1/2 Cabinet Or Full Cabinet

Jun 29, 2007

Just wanted to get some opinions. I assume you are trying to colo, and you will fill 1/2 rack in 1 year. I have two options:

1. Get 1/2 rack, 20amps first and get another one when full.
2. Get full rack, 20amps and add 20amps later.

The first one will save $250/mo. The second one will give you redundancy and privately your rack/cabinet.

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APC Cabinet Source

Jul 31, 2009

Anybody have a good source for APC cabinets? I need a full truck-load of AR3100.

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How Many Servers Fit In A Cabinet

Mar 24, 2008

I have a guesstimate, but I wanted to check with someone more knowledgeable.

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Cabinet Configuration

Aug 16, 2007

Lets assume I have the following equipment Hardware Firewall, Switch, 1U KVMoIP, 1U server and a 0U APC Switchable Power strip.

So there is 1 FastE ethernet drop.


Switch -> KVMoIP
-> APC
-> Server

Of course, then


My question is, which comes first after the FastE drop, firewall then switch or vice-versa?

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Cabinet At PAIX

Apr 23, 2007

providers who might have a cabinet available at PAIX?

We just got a great deal on a Gig circuit to PAIX, but the carrier doesn't have space available.

We'll probably to putting in a 6506 - so at least half a cabinet, most likely a full one.

We don't need bandwidth, just a cabinet and power.

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Getting A Cogent Connection To A Cabinet

Jul 31, 2009

if I rented a half, or full cabinet for colocation. And would wanted Cogent was my isp for the cabinet how much do they charge?

Days they take to setup?

Costs to setup? (Setup fee?)

I know their pricing 100Mbps for $1,000 which is pretty crazy deal. And if I would go on their contract would it save me a setup fee?

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What Should I Expect To Pay For Half Cabinet

Jul 20, 2009

I currently use a half cabinet and think I'm paying way too much. I pay $1,000/month for half rack (10 meg bandwidth) 20 amps power, etc. Service and connectivity has been great (Ashburn, VA data center) but I think it's just over priced.

What should I pay for half cab, 20 amps, 5-10 MEG bandwidth, 20 amps?

On that note, what if I was to go for a full cabinet solution, same power and bandwidth, what is ultimately the expected price for a reputable colo provider?

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23-inch Cabinet Choices

Jun 25, 2008

I use APC Netshelter cabinets now; I have a need for some cabinets with 23-inch wide rails, capable of holding telco muxes, rectifiers, batteries, etc. Any suggestions on cabinet?

Something that would blend in with APC Netshelters (black, bowed/curved door on cold aisle) would be nice. I know I've seen a cabinet very similar to Netshelter delivered from NetApp, but with a grey/off-black color, and 1-piece door on the hot aisle. If APC is just sourcing their cabinets from some manufacturer who takes engineering requests, it would be great to find out who makes them.

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Choosing A Switch For Cabinet.

Mar 1, 2007

I'm planning to move my co-located server to a cabinet soon. We are adding dedicated web & database servers to take the load off of the main box. I will get one GigE drop in this cabinet, so obviously I need a switch.

No routing is needed on my end, so my guess is that the regular GigE switch would do just fine. But I have few concerns about my setup.

All of my servers have dual GigE port. My plan is to connect one to the internet, and another to a local private lan for SMB, database, SNMP, and such. Jumbo frame is enabled on a private lan.

Is there any 16-port switch that allows me to assign 8 ports into one virtual switch (1500-byte frame) and another 8 into another virtual switch (9000-byte frame) ?

On the internet side, I expect to be pushing around 300-400mbps, a bit higher on the private lan. I need a very stable switch that won't choke or crash at this rate.

I'd also like to be able to limit throughput on each port, and probably do port/ip filtering on this switch instead of iptables on each box. (Am I asking too much for a switch?)

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Cabinet Co-location (How Does It Work)

Aug 11, 2007

If I colo a full cabinet with anyone like colo4dallas, calpop or any other random host:

Does it mean they give me a cabinet I can put my servers in


Do I have to bring my own Cabinet?

