Top 20 Dedicated Providers Worldwide

Aug 31, 2008

I'm just wondering who are the 20 largest dedicated providers by number of physical servers worldwide? Difficult to get stats on,

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Hosting A Worldwide .com Web Site On A Dedicated In Canada

Sep 3, 2008

I found a good web host in Canada for my .com web site . Won't this affect my web site SEO in the US and the rest of the world?

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Win XP Pro And Dedicated Providers

May 15, 2009

Could you tell me any US/EU Providers that would install win xp pro for me if I would supply a valid license and just enable remote desktop ?

EU localizations are prefered,

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Dedicated Providers In The UK

Oct 4, 2008

what companies anyone has traded with within the UK, I've only ever worked with companies in the US and Germany. Now I've looked into companies in the UK but I've never used one - well not directly.

Main reason is speed.

If anyone can post any reconmendations It'll be helpful.

Most things I'm looking for is location - (Mainly if I do choose to go colo in the future) - Area would be Northwest, mainly Manchester, since it's only a train ride away.

But that's not all. I'd first like to start off with a small dedicated or VPS - depends on the time. Then upgrade - so they'd have to have great range of servers with cheap upgrade options and/or addons. VPS > Dedicated (then maybe) > Colo.

(PS: I'm just looking for now, I'm just in the process of planning - Main reason of use would be to start a free webhost. - For now no real budget since it's the early stages, check out the competition and all that.)

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Switching Providers - Need Dedicated And VPS

May 27, 2008

My company currently hosts with Rackspace but the prices have been going up like crazy. Just wondering can someone help recommend some great providers with excellent uptime guarantee. We host a web application on a windows server. As well we also need to be able to utilize virtual hosting as well.

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Canadian Dedicated Providers

Apr 28, 2008

Can any one recommend any Canadian dedicated server providers except iWeb? We have already spoken to them and they do not support our preferred server operating system and control panel.

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Top Five US Dedicated Server Providers

Mar 5, 2008

My company (small web hosting company, mostly personal/blog sites with a couple of higher-load commercial customers) is looking to make a change from our current provider to another dedicated server host, and reading through the threads here I've seen a few names recommended but every provider does seem to have its share of detractors as well.

I'm wondering if you guys would be willing to post your "personal top five" dedicate server hosts, bearing in mind we're looking at "middle-of-the-road" hardware, 2000 gig traffic a month, really robust customer support (my current provider wants me to open a "billable ticket" even to ask about network outages!), and we're looking to spend about $150/mo, give or take (less, of course, if possible).

I've been looking at burstnet but that one thread with the incredibly angry guy has me a tiny bit concerned.

Really appreciate the help. After we decide on a move (which we're looking to do this week or early next) I'll post who we picked, who we're moving from, and all the whys and wherefores.

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Top 2 Dedicated Server Providers In Netherlands

Mar 6, 2008

I want to know what are the top 2 dedicated server providers in Netherlands. I don't want leaseweb, i want to move away from they. Their support are the worst.

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List Of Dedicated Server Providers

Feb 26, 2008

I know this topic has come up numerous times , could someone point me to the thread that had a really great list. I know I have seen it before just can't seem to find the thread.

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UK Based Dedicated Server Providers

Dec 5, 2008

The reason for this post is some slight unhappiness with my current US-based server provider. In the last sixth months, they've upped their prices over 30%, turned my server off for 6 and 24 hours by accident on two separate respective occasions (then tried to cover it up), before finally giving me some less than brilliant customer service.

That, combined with the fact that the pound is rapidly weakening against the US dollar has led to me paying for an overly expensive server, and also leaves to me wanting to move to a different and UK-based provider.

Now, I don't need (nor can afford) a massively powerful server - the one I'm currently on is fairly basic (single core Athlon, 512mb RAM, 10mbit and a fair whack of bandwidth) - but I do need the control it provides. A VPS providing a similar amount of processing power could be considered, but obviously on the guarantee that the provider isn't overselling etc. I'd like the server to come with DirectAdmin, to simplify migration a bit.

It's also important that the UK-based provider actually has their servers in the UK, rather than just being registered in the UK - the former would still leave me rather vulnerable to exchange rate fluctuation.

Does anyone have any suggestions: either to swing me one way in the dedi/vps decision, or for some decent providers?

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Location Of Dedicated Server Providers

Aug 28, 2008

I plan on doing a small, well maybe not too small project and I was wondering if you guys can help me out. I am familiar with some server companies but what I need is strategic locations across the US.

