Forward My Dedicated Server's IP To A German Host

Nov 4, 2006

I want to forward my Dedicated Server's IP to a German host. Latency will be as in Turkey as I have been told in your forums..

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German Dedicated Server With 1Gbit

Jan 14, 2009

I am in search of a dedicated server company who could offer servers with 1Gbit connection.

I searched the offers section but came up with nothing.

I even emailed some companies offering servers in Germany for 1Gbit connection but they all said they cannot offer it.

Does anyone know which company offers it who accepts PayPal as payment gateway?

I checked out and they do offer 1Gbit ONBOARD servers.

I do not read German so there is no knowing for me to make sure but I'm guessing "100 MBit Fast-Ethernet-Anbindung an Switch:" means 100Mbit internet connection and 1Gbit is only inside their network.

I do not need high spec servers nor too much bandwidth (1TB-1.5TB).

This will only be used as a gateway to VPN network with backup servers.

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How To Keep Email On Current Host And Forward Http Traffic To New Host

Apr 11, 2008

I'm configuring a website for a client who has moved their web hosting to downtownhost, but is keeping their email hosting with their current provider. They do not want to configure an MX entry on DTH to autoforward email back to their current provider because they don't want their email to pass through DTH.

In order to do this, do I keep the nameserver entries on the current provider the same, and configure an http redirect to point to DTH? Or is there something else I should configure on the current provider?

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German/European Proxy Server/Service

Aug 5, 2008

I am trying to test a website and see 'exactly' what a person viewing from Germany sees. We have implemented some programming that looks at the clients IP address and then changes the content based on the region of the world they are located in.

In order to fully test it, I need to access the site via a proxy server in Europe (preferably Germany), so that the IP address will show up as originating from Europe.

I have used here in the states, but I have not been able to find one based in Germany. The site has some flash on it, so it will also need to support flash. The one proxy I found bombed on the flash.

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Subdomain Forward To Other Host

May 9, 2009

i have been stuck in this situation for more than a week...

the situation on my side is this:

i have a domain at godaddy, and using godaddy windows hosting..
i have a website in ASP.NET, and i want to make a subdomain for my forum suppose:
and forward it to other host on cpanel...

Other side:
my friend has bought reseller hosting and have created an account for me with the name of
and the server IP is x.x.x.123

i logged in to my account in cpanel and created a subdomain named "forum"

then i created the subdomain on godaddy and pointed the A record of this subdomain to x.x.x.123

now when i open displays error page...
(i have kept a simple index.html file in public_html)

any solution to this problem?

i need steps to resolve this problem and what configurations i need to do on godaddy + cpanel manager....

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Netherland Dedicated Server Host

Oct 2, 2009

I am looking fora netherland dedicated hoster which allows warez and has some quad core server under 130

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Dedicated Server Host For Java

Mar 25, 2009

servlet, struts, jsp hibernate. Java web libraries.

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Best Dedicated Server Host To Choose

Jun 1, 2008

I am going to be starting a free hosting company soon with a very professional layout, functions, etc. What is the best dedicated server host to choose from here? I need to offer a good amount of space/bandwidth to my customers.? I am also looking for a reputable company that can host thousands of free clients on there server(s) with no problems.

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Searching For A Dedicated Server Host

Sep 15, 2008

I want a reliable network. I would prefer having a dedicated 10mbit rather then 100mbps shared.

Server requirements:
Reliable fast network.
2Gigs of Ram

I will be hosting online games on the server so the latency is very important. Server can be either in UK or USA.

Budget: 140USD per month. Not interested in servers with setup fees.

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Who Is The BEST Virtual Dedicated Server Host

May 11, 2008

what hosts are considered the best for virtual dedicated servers.

I know about the big names like GoDaddy and Yahoo, but who really has the best service and (importantly) the best price/value?

Heres what I need power-wise: Something that offers 2GB+ of RAM to me, 20GB+ Hard Drive space, and something thats running on Windows. I intend to run 3 e-commerce sites off this, so if you think I need more power please recommend it.

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PCI Compliant Managed Dedicated Server Host

May 20, 2009

Are there any providers out there that can actually attest that they are fully PCI compliant? Meaning, they know the meaning of the phrase, have looked at the requirements, has their network/servers scanned by a 3rd party, etc.?

I looked at the following document and the only recognizable host I see is Rackspace:


Our e-commerce software platform, merchant gateway, and internal network is and will be PCI compliant. But now I'm down to finding a managed dedicated web host who is.

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File Sharing Dedicated Host? SAN Server

Oct 23, 2009

i want to build a fileshering web site, i know from the start that trafic to my site will be high becouse it is not a regular file host site and i belive that i will have a lot of downloads as service will be mostly free of charge.

from what i understand i will need massive servers or at least good servers with high data transfer speed , reliable up time , very big storage space and massive bandwith.

i understand that budget should be high for this and i am not cutting on budget, i thought on first starting low and then upgrading but the low point of this poject will still need to have the best i can find both in speed ,storage and bandwith.

can you reccomend what service or way i can use for this project?

what servers rapidshare use? megaupload? i know i am still at start but i want a clean start.

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Host Has Secured Your Managed Dedicated Server?

