Which Host For Joomla! Website + VBulletin Forum

Oct 25, 2009

I'm promting a new Joomla! website and a new vBulletin forum. The website serves to news articles, some statistics (related to a football club) and also a small photo and video gallery. The forum would have an average of 40-50 online users.

I'm considering to choose the baby package offered by Host Gator. Would that be a good choice?

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VBulletin Forum On Vps

Oct 25, 2009

My site has outgrown my current host and I'm strongly leaning towards a vps. I am relatively inexperienced with web hosting as for the last 18 months I've had very few issues with my current host (Stream101.com). They are currently saying my site is very memory and processor intensive which is why I'm going to have to leave them soon(I can't pay the dedicated server prices that would give my site the stability I desire).

About my site:

My site has 18,000+ users, its about 18 months old. 5,632 threads, 78,967 posts. It used about 150gig of bandwidth last month. The site is growing quickly (IMO). The site makes some money, but not enough to justify spending what it would cost for a dedicated server.

I'm happy to provide any other information, but what I am looking for is suggestions on:

1) Is a VPS the right choice for my site in your opinion.

2) What hosting company's would you suggest I look into.

3) How much ram/processor speed should I be looking for

4) any other information you feel I should know about this.

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Want To Run A SMALL Vbulletin Forum

May 3, 2008

I want to run a SMALL vbulletin forum with a maximum of 500-1000 people.

Is hostingpuppy the right host service for me? they are cheap plus they have good uptime and alot of people love them.

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My Vbulletin Forum Hacking

May 30, 2007

that my vbulletin forum redirect to another site

i upgrade to last version but i still have the same error

i have root access and want to know how i can restrict direct to another server

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Exceeding Lunarpages With VBulletin Forum

Dec 10, 2007


Lunarpages and jerked me around enough times that I'm considering other options. I won't go into too many details, but they recently moved me to a new server that was configured completely different and my forum ended up being down for 4 days. During that time, their support was non-existent. Now, they keep sending me emails that I'm exceeding my alloted CPU usage. They want me to upgrade.

Admittedly, I am using their lower end hosting, which I think I paid $100 for the year or something.

After the way I've been treated, I can't imagine spending another dime at Lunarpages. So I'm looking for new hosting options. My forum is growing, but it certainly isn't a large forum. I have about 30-40 new members join each day and I usually have about 1,000 active members. I'm running vbseo and a few mods, but my unique hits per day is probably around 2,000 uniques per day for the forum give or take. My forum does use quite a bit of bandwidth as people upload songs they have recorded and submit them for review frequently.

I've considered the notion of having a server built for me and paying $100 per month for colocation and being done with it, but I'd prefer to avoid this cost, if possible.

Any suggestions?

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Reliable Hosting For A Vbulletin Forum

Oct 9, 2009

I am the owner of the vbulletin forum. The forum is young but it is growing rapidly. It has 11000 posts, 800 members and about 30 users online. I use many mods which are server intensive.

I was on a semi-dedicated hosting (Westnic), which I shared with my friend to reduce the costs. Now I feel I should move on, because this package is becoming too small for both of us.

I wanted to upgrade my hosting package to a bigger one, but now when I have read so many horrible stories about this host, I really don't want to stay with Westnic.

So I am looking for a reliable host for my forum.

I am still now sure whether I need a semi-dedicated, VPS or a dedicated server. Also, I am not sure how much dedicated memory a forum like mine would need. Also, I am not sure about the location of the server - does it really matter?

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Started A Vbulletin Forum And Site

Apr 16, 2008

I am about to purchase a vbulletin license in a few days and start a site. I will start the forums first and get the talking going and build the main site afterwards. Of course the site will suck at first as far as visitors. But what is a good hosting plan to support me for a good little while? I project we'll get up to 150 active users at a time within the first 6 or 7 months with about 50 browsing the main site....(nothing wrong with wishful thinking )

So, what hosting plan is best to hold me for a while? Not which company, but what specs of the plan are best to hold 100 active users at a time? I dont want to continue to upgrade my hosting plan alot. I'd rather just buy a nice shared hosting plan now to hold me for at least a year or so....until I have to upgrade.

For those who have dedicated servers, at one point is it time to upgrade to a dedicated server?

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What Is The Best Way To Load Balance A Vbulletin Forum?