Only dedicated server providers and NOT resellers.

The breakdown:

-Washington D.C.




I know a few, but I will be looking at this list, your suggestions and buying servers from the companies. Please also list your personal experiences with said companies. I will not take Aug 2008 registration with 1 Post count seriously. This is a serious project and I have some money to spend. Let's just say enough to cover the expenditures and then some.

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Do Dedicated Server Providers Oversell Bandwidth

Mar 11, 2008

Do dedicated server providers oversell their bandwidth? Here are some examples.

ThePlanet offers 2500GB bandwidth.
Softlayer offers 2000GB bandwidth
LiquidWeb offers 4800GB bandwidth

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Budget Dedicated Wanted - Changing Providers -let Down

Apr 15, 2008

We use dedicated servers at several data centers.

We have used a particular host since 1999 (we were shared/resellers then) and have used dedicated with them since 2001.

For a particular set of development servers, moderate traffic e-commerce sites and testing we use them.

One particular server has been our workhorse and it basically had a ridiculously low grandfathered in price.

Unfortunately they moved us. That's not a problem. The problem is they moved our dedicated machine with 3 drives to a vps.

So instead of our own machine, we share a machine, and instead of 3 drives, we have 3 partitions on one drive.

(the drives were 1 for OS, 1 for websites, and 1 for backups)

This is a windows 2k3 machine

The did this without notice or warning.

We saw it, then they mentioned it in a support ticket, and now refuse to discuss it (no response to questions)

So, unfortunately we hate to move.

We use 3 provider, none of them have we been with less than 3 years. We are super loyal if you treat us right.

WE dedicate and not co-lo. Co-lo def would save us money, but we just prefer a dedicated environment.

What we are lookng for is an entry level server to begin a relationship with a new host

for this machine

need two small drives (35 GB or more)
half gig or more of memory
p4 or more processor
100mbps port preferred
win 2k3

if you want to throw in a control panel great
(sounds crappy doesnt it? but thats what we used for many years)
multiple IPs

of course, feel free to make it better
looking to pay less than $199/mo - no setup

less than 150 would be stupendous.

willing to sign a contract.

AM I asking too much? considering u could probably do the above with spare parts? I don't know

Prefer North American based machines.

We really don't have that much of a simultaneous strain on these, they are work horses really.

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Dedicated Servers For Germany -- Good Providers? OK To Host In Amsterdam

Mar 9, 2008

We need to get another dedicated server in Germany for a video application (so low latency and high-quality connectivity are crucial). Our current server is hosted with NetDirekt in Frankfurt -- our first year with them has been very good. However I want the next server located in a different city, for redundancy.

My considerations:
- English-speaking sales & support
- Highly reliable network
- Low latency to Germany users

Do you have any recommendations among the following short-list of providers?

Is Amsterdam a suitable location if I'm serving German end-users? Latency matters a lot... so if a German datacenter saves 20ms of latency, that's important.

Do you know of any other comparable providers -- especially ones that do not require a 12-month contract?

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Fast Hosting Worldwide?

Dec 27, 2008

I need to provide an 8gb file download (split into 1gb parts) that will be downloaded by 80+ people worldwide, simultaneously. I'm talking for example, they will be each downloading at 1.2megabytes per second each (this is the average speed of their home connections), simultaneously.
What are the specs or things I should be looking out for in a website hosting provider?
One service I'm looking at is advertised as 0.5Mbps in bandwidth and 100Mbps in transit, for ã40 a month. The service I'm looking at is's colo business service ( What does this mean and is it fast enough? What is the difference between these two figures - 0.5Mbps bandwidth and 100Mbps transit?

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Worldwide Affiliate Advertising

Mar 23, 2009

I'm currently looking for another affiliate network other then motive interactive. I'm trying to find more advertisements for other areas in the world. I love motive interactive so far but it's focus is mainly on US. I have a few ads that I'm using for AUS, UK and Canada but what about the rest of the world.

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Worldwide Server Performance

May 2, 2009

We are a web-based Yacht Charter company, with offices scattered around the world:

Currently, both our web site and our back-office business management system are hosted on a single server in the UK, with an automatic fail-over to a server in Dallas, TX, USA.

The problem we are having is that our sales office in Singapore is having really slow response times and this is very frustrating for them.

Using an application called "JustPing" we see that response times From Singapore are much slower than other parts of the world. (the cities closer to London are fastest, the ones further away are slowest)
JustPing Results

Is there anyway to improve this or is hosting our applications on multiple servers the only way to improve performance. What's the best cost-effective method of multiple server hosting?

