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If I Use's Dedicated, Will My US Users Feel Slower Connection

if i use's dedicated, will my US users feel slower connection?

if i host my site on, will the site load slower for US visitors because the server is in uk ?

what about FDCservers, and serverpronto, any opinions on them ? appeals because of the price.

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Vbulletin With Discusware Look And Feel
I have a user who is looking into using Vbulletin but he is currently using Discusware and wants to retain the look and feel of his forum. Anyway this can be done?

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Can I Feel Secure On A Shared Server
I have a small reseller account but all the domains are managed by myself. Security has not been a problem because the sites are simple, but now I have a need to deliver and recieve private files. I know how to keep the website itself secure writing my own sessions, using explicit variables, storing sensitive data outside of the web directories and that sort of stuff but it is my 'neighbors' that bother me. If one of them gets hacked or I get a bad neighbor sharing the server I do not want them to have access to my files and passwords.

A few years ago I wrote a browsing script that I found out had the ability to escape my own area and roam freely around every area on the server with unlimited access to every file. When I complained about it, the server admin said that I had nothing to worry about. When I pressed the issue I was told that nobody could invade my files because it was against the rules to go into other people's account. It turned out most server administrators left things open to eliminate scripting problems for their users and there was really no way to lock down a server without breaking a lot of scripts. At the time I moved to a more secure server but they eventually opened things up because of too many complaints and help requests.

Have things changed? Have they worked out the issues with shared servers? Is there a way to tell if my host has implemented proper safeguards (if any viable ones exist)?

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2 Dedicated Servers Enough To Handle 2 Million Users
If I used the PHP mediawiki script and I had10,000 wiki articles, and 2 million users were browsing my site which is hosted on two Dedicated servers that are P4 Quad Core 2.6GHZ 4GB RAM 100Mbit dedicated port with a load balancer, would my servers handle this amount of simultaneous users and how fast would each wiki article take to load when all these 2million users are online if each article was 300KB?

And what is the maximum number of users online at the same do you think these 2 servers could handle?

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How To Test If You Are Really On A Dedicated Gigabit Connection
I purchased a gigabit server and I wanted to somehow test if I was really on a dedicated gigabit line.

A friend of mine said he did some bandwidth tests and the max speed he got was 9.8 MB/s

With a gigabit connection.. shouldn't the speeds go far higher than that?

Whats the best way to make sure so I know I was tricked?

The server is running Win 2003 server

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Creating A Dedicated Ip Vpn Connection
I've created many vpn connections in the past using private ip addresses allocated automatically but I haven't really found much on making a vpn server that hands out a dedicated ip address.

The problem:
Basically, I have Windows Server 2003 x64 Enterprise and an extra public IP address that is unblocked from the internet. I have a private server (Windows Server 2003 Enterprise R2 i386) sitting here at home that is behind many firewalls (both my isp and my own) that controls my x10 light system, etc.

I have custom written software so that within my home network, I can goto my server's IP address via a web browser and http address and bring up a control panel that controls my lights, etc. Everything works great, but when I'm on my mobile phone, I cannot access this nice control panel because it is on the internet outside of my home network.

I am wondering if there is a way to configure my public web server to act as a VPN server, accept public requests from this IP address and forward them onto my private home server that would have a vpn established 24x7. I haven't found much documentation on doing this, and I'm not entirely sure what to search for.

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The Number Of Users On Shared And Semi-dedicated Servers
what is the minimum/maximum number of users usually hosted on shared and semi-dedicated servers?

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Dedicated Server With Best Connection To Both Argen/malaysia
anyone can recommend a dedi svr with good connection to arg/malaysia base on ping

my current best choice is

but still looking for better one

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Multiple Domains On A Dedicated Server, Plesk, Users And Apache
In my old server (VPS) I had my dir structure as: was pointing to
/home/me/public_html/sitea was pointing to

On my new server, I have root permissions and used Plesk to create two domains and . Now plesk asks for a user to be created for each domain, so created usera and userb for sitea and siteb respectively.

Now as root on my server I created the dir /home/me/ and untarred the whole backup from old server to new server and I have dirs :

/home/me/public_html/sitea and /home/me/public_html/siteb

In apache configuration in file:
httpd.include_sitea under
dir /var/www/vhosts/

I changed the document root to /home/me/public_html/sitea

So I thought I am all set. But it does not work. When I try in the browser it works but for all subdirs, for eg it says Access denied.

This is because the dirs I created are owned by root.