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Ganging Up On Cabinet Colocation

Aug 25, 2007

When looking at the 1U's, I have to search really long and hard trying to find a half-decent host. A lot of companies skimp on something when offering colo, and makes for a bad day when that particular service is needed.

On the other hand, I see a lot of colocation offers for great deals on Cabinets and half Cabinets. High, premium bandwidth, PLENTY of amps, top of the line support, etc. It would be tempting to go for these, except I only have a single unit server.

I was going to give up on finding a good colo, then I got an idea. What if I got together a few other people, we all pitched in for our slice of a cabinet, and bring the price well within reasonable limits for those of us with low demands?

Would it be too difficult to do something like this? If you run across this topic and are looking for colo, would you be willing to give this a shot?

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Best Place To Buy Shelves For A Dell Cabinet

Feb 25, 2009

Where is the best place to buy shelves for a dell cabinet?

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Average Bandwidth Usage Per Cabinet

Nov 1, 2007

I'm about to move 31 machines into a 42U full cabinet

Previously I was on an uncapped bandwidth provider but we had a lot of problems with them so I decided to find a new provider who charges bandwidth by mbps

I do not have mrtg installed or managed switches, but I may start with 10mbps.

But I'm just curious, what takes a full cabinet with more than 30 machines does the total bandwidth takes you.

Perhaps any colo provider here don't mind to share their stats.

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Opinions On This Cabinet Style's Ability To Cool

Mar 29, 2007

What do you think about this cabinet style's ability to cool say 18-20 1U core 2 duo servers? [see attached jpeg.]

its got a fan in the ceiling of it. I have read that ceiling fans don't do much and its the front to back cooling that really makes a difference. Is this true?

If you don't like this type of cab, which type do you like?

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1-2 Cabinet Colo In San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay, Too)

Nov 20, 2007

I'm currently colocated in 365 Main in San Francisco.

Due to power limitations there I need a new place with 1-2 cabinets, about 25Amps and 1-2mbps committed.

I'm looking for a long-term, reliable, 24x7 NOC, with no surprises. If my servers are down, I'm out of business, so uptime (power+network) is the most important factor.

I will summarize the recommendations I get and post them back here.

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10TB 1/4 Cabinet Deals - Looking To Expand Our Failover Product

Oct 11, 2009

Please do share if you know of a 10TB colo offer in either east or west. I know co-location is bandwidth-based but this is what we're looking for right now. Here are the requirements:

10TB (up and/or down) transfer on at least 100Mbps port

Good uptime history (BGP mix, A/B redundant power feeds, redundant hvac, etc)

Friendly crew (willing to help rack up 1U's if it's remote)

20A circuit (willing to consider 10A)

Access to KVMoIP

Ethernet drop

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Bay Area Colocation 1/2 Secured Cabinet With 8 Amps Of Power

Feb 15, 2007

Here are my requirements:
A. Space: 1/2 a secured cabinet
B. Location : Bay area
C. Power: 8 amps
D. B/w: 1 Mbps

I got quotes from
A. www.bayarea.net for 1 cabinet with 20 amps $699
B. www.he.net for 1 cabinet with 15 amps $600
C. www.svcolo.com/ for 1 cabinet with 15 amps $695

I am wondering who can give me 1/2 a secured cabinet for around $300 to $400

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2 Posts Rack Or 4 Posts Cabinet

May 4, 2007

I am getting a full 42U, and have option for 2 post rack and 4 posts cabinet. Meanwhile I know 4 posts cabinet is more secure, but the vendor is good enough, and the difference in price is around $150/month, which one should I use?

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(/tmp) Full

Jun 29, 2009

i dont know what is going on exactly

look at this 2 commands

root@host [/tmp]# ls -hl
total 92K

root@host [/tmp]# df
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda5 10153988 406444 9223428 5% /
/dev/sda8 1019208 900620 65980 94% /tmp
how is that possible ls -hl shows thats the space used is 92kb
while df shows 65980 94% for /tmp

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/var Is Almost Full

Dec 11, 2008

/var is almost full

I have my /var with 85% of capacity and i need to free some space, this is the print of a du -h --max-depth 1:



as you can see cpanel is one of the largest, do you know from where i can delete some files to liberate space of my /var?

