Setting Up Custom Nameserver For Reseller

Mar 7, 2008

I just got a dedicated box and I am making reseller accounts.

How can I set it up where it is set to instead of

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Custom Nameserver

Jan 8, 2007

I recently signed up for hosting with ASO on a shared hosting plan with intentions to operate an SMF forum. Prior to going live, I would like to prepare for a possible upgrade to a VPS in the near future if the forum exceeds allowed resources on the shared platform, specifically the MySQL connections which appears to be set at 40. I am currently utilizing the ASO nameservers and was wondering the following:

If I setup custom nameservers at Namecheap and request likewise from ASO, when it comes time to switching to a VPS, can I perform the following and anticipate downtime only during steps 2 & 3?

1) Configure the VPS (including DNS)

2) Switch forum to maintenance mode and transfer data to VPS

3) Change the customer nameserver IP addresses at Namecheap

Basically, I want to verify that I won't experience the 24 to 48 hrs of downtime associated with changing nameservers. Additionally, are there any known disadvantages of having custom nameservers on a shared hosting plan?

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Custom NameServer Issues For Resellers

Jan 27, 2008

I seem to be having some issues with custom nameservers on my Cpanel VPS.

I've setup Custom nameservers for my resellers after getting some advice from WHT however no my resellers seem to be having DNS issues all of the time when using the custome nameservers.

If a reseller uses our main Nameservers then everything seems to work fine, its just the custom ones that have issues.

The custom name servers are setup as follows.

Main Nameservers - IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - IP XXX.XXX.XXX.XX2

Custom Nameserver:
DNS Zone added for
DNS zones point to same IPs a Main Nameservers.

Issues include problems with reg companies, Cron Jobs failing when looking for the server etc...

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Setting Up NameServer Redirection

Apr 5, 2007

I'm a reseller with a few seperate servers. Thus, trying to set up a 2ndry set of NS records. Setup as follow: : Hosting domain : Main Reseller server, hosting : Another reseller server : A domain hosted on my

1. Main domain DNS, pointing to (On
2. On main server, NS1 & pointing to
3. On main server, set up 2ndry NS - NS3 & as CNAME pointing to (NS1 &
4. hosted-domain DNS pointing to NS3 &

Problem is, NS3 & NS4 are working - But when i try looking up i get a 404 error.

What am i doing wrong?

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Best Setting For Nameserver External

Apr 7, 2008

I have 1 dedicated where is + +

ns1 and ns2 is setting on namecheap and on WHM

Now must set 6 new server and set nameserver from ns3 to and hostname from s1 to

It's right to set this only under dns as
s1 14400 IN a IP_NEW_SERVER
ns3 14400 IN a IP_NEW_SERVER
ns4 14400 IN a IP_NEW_SERVER

OR we must also add 14400 IN NS 14400 IN NS

OR/AND is better to setting this also into namecheap "nameserver registration"?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Reseller Custom DNS Template

Apr 2, 2015

Is there a chance to change the default nameserver name for customers created by a reseller.

System wide default

Now the reseller wants:

The NS-Entries of the reseller may be the same physical nameserver, but it should be anonymized. How can I achieve that?

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Setting Up Private Nameservers For Reseller

Jun 3, 2007

I have a VPS plan with DirectAdmin and 3 IPs and I wanted to setup private nameservers for two reseller accounts on my plan.

I have the first IP assigned to the server and the other two as the nameservers for my vps.

So with no free IPs, how would I setup private nameservers for my two reseller accounts? Add six IPs (one for each account and two for nameservers for each) or is there a way to use the three I have to setup my resellers?

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Can A Nameserver Be Specified In An A Record By Another Nameserver

Apr 4, 2008

1) I use DNSMadeEasy for a couple of my important domains so I can utilize their failover service.

2) I use my own nameservers for everyone else.

At my register (GoDaddy) I've added host entries to my domain (let's call it for ALL of my nameservers: DNSMadeEasy and mine. For example here are my host entries:

1) = (DNSMadeEasy)
2) = (DNSMadeEasy)
3) = (DNSMadeEasy)
4) = (DNSMadeEasy)
5) = (DNSMadeEasy)
6) = (mine)
7) = (mine)

At the register I've then configured to use the first five nameservers for itself, the DNSMadeEasy nameservers.

For less critical sites that I host I simply point them to and, my nameservers.

