Find Shell

Oct 9, 2007

How can i find shell in my server?

is a program that find them?

my server is linux / centos / cpanel control panel

how can i disable shell in my server?

and stop deface

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Anyone Know Where I Can Find Shell Hosting In Atlanta?

Jul 31, 2008

Anyone know where i can find shell hosting in Atlanta?

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Where Do I Find The Shell Command Feature

Jun 9, 2008

i am trying hard to understand how everything works, i just finished installing my CentOS 5.2 OS and need to install + Apache + MySQL + PHP/Perl.

Also i downloaded the apache file and tried to insatll it but it has to be done by giving a command via Bash shell for wht i understood, so i downloaded bash shell file. How and where do i enter the commands for installing these applications?

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Dail Chkrootkit Find Shell

Aug 26, 2007

shkrootkit sent one e-mail

Checking `bindshell'... INFECTED (PORTS: 465)
Checking `lkm'... You have 1 process hidden for ps command
chkproc: Warning: Possible LKM Trojan installed

what means?

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Change Jail Shell To Normal Shell

Jul 8, 2008

Do any1 know how to change jail shell to normal shell?

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Using Find Command With Regex To Find All Number-only Filenames

Oct 15, 2007

how can i do a search for all files (probs using regex) of files consisting purely of numbers?

for e.g. find:


(always have 5 numbers).

seems one of my accounts has had some script run which generated a bunch of these in various subfolders, and the php file basically does a callback to and, which seem to be some sort of spyware servers.

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Sep 30, 2007

my server in under attack of shell

how can i find shell code in my server? (c99 ...)

is any anti virus or open source tools to find it

how can i disable shell function?

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Shell Allow.

May 10, 2007

I have spare dedicated machine.

I want to allow user to run few processes on machine (debian etch).

I configurated limits at /etc/security/limits.conf for group "shell".

When I attached user to group shell, limits work well, but he still can look
everywhere on system. (he can do cat /home/somefile.txt, even owned by root).

Is there any method, software to limit user to acces only their home directories?

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Shell And Php Security

Jun 7, 2009

For security reason I have these php functiosn disabled:

show_source, system, shell_exec, exec, popen, proc_open, procopen, passthru

Can anyone please tell me whether if it will prevent shell scripts from working?

They can still upload the shells but cant read/write/execute commands in 777 directories?

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SSH/Shell Not Connecting

Apr 16, 2005

I'm having a problem connecting to SSH/Shell on my server. I get the Login Prompt, but when i enter the User/Pass i just get "SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_3.6.1p2", everything under that is blank.

I've restarted the SSH Server and made sure the account i was using was set to use Normal Shell (not jailed). What could be the problem?

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Chmod Using Shell

Oct 8, 2006

I was wondering if it were possible to chmod a directory that is set to a low number to 777 using a shell or command and if so can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to go about doing so ??? I am trying to learn a little and i pefer using my browser to edit files rather then a ftp client.

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Pennsylvania VPS Or Shell

Jun 9, 2007

I was just wondering if anyone is aware of Linux VPS or shell account providers with servers that are physically located in Pennsylvania. The only two I've come across so far are Nocster and VPS Village.

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What's Shell Access?

Oct 8, 2009

I keep seeing web hosts where it says that there is/isn't shell access, etc. What's shell access and what do you do with it in/with a web host?

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Shell DNS Toolkit?

May 27, 2008

Is there a such thing? I use shell mainly for whois info, tracing, telnet for email issues, etc etc. Is there a 'toolkit' for such things?

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How Do You Use Shell Access?

Nov 6, 2005

I have a script that needs to be run from shell access, but I've never done this before. How do you access a script through shell? Is there software I need to download? Not even sure where to begin.

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C99 Shell On My Server

Dec 16, 2007

One of our customers uploaded C99Shell script on my server, and he can access to another accounts,
I upgraded php to 5 but he can access with this script to another accounts yet, what should I do to disable this script or other one?

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How To Program In Shell ?

Oct 11, 2006

I'm trying to program a very simple shell script that does 2-3 things.

1) checks for the number of a script running say, "ps aux | grep php | wc -l" returns that number.

2) deletes temp files folders "cd /to/that/directory/; rm -fr *&" every 90 seconds IF that number in check #1 is below say 50....

and then have this shell script launched in shell every so often, not sure on the frequency but first is how to program in shell is a TIME DELAY....

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DNS Forwarding Using Shell

Oct 29, 2006

We have customer who has account on our *nix box server and who wanna move to our h-sphere reseller platform because now he want to use asp and mssql.

If it`s .com domain, for example, I would be able to easy change NS1 and NS2, but since this is ccTLD (and we will wait 10-15 days) I need quick solution for DNS forwarding.

ns1.oldnameserver -> ns1.newnamerserver
ns2.oldnamesrever -> ns2.newnamerserver

se when I run ping for example, I have to have reply from new server.

