Thoughts About Colocation Or Dedi?

Apr 29, 2009

I used to have FDC a while ago, and i want to get your thoughts about Colocation or dedi?

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Is Colocation More Expensive Than Reselling Dedi-boxes?

Feb 18, 2007

I currently run 16 boxes which I rent from various data centers, mark-up and resell. Conventional wisdom says that it's time for me to start colocating my own servers. I've got approval for capital (loan) so it's no problem for me to just buy these boxes and colo them. But... how the hell does anyone afford it?

I mean, I can get a cabinet in H.E. with 10Mbps burst to 100Mbps for $600/mo (through EGI). Which is an insanely good deal until you realize that it only includes 15amps of power. So (I think) that means that I can really only run about 15 or 20 Celerons at the most. So much for filling up the rack.

Optimistically, if I can run 20 Celerons which I've priced at about $700 each including shipping -- plus a switch, KVM, spare parts and bank interest over 24 months -- that's about $800/mo for the servers plus $600 for the cab, plus about $200/mo for remote hands in case I need the DC guys to do something. I'm looking at about $80/mo per server which I have to pay whether it's rented or not.

I can easily find celerons for $80/mo which include some level of support and I can very easily cancel whenever my client does and buy a fresh new one whenever I get a new client.

I was all excited to go colo -- but the numbers don't add up. What am I missing here? What's the big advantage to all the extra hassle of owning your own?

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LiquidWeb Thoughts?

May 6, 2009

I was wondering what people thought of Liquid Web, my friend has his site ( with Liquid Web and says they are absolutely amazing. But I want to know what other people think of them.

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Thoughts On Amazon AWS

May 8, 2008

Are the amazon's EC2/S3 solutions a viable alternative to dedicated hosting? The thought of capacity/bandwidth/computing power on demand sounds great in theory. Could it host a basic LAMP setup?

If you've done any research in this area i'd love to hear your thoughts. Are they apples and oranges?

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Aug 29, 2006

Hope this is the right place for this question. I'm interested in hosting with as they are good value and allow multiple domains to be hosted (incidentally, will nosy people be able to figure that the different domains are hosted on the same package?).

Just wanted to hear your thoughts and experiences? It seems cheaper to host on their American site compared to the British site. Am I allowed to do that?

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Zayo Bandwidth Thoughts?

May 2, 2009

Anyone use Zayo bandwidth?

How do you rate them?

If you had to choose between Cogent and Zayo, who would you go with?

We are planning to get transit from another carrier and someone recommended Zayo, so just want to hear your thoughts.

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Wiredtree First Thoughts Review

Feb 3, 2009

I was having problems with shared hosting so I'm having a crack with a VPS from wiredtree. I have been with them 3days so thought I'd post up an early review on my first thoughts then update 3months on, 6months and 12months.

I'm new to the VPS world and have never had any experience with server management/functions other than with-in cpanel so you could say I'm a total noob, so this is coming from a newbie perspective. Ok so here goes for the pros/cons so far.


- The set-up was fast once sorted (see the first con).

- The payment system and ordering process was easy to follow.

- The support is very fast helpful and understanding (this is for their online support not phoned them yet).

- The start-up e-mail is useful and gives clear direct instructions.

- The prices are fair and in-line with the market.

- Their 'Grove' control panel is clean and clear and gives you access to vital functions and information, such as DNS, server stats, billing and support.

- When I set-up my account they didn't ring to confirm I had to chase them to get it sorted but once it was confirmed my server was up in under 1 hour.

- On their bottom package they give 348mb ram which before you put anything else on the server over 60% of this is used by other functions/softwares. Of course these things can be turned on/off when needed but I feel this should be mentioned at sign-up so people can understand and plan what they are going to need.

- Their knowledgebase has so far failed me as the issues I have had (mostly due to being a noob) are not listed on it and there are no other way other than submitting a ticket to find out about the small easy to solve problems, but their support is fast so no biggy.

Overall its not been a bad start It has had some floors but I'm happy and things are running smoothly.

Like I said these are only first thoughts on the service and I will update at later dates to give a clear picture on their service.

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My Thoughts About Hacking... [Part 1]

Jul 8, 2008

Is security really that critical? If so, why are some of the largest software companies providing such a bad example for the rest of the industry? Why would someone want to target my website? Why is security often overlooked?

These are all common questions that arise on a daily basis within the online industry.

The rest of this article will provide some detailed answers, along with practical examples and true scenarios.

