Best Way To Do Backups To A Remote Computer?

Jul 18, 2007

I have recently wen't with a Windows VPS and am wondering the best way to do backups to a remote computer (hopefully without buying software). Any suggestions?

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Automating Backups From Webserver To Local Computer

Dec 12, 2007

Are there any good methods for getting backups from my host to my home computer in an automated fashion?

a way to sort of "set it and forget it" and get a backup at least once per week.

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Cant Ping My Own IP From Remote Computer

Apr 11, 2008

my server is running with a static ip. while im going through this trial and error process of registering my name servers i should at least be able to ping my server from a remote computer shouldnt i? it just keeps timing out but i figured at least that much should work.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Downloading Backups To Local Computer - Save File In TAR Format?

Jul 27, 2014

If I try to download a plesk backup to my local machine it saves a file a few bytes in size in .xml.tar.html format

My other non plesk 12 machines correctly save the file in .tar format ....

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CPanel Remote Backups

Feb 5, 2009

We all know about backups, and compressing files, etc etc... so, what do you guys do in this situation?

I have a quad core, 4gb ram, 250gb disk, when I run cpanel backups to my remote server, the server loads go up to 3.

Is there any way I can control this and lets say... dont let it go bellow 2?

Improved Backup Performance — Speed is safe.

cPanel’s backup facilities in 11.24 have seen significant speed increases. In previous versions, load averages while backups were running could be as high as 3. With our reworked and enhanced backup system, load averages tend to stay around 1.2 when backups run on servers with many accounts. This is an extremely substantial performance increase that you and your customers will notice right away. With our new backup system, there is no reason not to keep your data safe."

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Remote Backups Of Cpanel Accounts.. Exavault .com

Aug 3, 2008

remote backup solution for all our cpanel account.. After a short google search, I stumbled on

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Cheap Server With 100Mbit For Remote Backups

Mar 23, 2008

cheap dedicated server for remote backups with at least 200GB hard drive and 100Mbps up/down connection and 1000GB transfer. It would be the best to be in US, but it can also be in Europe if speed from US can be at least 60Mbps.

The best I found is Hetzner (49 eur), but they are in Europe and they have a 99 eur setup fee which is too much for me.

It would be great that it's even cheaper than this, because this Hetzner server have a dual core AMD 5600+ CPU, 2x400GB HDD and 2GB of RAM, so because I don't need all that I was hoping to find even cheaper Celeron or Sempron with 200GB HDD and 512MB or 1GB of RAM in US.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Backups To Remote FTP Failing

Oct 7, 2014

All my Backups to a remote FTP fails with Error Code: 1

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Backups To Remote Curl Times Out

Jul 23, 2014

Since upgrading to 12 (Linux) all backups to remote storage now cause timeout in curl. Is it possible to change the timeout anywhere?

To be more precise, when testing FTP settings receive this error:

Transport error: unable to list directory: Curl error: Timeout was reached

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Hosting From My Computer

Mar 13, 2007

Is it possible to host my own webpage off my own computer or no? And if so, how?

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How To Enable Sse And Sse2 On My Computer

May 2, 2009

When I use mencoder,my computer shows both sse and sse2 are supported but disabled. How to enable them? Can anyone give me the command line on how to convert rmvb files to flv and other formats?

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Controlling Website Without Computer

Mar 29, 2009

I was just wondering if there is a way to control your website (that is, uploading, editing and so on) when you do not have access to your own "home-computer". You do have access to other computers and the internet, but these computers do not have your local root folder of course.

So is there a way to control your website, let's say, when you are on vacation.

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Computer Shutdown Unexpected

May 1, 2009

I recently logged into my Windows Server 2003 OS Server via Remote Desktop and was met with a message/box saying Why did this computer shutdown. It had a dropdown field for a reason and then empty text fields for Problem ID and Comment.

What steps can I take to figure out what happened?

Server is a fresh install of Win Server 2003

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FTP Clients Are Not Working On My Computer

Jun 26, 2009

I have been using Vista 32-bit with FileZilla for 2-years on this computer. I haven't made any recent changes to my system, but suddently NO FTP clients work.

I tried FileZilla and FireFTP (firefox extension). Neither can connect. FileZilla just gives a timeout error. FireFTP has been "connecting" for 5-minutes. No success.

I tried to bypass my Linksys router and go directly through my cable model. They still do not work.

I *CAN* connect to an FTP site using telnet command.

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Host Domain On My Computer

May 15, 2008

I want to host my personal domain from my computer..

If I buy a static IP address

and add the details to my NS details for

and then install a apacheserver on my personal computer

will that show my files over the internet?

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Computer Modem And Caller ID

Dec 20, 2008

Are all computer modems cabable of recieveing caller ID information. I came across some opensource code for caller on on a computer and the information says that the phone wire has to be plugged into the computers "caller id capable" modem.

Know I know most people these days have a network card because most people connect using a high speed connection. However I would love to setup this program on my home computers for when I get a call and I am at my desktop I can see who is calling

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Make My Computer A Server

Jun 14, 2008

i heard from a friend that i can make my computer a server, is this true? how can this happen & is it safe, cheap?

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Moving Files From My Computer To VPS

Aug 15, 2007

I using a Windows VPS service, and I wondering, if I have a folder on my computer desktop, how can I move it to my VPS Remote Desktop?

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This Site May Harm Your Computer - Says Google

Aug 2, 2007

When checking my daily logs, I noticed a strange referral, and checking Google serps I saw this strange message:"This site may harm your computer"

The referrer is as follows: "

Is there any idea as to how this can happen? and is there any way to find out that badware on my website?

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Using A Website Host For Computer Backup

Apr 23, 2008

If I get a reseller account with like 50 gigs more space (or any amount) than I actually use, can I use some of that space I'm paying for to backup my home computer? This isn't really a question of how (although I'll accept advice) but more a question of 'is this typically allowed' or 'does anybody else do this'?

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Does Anyone Know If Chaning Computer (server) Name Will Cause Any Problem

Jul 27, 2008

I got a customer running vpasp shopping cart and it seem like my new colo server with " _ " (underscore) in its name is causing the problem for his shopping to run. Does anyone know if changing server name will cause any problem?

the server is Windows2003 Standard R2 w/IIS6.

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Can I Make A Web Hosting Server From An Old Computer

Aug 6, 2008

I want to make a website but I dont want to pay the hosting fees. I have a few old but pretty powerful old computers sitting around my house just collecting dust. Is there a way to make a web hosting server from those old computers to host my site? They have umbutu and I can make them dedicated.

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