Fantastico Script Creating Databases But Not Tables

Oct 20, 2006

when fantastico applications get installed, for some reason they are creating the database, but none of the tables are installed.

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How To Automatically Check And Repair Mysql Databases And Tables

Jul 16, 2009

I have cPanle shared account.

Is there a way to automatically check and repair mysql databases and tables, that can be scheduled as cron job?

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Creating A CNAME Entry For DNS Tables

Feb 4, 2006

I apoligize in advance if this is the wrong place to post this thread.

I am trying to create a CNAME entry in my DNS tables and have no clue where to begin.

I have did a search but didnt find anything that gives reference on how to do it just how to fix errors.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to learning how to accomplish this task.

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Creating Temp Tables On Disk

May 7, 2007

In phpMyAdmin I see this:

Created_tmp_disk_tables 2,118 The number of temporary tables on disk created automatically by the server while executing statements. If Created_tmp_disk_tables is big, you may want to increase the tmp_table_size value to cause temporary tables to be memory-based instead of disk-based.
Created_tmp_files 0 How many temporary files mysqld has created.
Created_tmp_tables 5,637 The number of in-memory temporary tables created automatically by the server while executing statements.

I have tried upping tmp_table_size but it's no use. My my.cnf file:


# Example MySQL config file for very large systems.
# This is for a large system with memory of 1G-2G where the system runs mainly
# MySQL.
# You can copy this file to
# /etc/my.cnf to set global options,
# mysql-data-dir/my.cnf to set server-specific options (in this
# installation this directory is /var/lib/mysql) or
# ~/.my.cnf to set user-specific options.
# In this file, you can use all long options that a program supports.
# If you want to know which options a program supports, run the program
# with the "--help" option.

# The following options will be passed to all MySQL clients
#password= your_password
port= 3306
socket= /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock

# Here follows entries for some specific programs

# The MySQL server
port= 3306
socket= /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock
key_buffer = 384M
max_allowed_packet = 1M
table_cache = 384
sort_buffer_size = 2M
read_buffer_size = 2M
read_rnd_buffer_size = 8M
myisam_sort_buffer_size = 64M
thread_cache_size = 8
query_cache_size = 32M
# Try number of CPU's*2 for thread_concurrency
thread_concurrency = 8
tmp_table_size = 300M

# Don't listen on a TCP/IP port at all. This can be a security enhancement,
# if all processes that need to connect to mysqld run on the same host.
# All interaction with mysqld must be made via Unix sockets or named pipes.
# Note that using this option without enabling named pipes on Windows
# (via the "enable-named-pipe" option) will render mysqld useless!

# Replication Master Server (default)
# binary logging is required for replication

# required unique id between 1 and 2^32 - 1
# defaults to 1 if master-host is not set
# but will not function as a master if omitted
server-id= 1

# Replication Slave (comment out master section to use this)
# To configure this host as a replication slave, you can choose between
# two methods :
# 1) Use the CHANGE MASTER TO command (fully described in our manual) -
# the syntax is:
# MASTER_USER=<user>, MASTER_PASSWORD=<password> ;
# where you replace <host>, <user>, <password> by quoted strings and
# <port> by the master's port number (3306 by default).
# Example:
# OR
# 2) Set the variables below. However, in case you choose this method, then
# start replication for the first time (even unsuccessfully, for example
# if you mistyped the password in master-password and the slave fails to
# connect), the slave will create a file, and any later
# change in this file to the variables' values below will be ignored and
# overridden by the content of the file, unless you shutdown
# the slave server, delete and restart the slaver server.
# For that reason, you may want to leave the lines below untouched
# (commented) and instead use CHANGE MASTER TO (see above)
# required unique id between 2 and 2^32 - 1
# (and different from the master)
# defaults to 2 if master-host is set
# but will not function as a slave if omitted
#server-id = 2
# The replication master for this slave - required
#master-host = <hostname>
# The username the slave will use for authentication when connecting
# to the master - required
#master-user = <username>
# The password the slave will authenticate with when connecting to
# the master - required
#master-password = <password>
# The port the master is listening on.
# optional - defaults to 3306
#master-port = <port>
# binary logging - not required for slaves, but recommended

# Point the following paths to different dedicated disks
#tmpdir= /tmp/
#log-update = /path-to-dedicated-directory/hostname