I've spoken with numerous hackers over the past short while. I can't count the number of times I've heard the line "Ignorant site owners deserve to be hacked". In my opinion, that's like claiming that cars without alarms deserve to be stolen, or homes without alarm systems deserve to be burglarized. It's not just wrong - it's illegal.

Security risks and vulnerabilities affect the entire online industry. When a single website is hacked, there are usually multiple other victims. This is most commonly seen with widely distributed software. A potential attacker has the ability to install the software on a test environment, locate the vulnerabilities, then attack random victims even before anyone else is aware of the potential exploits. Once a vulnerability is located, the attacker simply needs to search for other environments using the same software, and within minutes there are hundreds, often thousands of potential victims.

Typically, in the race to market, software providers are encouraged to release their products as soon as the applications are usable. Critical development procedures are often overlooked or intentionally bypassed. One such miss is an application vulnerability assessment. Although the product may be usable, the effects of a vulnerable application could be severe.

Sadly, nobody is "off limits" when it comes to hacking. Most hackers feel safe committing online crime, since the online industry has evolved much faster than the security industry. Many applications are not created with the intent to recognize hacking attempts. Some hackers view their actions as a competition - Who can attack the most valuable website? Who can exploit the most user databases? In many cases, these attacks are bragged about within the hacker's immediate network. The competitive nature of these hacking groups has become so severe, there have been reports of attacks between competing organizations.

You might ask, "If I use industry standards, won't my environment be secure?". The short answer: no, but it helps. Hackers are not restricted by industry standards. Most security companies only implement new standards once at least one victim is reported. This often gives hackers plenty of time to locate other vulnerable environments, and before long, the number of victims can increase rapidly. Hackers are some of the most innovative individuals within the online industry. The most logical way to combat them is to use similar methodology for security purposes.

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Mar 10, 2008

What are your thoughts of, I didn't find may reviews here on WHT.

I talked with the sales rep. and he said they host people such as: Mazda, Chrysler and Xerox.

Here's some info he gave on their server:

Paresh: to provide some way of background...Ultrahosting is part of our parent company Momentum
Paresh: Momentum handles Managed Service Operations for Enterprise level customers
Paresh: Ultrahosting sits in the same data center as these clients

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Thoughts On OctaGate Switch

Sep 29, 2007

Anyone ever heard of OctaGate Switch ? Any comments, reviews, feedback?

Any good alternatives to this product?

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Moving From Rackspace? Thoughts On New Providers...?

Apr 14, 2008

We run our site from a dedicated server at Rackspace and have done for 6 years now. Whilst i'm very happy with the level of service provided we're starting to consider small cost savings by moving to other providers.

We did select LiquidWeb and have attempts a couple of moves to the new server but so far without success (most recent being yesterday with 12 hours of frustration!). A lot of the problems seem to be down to cPanel/WHM being a lot more "locked down" than were were used to with Webmin (that runs on Rackspace servers) and being somewhat unfamiliar with cPanel/WHM.

We have asked advice from LiquidWeb support and whilst they seem to be reasonable in responding, i've yet to feel the "heroic" aspect although this might just be due to being spoilt at Rackspace for many years. Support responses tend to be quite "rushed" and do the minimum asked for rather than going that extra "mile" which was seemingly indicated during the sales cycle.

My question is this - do people have thoughts on potential other fully managed providers? Should we even be looking for a new provider?

Specs looking for:

- Fully Managed
- Dual Xeon Quad Core
- 2 x 73GB SCSI RAID
- Some form of Remote Backup
- Linux

We're currently paying about $850 for the server at Rackspace which has the following specs:

- Single AMD Opteron 246 2.0 GHz
- 2 x 73GB SCSI RAID
- Managed Backup
- Webmin

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SolarVPS Issues Public Thoughts

Jun 18, 2008

I regret to bring this to a public forum but having seen that solarvps has a presence here I am hoping that a resolve to this issue can be found, and any public opinions are welcomed.

Having been a customer with solarvps since 2006 without any cause for concerns it does not make me happy with some recent issues I have had with them. So I have had a vps server hosted with them since 2006. Sometime in February when attempting to login to my VPS I got an error, I left it as this happens sometimes, it happened for 4 days in a row so I thought this is a little strange logged in to my control panel, to see no VPS server was listed under the account. There was no invoice generated either. Ok this is strange but I just assumed it had been terminated, no invoice came through and that particular server was a backup server so I sought hosting elsewhere.