Now, here's the twist. If I use dig to look up I get:

[root@lax1 ~]# dig +trace

; <<>> DiG 9.3.3rc2 <<>> +trace
;; global options: printcmd
;; Received 228 bytes from in 1 ms

net. 172800 IN NS
net. 172800 IN NS
;; Received 497 bytes from in 74 ms 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS
;; Received 225 bytes from in 125 ms 1800 IN CNAME 75 IN A 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS
;; Received 276 bytes from in 68 ms
BUT, if I lookup the nameserver ( I get:

[root@lax1 ~]# dig +trace

; <<>> DiG 9.3.3rc2 <<>> +trace
;; global options: printcmd
;; Received 228 bytes from in 1 ms

net. 172800 IN NS
net. 172800 IN NS
;; Received 497 bytes from in 115 ms 172800 IN A 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS 172800 IN NS
;; Received 241 bytes from in 151 ms

What I've realized is that the actual IP addresses for nameserver host entries come from a higher level server than my own, in this case I guess this makes sense but I just hadn't realized it before. It looks like I don't even need to have record entries in my DNS records for the host nameservers.

Now for the question. Can I:

1) Remove my custom host nameserver entries from my register.

2) Add entries in my DNSMadeEasy records to specify the location of and

3) Use the failover provided by DNSMadeEasy to also fail-over my DNS entries for my nameservers?

I know this would require one more hop if it works but it would allow me to provide failover ability to fifty domains without having to purchase the extra domains at DNSMadeEasy.

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All Reseller's Accounts Showing Under Root When I Click "Show Reseller Accounts"

Aug 2, 2008

We have about 3 resellers on one server and all of a sudden, when I log in to whm and click "Show Reseller Accounts", all accounts show under root.. What's even strager, is that under package colum, it says "undefined"

However, when I click "list accounts", all accounts show and they are properly setup up with the correct package and owner (not all root.. They also show to which reseller they belong).

how to fix the problem when I click "Show Reseller Accounts"?

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Allow Custom Php.ini

Jun 12, 2009

I would like to know how to allow customers to use their own php.ini file. I have had hosts in the past that allowed you to use a custom php.ini file so long as you put it in every directory that you would need to use it.

I was just trying to figure out how this is done as I am new to all of this and trying to learn.

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How To Custom Php.ini

May 18, 2008

I'm using CentOS 5, Cpanel/WHM with php as cgi, when i try to put a php.ini file to to custom php for one account and it overwrite main setting on our server, someone use this bug to run c99 and try local attack other account, i've try fix this problem by edit /opt/suphp/etc/suphp.conf and set phprc_paths to /usr/local/lib/. But when i do this, php.ini in my custom account doesnt work any more... How can i custom php for one account and it not effect to main setting to prevent local attack?

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Custom Php.ini

Mar 15, 2007

I have a reseller account on a server, and I have a client who needs to used a custom php.ini file to set the session.save_path variable. He has created this file and placed in the public_html folder, but this path still comes up as 'No Value' and the Configuration File Path still reads '/usr/local/Zend/etc/php.ini '.

What do I need to do to get this site to read from the correct php.ini file? I tried setting this in the .htaccess file, to no avail.

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.biz As Custom Dns

Jun 25, 2007

I have a question .. does it effect to any service if i use .biz extension as a custom DNS instead of .com or .net extensions

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Jun 30, 2009

I have a domain hosted at and I decided to go with VPS hosting elsewhere. I have changed the nameservers to [url]and [url]at godaddy. I set up the reseller account in WHM but the nameservers point to something other than [url]I am trying to change them to the correct nameservers by using the "Nameserver IP Assigment" tool but it is taking literally forever. Is this normal?

Should I have to wait until it assigns an IP address to use the correct nameserver?

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Aug 20, 2009

I just moved my site from a shared host to a VPS with PhotonVPS.

I forwarded the name servers at my registrar, GoDaddy.

However, when I look at my INTODNS report, I am getting all sorts of nameserver errors:


Is this normal while the changes propogate? Or did I mess something up, because I also cannot access my VPS cpanel now.

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Add A Nameserver

Jun 20, 2009

For some reason in WHM (root) (Fresh install) I'm trying to add a name server into ":2086/scripts2/listassignednsips" area and it just loads.... Never errors or anything just loads and loads for 30 minutes and never adds it. I have already add the IP's to the server. (6 IP's)

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NameServer IPs

May 22, 2009

Have you come across this problem where you change the NameServer IP in '/etc/nameserverips' but the change does not reflect , instead it reverts to the old IP?

