Converting MS SQL Server 2005 DB To 2000

May 1, 2007

I recently signed up with only to find out they do not support SQL server 2005 when I tried to install my application.

Their features and price are excellent so I would like to stay with cartika if possible, is there a way to convert my database to 2000? Or backup the database using sql server scripts?

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Maintenance Of Shared Hosting SQL 2000/2005

Mar 11, 2008

how do you guys do the maintenance for shared hosting SQL 2000/2005? Do you just let the customers do the maintenance, compacting and optimizing themselves or do you scheduled a task to do that?

Till now I had let my clients do that. But some clients it seemed do not really know much about this. But if we were to compact or optimize all the databases by task scheduling, I am worried that it is something against their privacy.

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Upgrading From MS SQL 2000 To SQL 2005 Express Edition

Aug 9, 2008

Can I upgrade MS SQL 2000 Standard Edition to SQL 2005 Express Edition? I know I can upgrade to SQL 2005 Standard as well as Enterprise Editions, but I want to know if I can also upgrade to the SQL 2005 Express Edition.

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Converting 4u Server To 2u

Feb 6, 2007

I just built a low end server using a 4u chassis I had at home. Before bringing it to the colo facility, I was wondering if I would be better to put the hardware in a 2u chassis instead to save money on the long run.

I am considering the 2u SC826 SuperMicro chassis. I am used to buy my parts from the local shop. I can fix my current 4u server since it does not contain 'proprietary' parts such as backplanes that are built for a specific server.

I could save about 55$ per month by colocating a 2u instead of a 4u server. The chassis is about 700-800$.

I was wondering how easy it is to replace a proprietary part such as a backplane if my server breaks in 3 to 4 years? Will I be left with an unusable chassis if I cannot find the part? Is it worth it to have a 2u chassis vs 4u when I can fit any standard component in the 4u while I need more expensive and hard to find parts for the 2u? How many years can I expect to be able to find replacement parts for proprietary hardware such as backplanes in such a 2u chassis?

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Converting A Dedicated Server Into A Flash Media Server

May 10, 2009

I am going to be buying a dedicated server from kimsufi Most likely the 2XL Package.

My streamers will be using my server aswell, On weekends we will be running 3-4 streams at a time, weekdays 1-2 at a time.

Spreading all the streams out, at anyone time we will have 300 viewers.

I need to know your advice on this before i go spending money.

How do i convert my dedi into a flash media server, i need red5 or something, thats all i know so far. My streamers wil be streaming to server with FME, And i also want it coded so that my streams can only be embedded on my site.

Basically i dont have a clue where to start, how long would it take me to set up etc....

In addition, what kind of server do i need, windows / linux / traffic / burstable / standard etc..

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Windows 2000 Or Windows 2000 Server

Mar 6, 2007

Is there a registry key that can distinguish between Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 server?

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProductName

That key is Windows 2000 for both Win 2k and Win 2k server so if there's anything else that would be GREAT.

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Windows Server 2000, IIS And PHP

Oct 27, 2007

I have successfully installed PHP onto my MS Server 2000 platform, and can execute the files without problem.

html files no longer work, but I think this is to be expected? Renaming them .php allows them to work.

However, I am struggling to set a default page - I have gone to 'document' in the IIS settings, and removed all other default pages, and added index.php. This has not worked. I can access, but it does not show when accessing

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Oct 5, 2009

I have built a website based off of The Beer House template/book and am about ready to launch it. I need SQL server 2005, and functionality. I will either use the included forum module or am considering a third party forum such as

I would like to spend $10-$20/month, I don't mind paying a bit extra to have a fast loading site, but I don't want to spend too much. I would appreciate any suggestions.

The database will handle the forums, the store, the users of course, and a custom database I am building for some vehicle information. To start out the database is not very big (maybe 20mb), but I expect it to grow to support the forums and users, etc.

Also, I have already built a database (mdf) file on my computer through visual studio 2008. Is it true most shared hosting accounts wont allow you the access to copy and paste the database file directly? I don't really want to have to recreate all these tables on the host server.

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Sql Server 2005 Hosting

May 5, 2008

I have a sql server 2005 database which is 5gb. My current host only allows 2gb and charges and obscene amount for extra space. Does anyone know of an inexpensive host that I can put a 5gb database 2005 on? It doesn't need much bandwidth, it will just be for storage/archive purposes.

