Server Monitoring

Mar 29, 2009

Does anyone know any good system for monitoring if a server is online?

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Server Monitoring

Apr 25, 2009

Anyone know a good Server Monitoring Software that runs on Windows Server 2003?

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Server Monitoring...

May 26, 2008

been using to monitor my server which has been great because its free. Thinking of upgrading to a paid service and wondered what the good cheap options were?

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Server Monitoring

Jul 16, 2008

how can i find out who is using up all the resources of 1 of my server, i am running CENTOS Enterprise 5.2 i686 on standard - WHM X v3.1.0, i have around 180 web site currently on this server and i would like to move my customer how need more power.

or limit my customers to 10% of the server resources for no longer than 10min.

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HW Server Monitoring

Nov 28, 2007

we have a large number of dell server like Pe 850-860, Sc1425-1435, Pe1850-1950, we are try to find a solution to monitor the server hardware like raid status, fan, ram, controller etc, we have try to use ITassistant but seem that work only with server with Drac card or we should install on each box OMSA, so i would know what different solution can we use.

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Monitoring A Web Server

Aug 14, 2007

I am running windows 2003 on my web server and I am hosting a program which I have users accessing all day. I was wondering a way that I could monitor who accesses the server and how many times daily. They already access the server with a username and password

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Application For Server Monitoring

May 31, 2009

can you recommend me any good application for linux server monitoring? I need CPU usage, HDD usage, RAM, etc...

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Server Monitoring Programs

Nov 5, 2009

Any programs you recommend for monitoring? I am looking for something to add to keep an eye on my servers in addition to the third party services I am already using. Does not matter if it is linux or windows based.

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Server Uptime Monitoring

Mar 27, 2009

Who would you suggest to hire for simple uptime and service monitoring?

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Email Server Monitoring

Jan 28, 2009

My company has been having some issues with our email periodically but our host provides no help other than a graph showing the amount of daily relays.

Does anyone know of a good email server montior or diagnostic solution that works with MailEnable? Preferably something free or cheap.

I basically want to be able to get in and see what emails were sent and received from who and the IPs if possible. I don't care about seeing the content of peoples emails but just a report similar to a telephone bill would surely help.

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Server Monitoring Software

Sep 21, 2008

What's the best Server Monitoring Software for a VPS? I have ben getting random DB errors and would like to track what exactly is going on.

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Server Monitoring Software

Apr 24, 2008

I have about 40 servers that I'd like to stream stats to a windows computer (preferably a software based solution). It is a combination of linux and windows but I'd like to have as much stats as possible like loads, space, cpu usage, bandwidth usage, etc.

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Monitoring Server Performance

Aug 17, 2008

My dedicated server is sometimes sluggishly slow. I would like to get a grasp of its performance during a day, to get a better understanding of what's going on.

Therefore I am looking for a server performance monitoring service. All service I found so far were simply monitoring uptime (server is down / server is up). I need something more - a service that checks every 30 seconds or so the loading time of the main page.

Then it would allow me to download the data in CSV or draw a response time graph.

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Web Based Server Monitoring

Nov 17, 2008

any1 know a free and good script (prefer php) for monitoring server such as http, ftp, smtp?

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Monitoring Dell Server

May 24, 2007

alternative to OMSA to monitor dell server, for now i would monitor only raid status on Pe 860-1850-195

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Nagios Monitoring Server

May 19, 2007

I'm thinking of purchasing a server that will monitor about 50 different servers using Nagios. It would probably just run Apache and nothing else but i was wondering if anyone has experience setting up a Nagios server just for monitoring other boxes on a network.

I'm wondeirng if this can be done. I will be monitoring a few customer servers but would like to give those customers access to Nagios and access only to their servers and nobody elses. Is there a way to setup Nagios so certain users can view their own boxes and nobody elses? Probaby setting up some type of group configuration. What about alerts? If a customers box goes down they would need to be alerted. Does Nagios allow those users to receive alerts specific to their boxes.

Not even sure how powerful the server should be. Probably a Celery or something a bit more powerful should do.

