Backup Solution

Mar 7, 2007

we have about 95 linux server with Cpanel and we use the backup solution in whm and send file on two Dell 2900 with 8 HD 250Gb sata in raid5 but we see that the backup servers are really slow in the data transfer i think that the raid 5 and all the ftp session slow it, what server backup solution do u can suggest for this structure?

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Backup Solution

May 2, 2009

Can you recommend me backup solution?

Currently I use rsync and I am thinking to use R1Soft CDP

Its worth what is your oppinion?

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Backup Solution

Jun 2, 2009

We now have a WHM Vps and also a Dedicated for reselling VPS both located in the UK. At the moment our WHM Vps backs up to an 'Unlimited shared hosting package' but we're sure we're going to be kicked off sooner or later because were using about 50GB storage. We were wondring what everyone else uses to backup? Another disk attached to the server?

Offsite? And how you deal with the extra bandwidth a backup would use.

We now need a solution that can backup our new VPS server and our WHM server. It needs to be in the UK/EU to comply with data protection.

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Backup Solution

Jun 24, 2009

Could anyone give me any recommendations on a new backup solution?

The one that I have been using didn't work the past few times, and that is starting to bother me.

I've looked into CDP, although I do not necessarily have the budget for that.

I'm just looking for an easy way to do daily and weekly backups with

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Backup Solution

Jan 14, 2009

I almost signed up for the crissic backup service, but I waited because I saw some complaints.

I definitely remember somewhere around here--someone posted that crissic was reselling this backup solution.

Does anyone know what this website? Or Can someone post a similar website?

I really want an offsite backup source, But I really can't afford to pay an extra $60-$80/month for a VPS with the actual datastorage I'll require.

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VPS For Backup Solution

Sep 6, 2008

im getting a server redone soon and looking for a small temp backup solution I got about 40gb of data that I need to backup and will need double in transfer. Also hopefully can run some basic web services to do somepicture hosting for auctions I run. Uses a few 100mb/mo. Im looking for rec. of cheap VPS hosting that offer big space/transfer and dont charge a really high setup fee I dont need any kind ofcontrol panel.

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Best Backup Solution For Vps/cpanel

Oct 12, 2009

recently we had a corruption of our server caused by an update but we was luckily able to recover users files with some missing unfortunately.

I am looking for a backup solution that is off our server that we can add into cpanel/whm for our clients to use and us.

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Home PC Backup Solution

Jul 9, 2008

We currently have a VPS that backs up daily, but I am interested in running a script

where my work computer will download these backups for additional backup security. Would prefer something automated.

how you have done this. I am using Cpanel.

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Best Backup Solution - R1Soft

Oct 5, 2008

what backup solution you all use. We plan on starting to use a backup solution but was wondering what the best one is. R1Soft seems to be pretty popular and I was wondering where all of you guys get your licenses from them. Also if anyone knows how much does a license for 1 backup server and 2 agent servers cost. I see it is like $500.00 at R1Soft directly but is that the only way to get it. Also is R1Soft very good? Please rate it 1 -10 in your reply.

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Backup Solution For Websites

May 8, 2008

I am about to order a VPS for some backup solutions for my websites, to save my backups etc.

Now, how should I do it ? Let's say one of my main sites are down (server is having a maintenance or the server went down for some unknown reasons, apache crashed, w/e), how should I do it ? I read something about name servers, but I am totally new to this stuff, as I've never dealt with it before.

And no, I do not want any management, it's just a testing box so I can learn it myself.

Anyone got any hints on what to do ? Pref. is if you can give me some links to so some sort of guide(s).

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Backup Email Solution

Apr 17, 2007

If an email server needs taking offline for a while, is there a simple solution that can be put in place that can catch and temporarily hold the email until it can be released when the server is back online?

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Best Backup Solution (Cpanel Server)?

Dec 6, 2006

Example: I have 1 server for hosting, 1 server as Dedicated Backup server
(Pls don't recommend me outsourced backup server as I already got one)

I am looking for a solution which I am able to do daily backup while keeping low server load as well as able to restore it quickly when I need it. It's a cpanel servers.

I understand that CPanel own backup method will tar my files (but I have too many accounts) and it also takes a lot of my server CPU resources which slows down my hosting server.

I am now using rsync which does incremental backup that really works and I am happy about it but I paid $55 per month for 1 cpanel servers as I oursourced the rsync installation & server management backup. I have few servers and I don't find it cost effective.

