is better?

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Difference Between Cheap And Affordable Web Hosting

Oct 21, 2009

Prospective web hosting clients have to understand that there's a clear difference between a cheap hosting service and an affordable one.

For one, an afordable service has to do with the budget of the client, meaning the cient has a an amount he will like to spend on a web host account while a cheap web hosting service has to do with the price of the product in relation with the services offered. For example a shared host that you get for $10 will definitey have more features than a shared that cost $3.99.

You have to know what you want before taking an action that you may regret later.

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What Is The Difference NAS And Many Hard Drives Server

Mar 28, 2008

i feel the NAS are not very cheap,

it looks likely just a low-level server with many hhds,

but why people not buy a server and put many hhds on it?

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