4 months pass I get an email from solarvps stating my account is overdue with charges applied. I contact them back straight away asking what they are billing me for I have explained the situation time and again to them, I have asked the questions why the server disappeared from my account, why I wasn’t able to access the vps remotely and why no invoices got generated at the time to which I have had no response, I have asked more than 5 times now. The only response I keep getting form them is threats if I do not pay to hand over to a collection agency and the possibility of legal action. To which I have replied each time that I will contest any such action and seek legal advice myself.

Granted I should probably have contacted them at the time but really they are at fault more than I am for not asking them what has happened, I truly believe I am not in the wrong here but nobody within solarvps is prepared is looking at the facts of what has happened here.

Well anyway I hope bringing this to a public forum will bring a resolve and maybe some answers. I am getting no response from anybody within solarvps and would be happy to take this away from the public if they are willing.

I am not unfair nor does it make sense that a customer for so long would just decide not to pay you one month and kick up a fuss over such a small amount of money but the fact that I am not in the wrong with this matter, I am not prepared to pay them no matter how much bullying tactics they wish to adopt in trying to make me.

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ResellerZoom & Servint Reviews - My Thoughts

Sep 11, 2008

I had them for about 6 months and it was great until some time in the middle of May I got an email from them saying "my website is overloading/overlimits and even small dedicated sever wont handle the load" I had "Failover Reseller Plans" which allows 10,000MB space & 200GB bandwidth. The only script my website had at the time was a phpBB forum. My forum got about 2-3 posts per day with an average of 300 users per day. How could it cause overloading/overlimits ? Their "abuse team" wasn't very helpful at all! I got fed up with it and moved my site to a new webhost => servint

However, their support team was amazing. They replied to my tickets very fast. They were always online even at 3 or 4 am !! And most of the time they were very helpful and wouldhelp you with anything.

Would I go back to them again? i'm not sure ...maybe or maybe not

So I moved everything to Servint VPS after this whole incident. I really have no word to say about Servint except that they're AWESOME! I really like them & their support team. I had them for about 4 months and no complaints about them. However due to my financial prob (spend all my $ on gas & rising cost of everything) I had to downgrade to a reseller account instead

Now I'm moving to Hostgator.

I'll give you all my reviews in a few months...

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Apache: Need Thoughts On Offloading Static Content

May 18, 2009

I'm looking for a way to get a little more mileage out of Apache + PHP environment without losing Apache capabilities. In shared hosting environments, losing features such as .htaccess and a real mod_rewrite are not even on the table. I'm also not willing to accept the performance hit and connection issues that are inherent with FastCGI, so that means mod_php.

In this particular situation, there are two busy sites, which are the problem.

These are a few ideas I've been thinking about.

1. mod_proxy + nginx: mod_proxy sends static content requests to nginx. This requires two sets of vhost files to be maintained.

2. mod_cache: Caching common static content such as page graphics .css, .js, etc.

3. squid

If you've been down 2 or more of these roads, I could benefit from your experience.

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New VPS -

Aug 20, 2007

Just to let you know about, they were great and i've payed for my VPS about three hours ago and i'm managing the server right now. I would like to thank their personnel for this quickly setup!

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May 14, 2007

I had no problems with FDC and they were great at getting my server up with no charge for remote hands when needed. Since then it has been a different story though, atleast in the last month or so.

First off, I was put on their pure PCCW network thinking that problems with their Cogent network and such wouldn't effect me but it seems everytime they are DDOSed and everytime they have downtime with any network it drops packets for me as well which is pretty often on some occasions.

Second off, I had another server shipped there recently and it arrived damaged. They told me it was the power supply acting up so I ordered a new one and had it sent to them. They installed it quickly but still notified me that the hard drives weren't all recognized. I found it to be that one of the hard drives was bad, after removing that drive from the system I asked them to reinstall the OS which they did but they told me they still had problems booting it up with the SATA controller. I said to them to make sure that the SATA controller was enabled with AHCI which is needed for CentOS. They kept telling me how the server was bad and they needed to send it back.

I received this server earlier this week to find that the SATA controller was disabled in the BIOS and as soon as I enabled it, it booted up just fine. So that was a waste of 2 weeks and $30.00 they charged me to ship it back.

Also the power supply that was replaced (which was still under full warranty, worth >$50) they told me was unavailable because it had been "recycled". It only states that they own the property after 30 days of it being in their possession which I brought to their attention but they have yet to respond to me since I asked for them to credit me $50 or provide me with a 500W power supply.

