What US Datacenters Are Tier IV (Tier 4)?

Aug 28, 2008

I've recently been having a few discussions with potential clients that are very interested in hosting only in Tier IV datacenters, as they see that as an arbitrary 'standard for greatness'. I'm referring to the data center tier levels as laid out here


Our datacenters are between Tier III and Tier IV; the Tier III aspects are there because of concious decisions on our part in fact. In talking with others I've been told that Tier IV datacenters are rare but I've not be able to find any myself. I think it's more difficult because I don't really trust what technicians from other companies say - they may mistakenly believe they're Tier IV when they're not - so the question is, does anyone know for certain what datacenters in the US are classified as Tier IV?

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Tier I Vs. Tier IV

Oct 12, 2007

I've been doing some research about Tier I vs. Tier IV datacenters, and generally understand that Tier IV is preferred over Tier I. However, in searching for new webhosts, I've noticed how some hosts brag about their Tier I network/bandwidth/connectivity/etc. So... am I to understand that Tier I bandwidth (etc.) is different from a Tier IV datacenter? If you were opting for uptime/reliability (rather than tons of ridiculous bandwidth and space), what combination of bandwidth/datacenter/etc. would you go for?

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Three-tier Architecture

Apr 11, 2008

I have a little problem on definition of three-tier architecture...

On a short explanation, what is a Three-Tier Architecture?

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Definition Tier-1 Bandwidth Providers

May 28, 2009

Who defines Tier 1 provider definition?

I am seeing multiple definitions and seeing various posters argue and make claims against Tier 1 and who is/who is not and how many total, etc.. I do not think that there is consensus out there. Personally, I see more than 7 Tier 1 providers and know several other very good Tier 2 or Tier 1b providers.

Many on WHT claim that there are only 6 major Tier 1 providers, but I recently had a CTO who has been in the business since 1996 tell me directly that there are 9 Tier 1 providers. I know that some providers themselves claim to be Tier 1, but many of us “know” that they are not really Tier 1.

So, who are the best Tier 1 providers out there?

Who are the best Tier2 or non-Tier 1 providers?

Who are the best providers to/in Europe? …South America?

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UK2.net DataCenters - Which One

Aug 27, 2009

We are about to launch our UK location with UK2.net and we are wondering what are your thoughts on UK2.nets 3 Data Centers in London ? What one would you go with consider we do need the one with the best network.

IP House

Sovereign House

Interxion data

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Using Two Datacenters

Nov 27, 2008

so say you have a web site that's uses PHP and MySQL and then your visitors are mostly from Asia and some from the US.

You get a server from a Singaporean datacenter for the Asian traffic and you also get a server in the US for the US and nearby countries traffic.

Both servers will use the same domain. It's just that it will automatically redirect you to the datacenter which is nearer to you so if your from Asia then you will be redirected to the Singapore datacenter otherwise to the US datacenter.

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ThePlanet Datacenters

Jul 2, 2006

I have partners down in Dallas, Tx. that are deciding on whether or not they want to go with "ThePlanet" datacenter. But, we just want to know before purchasing any or keeping any servers there that the datacenter is fully equipped with 24/7 monitoring, fire safety, flood safety, backup generators, etc. We're thinking of leasing 2 servers there, and we just need to know some details before going on. Now, I know there's all that information on the website and I've done alot of research on them, but I want to know from WHT's first-hand experience of ThePlanet is any good.

So, if you've used ThePlanet datacenters, can you please help me out. I'm highly suggesting ThePlanet as one of the datacenters I might use. Because it's located in Dallas, TX. it would be alot easier to co-locate the server, or check up on it once and a while or sort out any problems, etc.

Please leave a message of your first-hand experience with this datacenter.

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San Diego Datacenters

Aug 10, 2009

Are their any web hosting data centers in San Diego California?

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Datacenters - Charlotte, NC

Jan 30, 2008

I believe there are a few datacenters located in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was wondering what companies utilize these datacenters. I am searching for a reliable company to provide me with dedicated servers.

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Offshore Datacenters ...

Nov 4, 2008

What are some good offshore datacenters? So far I've found Ecatel, but I'm yet to get a reply back from them.

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UK Datacenters With FlagTel BW

Feb 24, 2008

UK datacenters which are using Flag Telecom as one of their providers.

I have found only 1 DC using FlagTel till now, thats RapidSwitch.

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Datacenters In The Midwest.

Oct 25, 2007

I'm sure your facility is great. However, we're from California. You're from Idaho or some similar place. That means you're supposed to be cheaper than our current solution by default. Unless you're in Chicago, then you're going to be very bandwidth and talent poor compared to us, so cheap real estate is the only thing you have going for you. Maybe you just shouldn't pitch Californian companies, because all we can do is point and laugh.

P.S. Terrorists don't attack infrastructure, so stop telling me that your farmland datacenter is a great site because terrorists will never attack it. Terrorists will also never attack any of my other datacenters.

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Datacenters / ISP's That Ignore Spammers

Nov 4, 2009

Would you be happy to host your BUSINESS (i.e. servers etc) at a datacenter or ISP that's known for ignoring spam complaints?

I am just curious because I already submitted SEVERAL spam complaints to servercentral.net but they simple ignore it. A big anti-spam list such as Spamcop not even bother to try and submit spam complaints to them and purge such complaints.


In my opinion it's a high risk to host your servers at a company that ignore spam complaints because many of their IP addresses will eventually be on spam block lists. (And because IP addresses are "recycled" I won't be happy to get IP addresses assigned to a server that was previously used by a spammer)

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Good Netherlands Datacenters

Jun 1, 2009

I've come to a comclusion that Netherland datacenters are the best offshore located datacenters, so i would like you to list as many as possible, good datacenters from netherlands...