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Using Virtual Server 2005 R2

Mar 1, 2007

Just wanted to know how prevalent VS 2005 is now. We are basically virtualizing everything that moves as it is easier to upgrade to a new server and move the VPS around. Also we get to control the reboots etc.

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SQL Server 2005 DatabaseMail

Jun 23, 2007

A client of mine took over a website and transferred it to a new server. It uses SQL Server 2005. It is coded in VB/ and I have all of the web content but not the original vb source. I thought everything was working, but an important part of the site apparently uses databasemail and is hard coded to use a particular profile.

Sooo.. I setup Database Mail, enabled it, created a profile and mail account, tested it, etc and got it working just fine. However, the website is trying to use a particular profile name and I have no clue what it is. My client is unable to get in touch with the former owner of the site at this point either due to political reasons. Therefore, I am getting this error:

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: profile name is not valid profile name is not valid at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior cmdBehavior, RunBehavior runBehavior, Boolean returnStream) at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() at RER.signup.subAddContact() in C:UsersDusanVSWebCache....etc

I tried guessing obvious profile names. I tried running Network Monitor, but it can't capture the raw SQL queries due to it being a local SQL server. I looked into SQL Profiler, but I am running Workgroup Edition of SQL Server 2005 so it is not included. My next idea is to maybe place the database on a remote machine and have the website connect to it remotely so I can snoop the network traffic and maybe pick up the profile name. That is going to be a big pain however.

Does ANYONE have ANY suggestions on what else I can do to pull this profile name? Is there some way to trick SQL server into accepting a wildcard for a profile name or SOMETHING? It is such a minor issue and I feel like it should be a lot easier to solve than it has been!

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Windows 2000 Advanced Server Performance

Nov 27, 2007

I have a Windows 2000 Advanced Server where there's a performance issue with some of the .asp pages that retrieve data from Access databases, (I know Access databases aren't ideal for data). These pages will just get stuck/freeze, and then either suddenly spring back to life, or give a script timeout error 0113.

The largest Access database I've seen is 136MB (is that way too large?)

I will probably move some of the large Access databases onto a different server but before I do:

- Are there any tools you can recommend to diagnose exactly what files / databases are causing the problem. I don't think the Win 2000 performance monitor tools even work.

- Can anyone explain more about the technicalities behind this issue. I expect it has something to do with processes, threads, memory, Access drivers being loaded into memory etc etc. Can anyone tell me what they know to put me in the picture better?

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Best Way To Rebuild This Windows 2000 Server Raid

Aug 19, 2007

I have a Windows 2000 server running Raid 1 software raid. Recently, one hard disk in the mirror crash, I replace another trying to build the mirror. Problem is the existing hard disk has a few bad blocks, even after chkdsk it still failed to rebuild the software raid, error msg was due to bad blocks in the existing hard disk.

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Virtual Server 2005 And Licensing

Mar 21, 2007

I bought Windows Vista Ultimate OEM and installed it on the physical machine, can I install Virtual Server 2005 and install the ultimate OEM version again on the VIRTUAL server 2005??

I run MySql but I hate to run it on the physical machine, want to run on a virtual machine.

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Nov 26, 2008 2.0 + mssql server 2005 + ajaxtoolkit support

I need windows hosting with 2.0 + mssql server 2005 + ajaxtoolkit support for a website project that is being developed. It can probably be launched on shared hosting, but I would prefer at least a VPS. With any success this site would eventually need to be hosted on a dedicated server.

I have been offered a 1U Dell server for free with Windows Server 2003, Dual Xenon Processors, 2 GB ram and 2 x 80gb hard drives. It would probably serve the site well for a long time, but I would need to set it up (or get it setup $) for the above requirements and get it colocated somewhere. BTW, I'm not too familiar with Windows hosting.

To launch the site, I don't really want to spend more than $100 per month. And I'd prefer to stay in the $50 per month range if possible.

Open to any and all suggestions, comments, questions at this point? I've searched and see a lot of suggestions for shared hosting, but I'd really like your opinions on colocating the dedicated server.

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Virtuozzo V Windows Virtual Server 2005 R2

May 8, 2007

We use VS 2005 and are happy with the stability and performance etc but wanted to know if there are any great advantages to using virtuozzo? It seems that a higher ratio of VPS per box can be achieved with virtuozzo due to the ability to share RAM but is this worth it for the extra cost of licenses and possible security / stability risks?

