Where Do I Find The Shell Command Feature

Jun 9, 2008

i am trying hard to understand how everything works, i just finished installing my CentOS 5.2 OS and need to install + Apache + MySQL + PHP/Perl.

Also i downloaded the apache file and tried to insatll it but it has to be done by giving a command via Bash shell for wht i understood, so i downloaded bash shell file. How and where do i enter the commands for installing these applications?

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Using Find Command With Regex To Find All Number-only Filenames

Oct 15, 2007

how can i do a search for all files (probs using regex) of files consisting purely of numbers?

for e.g. find:


(always have 5 numbers).

seems one of my accounts has had some script run which generated a bunch of these in various subfolders, and the php file basically does a callback to www3.rssnews.ws and www3.xmldata.info, which seem to be some sort of spyware servers.

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Auto Complete Feature For Linux Command

Jul 20, 2007

I am wondering is there any software could offer auto complete feature for linux command? most linux need enter lots of parameters, if there is such a tool, that could be cool & great.

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Find Shell

Oct 9, 2007

How can i find shell in my server?

is a program that find them?

my server is linux / centos / cpanel control panel

how can i disable shell in my server?

and stop deface

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Anyone Know Where I Can Find Shell Hosting In Atlanta?

Jul 31, 2008

Anyone know where i can find shell hosting in Atlanta?

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Dail Chkrootkit Find Shell

Aug 26, 2007

shkrootkit sent one e-mail

Checking `bindshell'... INFECTED (PORTS: 465)
Checking `lkm'... You have 1 process hidden for ps command
chkproc: Warning: Possible LKM Trojan installed

what means?

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Server Refused To Start Shell/command

Apr 28, 2008

I am having some server issues.

A part of my sshd_config:
Port 2255
Protocol 2
ListenAddress 8x.xx.xx.46
PermitRootLogin no

Recently, when I want to connect to my server using putty, I get "Connection Refused" using the above IP address and port.
When I enter the above IP address (or any other IP address that is stored/set on the server) and port 22, I get "Server refused to start shell/command".

It did work before, using 8x.xx.xx.46:2255 and when I enter 8x.xx.xx.46:22 it will block. But now... not anymore.

I am using "Direct Admin" to do a "System Backup". I do see the right port and IP address in the sshd_config file.

How can I fix this? I can not login the server anymore, however I am going to the datacenter tomorrow.

OS: CentOS
Installed firewall / protection: APF + BFD
Control Panel: Direct Admin

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Modify Conf File Using Shell Script/Command Line

Jan 17, 2006

i want to modify a conf file using commandline or a shell script. for eaxmple:

here is a line from my conf file:....

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Change Jail Shell To Normal Shell

Jul 8, 2008

Do any1 know how to change jail shell to normal shell?

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Command To Stop The Wget Command

Apr 30, 2007

Is there a command i can type into the ssh console to stop a current transfer that i started wit the wget command?

the file im wgeting always stuffs up at 51% but then the server just retries and starts again, its done it 3 times so far and i just want to completely cancle the process if possible....

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Free Shared SSL Feature

Jun 18, 2008

I have few questions about free shared SSL.

1. Does it mean that the client can use an SSL without the need to use a dedicated IP?
2. Someone said that it does but such channel is insecure. So, is that correct? If yes, why it's insecure? I thought the SSL itself is to encrypt the connection between client's browser and server. What the different does it make?

I can simply ask the hosting support but I need an objective opinion about this.

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A Feature Matrix To Choose A VPS

Aug 11, 2007

This site is good, though every day people on hosting hunts come here to ask questions about how to find a company. Here I am doing it, but I want to suggest or find something better -- a tool to help narrow down the hosting hunt based on parameters. Has anybody made one?

My parameters are harder to find for than I would like. For example, I want a west coast VPS, so that my ping time from Silicon Valley will be minimal. To my surprise, some hosting companies block ping on their main page, and many don't have reverse DNS, forcing one to do ping -n. (Not that it's hard to do ping -n, but why make it harder for anybody!)

The next thing I want is ubuntu. For the simple reason that this is what I am standardizing on for all my systems, and using the same system means less figuring out how to do it twice. And in many cases the ability to compile on one machine and upload to the server.

Next I want lots of memory -- 768mb or more, and I want burstablity, even though I know it only happens sometimes. To me, the whole point of a VPS is that you get more resources when you need them, and when you scale back, another user gets to burst in them and everybody has a better chance at giving good response in peaks.