If a support staff member is so incompetent that he cannot see if an SATA controller is disabled, how is he competent enough to work on servers?

I suggest future people looking into FDC to avoid making the decision, if you have trouble with your servers they are not on your side, nor care about what happens to you.

This whole ordeal cost me $70 total in shipping, atleast $50 in a power supply, and lost me business for atleast 2 weeks and they don't even have the courtesy to respond to me about it.

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Fdcservers #2

Dec 4, 2007

on fdcservers . net, their colo server option #2 is amazing. It almost seems too good too be true. Could you tell me any possible down sides to chosing this colo service?

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Sep 23, 2007

I'm really fed up with VPS. The node I'm on is very unstable recently and it went online and offline very often, most of the time it went offline. I've checked my memory usage and the max I've seen is 240mb and my plan with them is 512mb. So i emailed their staff about it and she told me I had overused "dgramrcvbuf" and asked me to kill some processes. I don't have mysql and php running on my site, I use this VPS to host some swf and jpg file to my other site. Everytime I checked my memory and CPU load in WHM and it always shows green and CPU is below 0.4 most of the time. But when I run top command in SSH the memory goes up and down like roller coaster for the node where I've been told there's 4 VPS sharing the memory. So today I decided to take my apache offline for few hours and still experienced the same problem, the VPS still went offline most of the time. I hardly use my VPS and the amount I'm paying is not worth it at all. Anyone know what really cause VPS to be down besides running out of memory?

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Sep 20, 2007

I tried to do search on VPS Forum. I couldn't find any reviews...

Anyone had experience with

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FDCservers Experience

Oct 25, 2009

I'm basically just going to copy/paste the message I posted on their forums that will likely never see the light of day... But before I do, I would like to say the following...

We have been clients of FDCservers for over 2 years and have had nothing but good experiences with them up until...

"Ok, I'll try to remain as cool and collect as I possibly can, but I have to air my concerns here since our issues are NOT being resolved via support tickets...

We currently leased a new server 2 months ago in August, replacing our old server. Ever since we've gotten this new server we have had nothing but problems.

The problems are the same each and every time, and yet nothing is getting done to actually resolve them...

In a nuttshell, merely days after leasing this new server, we had an HDD fail. It was replaced a day or so later. Then a few days later, another HDD fails. Replaced 2 days later or so.

Then again, HDD failure. Now not only do we have to wait another 2 days for it to be replaced (seems you guys don't keep an on location stock?), but we also have to reload the OS due to the failure.

Finally get the server back online, losing a small amount of data in the process (so far); and AGAIN we have an HDD failure. And again, and again, and again...

I have been very patient with your support staff up until this point, but the amount of money we have lost over the last 2 months is making me look for a different provider.

The issues we are having point to hardware related issues, more than likely a bad onboard disk controller. But the solution has always been to simply replace the failed HDD with a new one, oh and one time you swapped the sata cable to another port.

Now, I'm fully aware that you do not offer an SLA, which is fine.. but we are still paying for a service and yet we are not getting what we're paying for at this point, which is really saddening because we've had nothing but good things to say about your company for 2 years now. But this latest run of events is quickly changing my opinion, and simply because your tech support doesn't seem to actually want to resolve problems the right way.

And now I'm told my server has been completely replaced, but not after a claim that one of my disks started "smoldering", one of them is corrupt and one is lost (as in physically misplaced). Not only that but this "new" server had a whole 2 hours of uptime before it crashed. I have to ask what the hell happened to you guys? You were the first company I recommended when someone asked about a good dedi server company, yet now I'm sitting here with ALL my data seemingly gone (we're talking several hundred GB's of data btw, not something that can be easily replaced by backups) and a "new" server that is already having stability issues!

I really hate to say this, but you guys do not hesitate to turn off a server if a payment is 3 days or so late, so why do you hesitate so much to give us a server that actually works properly?

Or server is ID# ####. Please address our issues once and for all (You can see the ticket history) so we can go back to being happy customers like we have been for the last 2 years..."

So my question is... what in the hell happened to these guys? I remember the one time we had a hardware issue (dead mobo on our old server), it was replaced and we were back online in under an hour. But now I dunno wtf is going on except that we are constantly losing money thanks to this newfound incompetence...

