Liquid Web Review ...

Oct 20, 2009

Well, my first venture into VPS did not go as smoothly as anticipated. I originally signed up for the VPS1024 at Wired Tree on special offer and although setup was fast and extremely smooth and ticket responses were extremely fast and helpful, they failed on one fundament - security.

A hacker managed to get into my WHM (on three occasions) and Grove Portal at Wired Tree (on numerous occasions) and deleted my site through WHM as well as messed up WHM settings. Although Wired Tree did their best and did help with my problems, security flaws (on my behalf perhaps), I felt it would be best to join another VPS provider.

Liquid Web
So after browsing WHT and the VPS section for offers, I eventually decided to get an account at Liquid Web, what with their glowing reputation.

Sign-Up and Account Activation
Signing up was painless and after receiving a telephone call from their sales team to confirm the order, I received my VPS account info on Monday morning gone via email.

The main concern was making sure I secured WHM as best I could from the start as I did not want my WHM hacked into again. It was suggested by myself that we protect WHM to only allow IPs I provided to access WHM. This was then set up within a few hours by their technician. Now the support ticket at the end was brilliant. These guys explain what they have done and how they have done it - I've never had this kind of response from a provider before. WHM was well and truly secure and was done in a prompt and highly effective manner.

Support Tickets
You may have read my earlier post where I had to wait 42 minutes to receive a response to a support ticket. Well, prior to this, responses were extremely fast to numerous support tickets I did post and it was only this isolated time where they failed to mimic their 30-minute response SLA and so were forgiven as the work they carried out in securing the server, installing GD and Imagick and generally taking the time to make sure I was happy at all times whilst communicating with them over these tickets was way and beyond the call of duty for me.

What I will say though is that it would have been good to receive a response when I was asking for progress of a ticket. I had to post two times before I got an answer and it would have been good just to say "we are working on this for you" as a sign of courtesy and acknowledgement of my response to a ticket for an update.

Well, so far so good. Its only been 3 days with LW but I think I have found a great provider and no disrepect to Wired Tree but I think LW have an edge in terms of their technicians and the knowledge based on tickets I posted at both hosts for info. You just feel the LW techies are more knowledgeable in the way they go about working and responding to tickets.

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Liquid Web Review ....

Jan 15, 2009

I got one server with them for about half a year now (360 dollars a month). I'm very please with their service including the network, and support. They are 100% fully managed. I have never had a downtime. E-mails are always responded very quickly and fast. I sent in atleast 30 e-mails so far. Real humans, not some crappy automated response I get from a lot of services out there.

The hardware is nice, I'm able to support like 20k visitors per day and about 30-100gb of bandwidth per day fine on one machine. Large forums, 2million + posts, and large sites that do a lot of bandwidth I guess.

Also I have had some billing problems aka, money problems, my own fault and they usually seem to understand and give me a slight break (last couple of months)
I'm happy with their service and hope to continue to work with them.

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Liquid Web, A Review

Aug 29, 2008

I have been with Liquid Web for several months. I propose to give my experiences here, the good and the bad. Hopefully others will join in the discussion.

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My Review Of Liquid Web VPS After One Year, It Is All Good

Nov 10, 2008

I have promised the good guys at Liquid Web which is the excellent host for my real estate web-site Las Vega Homes, Condos, Land and Commercial Real Estate to write a review about them after being with them for a year.I chose Liquid Web after having a bad experience with my previous host I lost a PR4 Blog due to the fact that my database got corrupted and couldn’t be restored; I had more than 40 trouble tickets in six month most of which did not get fixed. I had a one year contract with which I terminated in six month and never got my money back. Now about Liquid Web and their heroic support, they are not kidding, the support is exemplary. While a good hosting company is supposed to keep away intruders, it can’t and should not keep the web-site owner out; I have repeatedly brought my web-site, blog and forum down due to inexperience only to have them restored in 1minte-couple of hours.I have never had to Waite more than 20 seconds to talk to a tech and they have never failed to fix the problem quickly and I am taking about a minimum of 50 calls to Liquid Web, they had to guide me through installing my web-site which they did with distinction.Liquid Web provides their customers with many add-ons that you can install with one click, I have found them helpful and have used many of the add-ons to make my web-site better.In more than one year with Liquid Web I have nothing but praise for Liquid Web and recommend them without reservation to all. I really like these Lansing, Michigan guys. Their tech center is in Michigan and their customers are not transferred to some Asian Country where the tech doesn’t have any idea about what you are talking about.