(Incidentally, if I JutPing Google, response times are fantastic worldwide, but we know they're hosted on many, very large servers)

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How Many Domains Hosted Worldwide

Oct 21, 2009

I'm doing a bit of research JFMI and I was wondeering if anyone had an idea as to what is the total number of domains that are hosted in the world. If the total number of domains registered is now 183 million +, what percentage of those domains are actually hosted?.

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Domains Resolving Worldwide ON/OFF

May 16, 2008

We have few domains which resolve properly for say 1 day and again next day its not resolving.

Sometimes this ON/OFF happens several times a day. This happens when we use the 2 name servers assigned to the server.

this problem does not happen if we use a manged DNS service for the domain names.

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Test Your Server Speed Worldwide

May 5, 2009

which site can do that job? when i plan to buy a dedicated server,

i want to test speed like my customers worldwide.

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Fast ASP.NET + PHP Hosting Server Accessible Worldwide

May 11, 2009

Am new and have done the usual forum search but did not find what i (specifially) want.

Looking for a good (shared) hosting company with the ability to run both ASP.NET and PHP sites (if possible).
The hosting should be fast and accessible in US, Europe and China.

Thus far, i have been able to find a few shared hosting companies with a bit of speed, but they will not provide both ASP.NET and PHP

Is my combination hard to find and will i need to just seperate and find 2 hosting companies, one for .NET and one for PHP?

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Can I Use My Personal Computer To Host A Website On Worldwide-web

May 2, 2009

i want a change and thinking about if i can host websites on my own personal computer.

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List Of Dedicated Providers With Private Or Virtual Private Racks

Sep 4, 2008

I am currently with the planet and am happy with them, however as part of a new venture I need to gather a list of hosts as well as the planet that will be able to cater to the ventures needs and go to tender with the requirements.

ThePlanet offer something called a virtual rack. This is cheaper than renting a dedicated rack, allows for Gb networking but doesnt not allow for a SAN. Do other providers offer something similar? The cost of putting a machine on the virtual rack is not that much more expensive than just renting the machine. I guess there isn't too much to these set-ups to be fair.

If not, then we are looking for dedicated racks, with the ability to host a SAN at some point, but starting off with say 3 servers (2 web servers, 1 storage server with raid5 6Tb of hdd). These servers will be dealing with network cameras although I don't think that many will be streaming at once but the network capacity does need to be there.

Who's door should I be knocking on to find out some prices?

One final thing, should I bother looking for co-lo providers as well? We are in the Uk but not precious about our host being in the same country at all (it would be nice but uk prices are ). Really, all we would be able to do with co-lo is buy the hardware outright to save price as we are not interested in looking after the hardware.

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Best UK VPS Providers

Jun 6, 2008

I am considering to move to a VPS (from a dedicated: P2.8, 512MB). Can you please recommend me some nice providers in the UK?

I would go with but they dont have servers in the UK...

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Name Your Top 3 VPS Providers

Oct 6, 2007

Name your top 3 list here!

(this was supposed to be placed in VPS section - moderators could you please move it there?)

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VPS Providers Going Under

Aug 6, 2007

I've been away and I've just come back to find primaryvps, anchorvps, leeware all gone down. This is just a thread to talk about WHY I guess, and to add more as they go. It's like a vps crash...

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Adult Providers

May 11, 2009

I need to know which prividers are being specialized in adult content. I am to create some kind of directory, for personal use, currently I aware only

Certainly I need not the names, which I can get on google, but the reliable compnaies. Could you provide me something like that?

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VPS Providers And VLANs

Apr 16, 2009

Is there a VPS provider that will sell me a VM , and put it up somewhere, and can make me another VM in the future, on the same VLAN as the original VM ?

For example, pretend VM #1 has a NIC at

in the future, I want another VM with a nic at

I was looking at Go-Grid , but I'm not sure how their pricing works.

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Can Any Providers Clone A VPS

Oct 19, 2009

Which VPS providers have the ability to clone an existing VPS?

Once I build my server, I don't want to have to do it again.

It seems like most providers don't offer this feature. What makes it so difficult?

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VPS Providers Which Allow IRC Content

Mar 30, 2009

Looking for an VPS provider which allows IRC network provider, currently host a network on a shell account but want to move to a VPS for more control, don't want to host it on any of my current dedicated which allow IRC access.

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VMWare Providers?

Apr 13, 2008

I'm curious if there are any providers out there providing VMWare hosting per instance? Where I could just upload a VM and pay to host that VM?

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