How Many Server In The Full Rack

Feb 24, 2008

how many server can i host in the full rack ( 42U )

this is my servers info: 1U Supermicro SC811I-260 (260W, 2 Hdd, 1 CD, 1 Floppy, 24 Inch)

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Feasibility Of Leasing A 42u Full Rack To Resell As 1u

May 19, 2008

While browsing the offer sections and other providers, I noticed that there is a significant price difference per "1u" if it bought as a full rack vs. buying per unit.

For example, at Colopronto a 44u full-rack costs $550, which is about $12.50 per 1u on average.

While browsing the forums and colo providers, it seems like 1u goes for $50+.

Is it a good business idea to lease a full-rack to resell as 1u to customers? Is it that simple, or more involved?

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High Density Rack/colocation (~10 KW/rack)

Dec 6, 2007

With all the high power servers/blade servers, the 40A (@ 110V) power limit is way too small. I am wondering if there is any colo space targeted for high density application, e.g. with 10 KW/cab limit for 60A @ 208V power drops. Does anybody know of such high density colocation space? East coast is preferred.

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Rack Server

Feb 15, 2008

I am planning on getting a server that will run Linux.

My requirements are as follows,

Should be rack server.
Can handle around 20.000 page views a day.
Should be solid.

Should I build it or should i just get HP, DEll etc.

I also would really appreciate if you guys assist me on what components should I get picking up a good server configuration.

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Own DNS Server In Rack

Apr 26, 2008

We have about 50 Cpanel servers in our own AS with two upstream providers. On the cpanel servers we use the following IPs in the /etc/resolv.conf:

1. IP of the cpanel server

2. DNS IP of the 1st upstreamprovider

3. DNS IP of the 2nd upstreamprovider

I realized, that the upstreampoviders nameserver are not answering that fast and therefore I was thinking to make my own DNS Server, which I could use additionaly after the IP of the cpanel server.

Is this a good idea or is it not necessary? If it is a good idea, which dns deamon would be recommended? If we build this server, maybe would be also nice if we could offer DNS as a single service. Is there any solution where we could create user accounts where user could manage there own dns zones?

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Fans For Server Rack Case

Oct 6, 2009

I have a 6RU rackmount server cabinet, which I am putting a 1RU server inside.

I am wanting to put some fans in the metal cabinet, to bring in cool air, and let out warm air.

Does anyone know where you can find these sorts of fans?

Because the server inside the rack cabinet is closed, I can't use a fan with a Molex connector.

I haven't seen any case fans that use a usb connector, or just a normal power outlet connector.

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Server Processor/Virtual Rack

Oct 14, 2008

I am trying to decide to run my heavy database community site over at a new host but am looking to create a good package customed for high bandwidth.

I can decide from going with ONE Dual Quad-Core 2.0 Processor(4 gigs of ram) or TWO Intel Xeon 3210 2.1 GHz Quad Core Processor servers(4 gigs of ram each) with a Virtual Rack Container.

With having both the lower servers on the virtual rack, will the site manage with the same power as the Dual Quad Core since it is on a rack?

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Geek Rack - 8 Days After Payment, No Sign Of Server

Mar 12, 2008

I paid for a server with 8 days ago, and have seen no sign of the server being setup.

Now I know they are just a reseller, they don't own or order the hardware or even have physical access to the servers, they simply get 25% off and just resell their servers. That said you'd expect at least some sort of notification on when the server would be ready by, especially by now, right?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Full Server Migration To New Server With Same Hostname?

Jul 20, 2015

I'm wondering whether it is possible to perform a full server migration to a new Plesk server with the same hostname or will Plesk give an error about the hostname being the same?

The new server would not be accessible by hostname (only via IP) until DNS and glue records were changed after the migration.

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New Dedicated Server - IIS Log Full Of 404s

Dec 5, 2008

I have a dedicated server plan for a few months now and host a few sites. I noticed my IIS log files were rather large and found that its loaded with 404s - over 50,000/day.

Based on the referrer data in the log file, one domain in particular was the main culprit. After contacting the webmaster, he replied that he used to have a dedicated server (same provider) with the same IP address as mine. I don't know why but a lot of his web content used explicit IP address rather than domain name. He purged a few bad references but the problem is he had a gaming site using flash games and there are literally thousands of swf files distributed in many places all referencing my IP.

I guess my question is - Is this a fairly normal occurrence and simply just a nuisance?

I estimate that it's costing me < 10GB/month in bandwidth based on number of 404s and the size of the 404.htm (2k). Should I be taking other action? Sorry for long-winded explanation.

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The /usr/tmpDSK Folder On My Server Is Full

Feb 27, 2008

The /usr/tmpDSK folder on my server is full , should I delete the contents in it? or can anyone help me on how to increase its space

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Best Way To Do A Full Server Back Up With CPanel/Whm

Jan 1, 2007

What's the best way I can fully back my server up? I use cPanel/Whm

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Move Full Apache/php Install To Another Server

Jan 14, 2007

Is there a way to tar a compiled apache/php installation and move it to another identical server?