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My Review Of Liquid Web’s Heroic Support

Oct 17, 2007

Due to my endless problems with my current host I purchased a VPS1 Account from Liquid Web. Liquid Web calls their support heroic and these guys are my heroes. I told the sales staff that I have had no experience running servers and would need a whole lot of hand holding to set up my accounts and get them running, I was promised their help and boy do they deliver. All my calls have been answered promptly, kindly and efficiently by knowledgeable support staff that helped resolve my problems as we were talking on the phone. I chose Liquid Web by researching Web hosting talk’s forum and am very happy with my choice. Kudos for Web hosting talk and Liquid Web.

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Liquid Web TOS

Oct 25, 2009

I wonder in Liquid Web's TOS is talks about not being able to distribute things that are not your copyright. I understand if this simply means "no piracy," but this wording could apply to video sharing sites where users post their own copyrighted work. Would we then not be able to host with Liquid Web because our users are posting their copyrighted works and we do not claim copyright on their works? The users agree by signing up and posting a video that they are allowing it to be distributed on the site, so this should be fine. I guess the lack of DMCA information or clarification on Liquid Web makes me wonder how they handle video sharing sites with legal copyrighted works being shared by the copyright holders (though they are not the direct Liquid Web user). I may be over thinking this, but I have had other hosts have issues (mainly because I believe it was shared accounts and they did not want their oversold servers to get that much traffic, so it may not be an issue with Liquid Web). Does anyone here have a video sharing site hosted with Liquid Web? If so, if you they ever received a copyright infringement complaint about a video on your site did they handle it professionally as the DMCA requires or hastily suspend your account?

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Thanks To Liquid Web

Aug 10, 2008

I just wanted to give my thanks to the guys/gals at Liquid Web for they're help in getting my VPS setup and ready.

I've only been with them for 5 days, which I know isn't very long at all but for a complete newbie to the VPS scene (I like to try and run before I can walk), they're support has been second to none.

All tickets and request have been dealt with swiftly and professionally and I certainly couldn't ask for anymore from these guys.

I wasn't on planning on spending $50 a month for a VPS but I think I will carry on with these guys as they have proven they are more than worth it.

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Liquid VPS

Nov 2, 2008

I asked liquid web to backup my complete vps account. They mentioned to me that I could not remotely backup my account. And then asked for them to send a backedup file. They said it was 4gig in size.

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Liquid Web Support

May 19, 2009

I've got give LW some props.

I was at a crossroads on my server running php 4x and needed to be able to run 5 and allow the sites using 4 to still run it. I read about how to do it but would of totally screwed it up.

LW support came to the rescue, installed both the 4 and 5 and now I can select the php version to run from the accounts cpanel.

Took a while to work through it but it's up and running and I'm a happy camper.

That's why I've had my server with them going on 3 years now.

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Liquid Web Accolades

May 15, 2008

Sometimes I feel compelled to reward excellence, and this is one of those times. We have 22 dedicated servers, 18 of them at Liquid Web. We have been in business for over 10 years and have seen all kinds of support levels, with various server providers. Liquid Web has, time an time again, proved to be the best server provider for us, bar none.

This week in particular they have gone way beyond our expectations, and provided us with personal, one on one support that truly is outstanding..

Some companies have come close,from time to time, but none have reached the level of excellence that Liquid Web has for us. They simply are the best, in our eyes, and readers of this post who are looking for a GREAT company to use for VPS's or dedicated servers.. need look no furhter.

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Anyone Used Liquid Web For Hosting

Jul 31, 2008

I'm thinking of signing up for a Liquid Web Linux VPS Basic account.

I wonder if any of you have experience using this web host - especially if you've used this kind of account.

If so, I'd be really interested to know your impressions / feedback.

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Liquid Web Now Charging For Using Their DNS

Jun 19, 2008

I found out that now LiquidWeb is charging $15 per domain for using their name servers.

That's right. To use their name servers, you need to pay $15 for EACH and EVERY domain name.

When I first joined I talked to support because I needed a solution that used an anonymous domain server and they said that they could do it with no problem. (We're talking about under 100 domains total)

Now that all my servers are moved there, they screw it all up by charging $15 per domain.

I HIGHLY Recommend staying away from this company until they fix this issue.

I have private nameservers but the whole fact of me signing up with them was the fact that they could provide name servers.

The worst part is that there was no notice, no email, nothing notifying me of this change. It just happened one day.

I'll be posting on my blog (sig) and recommending all the people I have referred don't use their services.

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Liquid Web Vs. PowerVPS

May 18, 2008

A partner and I are in the beginning stages of consolidating our website operations.