# Uncomment the following if you are using BDB tables
#bdb_cache_size = 384M
#bdb_max_lock = 100000

# Uncomment the following if you are using InnoDB tables
#innodb_data_home_dir = /var/lib/mysql/
#innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:2000M;ibdata2:10M:autoextend
#innodb_log_group_home_dir = /var/lib/mysql/
#innodb_log_arch_dir = /var/lib/mysql/
# You can set .._buffer_pool_size up to 50 - 80 %
# of RAM but beware of setting memory usage too high
#innodb_buffer_pool_size = 384M
#innodb_additional_mem_pool_size = 20M
# Set .._log_file_size to 25 % of buffer pool size
#innodb_log_file_size = 100M
#innodb_log_buffer_size = 8M
#innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 1
#innodb_lock_wait_timeout = 50

max_allowed_packet = 16M

# Remove the next comment character if you are not familiar with SQL

key_buffer = 256M
sort_buffer_size = 256M
read_buffer = 2M
write_buffer = 2M

key_buffer = 256M
sort_buffer_size = 256M
read_buffer = 2M
write_buffer = 2M


This server has 1GB of RAM, not a dedicated sql server though. RAM usage is low too, 567MB of RAM is being used right now total... is there something I'm overlooking?

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MySQL Doubt: More DB's & Less Tables || More Tables Less DB's

Nov 2, 2009

im planning on designing a webservice, it will have a lot of data, spread in many tables.

The problem is that there will be tables created constantly (around 5 each day..)

All tables/data will be accessed equally, so I dont know how to set up the system, to create multiple databases, and balance the number of tables equally on each database, or create less databases and have a lot of tables on each one.

Which one has more efficiency?

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What Exactly Is Fantastico?

Feb 24, 2009

I have some questions to ask?

1. What exactly is Fantatisco?

2. Is it important that a web hosting plan incorporate Fantatisco in their package?

3. Do every web host support this?

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What Do You Think Of Fantastico?

Sep 15, 2008

What do you think of Fantastico?

I have noticed that they have fallen behind with the updates. Some scripts are 4-5 versions out of date.

Do you think they could do better or is it just to hard to keep up with the scripts.

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Installatron VS. Fantastico

Jul 17, 2008

Ok well I am considering adding Installatron to the selection for my VPS clients, and was woundering what people thought of Installatron vs. Fantastico, and if you are a VPS provider, how many would go with installatron over Fantastico?

The pricing would be:

Fantastico: $4/m
Installatron: $2.5/m

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Fantastico Support?

Nov 25, 2006

Fantastico applications are offered almost everywhere, but so far I've only found one web host that dares to provide Fantastico support.

Can anyone here recommend any web hosts that do provide support for the 3rd party applications available through Fantastico's installer?

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Looking For Fantastico License

Aug 1, 2008

I was wondering if you could help me out with finding a Fantastico license.

I have seen on that there is a VPS license for $24/Y... Is this all I can go for is there cheaper?

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Fantastico Updating?

Jun 12, 2008

I recently had Fantastico update issues, my fantistico was giving me errors such as "This feature is currently not availabel, please contact your host." lol

I tried lodging a CRON job to do the update ...but waited 72 hours and nothing ! lol

Later i found our that the Fantastico licensing server was down for a while lol

Any one had this issue lately ... ?

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Fantastico Broken

May 26, 2007

I don't know how it got broken, it was working a couple days ago. When users click the fantastico icon in their cpanels, a page opens that says this:

Fantastico is not installed at the default location /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/fantastico. Either move the Fantastico directory from it's current location to /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/fantastico OR enable ioncube loaders in WHM -> Tweak settings.

I enabled the ioncube loaders and that didn't fix it. So then I reinstalled fantastico and it's still broken.

How do I troubleshoot?

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Where From I Can Buy Fantastico And RVSkins

Mar 5, 2009

Where is the place I can buy Fantastico and RVSkins from at the cheapest price?

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PowerAdmin - Not All Tables Are Ok

Dec 17, 2007

This is the error that i get when i run test_setup.php:

Not all tables are ok!

Sorry, but there are error(s) found in the following table(s): 'records' 'domains'.

Please fix these errors and run the script again.
whereas rest of the tables (users, users_seq and zones)have been created.

Did i forget some step where these tables were to be created?

How can i create these tables now?

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Fantastico Deluxe Or Installatron

Jan 24, 2009

I've heard of Fantastico and have seen it in CPanel with my almost-host (not my personal site...yet) MDDHosting (good hst by the way). However the guy from Aquarius Storage mentioned Installatron. Seems like a good deal for long-term hosts since they offer a lifetime membership...provided the hosts keep their server around for a few years...but other than that what are the pros and conds of each platform? Why do you guys (by which I mean the hosts who frequent this board) use what you do?

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Will Fantastico/Xcontroller Have An Impact On RAM?