Mar 29, 2009

how to check if you host has made their job correct ?

We are looking into a PCI scan just because of the security, we do not need to be PCI compliant, but the security standard is what I believe the most reliable to stick to.

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Dedicated Server To Host A Mp3 Search Engine

Oct 25, 2009

i have a mp3 search engine website, i dont host any mp3 file, and i want buy a dedicated from france, but the seller of say its no allowed the mp3 search engine, where i can host that?

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Dedicated Server Host That Supports Bridged VM's

Sep 22, 2008

I'm desperately looking for a dedicated host that supports/guarentees that bridged networking VMware workstations will work on their network. Reason being is Zenix5ive bridged our VMware workstations fine with external IP addresses perfectly but their service is terrible! So I'm looking for a provider with a much faster network that supports bridged networking, and they know for a fact it works because I'm tired of paying money to do trial and error on whether it works or not!

If anybody uses bridged networking on their VM's and their network is fast please let me know which provider you use...

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Linux Dedicated Managed Server Host

Jul 28, 2008

I'm currently looking to switch from my current web host. I have a managed dedicated server using Ensim Pro CP on Linux hosting.

I'm currently getting a quote from RackSpace but want to know of a few firms like them if that's ok.

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Dedicated Server Host That Specializes In DDoS Protection?

Apr 14, 2008

I'm looking for a host that specializes in DDoS protection. The ideal server would have decent ram (2GB),high traffic speeds, not much disk space, only around 10 GB at tops and of course 24/7 uptime with live support.

Any hosts meet the required criteria?

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Dedicated Server With Anti Ddos Feature = Reliable Web Host

Jun 3, 2008

i would like to have reliable web host who can provide

1- anti ddos

2- fully managed dedicated server

3- server location - traffic mostly come from asia regions for 60% and usa for 25% - pls suggest the best location

4- bandwidth req 2500 gb

5- hard space - 1000 gb

6- daily backup req

7 - cost ?

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How To Transfer Data From Shared Host To Dedicated Server(

Jun 29, 2008

have set up a server at said they will not transfer my data from to my new server.I think it's a bad idea to download all my data from dreamhost to my computer and then upload them to the new server.So,is there any easier way to transfer the data from to my new server at

It seems dreamhost has no SSH and cPanel,but my server has both of them.I heard that I can use the get/mget command to do that,

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German ISPs

Jun 29, 2009

Do you know of any German ISPs that peer with the following:

DE-CIX (Germany)
AMS-IX (Amsterdam)
LINX (England)

Also could you point me in the direction of some reliable German Rack Hosting Companies (Franfurk). As we are a GSP (Gameserver Provider) the network needs to be strong and reliable.

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German Hosting Service

May 30, 2008

I want good German web hosting services in order to host my sub domain. I have a site which is already hosted on U.S server and I have a sub domain [url].

Now I wanted to host my sub domain on German servers.

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German Data Centers

Jul 5, 2007

Is there any German DataCenter which allow payment via paypal? Or maybe some agents are available who make possible payment via paypal for German Servers?

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Change YaST2 From German To English

Jan 10, 2007

I just got a new server from Hetzner, but the YaST2 they installed is in German! I wanted to install some new packages, but I don't speak German

Is there any way to change the language of YaST2 to English?

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Domain Forward To Server IP?

Jun 4, 2006

I'm totally new at the dedicated server thing. I want to point a domain ( to my server IP making it possible to have my own custom dns (e.g.

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Forward Port 80 To Another Server

Jun 12, 2009

I currently have one static ip...which has been configured to i want to run a webserver within the network internally

can someone tell me how can i forward port 80 request from One machine to another.

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Forward Emails From Old Mail Server

Jan 24, 2006

My client is changing servers, and they need to get the mail from their old server to theie new one. Anyone know of a mass mail forwarding utility or something similar that could handle this?

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How To Forward Server IP Addresses To A New Server When Upgrading

May 12, 2009

I'm upgrading to a new server but when I change IP's on the nameservers I dont want to have data loss due to DNS cache, so I want to forward the old server IP's to the new server IP's, how do I do that?

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Email Forward On One Server With Multiple Domains?

Oct 28, 2006

I currently have one server with multiple domains on it.
I run apache with virtual hosts.

I want to setup email forwarding such that:

Email sent to <anyone> ----forwards to----> <some email address>
Email sent to <anyone> ----forwards to----> <some email address>
Email sent to <anyone> ----forwards to----> <some email address>

Any pointers? Im not even sure what to search for on the net.

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Selling C Class IP Addresses To Forward To Our Server?

May 15, 2008

We are interested to buy different C class IPs so we can host many related sites on the same server. Our hosting provider does not sell different C class IPs. I wanted to know if there is anyway to buy IP addresses from somewhere else, lets say from other hosting companies, or private providers, who would forward the IP to our server. Did you ever hear of such service?

Does any one want to offer us this serivce?

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Cron Job :: To Forward Email From To My Gmail

Jan 30, 2008

I setup my cron job run daily and it automatically sends email to after it done. How do i setup forward email from to my gmail or other external email provider ? That means every time if receive email than my other maail will get that email too.

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