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/usr Is Full

Feb 13, 2008

I really need some help here. My /usr directory on my server is 95% full. Is there any change that I could change a space limit for this partition without OS reload? And if there is, how to do it?

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/var Is Getting Full

May 27, 2008

Today I had MySQL and Exim both blow up on me. After some panicking I noticed that the /var directory was 100% full. I cleared out some old logs and got the server back up and running.

I wanted to ask you all how can I

a) identify what is taking up all the space

b) is there anything off the top of your head that I can safely delete?

The drive is 9GB so something other than just log files is filling it up.

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/var/ Is Full

Jun 15, 2007

and mysql couldnt restart and i got database error in my forum
how can i delete the non important in the /var/ section

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Tmp And Var Full

Jan 27, 2007

Drive Critical: hda7 (/tmp) is 100% full

Drive Critical: hda5 (/var) is 91% full

Due to this, my cpsrvd keeps failing.

This might sound dumb, but how do I empty these folders via SSH/WHM?

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Var Full

Jan 2, 2007

/var seems to be almost full but the server has only been up a couple of days. Note that the only file that seems large is /named/chroot/proc/kcore but that is not really supposed to take any disk space ... it obviously is. Does anybody know what I should do to free up space here?

Details follow:
[root@cobalt var]# df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1 1.9G 700M 1.1G 40% /
/dev/hda2 1.9G 1.6G 151M 92% /var
/dev/hda5 1.9G 33M 1.8G 2% /tmp
/dev/hda6 25G 303M 23G 2% /home
none 379M 0 379M 0% /dev/shm

[root@cobalt var]# du -ha
1.0G ./named/chroot/proc/kcore
14M ./lib/rpm/Packages
1.2M ./lib/rpm/Basenames
1.3M ./lib/rpm/Filemd5s
1.3M ./lib/rpm/__db.002
19M ./lib/rpm
19M ./lib/mysql/ibdata1
5.1M ./lib/mysql/ib_logfile0
5.1M ./lib/mysql/ib_logfile1
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/active_guests.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/active_guests.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/active_users.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/address_book.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/address_book.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/address_format.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/address_format.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/banned_users.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/banners.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/banners.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/banners_history.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/banners_history.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/categories.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/categories.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/categories_description.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/categories_description.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/configuration.MYI
24K ./lib/mysql/site1/configuration.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/configuration_group.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/configuration_group.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/counter.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/counter.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/counter_history.MYI
12K ./lib/mysql/site1/countries.MYI
8.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/countries.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/currencies.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/currencies.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/customers.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/customers.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/customers_basket.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/customers_basket.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/customers_basket_attributes.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/customers_info.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/customers_info.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/geo_zones.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/geo_zones.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/info_about_us.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/info_about_us.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/info_conditions.MYI
32K ./lib/mysql/site1/info_conditions.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/info_privacy.MYI
28K ./lib/mysql/site1/info_privacy.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/info_shipping.MYI
8.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/info_shipping.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/languages.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/languages.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/manufacturers.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/manufacturers.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/manufacturers_info.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/manufacturers_info.MYD
8.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/msistuff_searchindex.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/msistuff_searchindex.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/msistuff_user_newtalk.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/newsletters.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/orders.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/orders_products.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/orders_products_attributes.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/orders_products_download.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/orders_status.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/orders_status.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/orders_status_history.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/orders_total.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_attributes.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_attributes.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_attributes_download.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_attributes_download.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_description.MYI
48K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_description.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_notifications.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_options.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_options.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_options_values.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_options_values.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_options_values_to_products_options.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_options_values_to_products_options.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_to_categories.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/products_to_categories.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/reviews.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/reviews.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/reviews_description.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/reviews_description.MYD
8.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/sessions.MYI
60K ./lib/mysql/site1/sessions.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/specials.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/specials.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/tax_class.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/tax_class.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/tax_rates.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/tax_rates.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/users.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/users.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/whos_online.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/whos_online.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/zones.MYI
8.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/zones.MYD
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/zones_to_geo_zones.MYI
4.0K ./lib/mysql/site1/zones_to_geo_zones.MYD
1.6M ./lib/mysql/site1
31M ./lib/mysql
50M ./lib
1.5M ./log/messages
5.0M ./log/httpd/access_log
4.2M ./log/httpd/access_log.1
5.6M ./log/httpd/access_log.2
6.5M ./log/httpd/access_log.3
7.5M ./log/httpd/access_log.4
6.5M ./log/httpd/error_log.1
1.2M ./log/httpd/error_log.2
37M ./log/httpd
1.5M ./log/admserv/adm_access.2
2.0M ./log/admserv
3.2M ./log/messages.1
4.0M ./log/messages.2
49M ./log
3.2M ./cache/yum/base/primary.xml.gz.sqlite
3.8M ./cache/yum/base
1.1M ./cache/yum/BlueQuartz
5.7M ./cache/yum
6.1M ./cache
1.9M ./www
1.9M ./analog-5.32/lang
1.9M ./analog-5.32