Oct 15, 2007

Want to order a VPS. Not sure whether to include the option of Fantastico/Xcontroller which can be installed along the cPanel. My question is will Fantastico/Xcontroller option by itself use up some of my valuable RAM and if yes how much?

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Plesk - Fantastico-like Option?

Dec 30, 2008

I'm using Plesk on one of my webhosts (GoDaddy) and would like to know if anyone knows of a good Cpanel Fantastico-like option that allows you to update a string of sites with the latest updates. I'm more familiar with Cpanel.

Do you know of any?

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Why MySQL Tables Crash

Jul 15, 2009

This is something i was wondering about and never found any answers.

Based on your experience, what are the most common reasons mysql tables crash?

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Nov 6, 2009

..and their site appears to be fubared...can't get into forums or support ticket area. Been trying for two days to install Fantastico on two cpanel servers...

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Remote Include In Fantastico = Patch Now

Mar 13, 2007

Fantastico has released a new update which patches a remote include exploit found in their popular product.

Of course you need to have a valid user account through cPanel in order to use this.

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Installed Fantastico But Unable To See In Cpanel?

Jun 13, 2008

I have just install fantastico through WHM but my client not able to see fantastico in cpanel. how can i give fantastico to the client.

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Difference B/w Plesk And CPanel/Fantastico

Jul 16, 2005

Does anyone know what the difference is b/w Plesk vs. cPanel?

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Software Installation Through Fantastico Is Not Reliable?

Dec 7, 2008

I just got the coded files of my blog but since the coder was busy I went ahead and installed wordpress through Fantastico.

But I have heard that installations through Fantastico is not considered good because sometime it just messes up the database tables and other things. That's why it is recommended to install softwares manually.

Is it correct or just a misconception?

I am confused because now a days every hosting company offers Fantastico, if it was very bad no one would be offering it.

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Tables Grow In Size And Sometime And Need To Use RAID 5

Nov 2, 2009

I have a database which is growing to have about 100 tables. These tables will grow in size and sometime I will need to use RAID 5, I am told by my server provider.

My questions are:-

1. if these other servers are mirrors, should I have the database stored on each server?

2. when one server gets too busy, does the RAID query a lesser-used server so as not to bog down the first one?

3. Or, do I need to have different content in each db on each server so a query gets what it needs form each?

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Any Way To Use Mysqlcheck With Custom Tmp Tables Folder

Mar 24, 2009

I am using /usr/bin/mysqlcheck --all-databases --check --auto-repair to check all MySQL DBs every day via cron. But sometimes when the DB crash and is being repaired the tmpdir = in /etc/my.cnf is getting full 100%. Is it any smart way to use some other tmp folder when repairing the DB tables like that?

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Optimize All Tables In A MySQL Database

Oct 29, 2008

how exactly it helps?

mysqlcheck -o -u...

Like what it does to "optimize" them? Does it really help?

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Watchguard Firebox Vs Linux IP Tables Box

Mar 6, 2008

I am considering on implementing a new firewall in our colo which would have about 10 servers behind it which generates on averages 2.314 megabits/sec for everything.

I am looking at the new Watchguard x750e running version 10 of Fireware which seem like a good fit without breaking the bank but I have also thought of simply implementing a Poweredge server running CentOS and running an IPtables config to provide firewall services.

Anybody have any Feedback on the Watchguard unit or use a Watchguard product in their setup and can comment?

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Convert All Mysql Tables To Utf8

Jul 8, 2008

I have a vbulletin (3.7.2) board with many mods installed (nearly 70) without a problem.

However, upon installing one new mod I got a database error stating:

MySQL Error : Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_general_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation '='

How do I change ALL tables in one shot (or sql query via phpmyadmin) from the two different collations to utf8?

Also, is utf8 suggested or better than latin1?

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Is S2U-MSFC2 Able To Handle 2 Full Tables

Jan 7, 2007

Is S2U-MSFC2 able to handle 2 full internet routing tables or even 3?

and what is the difference between

WS-X6408 and WS-X6408A?

WS-X6348-RJ-45 and WS-X6548-RJ45?

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Are There Any Ways To Replicate Just A Few Tables On Mysql

Dec 21, 2007

Is there no possible way I can slave just a few tables in mysql? instead of slaving the entire table on the main database server.

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Fantastico Not Showing Up In RvSkins Control Panel

Jul 30, 2006

I have a server with CentOS, Fantastico, and RvSkins. I have a user that for some reason, Fantastico does not show up in there control panel, which is a RvSkins theme. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get RvSkins to show Fantastico's icon in the Cpanel?

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