Aug 20, 2008

What is the best way to load balance a vbulletin forum?

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Installing Joomla And A Forum On One Database... Will That Run Slow

Dec 9, 2007

Usually I install every single PHP application on a new database. But I was thinking of installing a Joomla website and a SMF forum on one database with different table suffixes. Whether I install them in the same database or a different database, they will still be on the same host.

So does it make any difference to put them in different databases or should I just put them in one database?

The site/forum is for a little WoW guild website and it might get maybe 30ish visitors a day.

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How To Transfer Users And Threads To A New Vbulletin Forum

Oct 23, 2009

I have formated my linux Centos 4 server with PHP 4.4 and install Centos 5 with PHP 5.1 ( will upgrade to 5.2 soon ).

I succeed to restore all of my web sites and forums except one which has 110MB sql file, VBulletin 3.6.8.

I think the problem is related on my hack's and modifications I have done before...

Now I decided to install a new and fresh forum with version of 3.6.8 to be the same with ex one ( I will upgrade it after transferring ( migrating ) every threads, posts and members to new forum to 3.8.4)

But the problem is: when I restore the whole sql to new forum I had come across many problems.


how can I transfer just "threads", "posts" and "members" to a new and fresh vBulletin forum ?

please note that my forum is not working now and I just have a "whole-website-backup.SQL" file and also back up of whole database folder in the linux ( it contains .frm , .MYD , .MYI files like: mst_post.frm , mst_post.MYD , mst_post.MYI and others...)

I have tried to copy these .frm .MYD and .MYI files on the new database folder but it was not worked!

I think I must restore by the help of .SQL file but I dont know how! when I recover whole the .SQL file forum does not work good and had some problem ( I can't log in to admin panel for example, and my VBSeo configurations gone and can't be repaire...

Please show me how can I transfer just my Posts and members to a NEW installed VBulletin forum with same or different "database name" and "database username".

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VBulletin Forum Very Slow Under High Load

Apr 15, 2007

I recently started hosting a large vBulletin forum (14,014 registered users... 30-60 online at a time) on one of my dedicated servers. When there's a lot of activity on the forums, things start getting really slow. There will be like 50 php-cgi processes running. Some users get blank pages, others get this message:

Notice: Undefined variable: errfile in [path]/forums/includes/functions_log_error.php on line 163

Specs of the server are:
AMD Athlon 64 3000+
FreeBSD 6.2 (Hosted at AwkNet)

Could there be any Apache modifications I can make to increase performance, or anything else I could try?

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Lead Webstes (vbulletin Forum, Some Server Side Scripts)

Jun 18, 2008

I've problem with my system (Dell vostro200) I've Mcafee security center and it will block some scripts running in the system during the browsing. I can't use any of vBulletin forums ( registration and posting ) I can't do even Mcafee online registratation also. I'm not an expert in os configurations.

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Joomla Website Get Hacked

Aug 7, 2007

One of my clients has joomla site installed on his hosting.

But recently his website always get hacked. Hacker put one index.html file in the public_html folder. luckily they not deleting file and database..

This is happen twice in one week, even he change the cpanel password to a more complex one...

anyway to prevent this? any way to harden the security?

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Recommendations For A Joomla Website Hosting?

Apr 21, 2008

Any recommendations for a joomla website hosting?

Multiple domains one one account and such...

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Joomla Website Hosted On Windows A Safe Option

Apr 21, 2008

Is a joomla website hosted on windows a safe option.

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Website/forum Takeover

Jun 15, 2008

I'm the owner of a website/forum over the last year i have had health problems that forced me to let someone else administrate my site.

What has become apparent to me is that during the last year this individual has been manipulating the situation to take over my site.

What i would like to know given that all is in my name and that i have sole access to the master account. what do i need to do to make sure that if i have to rid myself of this person how do i protect my site.

He has access to the cpanel within my master account mysql ect..and hasn't changed the pswrd yet, if he does change it i still have access through the master account, but i would need to know how i can reset that password if he does. and lock him out if i cant change the pswrd.