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Denver FDCservers

Sep 23, 2009

I am looking to colocate with FDC in Denver and wanted to know if anyone had any opinions about their Denver colocation.

Hows the network, etc?

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FDCServers Connection

Oct 28, 2009

Is anyone having issues with connection dropping alot with FDC servers?

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FdcServers- Or Midphase

Apr 15, 2008

im planning to buy dedicated i have a budget of 300 usd per month

so i got 2 option

1) To Go with Fdc

100Mbit Burstable Unmetered Dedicated Server #1

CPU - Core2Quad 6600

Memory - 8GB RAM
Hard Disk Space - 1x500GB HDD

100Mbit port - full duplex

$ 299 /month / But many people says thats fdc is not good , they have fake hardwares , and not a good support at all / and their all time excuses is HARDWARE FAILURE

2) dedicated

This one

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VPS Hacked

Sep 6, 2008

I have a VPS with - I like it a lot. Now for the last two days, the VPS keeps getting hacked. I Have no idea how it even started. I first noticed Friday during the day at school. I sat during school and fixed it. They had installed SubSeven. Today, about 5 mins ago it was re-hacked. SubSeven again.

Now, I have firewalls on the server, after 5 attempts you are banned from the vps for 15 mins. ect..

This is my personal vps and I can't figure out how its happening, I use it for things like tunneling and such storing files ect.. Nobody ever is on it. I don't even host files on it. I have cPanel installed for the hell of it, it is always updated ect..

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Any Review About FdcServers

Jun 10, 2008

I am planning to buy server from FDC server for my new hosting company. Can anyone provide me true suggestion on them:

-How are they?

-How is their network?

-How is their hardware quality?

-How is there support?

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FDCServers Vs Zenex5ive

Jul 21, 2008

100Mbit Burstable Unmetered Dedicated Server #1

* CPU - AMD Sempron 1400
* Memory - 1GB RAM
* Hard Disk Space - 80GB HDD
* 100Mbit port - full duplex
$ 139 /month

AMD 1400
1 x 200GB HDD or 2 x 80GB HDD
100Mbit Port
Unmetered Transfer

WHICH should I go for? Getting pretty much the same thing from both. Plan on having a media site and need flexibility and reliably.

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FDCServers Review

Jan 15, 2008

I've been considering some local Colos over the past few months. I've seen FDCservers located out of Chicago, they are actually only 1 block down the street from my office, which is nice. Their prices are amazing. We are looking to colo 1U Servers.

here is a snipit I found on the ads forum.

NO minimum commit
Month to month term
%100 dedicated INTERNAP bandwidth $12/Mbit !!!

Server Space (electric included)
1U server - $39/month

So according to this I can get a 10MB InterNap Colo for $159/mo.

Anyone care to share their experience with this company?

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How Is Colo At Fdcservers

Jan 28, 2007

I currently rent a server at FDCServers and I'm planning on coloing there. Has anyone tried out thier colo serivce?

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Nov 11, 2007

I have tried this service with their Virtual Dedicated Server #3 offer for two months, the connection was not impressive... And I was surprised especially by the support, each time that you have a software problem you have to pay 25-50$ to have it resolved, they work free only for material difficulties.

One day all is working and the day after your websites are no more offline, if you have access to the server (even if you have not touched to the server and that the sites are still not running after a restart), it is considered as a software complication and you have to pay... it happens 1-2 time by month.

Very disappointing and it is not well specified on their website that the support is not free.

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Colo In FDCServers

Nov 15, 2007

Is there any experience in colo in FDCServers? Infrastructure? Support? Network (especially in Internap and Verio/NTT networks)

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1 Month Review Of FDCServers VPS

Jan 18, 2009

what can i say, you get what you pay for but i think this is expensive!

i fell to the trap of unmetered bandwith. its true, it was really freaking fast speed.

BUT, ram is limited. especially if you run cPanel. i advise people not to use it.

Tickets were answered very fast. usually within 2~5 minutes. even faster at times.
downside: a bit expensive. even though unmetered bandwith, this is shared. also its tough to push much traffic because of the lack of ram. i think if you bought something with 1gig ram, you can find cheaper VPS.

also you are completely on your own with this VPS. nothing surprised i knew this going in. But then i discovered other services that provided managed VPS at even cheaper price! these were reputable companies too. Next time im just gonna go with managed service. wasted too much time compiling and learning how to do stuff.

I give : out of

I found lot of the reviews on here inaccurate. They are actually not bad.....but imo a bit expensive.

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