MSSQL 2005 + Windows 2003 Standard X64

Jun 4, 2008

I've got MSSQL 2005 Enterprise running on Windows 2003 Standard R2 x64. The server has 12GB RAM.

Now, I've been trying to find some way to monitor how much RAM MSSQL takes up, but found two conflicting things.

One source says that MSSQL 2005 Enterprise can only use up to 4GB RAM on Windows Standard R2 x64. Another says Microsoft changed this to 32GB for Windows Standard R2 x64 only (i.e. not x86).

Could anyone confirm either of these? I'd find out myself if I knew how I could see how much it's using (it only shows 90mb in taskmanager).

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MSSQL Express 2005 Instead Of MSSQL 2005 ?

Dec 27, 2007

I`ve just got a new Windows 2003 Web Edition box and now I`m going to install a database server on that.

MSSQL 2005 license would costs 270$/mo for me, So thats not possible to use it because of its price.

I`m not sure if MSSQL Express 2005 or MSDE (which are free) can handle all requirements of ASP.NET programmers or not.

Is there any limitations for major scripts on those? or will those make any doubts for programmers?

Please share your experiences and suggestions.

* I`m going to install "Hosting Controller" on that box.

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Virtual Server 2005 R2 And Windows 2003

Jun 5, 2008

I got some question regarding MS virtual server2005 R2.

1. If i created an instance of Windows2003 in virtual server2005, if i screw up something. would it affect or crash my host server? I have a colo Windows2003 R2 standard server but it also host several websites that i don't want it to go down if i mess up the instance in vs2005. i believe it won't affect the host but i just want to confirm this. does anyone have problem with screw up guest OS taking down the host OS?

2. how about liscense? do i need to purchase an liscense of Windows2003 in order to run in virtual server?

3. how much RAM do you think i need to assign to it? my colo server spec. is AMD64 dual core 4000+ w/4GB of RAM. Do you think 512mb is good enough for the guest OS (windows2003).

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Windows 2003 Web & Standard

Oct 19, 2008

I'm sure there is an easy answer to this, and i'm probably being a little lazy, but the google searches i did didn't really help.

As I need to have windows hosting, apart from the price, is there any difference between setting up the server with windows 2003 standard edition and web edition?

I want to run MS SQL and My sql databases, run asp, .Net 2 and php on the server.

I'd also want to connect with RDP which i'm assuming is fine.

Most of the searches seem to talk about the fact that you can't set up active directory,or making it a domain controller but not much else.

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Windows 2003 Web & Standard

Feb 18, 2008

is there any huge difference between the two?

I'm primarily going to use the server for gaming.

After researching, the only thing I saw was that Web only supports up to 2GB of ram.

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Windows Standard 2003 Vs R2

Aug 10, 2007

Is the R2 just a version with all the upgrades or service packs already updated?

In other words can I use the older copy and just pull the upgrades from micosoft.

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FTP Setup On Windows 2003 Standard

Oct 5, 2006

Im trying to setup FTP on Windows 2003 Standard. Multiple people will need access, the problem Im having is how do I make it to where certain ftp accounts only have access to certain folders and certain ftp accounts have access to the whole root directory of that folder?

For instance under websitefolder you have a folder called bobsfolder. I want bob to login and just be "jailed" to bobsfolder, but when websitefolderadmin logs in they have access to the root of websitefolder and all its subfolders.

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Windows 2003 Standard Encoder

Apr 29, 2008

I would like to know if Windows 2003 standard support's windows media encoder?

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Windows 2003 Server Standard R2

May 5, 2008

I have to setup a company server over a huge hardware profile made for me:

- 8 cpu
- 16gb RAM
- gbits LAN
- 1 TB of RAID-5 storage bay

The server will be splitted in two server (it's actually a balde running ESX and two guests).

My question is:

- I am better to setup 64 bits or better run the old and stable 32 bits?

I consider this question because:

- I might install Exchange 2007
- I might upgrade to Windows 2008

Out of this, is there known problem/issue with 64 bits Windows 2003 OS?

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Windows Server 2003 Web Or Standard Edtion

Apr 7, 2009

I am going to buy my own server and colocate this at a data center. This server is going to only host one website with Mysql as backend database. I notice there are 3 different Windows 2003 server, Web, Standard and Enterprise. I am leaning toward the Standard version. Can I use Window 2003 Standard Edition to run my the web server?