Secondly he upgraded our forum to phpbb3 and in the proccess in the forum he has removed me as founder, and put himself as founder, i have asked him 3 times to put me to founder but he has yet to comply, and i have yet to make a big deal of this to avoid him taking action against me first, im not as tech savy as he is unfortunatly. For this i would need to know how to lock him out.Changing myself to founder and removing his access. also such as checking to see if he has created any sleeper admin accounts as a backdoor if i fire him.

legally i would also need to know what i can do, if he takes a copy of our forum and creates a knockoff site with it as he has also been manipulating the site's membership and a split will most likely result if i take action against him, do i have any legal recourse even though we are in different countries?

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Website VS Wiki VS Forum

Dec 11, 2008

What are the pros and cons of each of them?

If I want to build something that allows as many people as possible to post their thoughts without complicate registration process, and I want to place ads on my sites or forum or wiki, which is the best choice?

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Best Host For Joomla

Jan 30, 2009

I am currently on a host that is offering unlimited bandwidth, however they are not that great as the site keeps going slow.

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Joomla VPS Host

May 20, 2008

I have a joomla site running on a new unmanaged VPS at FutureHosting.biz and it is performing very poorly.

I am not a server admin but i copy the same CMS and database to a shared account i have access to and the site runs much faster. That shared account happens to be a SiteGround server which if possible, i would like to stay away from.

I have had bad experience with SG so i am contemplating, MidPhase, as an option for VPS support.

I was also considering LunarPages and HostGator but their recent datacenter problems and poor reviews i want to stay away from them as well.

I really want to find a quality host who has experience managing large joomla based sites.

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What Is The Worst Host For Joomla

Jun 5, 2009

What is the worst host for Joomla?

Had a problem with your Joomla site? Which host were you with and what was the problem?

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How Do I Create My Own Free Forum Hosting Website?

Nov 2, 2008

How would I go about creating my own website for free forum hosting? You know, sites such as ProBoards and Forumer. A site where someone can fill in some information (name, URL, e-mail, etc.) and instantly have their own phpBB, IPB, or MyBB forum.

I could host it, but I don't understand how to make it so right when they click submit it creates them a forum. If someone could point me in the right direction or link me to a tutorial (which I doubt exists),

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Good UK Host For Joomla Self Install

Sep 1, 2008

I have a client who is UK based and whose readership will be mostly UK based.

They want to use Joomla and have asked me to install and configure.

I don't anticipate high traffic or needing lots of space, just need a reliable responsive host, probably UK based.

I don't want to use Fantastico automatic install. I prefer to install myself.

SSH desirable but not essential.

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Good Host For A VBulletin (and Maybe VPS)

Aug 11, 2008

I've been doing some comparing for web hosting and given that my vBulletin.com thread gave me zero input, I thought I'd post here & see what advice I can gain.

I currently have a vBulletin forum hosted through 1&1 Shared Hosting. Huge upcoming problem is 1&1's 100MB MySQL Database size limit, not something that had been factored at the site's launch. The only option 1&1 has provided is an upgrade to one of their VPS servers, starting at $29 a month. The site is currently at only half that limit, around 50MB so I'm taking the time now to figure what to do in the next several months.

I've been open to the idea of simply transferring to another shared host with a larger MySQL database limit (looked at Host Gator that offers 2GB limit) or forking out the extra cash for the VPS and consolidating some of my other websites onto the VPS.

Currently, the forum receives (per month) 2000 unique visitors, 200,000 page views, and about ~40 users online at one time. I really want to know, if I move to another shared host will the CPU usage eventually get my account suspended if site growth picks up? Or would I be better off consolidating various websites onto a single VPS and taking my chances with a 1&1 upgrade?

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Where To Host My Forum?

Dec 4, 2008

I have no experience in MySQL / database.. But I want to open a forum to learn some stuffs.

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Should A Host Have A Client Forum

Apr 17, 2008

Clearly a hosting company can choose whether to have a client forum or not, but do you think they should have one?

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Moving Forum To New Host

Jan 17, 2007

I'm trying to figure out the best way to eliminate downtime when I move my forum to a new host.

I have never had to move a site before so I don't know what's going to happen? How long does it take for the DNS changes to update? I don't want people to type in the forum's url and not be able to get the site?

I should add that I am switching from phpbb to vBulletin and have the new software sitting on the .org name of the forum at the new host. Should I just tell people if they have a problem the day after I make the switch to go to the .org as a default?

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Considering A New Host For Active Forum & WP Site.