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Virtual Server 2005 R2 And Windows 2003

Jun 5, 2008

I got some question regarding MS virtual server2005 R2.

1. If i created an instance of Windows2003 in virtual server2005, if i screw up something. would it affect or crash my host server? I have a colo Windows2003 R2 standard server but it also host several websites that i don't want it to go down if i mess up the instance in vs2005. i believe it won't affect the host but i just want to confirm this. does anyone have problem with screw up guest OS taking down the host OS?

2. how about liscense? do i need to purchase an liscense of Windows2003 in order to run in virtual server?

3. how much RAM do you think i need to assign to it? my colo server spec. is AMD64 dual core 4000+ w/4GB of RAM. Do you think 512mb is good enough for the guest OS (windows2003).

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SQL Server 2005 On Windows 2008 Web Edition

Nov 17, 2008

I was trying to bring down license fee for a customer who needed SQL Server on Windows Server.

realised that MS has released a fix to install the SQL Server 2005 on a Windows 2008 Web Edition.[url]
The license fee for the web edition is lower than the standard version.

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Is Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Really Free

Jun 20, 2008

Do you know is Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 really free? By this I mean can I start VPS hosting business using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 without paying any license fee for virtualization product? Are there any restrictions?

I was very unpleasantly surprised when I found out that VmWare Server is actually not free and totally unusable for VPS hosting companies, although when you read their FAQ you get impression that its free and that ESX is just "better version". In fact for VPS hosting VmWare is not free and its totally useless.

So I am interested if there is some "minor glitch" in Microsoft agreement for Virtual server as is in VmWare agreement for VmWare Server?

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Adding Of User Defined Services In Windows 2000 Server

Jun 17, 2008

Just checking how do I add a Windows Defined service in Windows 2000. I saw some info.

But it seemed to apply to Microsoft Windows 2003 Server as there isn't instsrv or srvany in Windows 2000 server even after I uploaded the Resource Kit Tools. Am I missing something?

Or can someone tell me where to download these for Windows 2000?

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SolarVPS Won't Let Me Install A Licensed Copy Of SQL Server 2005

Jul 24, 2008

After carefully choosing a VPS Host, I decided to go with SolarVPS. The VPS was created quickly. I needed a SQL server for small developemntal purposes; So I didn't want to shell out the $10/month extra just yet. I submitted I ticket to them with a copy of my CAL and Product Key:

They sent me a e-mail back saying:

I'm sorry but the document you have attached does not reflect that the software is licensed to you so with this limited information you provided I cannot approve the use of SQL Server 2005 Standard on your VPS.

Well, I sent them the CAL and product key, so what more could they want? The copy of SQL server was recieved from a Microsoft Launch Event, Launch Tour 2005, so I didn't get a invoice. I sent them a copy of the items sent out with:

And opened a chat with them. The chat conversation is attatched:

In summary,

I asked what they needed to validate - they claimed they needed a invoice.

I didn't understand how a invoice would prove anything, since it is something that can be generated by anyone in a few minutes.

They claimed they get audited from time to time by Microsoft, so they have to make sure genuine software is running on their VPS.

I offered them my MSDNAA license, since I would be only using the server for developmental purposes. I send the a PDF of the MSDNAA order; only to have them deny it again. They claimed that it wasn't valid because I paid with a paypal business account. Even though the MSDNAA terms clearly state that it is a valid license for test and developmental purposes; and that the license is perpetual.

I offered to ship the DVD, CAL and BOX to them. They claimed that this wouldn't be enough to validate. (Implying, of course, that they had some reason to believe I might have stolen the DVD).

At a loss of what to do; I finally contacted Microsoft to have them validate the product; partner support was very nice and directed me to the appropiate departments. I sent solarvps a e-mail back:

I contacted Microsoft and recieved this information. They advised me that the only restriction on this software is that it is NOT FOR RESALE, and that I may put it in full production use. I was told that if you needed validation, you may call 800-426-9400 option 3, option 1. You may reference my name, or my phone number, which will validate my conversation with Microsoft.

See also,

They have yet to reply. I am at a loss of what to do; as I have other promotional software I'd like to install on that VPS; but if its this much of a hassle, I might just go with another host. Unfortunately, solarvps canceled their refund program, so I am at a loss what to do there.

In particular - I feel that SolarVPS just doesn't want to authorize the SQL server because they want me to pay $10/month. This is way too much validation. Besides, as a MS partner, if they were afraid of the software failing auditing they could have called their MS Partner line to verify it was genuine software. Additionally, I felt that Bogdan Fetita, their "senior tech" had attitude that made me feel very unwelcomed.