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Server Monitoring Software

May 26, 2007

i have servers in the UK, USA and also Netherlands and Asia

Can you guys recommend a good server monitoring software program that can work with more than 1 server in different DC's

or does any one have a script that they wouldnt mind sharing/selling that can monitor and alert me on

standard ports ie

and also Cpanel and WHM ports

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Monitoring Server CPU Load

Oct 15, 2007

how do you monitor the server CPU load?

Is there a script or package that you can recommend? I am looking at htop currently and want to know other alternative out there.

End of the day, I will like to have a stats that shows the sample of the server CPU load, maybe sampled over 5mins interval.

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Monitoring The Apache Server

Jan 16, 2007

i have set up an apache server on the redhat CentOS apache server is running very slow. will u pls tell me which parameters do i need to check for this problem? which parameters do we check for monitering the apache server?

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Server Monitoring Script.

Jun 6, 2007

We currently have around 45 VPS clients and dedicated servers, We are looking for a script that can be seen from the internet but requires a login, It will notify us when a server goes down or a service goes down. It will also keep track of the Bandwidth usage, etc. We can set custom names and add servers to monitor.

Is there anything like this or a Big VPS hosting company is using?

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Server Monitoring Software

Jan 2, 2007

I am getting ready to purchase my own server and I need some server monitoring software.

What do you all recommend for server monitoring software?

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Distributed Server Monitoring Software

Jun 25, 2007

I'm looking into setting up a server-monitoring network: small globally distributed VPS servers all monitoring another main server (currently, just one server - but I would like it to be scalable).

When it notices it can't connect to a particular service, it should check to see if the other monitoring stations also can't connect - then a "master server" should send out an email + sms alert to the designated person for that server if all servers cannot connect.

Does such an open source piece of software exist? Or do I have to start writing my own...?

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Server Monitoring / Notification Service

Jun 17, 2008

What do you guys use for server monitoring?

I have been looking to find a good solution to notify me when either of my 3 servers go down. Preferably by SMS.

I have been trying [url].

But it seems to have a massive delay. from 1 hour, to 6 hours.

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Most Reliable Server Monitoring Provider

Jul 11, 2008

which company is the most reliable when it comes to server monitoring with SMS notifications.

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Server Monitoring Tools/Services

May 22, 2008

Can you please tell me any free server/ services monitoring tools available.

I would prefer third party services rather than installing something on the servers unless its the only option

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Dedicated Web Server Monitoring Solution

Aug 21, 2008

good monitoring solution for a dedicated web server?

we are willing to pay if the free ones are not as good? what do you recommend? also want something that would not impact preformance or ask me to put their logo on the site.

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Bandwidth Monitoring At Server Level

Nov 27, 2007

I have a few boxes on a special setup in a rack that I want to monitor bandwidth usage on for a while. There really isn't a way at the moment to do it switch level. Some of the servers have cPanel, some are just straight Linux (CentOS). I have seen where you can setup iptables to measure/monitor bandwidth, any other easy and effective suggestions for doing this?

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Server Uptime Monitoring Service

Sep 25, 2007

I've been trying to find a decent and reasonably priced website/server monitoring service that alerts me by SMS and email if something goes down. I have 3 HTTP addresses and one HTTPS I'd like to check in 5 minute intervals.

Have you had any good experiences with services like this?

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Windows/Linux Server Hardware Monitoring

Jul 13, 2009

Are there and decent tools that you use to keep an "eye" on your server to lookout for hardware issues?

E.g., it would be nice to get an automated email sent if a server's temperature went above X or if S.M.A.R.T. errors were detected with a hardrive, etc.

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Good FREE Server Monitoring Tool

Jun 1, 2008

My question is, what is a good free server monitoring tool that is external. By that I mean software I install on my computer and I can view from my server from my pc. I hope that makes sense it does to me.

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Can Uptime Monitoring Services, Slow A Server?

Nov 19, 2008

Does websites uptime monotoring tools and services like for example: pindom, siteuptime or host-tracker can in any way affect the server or vps performance of the website being monitor.

I think that a Monitor service that do a test every 30 minutes dont cause any inpact, but if the interval on check test is every 1 minute.

Can this every minute check affect in any way the performance of a server or vps?

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