Sub-domain Point To A Specific Ip

May 18, 2007

I have a few website's and a whm account.

I also have a few things at home that I would like to access every now and then.

I was wondering if it would be possible to setup a subdomain to point at my ip adress at home?

like if I give the , all traffic would be directed to my home, but would remain the hosted website?

If it is possible, how do I do it?

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Subdomain Point To Another IP/domain

Nov 21, 2007

I would like to create a domain which will point to another website/IP.

Something like this: has subdomain1.DomainA.Com
and point to

So that a file
Can be access via subdomain1.DomainA.Com/abc.html

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Point Domain To A Different Server

Feb 7, 2007

We are trying to implement a reseller model shopping website for our resellers. The customized shopping website for the reseller will be hosted on our website, say:

We want our resellers to load from their own sub domain itself, like:

I know that this can be done using a URL redirection, but is there any way that will load the contents from and still keep the URL unchanged in the address bar ? I'm not referring to URL masking using iframes and note that and are on different servers. Does anyone know whether this is technically feasible?

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Point A Sub Domain To A Different Server

Sep 10, 2007

i have a reseller plan with for my paid hosting, I want to setup a account with for free accounts.

My main domain is and i want this to point to the reseller account on, i want the free site to be and point to the reseller account on

Is this possible? If so.. how would i go about setting this up? My domain registrar is

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Unable To Point Domain Name To Server

Dec 17, 2008

I bought a new domain name today from godaddy. I'm having problems with my host. There saying that there is something wrong with my .htaccess file and I dont know what to do. My host looked over my server and said there is nothing wrong with it at all. Well, obviously there is because im getting a [url] Internal 500 server error.

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How To Point 2 Domain Names To Same Hosting Account

Apr 4, 2009

I know this question has been asked before but I tried the solutions I could find on net but not total success.

So, I have a shared hosting a/c with a domain(say pointing to it ..

Now I want a second domain ( to point to

There was this article that says to use 'ZoneEdit' [url]how-to-...ting-aaccount/

And it works but the problem is when someone types in the browser, the browser url changes to

Is there someway to stop tht browser url change or what's the correct way to have 2 domain names point to one shared hosting a/c.

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Point My Domain Because I Just Purchased A Dedicated Server

Mar 3, 2008

i have a domain on and my hosting company wont give me a dns i only have 5 IP's how can i point my domain to my new dedicated server i just purchased a dedicated server and im new with it.

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New Domain Name, How To Point It To My Server 2003 System

Nov 17, 2008

I have always been using a no-ips service for a domain name. It was really easy with the dynamic update client because I have a dynamic ip.

I have just registered a domain and would like to point that to my server also. My registrar says it is currently parked, there doesn't seem to be an option to unpark it anywhere. I have also changed the nameserver to my no-ip domain name.
Nothing is happening.

I have also googled dns.. If I want to point my domain directly to my server do I need to go and install Active Directory and then dns or can I just install DNS, do I even need to do this??

Seems like a lot of hassle tbh, this is really frustrating me because i'm pretty tech savvy but am completely lost here..

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Cannot Point Domain To New Directory

Jul 6, 2014

When I am setting new directory for domain, the domain is served from old directory.

1. New directory has exactly the same file permissions as old one.
2. Restarting httpd service doesn't work
3. I am using Plesk 12

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Setting Up Domain To Point And Mask To The Hosting Service

Apr 10, 2008

I have a domain name from godaddy and recently got a host plan in hostgator.

As this is the first time I use hosting, it is very confusing how to set it up properly.
So far what I figured out and was able to set is the DNS in godaddy and the add-on domain in hostgator.

So now I was able to point 'MyDomain' to direct to 'hostgatorDomain/MyFolder/' (names just for example).

The problem is that masking is not turned on and who ever clicks 'MyDomain' will get to the right location, but the address will change to 'hostgatorDomain/MyFolder/'.

How to do the set up so the URL will not change?

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Can I Point MX Record For Third-party Domain To Yahoo Small Biz Mail?

Jul 16, 2009

My client has a domain registered at GoDaddy and a Yahoo Small Business email package.

The only info I can find on Yahoo suggests I need to redelegate the domain's name servers to Yahoo, and I'd rather not do this if I can help it.

Is it possible to simply leave the name servers at GoDaddy and point the MX record to Yahoo's servers?

I don't see anything on Yahoo saying it won't work, but then I see nothing to suggest it will either!

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Apache :: Gateway Setup - Point To Different Webservers Depending On Domain Name

Jul 17, 2014

I am looking for setup a gateway (reverse proxy I guess?), specifically how to configure Apache to point to different webservers depending on domain name.

I currently have a single webserver running multiple virtual domains all accessible via a single external IP address.

I would like to break this into 2 servers each running multiple virtual domains accessible via gateway with a singe external IP address.

As an example, a single internet IP address points to port 80 on the gateway machine. The gateway machine will determine if its,, or If its or it will direct internally to webserver1 and if its or it will direct internally to webserver2.

Webserver1 and webserver2 each host different websites via virtual hosts.

Is this possible and if so, what is the correct configuration of the gateway machine. I currently have installed apache2 with mod_proxy enabled, but I am struggling with configuring it properly.