So the owner of /home/me/public_html/sitea needs to be usera for this to work ?

Again for siteb to work I need to change the owner of /home/me/public_html/siteb to userb ?

This will be painful ? At least I should be able to change the owner of /home/me/public_html/ to one owner and ensure all sites under that work fine. How do I do that ?

I think the problem is clear by now. Its that I want all my sites to work off from .../public_html/ sub dirs.

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Cheap Dedicated Server With 1Gbps Shared Connection
I currently have godaddy dedicated server and the 100mbps connection is shared with other servers, and I pay about $120 a month. I normally get an average of 30mbps out of it. Do you guys know of any cheap hosting companies that offer dedicated servers with a 1Gbps shared connection? And the main point I'm trying to get to is, do you guys know of any web hosts that would be faster than an average of 30mbps, even if they're only 100mbps shared connections? I'd really appreciate any potential hosts you guys can direct me to that are pretty fast.

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Dedicated Hoster Incl. Good Mailserver & Global Connection
I am currently with a smaller US-provider where I am running a dedicated gentoo server with a dozen domains (all small stuff, mostly sme/private websites) and 2 dozen email accounts.

The nice thing about the current provider is that he lets me run sub-accounts where the holders of those accounts have their own billing. I let them run a domain/website on my server since its no extra cost for them, but they pay for the domain and extra email space for example w/o me having to care for it. They basically offer a minimum package and add every single thing on top of it, which I like since I do not need any webpage builders, templates whatever else. I rather only pay what I take.

Basically I am happy except for the connection speed, specially for the email. I am in Asia and other people using this server from Europe, and the time it takes to connect, up/download data to the server and to download larger emails is simply out of the normal.

any recommendations there? I am currently paying 75 USD/Mo + domain names. I think this is also a bit on the high side given that the server hardware is a bit out of date by now.

I am looking at the minimum to relocate only the email hosting to some faster service, which would have to have a reasonable storage size (>= gmail) with POP/IMAP access and of course to use my own domain names.

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Is/has anyone used for web hosting, if so what are they like?

Has anyone got any views on them?

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On Sunday night (NZ time) I tried to setup a new dedicated server.

The online process got to 75% and stayed there.

After about 10min I pressed refresh and the page disappeared and I couldn't get it back.

I then create a ticket to say what had happened and asked whether the account was actually setup.
Next day passes by, not a peep from

That night (now 24hrs later) I attempt to do it again.

This time it also stops at 75% but looking closely 75% is actually finished.

Scrolling down the wee list I see a login and it tells me the email has been sent.

The login tells me that my account is being setup and I still have not been sent any emails.

So another ticket (this time super urgent as I don't want 2 setups).

Still nothing. (36 hours later now)

I know my emails work as 2 the tickets created got a confirmation that received them.

And to make matters complete, the forums will allow no more members so I can only post this in a more public place.

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E6600 Is Slower Than P4 2.8G
i had an p4 2.8g db server, centos4+mysql4.1. the cpu usage went up to 9X% at peak time (web pages loaded within 2~3sec), so i decide to swtich to a new server with a faster cpu. the new box is core 2 duo e6600, centos5+mysql5.0, having same RAM and HD with the old box. surprisingly , the cpu usage keeps above 150% almost all the time, and web pages cost 10+seconds to load at peak time.

how is it possible? what is the problem here? is the cpu, os, or mysql?

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havent seen any review on WHT? maybe someone can share since im really keen on getting a shared hosting plan there?

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We are about to launch our UK location with and we are wondering what are your thoughts on UK2.nets 3 Data Centers in London ? What one would you go with consider we do need the one with the best network.

IP House

Sovereign House

Interxion data

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Mget S Slower Than Wget
i try to backup a folder with many .tar files,

i use mget,the seppd is about 1MB/s,

but wget is about 5-7MB/s,

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UK2 Speed Test
Can a few people try to download the test file in [url] and tell me what speeds you get and from which location?

I'm comparing UK2 and RapidSwitch. I'm interested to know the d/l speeds from East/West coast USA, Asia, Australia. I'm assuming Europe would be fast.

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Virtual Hosts Slower
I seem to be experiencing slower bw throughput in speedtests on my server today on a domain that is on a shared ip as a virtualhost in apache 2.2.x on fedora core 6.

Right now this domain is pushing somewhere around 35Mbits out and 1Mbit in.

When I d/l from this domain I see pausing and overall performance is roughly 1/2 of what it was yesterday (400K/sec versus ~800K yesterday), when the site was only doing about 3Mbits.