Anyone here can suggest different kind of method which I have not known yet? Or I would really appreciate if someone do not mind to share installation procedure for rsync with me. I tried to google for it and find them all very shallow information. This is not a try-and-error.

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Remote Backup Solution For Server

Apr 15, 2009

backup service for my dedicated server that can do the following:

Take backups of the server without my laptop being involved when the backup takes place.

(So I can take a vacation for two weeks and have my laptop turned off - while backups still taking place).

Strangely I have found it impossible to find such a service ... All services I have looked at require my laptop is turned on and running some software while backup of server is takeing place.

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Remote Backup Solution Company

May 19, 2008

Where can I find a company that sells backup service for Windows Servers?

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Remote Backup Solution For Cpanel?

May 19, 2008

I am searching for some nice prices remote backup storage for one of my cpanel servers.

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Remote Backup Solution In Europe

Dec 1, 2008

Do you know any decent remote backup solution located in Europe? I need to store 30-40 GB of files and daily database backups (2-3 GB).

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Rsync To Remove Server, Backup Solution

May 1, 2008

I have two vps's. VPS1 is for hosting my sites, VPS to I purchashed to backup to.

I know I can use rsync but i'm confused at how to do this exactly.

Backup to remote server every other day.
Only do incremental backups.
Backup cpanel accounts

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Looking For Backup Solution For Windows XP/Vista Platform Client

May 23, 2008

I'd like to ask for opinion what is the best way to backup a client PC in Windows XP/Vista platform.

For example, each PC has a folder inside c:Server

Every 17:00 hours, the PC will FTP all data inside c:Server to backup server.

When it is done, the manager is able to access to his files & do his work remotely online via the server at night in his home. Another reason to have this backup is because they want to secure all the files from any viruses or any accidents in the office during non office hours as the files is important to them. The next morning, he is able to continue his work as normal when files are being merged.

Any kind of such solution available?

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Cheapest SATA RAID Battery Backup Solution

Nov 13, 2007

I've recently put together a server in a hurry and overlooked an important aspect - data integrity after power loss. I'm using Linux software RAID-1 with two 150GB WD Raptors but I'm worried that data could be lost due to having write-back cache enabled without a battery backup unit. I would rather not disable the write-back cache for performance reasons.

What is the cheapest way to get a battery backup solution for Linux software RAID? Do I have to use a hardware RAID card or do standalone battery backup units exist that can use existing motherboard SATA ports?

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Looking For ASP+PHP Hosting Solution

Oct 23, 2007

I've tried several companies and I almost gave up the search for what I need. Maybe someone here can help me find a hosting solution with these requirements:
1) A reseller account / Multi domains for different websites
2) ASP + .net + MS Access with mutli-lingual support
3) PHP 5 + MySQL 5
4) Allow Remote access to mysql thru port (not phpMyAdmin)
5) International Fast connection
6) 24/7 support
7) Location: US

Not asking too much I think...

Thanks anyone,

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Scalable VPN Solution

Apr 29, 2009

Could you get me some input on a setup that should be able to handle 2-500 concurrant VPN users online?

Can be commercial or opensource - ideally not an appliance.

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Liquidweb Vps Solution

Apr 8, 2009

we have a vps hosting package through liquidweb which offers 200gb of bandwidth.

Recently we got a bill with an overage fee of $2527.5 for 3370GB additional bandwidth. I looked at all the cpanel logs and since we had the hosting account we never went over 10gb including the month they said we went over 3370 GB. I put a ticket into liquidweb and they said we launched "Multi-media services" during the same month of the overage, resulting in the overage. We did no such thing, the only thing we did was add content to our website. In the end they want us to pay the bill without offering any log or idea where the bandwidth came from. I'm just wondering if theres anything we can do other then just taking a bill for $2500 of unknowns.

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Reseller My Best Solution

Sep 12, 2008

Been trying to decide the best solution to my problem with my current hosting limitations (site has outgrown current shared hosting...getting lots of suspensions due to high load or "exceeds CPU" errors.

Since I am a developer/designer, I'm wondering if a reseller account would be a solution to my problem.

I was looking at managed VPS as well and trying to educate myself on all the ins and outs.

With a reseller account, are you still sharing with others?

What are the limitations?

Would I have better performance with a reseller account than a regular budget priced shared account? (currently w/BlueHost)

Please educate me so I can FINALLY make a decision. I'm so sick of the problems I've been having lately and eager to find a good solution.