If on the first server I specify all the configure options for both apache and php to point to /usr/local/apache2 for example, and then tar apache2 dir and untar it on another server will everything work just like it should? Or do I need to compile apache/php from scratch on the second server.

It would be nice to just be able push the apache/php tar file on to the new provisioned server and be ready to go.

Has anyone done this before, what is the best way to do this and are there any issues to look for.

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How To Prevent Full Backup To Generated In Cpanel Server

Oct 21, 2009

how to prevent full backup to generated in cpanel server

iam seen this in few host what we cant able to generate the fullback if the size of the amount is more than 1-2GB

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Rack 40U With 16A Is Enough

Apr 6, 2008

a company gives me 40U rack with 16A by 600 per month. It will be enough power to fill the rack with Dell servers R200/R300 with dual and quad core processors?

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WoW Rack

Nov 29, 2007

I just shipped a server out to Anyone got an opinion on this company?

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Thanks To Rack 911

Sep 27, 2007

I woke up to a complaint by the ISP of spamming for one of our servers. More than 10 000 spams in a shared hosting environment. Found Steven online, thank God! PM him and he went to work looking for the culprit. He spend time monitoring and putting in scripts to catch the culprit and in no time found the faulty script causing the spams.

Really saved me a big headache on how to explain to the ISP. Thanks to the consistent excellent work done by Steven of Rack911.

Those unpatched forums of clients can really be a hassle and a big source of problems.

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Redoing Rack

Aug 4, 2009

We plan to redoing one of our rack in the next weeks

Server, switch and firewall of this rack will be move to new rack, so redoing cable and order at best.

You known any video tutorial of how to better this?

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Private Rack

Mar 12, 2008

Our server count with The Planet only seems to be increasing as of late and I'm now starting to drive myself nuts with bandwidth counts, costs, etc.

My main concern at the moment is our total bandwidth. While we might have a server with a 2500GB limit only use 50% we might have a 1500GB limit use 200%. I understand that any overages are our own fault, etc but there must be a way for us to combine all bandwidth across all servers!

Is it possible for The Planet or any of the other big boys to provide private racks with pooled bandwidth without going colo?

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Rack Monitors

Mar 25, 2008

I honestly dont understand why does DELL, HP and others price their 1U TFT monitors at 3 times the cost of the cheapest laptop?

I mean, dont get me wrong, I am all for spending good money to get quality products but I feel very awkward spending 3 times as much for a screen and keyboard when I can get their laptops WITH OS, MEMORY AND HDD for 3 times as less and use it as the 1U TFT monitors.

I can get a powerful server from Dell and HP at that price for crying out loud.

But then again, I might be seriously overlooking something here because what justifies such high price?

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Get A Rack And Buy 10 Servers

Dec 30, 2007

I have 10 servers and it causes me $1713 monthly. I decide to get a rack and buy 10 servers from dell but the problem is: I dont know anything about racks

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Seattle Rack

May 7, 2007

If capacity was not an issue, where would you buy a rack in Seattle?

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How To Use U320 On A 1U Rack

Apr 20, 2007

Im having a problem right now. I need to buy a Dual Xeon system, to use 2 Quad Cores, however there are some things I need:

- I already have a SCSI controller (Dell Perc 4 (PCIe))

- I already have HDs (3x SCSI U320)

- I want to use RAID5

- The chassis must be 1U

... my problem is that I never worked with SCSI U320, just SATA and SAS. I usually buy Tyan racks, more specifically, this one: Tyan Tank GT20 5381

It doesnt have the option for SCSI U320, however they sell SCSI Backplanes that are compatible with this barebone. My question is:

- How do I connect a standalone card (like the one I have) to the backplane? Is there any SCSI connector on the backplane?

- Since space is a bit of a problem in 1U racks, are there any kind of cables that can do more tight turns inside the case?

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40 Amps In A Rack

Jan 2, 2007

What do you guys think about putting 40 Amps into one rack? Our colocation provider wants to whine about it and not allow it. When we're paying them $1000+ a month - I think this is just shoddy. They say it's for heat concerns - but really this just makes me mad. We have fifteen 1U servers in there, and can't get much more on our existing 20 amps.

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Rack Shelves In UK

Oct 3, 2007

Does anyone have any recommendations where I can get a few cheap (full length) rack shelves in the UK. They don't have to be adjustable but would prefer if they where full ones and not the half ones as I don't think they would take the weight correctly.

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Rack Maps Software

Jul 30, 2007

i am looking for a Rack Maps software design to manage all our rack and server position inside the rack.

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Colocation In The Bay Area, Not (1/4 Rack)

Jul 28, 2008

I need 1/4 rack in the San Francisco bay area (hopefully south bay), at least 5A and 5mpbs. Any suggestions?

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Bubble Rack Review

Mar 26, 2009

I was having problems with a host and Ed (one of the owners) helped me out creating a custom package to fit my needs and moving my sites across.

I've posted more than my fair share of tickets and they all get responded to quickly. All the tickets have either been my own problems for example installing scripts or sales questions.

Server speeds are good for me and prices are low.

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