However, another domain on this same server that is not on a shared IP, when I test it, I get my usual 100% d/l speed.

My server is not under heavy load, .02, .06, .00 with 95% idle cpu.

I'm just wondering, should sites with high bw use definitely have their own IP, as shared/virtual hosting is known to cause slowness?

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UK2 Reseller Bad Experience
I signed up with for their reseller and for the 1st couple of days it went ok. As some of you might know, if you was on their server called "Hades" it went down due to a technical fault. It in fact went down for some days and after opening multiple tickets to get their attention on this, they said that the data may of been lost and still now nothing has been restored and this has been going just under a week now.

They said they are trying everything they can do get everything back to its normal state.

All my data under every domain has been completely removed, it's crucial for me to get it back. Is there anything I can do really?? (Before I move web-host) Not to mention every WHM package and everything under my WHM reseller panel also completely whiped out, databases also.

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Not Modified Reponses (304) Slower Than (200 OK)
if Web servers might prioritize servicing Regular GET or a Conditional GET.

I have seen busy servers take 9 seconds to respond with a (304 Not modified). On fast networks (LANs), the file size is no issue and, it seems that a (200 OK) with the object is downloaded faster than the (304 Not modified) response alone.

Wiseowl. Not so wise on this one.

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Very Bad Expirience With UK2. Terrible Service...
On 2-nd of May I have ordered a server in
I have needed a custom configuration with 4x SATA HDD RAID0, so I have ordered a following package:
Bronze server
4 ports RAID
4xsata 80G
RAID0 configuration
no control panel
3 ip
100 Mbit restricted to 10000 GB pm

for three months for
+ Subtotal
+ VAT 17.5%
+ Total (GBP)

Not only that I had to wait for installation for 10 days. I am still ready to understand it, considering a non-standard configuration and holidays. But then more interesting things started to happen...

The server has been established with incorrect partitioning though I obviously specified desirable in correspondence with their support before the order. I had to wait again, until everything was fixed. Then the server started crashing few times a day with the message "i/o error". The reference to support did not fix a situation. They told, that it looks like a bad cable and it was replaced, but in few hours the situation has repeated... I wrote them again and ask for refund. They offer me reinstall of server on new drives and told that their billing department works Monday-Friday and they will come back to me ASAP. I didn't wish to wait for reinstall, I didn't wish to deal with this company anymore, too much problems from the beginning.

On Monday (May,19) there was no answer fom billing and I've sent ticket for a refund to them direcly. But they just ignores it. I wrote and called them multiple times on a last 10 days period! No adequate answer. On the phone they send from one to another, then tell, that 3-rd is not on a place at the moment, wait, we shall call you... I have called to them again today (4th? 5th try?), but they starts asking me again what's a problem, whether i sent ticket to support...And finally told me to call later. I've sent a mail to Ditlev aka Eming on Friday, but there were still no answer. It's closed loop...

I've lost enough time and money, and now I have good serv from another company.

I would never go to again. I advise to all to keep from them far-far away.

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Does My Site Load Slower If Hosted In Netherlands Or Uk
say i have lot of traffic from USA, does my site load slower if hosted in netherlands or uk?

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Is Ufs Slower Then Ext2 For Lots Of Files In A Single Directory
We used Red Hat with ext2 as our file system on an old server with 100k+ of image files in a single directory. This seemed to preform ok until we switched to FreeBSD using UFS. Now images load very slow. I have read that Ext2 uses and internal hash to speed lookups, while UFS does linear searches for lookups.

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Pure-ftp :: 425 Could Not Open Data Connection To Port 2535: Connection Timed Out
I have ftp server (pure-ftp). with firewall.

i allowed 20 and 21 port in "CSF" firewall

now when i or our client connect to the server connection done.

and the they fire dir or ls command they will receive error

"425 Could not open data connection to port 2535: Connection timed out"

what is the problem.i have already allowed passive port 2500:3500 then why i received this types of error

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Preventing Users From Connecting To Other Users Database
On my server, users can connect to any database as long as they have the database user and password. This makes it easier to hack any database on the server.
What I want to do is to make the users can only connect to their own databases and not other's.

I tried changing the localhost ip address but it didn't work ( I assume I didn't do it the right way)

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Is Windows 2008 Slower Than Windows 2003
I'm making a reasonably uninformed comparison here. Since Windows Vista is noted to be more resource intensive and slower than Win XP, are we right in assuming that Windows 2008 is slower than Windows 2003?

