Disable Shell Access :: Users Can Read Files For Other Websites

Sep 4, 2008

i have a Dedicated server and i installed firewall and i fixed all cpanel option and i disable shell access for all users and ......

but my users can upload shell hack files (Like:c99 ) then they can access to another website ,,,, they can`t Write ,,, they can Read files only

but there is a problem because the hacker will read the config files so my Database websites will hack soon

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How To Transfer Huge Files Without Shell Access

Feb 8, 2008

transfer a client's site files (over 220 MB) to my server. The client does not use cPanel or have SSH access.

FTP is horribly tedious. I have created the account on my server and have SSH enabled. I have a feeling I can use wget to download the files to the account's home directory, but I am not sure of the correct syntax to recursively download all the directories and the files.

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UK Users Unable To Connect To One Of My Websites

May 9, 2009

I've been getting a lot of complaints today on my forum that users cannot view their websites which are subdomains on a seperate domain that I own. It makes no sense why they would have access to the forums which is on the same dedicated server, using the same IP, and with the same nameservers as the site they cannot access. This issue started last night out of nowhere.

Where should I even start looking? It appears to only be with overseas users since none of the US and Canadian users have any issues with either domains or their subdomains.

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Limit Traffic For Shell Users

Mar 29, 2008

How can I limit the traffic for shell users?

e.g. I create 5 users and each of them uses the ssh server as a proxy. I want each user to create only 5GB traffic a month. How can I do this? I've already tried iptables but they can only limit the traffic created by the user who started the ssh server

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C99Shell :: Detect And Disable C99 Shell?

Aug 15, 2008

how i can detect and disable C99 shell and another shell script exp:r57 ....

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Concurrent Users On Game Websites Like Wildtangent And Instantaction?

Jul 17, 2008

Like the topic suggested, anybody have a rough estimate of how many concurrent users game websites such as wildtangent and instantaction have? Also, what kind of server configuration would be necessary to support those kind of users assuming you have 1 server for web and 1 for database.

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How To Read Remote Non-HTTP Text Files

Dec 12, 2007

I'm working on some PHP intranet tools. I'm still somewhat new to PHP, having come from an ASP background; been doing PHP for about a year now.

The tools used to be located on a Solaris box, which is running PHP 4.2. One of the tools checks text files in a particular location on the same box that are generated by another process. The text files are found and parsed by locating a particular directory and looking through the entries for filenames matching a particular pattern; they may or may not be present depending on the success of the other process. The text files and directory are not in a web-servable location (i.e. they can't be reached via HTTP or FTP).

I am now able to migrate to a new Windows 2k3 server running IIS 6. I've configured it with PHP 5.2.5 and it is successfully serving web pages. I need to migrate these tools over to the new server but they still need to reach the text files on the old server. The old server has a Samba share hooked to the directory I need and I can successfully map it as a mapped drive from the Win2k3 box.

It's my understanding (after hours of googling and testing) that mapped drives are specific to the logged-in user and not to the machine in general, so IIS can't see them (which seems to be validated by my tests). I've pulled in the mapped drive to the Samba share as a virtual directory under IIS but PHP scripts still can't see it. The share is not available under FTP or HTTP, so cURL doesn't seem to be an appropriate solution, as far as I can tell. It's also my understanding that mapped drives aren't dependably re-mapped after a server reboot until the user logs in, and of course there won't necessarily be users logging into the server to create the mapped drives after a reboot. So mapped drives seem to not be a solution either.

One person from another forum (not SitePoint) suggested running the IIS process under the domain login credentials used to get to the Samba share, and find a way to map the drive automatically after a reboot (some sort of Windows service that would call a batch file or something). I'm not comfortable using a domain login to run my IIS under (although I tried it and it didn't seem to work for a previously-mapped drive).

So my question is: is there a way from PHP to connect to a remote Samba share, provide inline credentials, and use functions like is_dir and file_get_contents on files in that share? I'm not a PHP guru yet, but I've successfully set up the server, create and use remote MySQL databases, write my own JavaScript and Ajax, and don't consider myself to be a newbie - and I simply can't find a good solution for this problem. I come from an all-Microsoft background where integrated authentication was the intranet standard and issues like this simply didn't come up.

I hope this is the appropriate forum to ask...the server forum was the second runner-up but after looking at threads there they didn't seem to address issues like this.

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How To Access Websites

Jul 24, 2008

Earlier when my client's domain was not resolved he used to easily access his website using [url]

But after putting in the openbase dir protection they cannot access the site anymore.

how can the user view their site when openbase is protected?

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Cannot Access Websites

Jan 17, 2007

I think I broke my server. I was trying to install Zend Optimizer, but it didn't work.

After doing some research, I found out that I needed to disable selinux. After doing so, I rebooted. Then I installed Zend Optimizer and rebooted again.

Since then, all my websites have been inaccessible. I can access my server through Plesk control panel, but connection to my websites just timeout.

What can I do to fix this?

Edit :
I can access my sites via FTP as well.

Edit 2 :
I tried starting Apache with the following command :


/sbin/service httpd start

...but it keeps on telling me that the service is already in use.
It seems like TCP is bound to port 80.

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Proftpd Config - How To Make Directory Have Read/write Access

May 22, 2008

Followed the guide over at [url]to get proftpd setup.

It only lists ways to create a single upload directory and a single download directory.

Tried all possible ways to get a directory creating allowing read/write but so far unsuccessful.

how this can be acheived?

Here is my current config.