I have shell access but I don`t know how to modify zone or named, since obviously I can not do this using whm.

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SSH/Shell Access :: How To Use It?

Jun 11, 2008

I have never used SSH/Shell Access, but think I may want to. Can someone explain what it is, and maybe explain how to use it? My web hosting provider provides SSH, but I have no clue what to do.

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How To A Shell With A Restriction As Not Run Gcc

Dec 17, 2008

how to a shell with a restriction as not run gcc, screen, limit process to use or not use, run programs like bg process etc etc.

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Shell Access

Aug 1, 2008

I've enabled ssh one of my account in WHM, so I went to cpanel of this account and tried the SSH/Shell Access, but what I got is:

For security reasons, shell access is not enabled by default. In order to activate shell access on your account, you will need to fax or mail a copy of your driver's license, passport or other photo id to customer service.

is this something about SSH Key? do I have to generate a key so I can use the SSH/Shell Access?

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Jailed Shell On A VPS

Apr 2, 2007

On a VPS I am using, I was astonished to see that when I login through SSH to a WHM account, I can go right up to the VPS system directories, do an ls, read the files etc. the user is able to get into the all the VPS directories, except root.

It's fine in FTP. Although I can see the link to the directory above home, clicking on it does not take the user to those directories.

When I ask my service provider, they say, "Yes, this is normal behavior. The users will still be able to move into the other users' home directories but they will not be able to write to the files or open them".

It seems to me this isn't a good situation. How can I prevent shell users from going beyond their home directories? Is implementing a jailed shell a good option? Can I use this feature that is readily available in WHM?

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How Do I Run A Cgi Script As Shell

Aug 20, 2007

I'm trying to install the following portwatch script on my server to count the # of connections coming from various IPs:


I've saved it as a text file called "portwatch", and uploaded to my server. But no matter how I chmod it in FTP and call it in shell, I get a permission denied error. Can someone shed some light on how I'm supposed to run this script in shell?

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What To Install For Shell Box

Apr 27, 2007

I would like to hear some suggestions about what should i install to a shell box (for irc hosting).

Some people told me about kernel updates, change the ulimits, install a firewall etc..

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Shell Access

Jan 22, 2007

i have a dedicated server i get server for study unix manage i have a problem by SHELL FILES ( hacker shell file ) other Site can Upload Shell file and get Access for edit other Site in server i set tweak scurity in CPANEL and Disable Function and i give not Shell access to all site but hacker can hack me by Shell access Hacker can not hack me by c99 Shell but can hack by New shell i upload this shell in my server Link: [url]

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Shell Script

Nov 17, 2007

I am trying to write a shell script to help me automate the install of a php script. I have all the commands in a text file for copying and pasting into shell client however because username changes with each install i can not execute all commands at once.
This is what I have so far.

cp /home/user/public_html
cd /home/user/public_html
chown -R username: *
chmod files_to_CHMOD

I would like to add command to add cron duties also.

Then I have some web based install to input data forms

Then I have to reverse chmod on some files

chmod files_to CHMOD

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Uploading To Shell

Apr 15, 2007

ive just token over my old hosts server as he had no time to run his hosting company so im a nOOb to the whole server management shell side of things, and im wondering if someone could help point me in the way of a tutorial on how to upload to the shell of the server, im trying to upload whm master reseller and some other cpanel addons,

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Shell Script

Oct 4, 2007


/sbin/ip route add blackhole
/sbin/ip route add blackhole
/sbin/ip route add blackhole
exit 0;

#Functionality: Run that and it blocks those IPs
This is the first time I am writing a shell script so bare with it...I'm not a systems admin by any means.

what I did wrong and what would be the best resource to use to learn how to write shell scripts?

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Using VPS's To Make Shell Reseller?

Apr 9, 2008

Is it possible to purchase a VPS, add MANY ips, to reverse DNS, and a cpanel, to make a shell reseller effect? Using the ips as vhosts, cpanel to setup other shell accounts etc?

Also, does anyone know of a provider who sells many cheap IPs with VPS's?

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Rsync Setup With WHM And Shell

Jun 29, 2007

WHM Whats Time Did The Bakcups?I Setup Yesterday Rsync Backups(daily,weekly,monthly-Everyday so) but until now havent backup anything.

Is there a way to force the backup?

Also,I have a script but when i go to run it via shell,it shows:

bad interpreter: No such file or directory

The only way I find to backup(whole server) it was by the command:

rsync -avz --exclude=/proc -e ssh / yourusername@host:dir

but I want to backup via WHM(home dirs + sql) so to be the restore easy.

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Secure FTP Without Shell Access?

Apr 22, 2009

Do you guys have any idea what is the best way to enable SFTP for a cPanel account?

I could give it Shell access, but isn't it possible without it?

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