For instance, with two boxes with an identical hardware setup but the two different server OSes, will the same application like, say MySQL run slower on the Win 2008 machine?

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Unprivileged Users
I have a few system administrators having full access to the Windows 2003 servers. I fear some of them might be messing up with the server like opening websites on the server or downloading files on the server. I want to create unprivileged users to login to the server so that they can do the basic tasks like reading the log files etc. Can anybody give me the steps for the same?

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SFTP Users
we have a WHM account... we have different accounts on that...and for each account, there are add-on domains underneath that. (i hope you know what i mean)

and we set it up to use only SFTP to connect to server. no FTP.

after we have set it up that way, it seems that we can only connect to SFTP using 1 user/pass for each account... that is the same user/pass we use for Cpanel of each account.

say, i have Account A... under Account A, i have addon domains:,,
setting SFTP only on that server, all those addon domains of Account A, can only use 1 user/pass to login to SFTP which is the cpanel access also of Account A.

question is.... is this behavior correct??

how can we create a different user for each add-on domain?

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Mysql Users
How can see mysql users and how can change password for a user.

For example www_user (mysql user) in shell access?

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Ssh For Users
im on a vps and enabled ssh to other accounts but how do i know whats the loginid n password for it?

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Online Users ...
I hope this is in the correct section. Secondly, here is my issue that I am hoping someone can help with. I run a fairly successful video streaming site with several thousand members, and several thousand videos. I am trying to determine how many users I have online at any given time. Does anyone know of a piece of software/code out there that can provide me with this information in real time?

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New Users And Subdomain
I am a server admin.

Recently, when I set up new user account, there's something strange in FTP.. ( Please check the image for detail )

Besides, all the new set up subdomain cannot use (no matter new or old user) and 404 error occur.

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MidPulse Users
Does anyone have an experience with this host? In my search I found several favorable comments. I've been collecting different hosts names to consider from those of you kind enough to post them on your signatures. I'm with A Small Orange and am looking for a backup host, or will change the DNS to the backup if they are better.

Others I am considering are Aspire and Known Host. I'll need a shared plan. My site is anywhere from 350 to 450MB's. I try to get twice the space I need because I can have a spike here and there since clients are always downloading my voice files for their projects.

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LiteSpeed Users
Does LiteSpeed webserver provides me bandwidth usage?

Someone told me that he was using 8 mbits connection and after jumping to LiteSpeed, bandwidth usage has decreased to 3 mbits.

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LP - Users Apache
I have installed LP on my system, but I have one problem...

The sites main apache runs well, but I can't get the users apache to start.

The two should be run from different ports?

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My Users Said His IP Is Blocked
My user said he can not view his site from his IP address. His friend from the same ISP also canot access the site.

But i can access from my ISP. So I think probably his IP address has been baned. Therefore, how can I check that? and how can i make his IP range available back?

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Blurstorm Users
Does anybody have a working Blurstorm number? I've tried 850-445-6937 which I found on the internet, but no answer.

Long story short. Signed up to host my website. Credit card charged and approved, but I never received a user name/password confirmation. I'm not able to log on to anything. It has been 4 months and they charge my cc every month which I dispute with the cc company. I can't cancel the web account. My next step is to cancel my credit card.

I have emailed 4 times, left messages at the above number, talked with the chat line. No response. This company is a scam.

Number one rule in chosing a host company, always make sure they have a working customer service number (call it and talk with someone).

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Centos 5, Any Users
Anyone started using Centos 5? Any feedback so far? I am thinking of using Directadmin on Centos 5......

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Users Too Quick To Judge
I find it worrying when new or relatively new users post "[XYZ]VPS PROVIDER IS A SCAM" or "[XYZ]VPS ROBBED ME" in a topic because they didn't get the instant ticket response or fast enough setup time on their $10 VPS..

I'm planning on setting up a budget UK based VPS service myself some time soon, and users would do well to remember that a lot of hard work goes in to the management and set up of such providers. This kind of negative publicity can not be taken back once posted. A quick google search will throw this kind of a post up and cause irrepairable and often, completely unnecessary harm to a business..

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Pervent Users To Something In .htaccess
I dont like users can run following code him .htaccess. How can do it?

AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
AddHandler cgi-script .pl
Options +FollowSymLinks
Options +FollowSymLinks

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Users Password Hacked
In my linux vps (cpanel based) hackers have hacked the password of the user ( website owner ) and he have uploaded some hack files(PHP) through FTP. Sometimes the hacker uploads perl/CGI scripts and sends spam mails .This happens frequently in server. How the hacker gets the users password? How can i prevent my users and server from this security issue?