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FTP Storage Solution

Jun 11, 2008

We need a High Speed "FTP Storage Solution" for transferring our files securely between our offices.

requirements are simple:
1. High Speed / Good Port Speed in Megs.
2. Unlimited Sub-Accounts
3. Restrict Access by Sub-Account
4. FTP Based Access is Important
5. Ability to Create Read Only / Write Only Sub-Accounts

Space: 2 GB +
Bandwidth: 20GB +
Speed: Speed is Key For us. He need high speed Solution. Something in tune of Many MeGPS connectivity. Not shared.

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Best KVMoverIP Solution

Mar 22, 2007

I am thinking about getting a 2161DS from Dell. Is anybody aware of products with similar specs and has any experience with the overall quality ?

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Architecture Solution

May 28, 2007

we have 5 Rack with about 110 servers and 200mbit of connection, every rack use 1 cisco catalyst 2950 without any hw firewall (we use iptables) now we want organize all with a cisco pix 535 firewall and a traffic shaping solution, what do u think of this configuration?

Ethernet connection from datacenter
1 Gigabit swith with the 200mbit connection
2 Cisco Pix 535 in fail over
Traffic shaping server
| | | | |
switch1 switch2 switch3 switch4 switch5

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Redundant VPS Solution

Apr 14, 2007

I have a few VPS's, the main one has cPanel/WHM and runs all my sites / email / DNS and MySQL DB's. Heres a little info:

VPS1 - CentOS 4.4, cPanel/WHM, runs all domains (OpenVZ)
VPS2 - CentOS 4.4, Webmin, Slave DNS to VPS1 using Webmin cluster (OpenVZ)
VPS3 - CentOS 4.4, Webmin, Slave DNS to VPS1 using Webmin cluster (Xen)

However, if VPS1 fails for say 24 hours, im screwed!

So, my question is can I get some kind of redunadancy built in somewhere. For example if someone is trying to access my domain "" and the main VPS is down, then the request for the site would go to VPS2, or VPS3...

The same for the mail server, if some is sending mail to one of the domains on the VPS, and the main VPS was down, the mail would be sent to my other VPS's.

I just don not like the fact there is a single point of failure!

I do have WHM managed Weekly and Monthly backups of all cPanel accounts etc.

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Best Windows VPS Solution

Jul 17, 2007

i am currently using shared hosting, and i am more than happy with them. Their support & DotnetPanel are two best things.

Now i am planning to move my sites to Windows VPS. i cannot host it with them because their packages for VPS are bit expensive for me. As it starts from 69$.

i am looking for someone with their level of service & support. Can you guys suggest me any windows VPS solutions. i want to sleep peacefully after signing up.

i signed up one VPS with easyCGI last night and their sales person promise me to get it ready within 4 hours, after 16 hours from that i just canceled my order without using anything because they didn't process my order in 16 hours (i hope i will get my money back!).

i have read too many views about 1&1,,godady, solarvps, powervps,jodohost etc... but as i found some -ve comments i dont think i can carry on with them.

i am thinking of something solid & permanent. i dont wanna to move my sites every 2 months ........

i am looking something around 50$. Thanks in advance for any good suggestions. Please do not reply any marketing/sales stuff. i am looking for genuine feedback.

As many of hosts doesn't offer too much SQL so i am thinking something with 512MB RAM and running SQL express on the same machine.

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What Is The Best Solution For An Internet TV

Apr 23, 2007

We are a group who are working on an internet TV project. We are hoping to achieve over 4000 viewers at the end of next year. We are trying to see what would be a best solution:

Should we buy the bandwidth and server up front and work our way up to the objective or should we start small and buy a bandwidth dedicated server for the start.

I would appreciate your guidance about how to build such a server and how to buy the bandwidth and also the cost for such a thing.

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DDOS :: Firewall Solution

Feb 17, 2007

we have about 100 servers in colocation with a 200mbps connecetion, every server have install a software firewall on, this night we got a DDoS (4 hours down) and naturally we was unable to find the source or destination of attack so now we have think to add a firewall solution on the connection, can u give me a good firewall solution for this structure? we have think on a cisco pix 525 but seem to be expensive 10.000$

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Server Overload Solution

Oct 26, 2009

i want to kill apache/http and restart it again automatically. i need this because sometime we are not in front of the server to fix an overload issue immediately, which can affect a server very badly. i believe many of us already face this kind of situation and hope there is some kind of script or way to do this.

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