Should I just move on and find another VPS server after days of trying to find the right one? Or should I hope solarVPS will lighten up?

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Managed Dedicated Server For SQL Server 2005 & IIS

Jun 17, 2008

My client is looking for a company that can provide managed dedicated servers for use with SQL Server 2k5 and IIS. I believe the client is looking to have everything installed for them and then be handed the keys once complete.

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Converting Videos

Nov 29, 2007

I got ffmpeg, mencoder and flvtool2 installed on my server (centos 4) but when I try use them, the size comes off substantially bigger then what I can do on my PC.

For example I've been using Sorenson Squeeze (using Sorenson codec) and say at 240brate(video) and 32 (audio) and at 320-240, it comes to about 100 megs for a 50 min video.

Is there some good strategy on using these free tools effectively? or do the free codecs just can't compare to the paid ones?

What would be the commands that you guys would run to get the best size for those specified options I mentioned? On mencoder and flvtool2 that is. I have the latest versions installed.

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Exchange Converting Email To Htm

Mar 25, 2009

I have a slight issue that some of my emails are being converted to a htm file and attached to the email. I am using exchange server and outlook.

For example if I received an email and it was converted into a htm file and the body of the email was deleted so only the attachment existed which included the email.

There is no trend to this as sometimes it happens and on other occasions it doesn’t.

Besides this when I receive a read receipt many of these are converted to a normal email. I know this can happen from the senders side but I know for sure that some of the read receipts received should include outlooks read receipt icon although this is not happening. Is this something to do with exchange or my outlook installation.

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MSSQL Express 2005 Instead Of MSSQL 2005 ?

Dec 27, 2007

I`ve just got a new Windows 2003 Web Edition box and now I`m going to install a database server on that.

MSSQL 2005 license would costs 270$/mo for me, So thats not possible to use it because of its price.

I`m not sure if MSSQL Express 2005 or MSDE (which are free) can handle all requirements of ASP.NET programmers or not.

Is there any limitations for major scripts on those? or will those make any doubts for programmers?

Please share your experiences and suggestions.

* I`m going to install "Hosting Controller" on that box.

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Changing Host & Converting Phpbb2 To Phpbb3

Mar 19, 2008

i switched my host and have done a database backup of my phpbb2 forum. the new host only has phpbb3 - the sql doesn't load because the database structure has changed. is there any tool online that can go through my sql to convert them for phpbb3 use?

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Over 2000 GB Of Bandwidth

May 25, 2009

I'm leasing a single dedicated server and it's over 2 TB of traffic this month. It should be almost 3 TB by the end of this month.

The site is very well optimized (mostly static pages, cache, lighttpd, etc) and I'm guessing it could survive 6-10 TB/month traffic with one server.

Traffic is growing for the third month in a row. Not much, but it's noticeable.

It's the first time I'm over standard 2 TB traffic limit. I'm hosting at Leaseweb and I asked them how much does it cost to upgrade my bandwidth, but haven't heard from them since last Friday.

Where do I get a server with a decent amount of bandwidth and wouldn't have to sell my soul to afford it? The problem is, my budget is quite low (hence all the optimizations on the site - to save money on hardware).

Most of my traffic is from US, so I may have to consider American host.

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Windows 2000 & ASP

Mar 12, 2009

How well patched and secure is Windows 2000 and old ASP as it stands today? I am considering using this combo for something and need to know if there is anything I need to be concerned about?

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ColdFusion And MS SQL 2000 On VPS

Jun 8, 2007

A customer of ours is looking to use ColdFusion and MS SQL 2000.

Our VPS provider does not provide for ColdFusion or MS SQL so we referred them to another host. This host is unable to properly configure for their needs, and we are standing by the client to assist until everything is working properly.

Can anyone recommend a good host who provides cold fusion / ms sql plans using VPS?

Is this too much to ask and should they be looking at a dedicated server?

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Windows 2000 FTP

Mar 12, 2007

Our windows 2000 NT server will not allow users to login to the FTP unless they are classified as administrators. I have the domain set up with all of the correct permissions (to my knowledge).

1. Access to FTP folders

2. Access to Read under FTP

If there is some permission not set, please let me know.

The users are added to the Domain controller under Active Directory. I saw a post about the same exact problem on another forum, but there was no answer.

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