I have a managed dedicated server account with Liquid Web whom I am extremely happy with. I have been with them for about 4 years and have nothing but good experiences with them. They have always been there for me.

My partner is with PowerVPS. He is just as happy with them as I am with Liquid Web and has nothing but good things to say about them and their services.

With that said, we only need one. I have compared the plans and prices for fully managed dedicated servers on both sites and it does appear that Liquid Web is slightly more expensive between the two for similar specs. However, the most important issue with me (as well as my partner) is not price...but the level of support we get for the price.

What other factors can any of you provide about either Liquid Web or PowerVPS that we may have overlooked in the comparison process?

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Liquid Web Vs Colo4Dallas

Feb 10, 2007

I want the absolute best quality possible, Im open to other providers also

ips and about 5-10 servers tower based


I honestly cant decide Ive used both of the above and am torn between this

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My Experience With Liquid Web.

Jul 31, 2007

I signed up with liquidweb 1 month ago. I am having their 50 dollar vps account.

why i pick liquid web?
I searched on WHT, i see its highly recommanded by some users, its bit expensive than others, but for me , money is not big deal, i want to have stable server.

Here's my experience with them.

1. Dont trust their sale person 100%.
my site was hosted at dreamhost, i talked to one of liquidweb sale person. I asked him if some1 at liquidweb can help me to move my files over from dreamhost to my new vps account. I never use vps before, have no clue how to do it. he said its easy, we can help you.

Acutally, they cannot do that. later, I emailed them asking for help, they emailed me back said if dreamhost using cpanel, its easy blah blah blah...., but dreamhost is not using it, and they cann't do anything.

fortunately, my site is small, and i just reupload all the files, and dump the database, my problem sovlved. but if you plan to purchase vps from liquidweb, and got questions to ask, you should double check with their tech support team, they know much better than those guys in sale department.

2. how's their support? answer is great and sux
Sux. take forever for them to reply my emails. On average is 10-12hrs. oh well, i cannot blame on them cause when you submit your ticket they said they will get back to you in 24-48 hrs ( dont remember exact time).

But, I got really pissed off. first, they didnt give me the complete answer. I email they "is imagemagick installed? if so,whats the path to imagemagick command? I got answer, said yes, its installed, its version xxxx. but didnt tell me the path, i got to email them again, and wait another 10-12 hr. I dont mind to wait, i know those guys are busy,but I got to email them twice for same question. that pissed me off.

another thing is when they email you back, they assume you already know something. everytime, i emailed them i said I just swtich from dreamhost to liquidweb, never use vps before, i am newbie of vps, please guide me through hwo to set DNS step by step. and they always give me short answer. I m still clueless hwo to do it. I got to email 5-6 times on this stupid question.

How do I got my problem sovled.
I called them, I know they have great phone support, but I was on the biz trip, I am in asia, coudlnt' make any phone call. I got so pissed off by their email support, and installed skype and called them. (btw only 2 cents / min for international long distant, its cheap), I called them, and one indian guy picked up the call, and got my problem solved rite away.

Ok, if you have any problems , dont not email liquidweb, cuz, it sux, they cannot get your problem sovled on email, call them, those guys on the phone are great, they know how to get your problem solved.

Speed and uptime
uptime, i think its good, but i dont really know to test it, any good free 3rd party appliation, i can use to check the uptime?

speed, its ok, I am in china now, it is slow. i think its much faster you r from US and Euro, I will go back to NJ next month, I will check after I get back.
this is my blog, let me know how fast to load it, and where you test it.

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Liquid Web Support Team

Oct 19, 2009

I am trying to get into contact with LW's support team but I have not had a response to a support ticket I raised 40 minutes ago. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems corresponding with their support team at the moment?

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Load Spike On VPS (Liquid Web)

Sep 28, 2008

I just moved my site from other VPS hosting into Liquid Web for around 2weeks now. I choose the VPS1 package with WHT promotion..

First impression, I do really satisfied with the VPS performance (server load average bellow 1), also the support team. All of my eMail was replied pretty fast in under 15minutes.

But, I do have one problem. Please note that I'm not complaining here.. I just want to ask other user of LW or maybe other hosting.

Almost everyday (well, I think it is).. I got a load spike on my VPS. It's always around midnight (GMT -5). Based on LW staff have informed me, it's because of the main node full backup process, which is can't be altered. The load spike make my site sometimes temporary can't be accessed, because the server load might become above 5, and the highest one is around 28.

Do WHT user has any similar issue like me? Any solution or suggestion I can take to minimize the effect of the backup process?