Next I want a decent price, $60 or so. Once you get to $90 you can get dedicated servers, that market is getting more competitive. Dedicated servers can't burst, but they can swap, meaning that the unused pages from your deaemons and rarely used programs page out, so your ram total is for live ram that's being used. On a VPS your ram total is for everything. VPSs have processes die when they hit the ram wall, dedicated servers just get slower as they swap.

I don't want a control panel, and I don't want to pay for one. You don't usually get them with ubuntu anyway. Except the virtuozzo panel for reboot etc.

Of course I demand a site with a good reputation, fast support response time (when I need it) and high uptime.

The winner in my search was vpslink with the special they had running until the 7th. They don't do bursting but their special made a high-ram server come into my price range to make up for it. But it's no longer running.

Knownhost is pretty good but doesn't do Ubuntu.

I am also very interested in what imountain does, offering you shared SQL database access on a different, non-virtualized server. I like that idea a lot. But they do only Centos, and they don't burst ram (but they don't need to as much)

Futurehosting also seems good, but their ping time at 66ms to Dallas is too high, and I am scared because their own personal DNS was down for several hours yesterday.

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For Shared Hosting That Gives SSH Feature....

May 15, 2007

Do you have wget enabled?

If not, could you tell me the reason?

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Apache :: Is MultiView Feature A Mod?

Jul 27, 2013

Is MultiView future a mod in Apache?

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How Do I Turn Off AMD's Cool&Quiet Feature

Jul 4, 2009

I want to turn off my amd server's Cool & Quiet feature. How to do this?

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Hosts Providing WHM As Standard Feature

May 25, 2009

Can someone help me with web hosts providing WHM as standard feature on their web hosts instead of in only reseller plans.

I do not need a reseller plan, just want a plan to host multiple sites of my own but don't want to use the addon domains route.

I am currently hosted on Axishost for exactly the same reason as they provide WHM access but I need a little more space than what Axishost offers.

My requirements: 1.5 GB of storage & around 20 GB bandwidth per month for around $10 per month. (Axishost provides 1 GB space and I may just fall a little short on space. Except for this, I am quite happy with Axishost)

I could only find Resellerzoom which fits my budget perfectly but not sure about their Acceptable Use Policy which seems to be quite scary for the Budget Reseller Plan based on what I read on these forums.

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Is Webfaction As Feature Comprehensive As Dreamhost

Mar 12, 2009

Is Webfaction as feature comprehensive as Dreamhost?

I am looking for a hoster that has the freedom Dreamhost offers, SSH, C++ etc - but with more uptime and reliability.

Does webfaction fit the bill? Their claims look good, but I'd like to know what kind of experiences others have had with them.

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Update Package With Feature List

Mar 15, 2008

I am using CPanel. I just made customized features list and want to update all accounts of my reseller with that feature list. But problem is if I update package, this will update account space/bw, I am some account edit direct for space and bw etc. but thats account have same package name.

Is there any option available that update features list without changing current space + BW.

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List DC Which Offering Auto Reboot Feature

May 5, 2009

I only found softlayer which is offer automation reboot from monitoring which is cost $5 per box per month.

Do you know any other DC which offering the same automation feature?

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Is The” Max Outgoing Email Per Domain” Feature Customizable

Mar 11, 2008

if it is possible to customize this feature on cpanel. Is there a way to assign different limits to the domains on a cpanel server?

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Is Server Monitoring An Essential Feature On Dedicated Servers?

Jan 5, 2009

Is server monitoring an essential feature on dedicated servers?

Do all companies offer this service?

I have seen some companies provide it - hostgator.com, razorservers.com, etc.

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How To Disable CPanel's Backup Feature For Accounts Larger Than 1GB

Jul 29, 2009

How to disable cPanel's backup feature for accounts larger than 1GB?

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Does Multi-PHP Feature Work With Cloudlinux OS

Apr 20, 2015

I am using Cloudlinux OS ( Centos 6 ) and do not see the option to Add the Multi-PHP Versions ?

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Dedicated Server With Anti Ddos Feature = Reliable Web Host

Jun 3, 2008

i would like to have reliable web host who can provide

1- anti ddos

2- fully managed dedicated server

3- server location - traffic mostly come from asia regions for 60% and usa for 25% - pls suggest the best location

4- bandwidth req 2500 gb

5- hard space - 1000 gb

6- daily backup req

7 - cost ?

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