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Limit Users In PureFTP
Is there any option to limit users only to upload (No other permissions like permission change, directory access etc, only upload) in FTP.. I am using PureFTP..

I have seen options to do it in ProFTP, like below,

AllowUser username1
AllowUser username2

Is there any option to set in PureFTP ?

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HostDime VPS Users
I've searched around these forums (VPS specifically) and cannot find any recent "reviews" or opinions on HostDime's VPS offerings.

Anyone using them? They seem to have the most bang/buck and I'd like to get a more recent review opinion on them.

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Not Needed Users In Cpanel
I'm running a CPanel server and wondering which of these users are safe to remove and whats the best way to do that?

ftp:x:14:50:FTP User:/var/ftp:/sbin/nologin
vcsa:x:69:69:virtual console memory owner:/dev:/sbin/nologin
dbus:x:81:81:System message bus:/:/sbin/nologin
nscd:x:28:28:NSCD Daemon:/:/sbin/nologin
rpcuser:x:29:29:RPC Service User:/var/lib/nfs:/sbin/nologin
nfsnobody:x:65534:498:Anonymous NFS User:/var/lib/nfs:/sbin/nologin
sshd:x:74:74:Privilege-separated SSH:/var/empty/sshd:/sbin/nologin
torrent:x:497:496:BitTorrent Seed/Tracker:/var/lib/bittorrent:/sbin/nologin
haldaemon:x:68:68:HAL daemon:/:/sbin/nologin
rpc:x:32:32:Rpcbind Daemon:/var/lib/rpcbind:/sbin/nologin

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Detecting Proxy Users
We are starting a website in .Net for this i want to block Proxy users who using TOR , Squid , IP Hide software users etc...... for this what we need at programing level & Software , Hardware firewalls & Intrusion Detections & Intrusion Preventions will help us in prevent proxy users.

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How Can I Compare If There Are The Same Users In Two Servers
i want to move two servers into a new one,

and i need to prevent there are the same user name in the previous two servers,

so,i want to ask if any way that i can compare if there are the same users in two servers?

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Quota All Users :: Unlimited
i have new vps server..

I added some new user to my server but when i went to List Accounts i found all users with unlimited Quota, i don't why? i already have Packages with specific quote for each one, even, if i made it Options Manually i have the same problem.

i made a reseller and from that reseller i added user with the same problem

if i loge in the cpenal for one user i have this message in the Disk Space Usage

Serious problem while fetching quota data (quota): Illegal seek (0) / MB

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Files Not Downloading To Users
I run a download website boasting many files (entirely legal, non-pornographic), the sizes of which range from 100KB to 500MB. Some users of the site seem to be complaining of the files not downloading and or being truncated (i.e: it says it has been downloaded even though it has not been fully downloaded.)

Here is one reply I received:

"No specific massage appears, only sign the download is complete and infact it is not. About 7 mega down loaded instead of 79 mega. I use fire fox browser and ADSL internet line speed 512"

All the files however do seem to download perfectly on my computer, though I have a good 8mb line, which leads me to believe it may be something to do with a timeout setting?

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Redirect All Users Except Me With Htaccess
I'm going to be doing some upgrades on my site and I want to redirect all users to a different page while I do the upgrades but I need to allow my self too have access.

I have done this before with a htaccess rule, but I can't remember what it was and can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Cpanel Users Limit?
I'm in the process of taking a mid range dedicated server with cpanel. I was just wondering what sort of limit cpanel has with the number of users?

For example

10,000 very small websites using sub domains
1000 average sites with top level domains?

Or is cpanel limit not an issue and it's more down to what the server can handle in terms of it's usage?

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Users With Root Access
How can view all users have root access in system?

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Enabling Crontab For Users
I noticed on my new servers users doesnt have crontab permission.On my first server they have access.So what i need to do to enable users crontab permission automaticly on new servers?I have whm/cpanel there but it seems there is nothing about it there.

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Users Cannot Receive Email
my server is linux and plesk.

SMTP Server (QMail) is stoped in PLESK >> Server >> Service Managment and I cannot start from there.

my customers cannot send/receive their emails, I contacted with our data center to solve this problem for me and they said because the CalmAV was disabled we have this problem, we start the CalamAV but we have this problem yet!

we can sent mail from server but we don't receive any mail.

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