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/tmp 100% Full

Jan 7, 2007

Once ago you people solved my problem, now once again i am here to get some suggestion from you since i could not find anyone else for help.

I have another server (Which is not under Your Management subscription), its /tmp DRIVE is 100% full.

I have 2 scripts which are same as "RapidShare.de or megaupload" FREE FILE HoSTING scripts... they use space in /tmp my /tmp is 496 Mb.

Because its full 100% so files are no more uploadable via scripts. So my scripts are not funsctioning at the moment.

So i thought to get a suggestion from you people

is that possible to increase the size of /tmp ? like to 20 GB etc or if NOT than could you please tell how to empty /tmp folder (coz i think all files in /tmp used by SCRIPTS are USELESS after the USER uploads or downloads the data.) so could you please suggest..

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/dev/sda6 (/usr) Is 89% Full

Jun 30, 2009

I have two dedicated servers..

On one of my servers, its 100% full and my 2nd one it's /dev/sda6 (/usr) is 89%.

Can someone tell me what partion on a linux based server this is usually used for, and the steps by ssh I can do to clear it out?

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/var Full Linux

Jun 5, 2009

my /var is full any idea what to delete
root@host [/var]# du -sh *
12K account
16K aquota.user
13M cache
188M cpanel
28K db
32K empty
8.0K games
73M lib
8.0K local
32K lock
35M log
16K lost+found
4.0K mail
7.5G named
8.0K nis
8.0K opt
4.0K portsentry
8.0K preserve
92K profiles
12K quota.user
8.0K racoon
900K run
6.5M spool
8.7M tmp
24K yp
root@host [/var]#
even i can move named folder if some one guide how to move and change the path in conf because i dont no the location of conf files etc

*mod if i am on wrong place move it*

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Partition /usr Full 100%

Nov 25, 2008

i have problem and make all solution and the problem stay
the /usr partition is full 100%

i remove all logs in :
and make du -h --max-depth=1 in /usr that's the monitor :
76K ./doc
37M ./sbin
366M ./src
110M ./X11R6
14M ./php4
176K ./man
16K ./lost+found
24M ./evolution28
2.2G ./local
12K ./etc
19M ./libexec
1.2G ./share
62M ./include
181M ./bin
362M ./java
958M ./lib
1.4M ./kerberos
6.4G .

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Tmp Folder Keep Getting Full

Feb 5, 2008

i got whm / centos 4.*
the tmp folder keep hitting 100% i just cleaned yesterday!
it has a 485M size.

most of extension are *.wrk

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/var Directory Full

Aug 6, 2008

I have 10 GB partition and we have mount /var direcotry and now it has been full 97% what can i do and how to manage it and i have no other option because no other space is available to create new partition and mount there.

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