Doing the following fixed the issue for me.

Disable whois lookups for the nameserver ip manager via in WHM>Tweak Settings

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How To Set NameServer?

Jul 21, 2008

when i set this namesever on other domain.

this message was show..

NameServer is not a valid Nameserver

NameServer is not a valid Nameserver

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DNS Nameserver

May 19, 2008

on setting up DNS server with my server. i dont know what to setup on dns zone files for my new server.

i have

registered with godaddy.
i have 2 ip addresses ( and
my server hostname is

and i am running bind.

i want to run my own name servers and
what to do next?

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Jun 15, 2008

Say a person has a domain called

and this domain is hosted from a nameserver called and

will this mean that:

the person who own owned his/her own webhost server?

and is that what is being called dedicated server? where I already did some research that would mean the whole server is owned by the 1 person/domain only?

I have been asking question to myself quite sometime now.. and hoping that this forum could help me in understanding this matter.

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Oct 6, 2007

I just took out a VPS hosting plan with Hostican, but I'm a bit confused about whether I followed their instructions properly... please be patient

Their instructions said this:


Please note that on our network a VPS is like your own private space on the network to work from. This is why we provide your account with two dedicated IP addresses that you will need to use to register your name servers with. Please view the below name servers and IP addresses that you should use to register them. <==> xx.xx.xx.xx <==> xx.xx.xx.xx

Now all my domains are registered with 1&1, who don't provide an option for creating private nameservers in their control panel. So, I created two subdomains (ns1 and and then created A records for ns1 and ns2, pointing to the IPs supplied by Hostican. Then I changed the nameserver for my domains to ns1 and

After a couple of days, this seems to have worked - domains point to new VPS webspace and emails working. I'm worried whether I did this properly though, or whether I'm going to get problems in future with reverse dns and stuff?

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Mar 25, 2007

My dating site sends an email notification to the user when they receive a message on the site. Many of the notify emails arent going to their destination.

In exim, I keep seeing this message:

failed for

mail domain ""
550 Sender verify failed

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Different NameServer IPs

Jan 3, 2007

I did ping the nameservers, [] []

And this is when I added a new domain in Cpanel.
Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Bind reconfiguring on serverprovider using rndc
Created DNS entry for

Should it really be 2 different nameserver IPs?

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Nov 4, 2007

I just got a VPS, (, and I seem to be having a problem with nameservers.

The current IP for the VPS is: [url]

Its set as the shared IP in WHM, so everything is pointing to that. I asked my host if the nameservers and should work (that is the domain for the account I am running under WHM/cPanel), and I was told that this was correct.

However my registrar gives me a validation error when I put in those nameservers for my domain.

I tried to follow these steps: [url]

But they seem to be already done...I think thats if your server isn't setup at all.

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Aug 9, 2007

I'm setting up a dedicated server at a co-location and they keep asking me to provide 2 nameservers, such as:

But they won't explain any further than that. Do I make names up or are these the nameservers associated with my domain name at

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Jul 17, 2007

I installed DA, and setup my ip =, = and (host) =

I went to registrar create NS : points to and points to

What else do i have to do here to get my NS working properly?

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2 Nameserver On One Ip

Apr 10, 2007

is it possible 2 name server on one ip

for example = =

is it possible

also i can not send to or recive from hotmail

but with yahoo and gmail it is fine i can send and recive

also how can i be sure the RDNS is setup

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Oct 20, 2007

can't seem to figure out how the whole nameserver/DNS thing works.

My VPS is registered under a domain, say So my nameservers on the VPS are registered under and, both assigned to the two IP addresses for my VPS.

The problem is, I'm trying to figure out how to get to actually point to my VPS from my registrar. If I type in and, it's just pointing to itself so it doesn't work.

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Oct 30, 2007

I has a reseller plan and I was using one of my domains as nameserver. I mean was my nameserver and one of my sites.

Now I transfered to a VPS plan. I want to use my domain as nameserver and one of my sites. I changed domain manage page like this:

on the bottom of page I clicked this:
If you want to create or modify a nameserver which is based on click here.

and entered and and two IPs of my VPS plan.

Now all sites hosted on my new VPS opening currectly just (priemery and nameserver) domain opening as a blank site!

I saw server technical created a reseller account with ziafatco username and all of my accounts are under ownership of that.

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