#start of config

<Directory /home/FTP-shared>
Umask 022 022
AllowOverwrite off

<Directory /home/FTP-shared/download/*>
Umask 022 022
AllowOverwrite off

<Directory> /home/FTP-shared/upload/>
Umask 022 022
AllowOverwrite on


#end of config

/home/FTP-shared/read-write is the folder I want to be able to read and write data to.

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What's Shell Access?

Oct 8, 2009

I keep seeing web hosts where it says that there is/isn't shell access, etc. What's shell access and what do you do with it in/with a web host?

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How Do You Use Shell Access?

Nov 6, 2005

I have a script that needs to be run from shell access, but I've never done this before. How do you access a script through shell? Is there software I need to download? Not even sure where to begin.

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SSH/Shell Access :: How To Use It?

Jun 11, 2008

I have never used SSH/Shell Access, but think I may want to. Can someone explain what it is, and maybe explain how to use it? My web hosting provider provides SSH, but I have no clue what to do.

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Shell Access

Aug 1, 2008

I've enabled ssh one of my account in WHM, so I went to cpanel of this account and tried the SSH/Shell Access, but what I got is:

For security reasons, shell access is not enabled by default. In order to activate shell access on your account, you will need to fax or mail a copy of your driver's license, passport or other photo id to customer service.

is this something about SSH Key? do I have to generate a key so I can use the SSH/Shell Access?

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Shell Access

Jan 22, 2007

i have a dedicated server i get server for study unix manage i have a problem by SHELL FILES ( hacker shell file ) other Site can Upload Shell file and get Access for edit other Site in server i set tweak scurity in CPANEL and Disable Function and i give not Shell access to all site but hacker can hack me by Shell access Hacker can not hack me by c99 Shell but can hack by New shell i upload this shell in my server Link: [url]

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Secure FTP Without Shell Access?

Apr 22, 2009

Do you guys have any idea what is the best way to enable SFTP for a cPanel account?

I could give it Shell access, but isn't it possible without it?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Can't Send Email - Unable To Read Control Files

May 22, 2015

Every out bound email message fails and stays in the queue. The mail log shows this error.

qmail: 1432283802.380653 delivery 27: deferral: Unable_to_read_control_files._(#4.3.0)/

A second problem, also qmail is that I can't send to the server using TLS on the submission port, only if I do plain text. But the first problem is bigger because we can't send at all.

This is a new plesk installation and it has never worked.

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Disabling Shell Files

Jul 2, 2009

Is there someway to disable shell files from working? Because even if you disable shell, shell files still seem to work...

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Remove Shell Files

May 30, 2007

how can I configurate Clamv for delete any infected shell file or trojan?

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Recursive Chmod Via Shell Access

Apr 29, 2009

I want to recursive chmod 777 to some particular folder.

As per i know the command is -

chmod -R 777 *

But how can i run this command for any particular folder.

For eg the folder is - /home/XXXX/public_html/folder

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Shell Access For Shared Hosting

Mar 24, 2009

Does anyone know if the popular shared hosting like Host Gator or Dream Host allow shell access?

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Shared Hosting With Shell Access

Oct 23, 2009

I know there are so many similar threads related to this issue in this forum, I know but my situation is a bit different from other guys, please read the following lines,

I've got a forum with approximately 100 users concurrently, now I'm looking for a shared hosting with relatively high simultaneous MySQL connections number at least 50 and also allows Shell access to dump or restore the MySQL database. but the main problem is lots of US hostings do not host Iranian I dunno US government has problem with Iran's government but I can't understand what's my guilt in this debate?

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By Shell How Copy Files And Directory

Apr 25, 2007

I found that with unix's shell is possible copy all the content of a folder to oneother; I see the manual and found the command cp;

but there are many parameters;

which is that good?

I would like to replicate all that I have inner a folder to oneother;

so at the finish they must to hawe the identically content;

but I see, that some parameters can change symlink etc...
I want one clone exactly .

the originally folder have at inner directory,subdirectory, files htaccess etc..

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No Shell Access To My Server Exept Mine

Mar 17, 2007

how can I get sure there is no shell access to my server exept mine. I mean alkl the security issues I should care for preventing shell access from all my users and hackers.

I have diabled all the shell accesses of my users via Cpanel.how can I disable the exec() function on my server?

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Shell Script To Copy And Rename Files

Aug 27, 2007

To automate a task, I need to create a shell script that will allow me to copy the folder blank/ to a new location and rename it to news/, same for the files inside that directory. And, if possible, change the content of one of those files as well.

For example, I need to copy this:

...to a new folder and rename it to this:


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Apache :: Deny Direct Access To Images From Other Websites In HTAccess

Jan 28, 2013

I have recently had number of websites that link directly to images from my website. This is not hotlinking, it is direct server request. As an example: on the linking website there is image gallery script with thumbnails and when the visitor clicks on the thumb it calls the image from my website.

I block their IP-s in .htaccess, but it is not the best way to stop them since IP change. Is there any way, similar to anti-hotlinking, to deny such direct access to my images by domain name i.e. to allow only from my website and deny from all others. Or something else that could work in my case with .htaccess.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Cannot Access Any Websites Or Hosting Control Panel

Sep 20, 2014

I have been a solid cPanel / WHM user for the past 2 years, we have now since downsized our hosting requirements and also wanted to cut our panel costs and so we moved to PLESK 12 Web Edition.The server is on a trial license and has been working fine with no problems for the past 2 weeks. Today all of a sudden none of the websites are accessible, although I can ping all IP's on server and login via SSH.I cannot access any websites or hosting control panel, I have disabled IP tables as this was the cause of a problem last time.

Why this happened was there an update at around 5AM this morning which could have caused this?I have restarted the server, I can successfully ping / resolve address from SSH.

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