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How To Point To

Jun 26, 2007

have a such problem./

my customer have site, which is hosted on another host.

now he bought and ask me, to setup this domain and point to

i'm on cpanel/whm.

i ask customer on registrar page setup my nameservers, and trying to do edin dns zone..:

as i know, i must do
Quote: A 62.118.***.***

or A


but unfortunately get an error: Server not found

can u advice, what i'm doing wrong?

btw. domain is which i'm going to point to

1. i know, that it's possible to do via registrar, but unfortunately their registrar don't allow this

2. i suggest to do it via 301 redirect, but customer don't like it. just need to view ip of his main domain []

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: SSL Cert For Specific Domain

Dec 15, 2014

Currently i'm running a server with 12 customers on it. They all have their own domainnames and subscriptions. One of them wants to secure his site with SSL and also his mail traffic. Currently he is using the server for receiving/sending e-mail. I want to install a certificate so that domain is secured. How can i accomplish this?

When i look on the server there is only 1 PEM file for the whole server. If i'm going to install his KEY and CRT in that file than all my clients will use that certifcate right? Can i make it so that only his domain uses thoses certifcates? Plesk is configured to use Postfix with Courier.

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How Can I Give A Customer Access To His Specific Domain On Godaddy

Apr 14, 2008

I have an account on godaddy, with more than 20 domains registered and well, so far i have been in charge of the updates of these domains and the websites they represent. But now I have this customer who is asking me to have access to his specific domain so he can upload files by him self, the thing is that i dont have a clue of how to do it. I tried to create a new account in godaddy for this customer and tried to transfer this domain into his account and I was not allowed to. I cannot give him my username and psw cause he wont only have access to his website but all those i have registered under my account. I will really appreciate some advises to help me work this out.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: One Domain Does Not Receive Specific Emails?

Jun 8, 2015

OS: Plesk 12 / Ubuntu 14

A domain on my Plesk does not receive incoming emails from a specific external domain. Other domains on the same server are receiving correctly emails from the same external domain. DNS are configurated by the same way (external of Plesk). Can't see a bounce anywhere. External sender does not receive a bounce too...

- I've deleted the domain in Plesk and re-created it (just in case...).
- I've added the external sender in spam whitelist (I've tried in user conf and in server wide conf)
- When I send mail to a different address in the same server, I can see the mail in syslog and maillog (send or bounced)
- When I send from this external f***** domain to my domain, I can't see anything in syslog and maillog

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Plesk 11.x / Linux :: Qmail And SSL For Specific Mail Domain

May 27, 2015

I'm using Plesk 11.5.50 CentOS 6.5 64bit with Qmail. I have installed a SSL certificate on mail server "" and is running successfully with smtp/pop3/imap4 daemon. Every user agent uses "" for smtp/pop3/imap4. The qmail name is "" (file me). The server has about 300 domains and 1000 accounts.

Now we want to add a new SSL certificate, called "mail.newcompany.tld", and use it only for certain domains. I would like to know if is possible to use the new SSL "mail.newcompany.tld" for a specific mail domain without using the old SSL "" that isn't expired yet. From Plesk Panel I haven't found a section for using the SSL for a specific mail domain.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: FTP / SFTP Is Not Working For Users In One Specific Domain But SSH Is

Apr 30, 2015

I am experiencing a weird issue after a Plesk upgrade (from 11 to 12, installed on Ubuntu 12.04).

FTP/SFTP is not working for all users in one specific domain. When using the latest Filezilla client, I receive the following error when I try to connect in SFTP with the main user of this domain

Error: Received unexpected end-of-file from SFTP server
Error: Could not connect to serverClick to expand...

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Activating WebDAV In Specific Domain - No Vhost Directory

Jul 14, 2014

Want to activate webDAV in a specific domain with a v_host conf file, but do not have a /conf directory in the domain path. How can I manage the this?

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Apache :: How To Redirect Specific Useragent On Specific URLs

May 20, 2015

I have question: How to redirect specific useragent on specific URLs to specific URLs in .htaccess [Question]


I want to redirect 301 with conditional:

useragent: Firefox
from my url1: domain[dot]com/old-url1/
from my url2: domain[dot]com/old-url2/


to new url1: in my url1: domain[dot]com/new-url1/
to new url2: in my url1: domain[dot]com/new-url2/

I create this in my .htaccess but not work

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} googlebot [NC]
RewriteRule ^/?this-is-url/?$ domain[dot]com [L,R,NC]

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How Can I Point DNS

Aug 13, 2008

How can i point * in my DNS?

I want to use wildcard subdomain.

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How To Point Subdomain On Another VPS

Jul 18, 2008

I have my domain name pointed to a VPS 1. I want its subdomain (for example to be pointed to another VPS 2.

So that if someone visits the php files are delivered from VPS1 and if some visits then php files are delivered from VPS2.

I need to keep my VPS1 rock solid and extremely secure by keeping lowest possible php files and on low load too and want another VPS for online demo and testing (high load and cluttered with php files). I cannot use another domain (for second vps) as the pages are already indexed on google and changing domain means will have to again reindex them and rank them in google.

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Point My Nameservers To Who?

May 21, 2008

A UK-based client has approached me with a domain name he has with

We wish to point it to a host so we can run things like PHP,MySQL,WordPress and do mod_rewrite.

We were going between SupaNames,1&1 and FastHosts.

Has anyone had experience of this and who would you go for?

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