Sep 9, 2008

I've been with Bluehost for over three years. I've really not had any big problems with them. But I've learned that people usually don't have problems with hosts unless they actually have a website that has good traffic.

Well, as my main site has grown, I think I'm outgrowing my host.

I have a forum (SMF) with over 1500 members and close to 80K posts. It's got a good core of very active members. Doing well. The main part of the site is on WP platform.

Friday, I try to bring up the forum and POOF! It's not there. Just a blank screen. No error, no nothing. Call support and they have no clue, but the support guy comments out a line in one of my SMF files and the site comes back up. Don't ask me how he knew to comment out that line or anything.

Things go fine for a few days, then yesterday P.M. I start getting "exceeding CPU" errors and then a 500 error. Keep in mind, I've done nothing to my site in these days to cause any of this or any changes to even make me suspect anything.

Called support two times last night and finally was told to submit a ticket to their scripting department. I could see the PHP errors in my CP and I knew it was something wrong on their end, but no one could figure it out. Well, I haven't heard from support but my site's back up today.

I'm just thinking it may be time to consider switching. Not sure I really want to deal with that, but I'm having more errors and glitches with them in the last year.

I know HostGator gets mostly great reviews. Will my experience there be any different though?

I know lots of people here ask for web host suggestions. I could really use some guidance, not just in companies, but the things I need to keep in mind about my site in particular that would help me choose one.

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How To Host A Forum With Multiple Web Servers?

Jul 10, 2007

I notice that some forums are run by multiple web servers.

They offer choices for visitors from different regions so that they can enjoy a better speed when browsing.

e.g. Visitors from USA use www1 , visitors from Europe use www2

My question is: how to synchronize the contents and files between different web servers?

For the dynamic content, one database server can be setup. So that all php scripts on different web servers can retrieve from the same database source.

But then, in a real-time forum, how to synchronize the files between the web servers? For example, one user from www1 uploads a file. This file will go to www1's filesystem. How to make this file appears in www2's filesytem?

I can think of 'rsync' every minute between servers. But still it's not real-time, and there may be problems if sychronication can't be finished within the minute.

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Trying To Host A Website From Home PC

May 15, 2009

I am trying to host a website from my home computer. Currently I have it setup and it works and everything. I have my virus database updated, router update, firewall up and running, and I am ready for people to try hacking. But there is one thing I can do. I can't seem to get my website online. I go to whatismyip.com and try that IP address on both the computer I am hosting the website from and a different computer downtown but I can access it. I am currently using webs.com to tell people to download COMODO EasyVPN to access my website. But they have to download it first to be able to access my website. At one time I had to load it using the IP address I go to whatismyip.com but it took it six minutes to load and with the EasyVPN it only takes seconds. I am just wandering if my internet connection is just timing out and not letting anyone on. Is there a software I can use that works like COMODO EasyVPN but lets you type in my External/Public IP address and it go to my website. I mean my connection is slow but with the COMODO EasyVPN software it makes people connecting to my computer fast. I need a software that tunnels my connection to a clients computer.

I am using the XAMPP software to host my website!

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ISO Host For Artist's Website

Apr 15, 2009

not anticipating a ton of traffic at once

250 mb storage should do it

the main mb-intensive feature will be a thumbnail gallery whose links open jpgs of about 800 kb

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Community Website - Which Host

Jul 9, 2008

I've had four different hosts in 1 year, and I'm noe experiencing problems again with my current host, Lunarpages. Therefore, I really want to make the right choice this time. It would be such a pleasure to see my website run without any problems for more than just 8-9 months at a time...

Anyway, let me try to describe it. It's based on the Content Management System phpFusion. It has news, downloads, forums and screenshots. The site itself is c. 2 GB large (because of forum attachments and screenshots), the download section is c. 15 GB, and the site use up about 700 GB og bandwidth each month. In the forum, there's 100.000 posts, growing day for day, of course. We have 12.000 registered members, but we only have c. 50 members online at the same time -- maximum. Throughout a week, 2.000 members log in, but as said, they are never online at the same time. The members are mostly from Europe, but we do also have members from USA and Australia.

I've had both Lunarpages and Servage as hosts, but I have experienced problems with both of them. Servage has a daily bandwidth limit which I had overlooked, and the website constantly exceeded this. Lunarpages is very, very slow when using a MySQL DB.

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