Can I buy this to do web hosting [url]

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How To Change The Default Datetime Format For Windows Server 2003 Standard

Feb 27, 2008

how to change the default or the master datetime format for Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition.

My problem is as such.

- Have installed Coldfusion 5.0 on a Windows 2003 Server and have configured the part on the Web service extensions.

- One of the coldfusion program/application that is needed to be migrated from another server which is running Windows 2000.

- Encountered problem such as the datetime that is passed to the application when clients view on their workstations is different.

- My program take in dd/MM/yyyy but however it seems like the server is always default to M/d/yyyy or MM/dd/yyyy.

So, how can i change the default setting so that it will apply to the user account IUSR or across all accounts that is used on the server?

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ASP.Net Site With MSSQL 2005

Oct 20, 2009

I am looking for a company to host a relatively simple data driven ASP.Net 3.5 website and a MS SQL 2005 database. There will be minimal traffic on the website as it is for a small business and also minimal media will need to be hosted. Features like Ajax should of course also be enabled.

Data security is of importance although as the developer of the site, I would like the flexibility of being able to configure the database (run scripts) through management studio remotely.

Email features will also eventually be required.

The company should ideally be based in the UK and decent support id (and when) the need arises.

Any recommendations? What sort of price range should I be looking at?

Most companies seem to support MySQL- but this is not flexible.

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MSSQL 2005 Hosting

Dec 23, 2008

i am finding a MSSQL 2005 server for one of my application for my client.

Actually, it is a small business program. It will not have a heavy load on the server.

Do any hosting packages company for that with reasonable price? It is not a website. It is a C# software application. So the port will not be 21 or some web port.

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VPS Providers With MSSQL 2005

May 3, 2008

I would like a VPS account, but the problem for me is that my site is and has a MS SQL 2005 database. From the research I have done so far, it appears that only the shared hosting solutions provide a MS SQL database, and if I go with a VPS solution I have to own and install my own copy of MS SQL. Is this correct? Does anybody know of a VPS solution that would also provide me with a MS SQL 2005 database as well? I can't afford to pay $5000+ for MS SQL 2005 Standard Ed.

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Nov 26, 2008 2.0 + mssql server 2005 + ajaxtoolkit support

I need windows hosting with 2.0 + mssql server 2005 + ajaxtoolkit support for a website project that is being developed. It can probably be launched on shared hosting, but I would prefer at least a VPS. With any success this site would eventually need to be hosted on a dedicated server.

I have been offered a 1U Dell server for free with Windows Server 2003, Dual Xenon Processors, 2 GB ram and 2 x 80gb hard drives. It would probably serve the site well for a long time, but I would need to set it up (or get it setup $) for the above requirements and get it colocated somewhere. BTW, I'm not too familiar with Windows hosting.

To launch the site, I don't really want to spend more than $100 per month. And I'd prefer to stay in the $50 per month range if possible.

Open to any and all suggestions, comments, questions at this point? I've searched and see a lot of suggestions for shared hosting, but I'd really like your opinions on colocating the dedicated server.

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Paging File Win 2003 Standard

Jan 30, 2008

What setup would be right (as far as paging file goes) for running game servers on a dedicated box.

core2duo 2ghz
300Gb HD
Windows Server 2003 Standard

Right now it says it has 1512 MB allocated for the paging file. Just seems to me that programs would run better with a smaller paging file.

This is my first Windows server i have always used unix for a dedicated box so i dont have a clue how these settings such as page file affects a server.

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Win 2003 + Mssql Attacks Injection

Jun 2, 2008

I see on one server with windows 2k3 and sql 2000 alot of Injection attemts(lucky so far) and 90% come from china.

Is there any way on iis6 to put range ban like - so to ban all that network?

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Virtuozzo V Windows Virtual Server 2005 R2

May 8, 2007

We use VS 2005 and are happy with the stability and performance etc but wanted to know if there are any great advantages to using virtuozzo? It seems that a higher ratio of VPS per box can be achieved with virtuozzo due to the ability to share RAM but is this worth it for the extra cost of licenses and possible security / stability risks?