Good amount of bandwidth in an affordable price is preferred

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Use The Same AS Number In Multiple Datacenters

Nov 11, 2008

I couldnt find the right subforum for this topic .. so i hope I am attracting the right viewer here.

We have a AS number in one datacenter and are going to open another totally separate datacenter.

Can we use the same AS number in both datacenters?

We use default BGP routes in a active/passive configuration. I would like to speak with someone who has knowledge of BGP, AS. happy to pay for a consultant if needed. want to make sure we set this up right.

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Datacenters In North England

Jan 24, 2008

is there any in (West)Yorkshire?

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Small Companies Far Datacenters

Jan 31, 2008

How do small companies deal with data centers and their equipment being 1000-2000 miles away?

NYC puts the costs of cabinet and power at almost twice as much in comparison to the west coast and south.

For small businesses, is it worth to spend that extra to get a cab in NYC and be able to manage their clients hardware directly or have a cabinet far away and depend on the on site techs to take care of all hardware related issues and save spending that extra that is put on cabinet and power?

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Dallas Texas Datacenters

Apr 7, 2008

Does anyone know any information about the following datacenter is Dallas Texas:

2323 Bryan St

2020 Live Oak

We are getting a circuit to one of these two locations, and would like to find a bandwidth provider on-net that can offer us IP transit. We are in need of mainly incoming bandwidth only, and would like to do some trading if possible. A hosting provider would be an ideal match as they should have excess incoming bandwidth to spare.

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Datacenters In Columbus, Ohio

Apr 17, 2008

I know of XO out there...are there any others that you know of that are worthwhile?

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Co-location Datacenters In Las Vegas

Mar 15, 2007

I would like to get a list of some colocation datacenters in Las Vegas, NV. Please add to this list:

Dataside (formerly Colocation Solutions)
Switch Communications

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Small Datacenters Not Replying To Emails

Jul 2, 2009

I've just got to rant for a minute. Over the past week I've e-mailed around 15 datacenters asking for quotes. Out of those 15 datacenters, I've received 6 answers.

Granted, these aren't huge datacenters like The Planet and Gigenet that I'm contacting here, but come on... I'm not going to name names, but seriously, if you smaller datacenters want any business you might want to start replying to sales e-mails. This is just getting annoying. Why would anyone waste their time with you if you can't even answer an e-mail or phone call or PM?

All of my e-mails went out to datacenters that have posted in the offers section of WHT in the past 30 days.

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Are Datacenters Offering WIN SERVER 2008 Yet

Jun 20, 2008

Curious. It was released in Feb 2008.

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Southern California Top Notch Datacenters

Dec 26, 2007

The company that I work for in the recent year has made a few acquisitions. Doing so, means we now have clients all over the place, to be specific in multiple datacenters. We are now going to consolidate all of our servers into one location. The decision might have already been made but I would like to get some feedback. These are the top choices that our company was deciding on:

Savvis Irvine (OC2)
Savvis El Segundo
XO in irvine (hosting.com now actually)
ATT in irvine (we already have servers in this one)

Some of the datacenters we are in now:

ATT in Irvine (not bad)
Quest in Burbank
CorpColo (no comment)
Calpop (scary!)
Blacksun/OC3 (scarier than calpop)
And a few others I cannot remember. Regardless I believe this will be a big upgrade. So whatever information you can give me on the above four datacenters would be appreciated. Maybe if you know of any other top-notch datacenters in southern cali, let me know.

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Preferred Currency At Canadian Datacenters

Oct 18, 2007

We currently have a managed server at a datacenter in Ontario, and the provider had always charged us in USD. This is fine with us, as most of our revenue is in USD and then we're not subject to currency risk.

Now that the Canadian dollar has reached parity and then exceeded the USD, I'm wondering more about this policy. Is it typical that datacenters in Canada price in USD, or is our provider the exception? They list prices on their site only in USD, despite being a Canadian company and only having facilities in Canada.

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Datacenters In Europe/Asia For VoIP Purposes

Oct 7, 2009

I'm looking for datacenters in Europe and Asia. My application is primarily going to be VoIP (95%). Connecting to Telcos via SIP in North America (mainly USA, so connectivity should be good) to terminate calls in North America, and later into UK and Japan, China, Australia and Singapore.

Looking for managed and colo options.

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"Green" Datacenters

Oct 29, 2009

Has anyone seen a (or operate their own) datacenter that is moving toward being "green" ? The renewable energy credits are great, but I'm talking more about generating their own renewable energy through large photovoltaic arrays or wind turbines, which feed back to the grid, charge a dedicated battery bank, or even charge UPS battery banks.

I've also been reading about ab/adsorption chillers that can take the hot water produced from solar thermal arrays and produce chilled water for HVAC use.

How great would that be!

Obviously some of these products are not ready to be relied on as an only source of power or cooling, and the sun and wind can be unreliable in some locations, but it is definitely something worth looking into.

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Green Datacenters- What Do You Classify As Green

Jan 21, 2008

I've seen quite a few data centers advertising about how "green" their facilities and/or services are. However, the great majority are far from actually being green, I don't see Rackspace or AtlantaNAP using solar panels for power (please correct me if I'm wrong). And I wouldn't exactly call using refurbished hardware being "green", as the great majority of older products consume more power than new.

Let me ask the community, what do YOU classify as being "green" ?

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