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SQL Server 2005 On Windows 2008 Web Edition

Nov 17, 2008

I was trying to bring down license fee for a customer who needed SQL Server on Windows Server.

realised that MS has released a fix to install the SQL Server 2005 on a Windows 2008 Web Edition.[url]
The license fee for the web edition is lower than the standard version.

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Windows IIS Hosting, Support For .NET 2.0, MS SQL 2005 Database & ISAPI_Rewrite

Jul 1, 2008

recommend me about a good hosting provider for those requirements: Windows IIS hosting, support for .NET 2.0, MS SQL 2005 Database & ISAPI_Rewrite?

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Windows Standard License

May 26, 2008

I see most of the providers offering Windows 2003 STD license $20-$30 per month. I wonder how is that done, do they buy licenses in bulk and then lease them monthly basis or there is an agreement with Microsoft. I have a few linux boxes colocated and would like to procure Windows licenses on my own. Also how to go for licenses for VPS server?

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Windows 2008 Standard VS Web Edition

Nov 25, 2008

Posted this as an add-on to another question I had in the Tech forum, had no reply, perhaps I posted in the wrong forum. Posting here instead:

I noticed MS has lifted some of the restriction concerning the Web Server edition, it's like half the price of Standard.

I'm mainly going to be hosting a couple of separate web sites, run ASP.Net and PHP, along with some database servers (currently considering SQL Server Express and MySQL).

Email server is being considered, though our load isn't too great, it's just for a couple of friends and myself. We're also intending to run game servers off it (Counter-Strike Source, Call of Duty series, etc.) on occasions.

Would the Web Server edition suffice for these? Or is it still technically limited/has license restrictions, and I will need at least the standard edition?

I may also intend to serve streaming windows Media files.

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Differences Between Windows 2K3 SB And Standard Server

Mar 12, 2008

What is the real difference between Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server and Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition?

Why is the SBS cheaper?

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Windows 2003 Vs. Windows 2008 - What Is The Difference For Windows Media Services

Oct 2, 2008

I was actually curious about this since Windows 2008 version came out.

What is the difference between Windows media services on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008?

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Windows VPS With .NET2 And MSSQL

May 20, 2007

I'm looking for a Windows VPS provider that offers .NET2 and MSSQL?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: MailEnable Standard Known Limits?

Nov 7, 2013

Any LIMITS using MailEnable regarding hosting. How many domains (or maximum users) can serve?

I come from a Merak mail server solution .... with about 400 domains and 3000 users .... and I must admit that the server has had some problems.

Plesk provides MailEnable Standard edition .... but according to the Feature Comparison in this version .... should not be present IMAP ???

[URL] ....

I can use IMAP for customers?

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Hi Perf. MSSQL 2008 DB W/ Windows VPS

Mar 9, 2009

I've been paying $160 a month for a dedicated server that runs my web application and my mssql 2008 database.

Due to the economic times, I've been searching for a cheaper alternative... This gets me thinking... Wouldn't this be a good business plan for VPS companies?

Include 4-5 databases on a extreme, high-performance MSSQL server for all windows vps.

I know there are current setups like this, but no host really emphasizes the power of their mssql server. If they show how their db server is extremely fast, customers would be less likely to try and run their own express version on the vps. Thereby decreasing ram/cpu load on the vps, and increasing the overall efficiency of the dedicated server running the vps'.

Are there any hosts that currently market like this? If not, why don't you?

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Windows Hosting With MSSQL Database

May 7, 2008

Any windows hosting provider with MSSQL database?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Can Update Mailenable Standard Edition

Sep 19, 2013

I use Windows Plesk v 11.5.30 with Mailenable Standard Edition 7.0 version. In mailenable site i saw a new version of Mailenable standard version (7.5.1). URL...Can i download and update Mailenable version of my Windows PLesk? If i made this change and have problem can i do downgrande later?

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Add Existing MSSQL Database?

Sep 18, 2012

I restored some some databases outside of Plesk in a MSSQL 2008 instance. Plesk knows about the MSSQL intance but is not aware of the databases. I want to add them to Plesk so they will be backed up.

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Plesk 11.x / Windows :: Change Database From MySQL To MSSQL

Apr 22, 2013

I have read about people wanting to change their database from MSSQL to MySQL. I however am wanting to change from MySQL to Microsoft SQL in our Plesk panel.

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