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Has Liquid Web Support Went Downhill

Jan 16, 2008

I've been with Liquid Web for around 2 years after reading on these forums that they were good.

Problems did not start until this year. On the 7th I raised a critical ticket - that pretty much the only site I have on a dedicated server was giving me server 500 errors when trying to do necessary and basic things with Movable Type.

Liquid Web persuaded me to take it up with the makers of Movable Type which I did (Six Apart). Six Apart have now had a look and bounced it back saying it appears to be a server problem and have fairly isolated the problem area or so it seems.

Between the 7th and now I raised a few tickets complaining that they were not fixing a critical ticket. That did not seem to help too much.

The problem then got worse around half a week back - I can not even log into Movable Type without the server core dumping.

They told me to have Six Apart look at the cores and Six Apart did. They said it was a server problem. I bounced that back to Liquid Web this over 10 hours ago - raised another priority ticket and have not heard anything.

Now I call them on an international call - and I've been on old - wait for it - 45 minutes and counting - WAITING on a manager since nobody can tell me straight what the situation is!

This is not my idea of heroic support by a long shot.

Open a P1 and going on 10 days later no solution, nobody knows what is happening and 45+ minute hold times (still counting will hang up if it hits 60 minutes) and no proper responses to emails. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

And so liquid web know this is for real - the original ticket number is 890340.

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1and1 Vs Liquid Web Vs ServerBeach

May 1, 2008

Currently hosted with hostway but i am thinking of moving

i want a windows server for sure either 03 or 08
and i don't need managed really

i was looking at 1&1
because they have a windows vps for only 29.00 a month

but i seen liquid web's offering in the offer section
and i have noticed they have not changed their offers in months are there any new offers and is liquidweb good

and serverbeach a friend told me about but i am wondering should i get a full server and they charge 20.00 more for windows

i run a blog about gun rights & nra stuff and i get about 100 visitors a month
also please don't recommend shared hosting because i don't want to check my site one day to see the word suspened so either vps or dedi

and this may sound stupid but can you use a windows server like a computer like play movies and music and stuff using remote asst?

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Managed Hosting (Liquid Web VS Rackspace)

Jan 27, 2008

For reliable managed hosting, with some research, I can find...

Liquid Web

It seems like Liquid Web is definitely the bang for the bucks.. but it also makes me think if it's too good to be true. I feel Rackspace is more "professional" and they're more "high-end". But I definitely love the pricing from LiquidWeb. for the same price, I can get a quad core + 4GB from LiquidWeb, and maybe an AMD dual-core + 1GB from Rackspace..

My question is : Do LiquidWeb and Rackspace offer the same kind of "managed services"? Rackspace told me that they would give me an account manager which makes me feel more personalized. but I also had a live chat with LiquidWeb and the sales kept marketing the "Heroic support"

Let me give you some statistics of my site

Nature : E-commerce
Target : UK/Europe
Daily Visitor : 7000-13000
App : PHP + MySQL

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Air Cooling Versus Liquid Cooling

Mar 15, 2008

I seem to have gone over this a hundred times, but wanted to get feedback from the community. Has anyone out there been able to really make liquid cooling work in their data center considering the additional space utilization and expensive price point.

We've found that liquid cooling vastly more expensive than what we are doing and am curious what some out there might be doing.

For us we've found that high density air cooling (top down, and capped hot/cold row configuration, and overhead air extraction) can get us to a max density of about 10 kW per rack. We use a chilled water system for the additional HVAC needed to get us above the standard 5 kW max, but this is for the air handlers themselves and not chilled water for the in row rack cooling. The problem is the in row chilled water cooling makes us lose a cabinet of space for every cabinet of higher density. For this to work (simple situation) we would need to attain rack densities of at least 20 kW given the loss of floor space.

We use APC Cabinets and infrastructure and even they have said if you try and get about 20 kW with the liquid cooling it becomes problematic. Given these governing characteristics in addition to the overwhelming cost, is anyone out there actually pursuing this in a colocation environment. To me it just doesn't seem to make sense.

Perhaps the cost needs to come down, but even then what are you gaining if it is a 1 for 1 trade off.

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Casino Review/sports Betting Review Hosting With Godaddy?

May 12, 2009

Is Godaddy cool for the casino review/sports betting review site?i searched a lot and submit Godaddy a ticket,still dont dig out.

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MonkeyWrench Hosting Review - Three Year Review

Dec 15, 2008

MonkeyWrench Hosting review - Three year review

I've been hosting my personal sites with MonkeyWrench Hosting for around three years now (coming up in January I believe), and I figured I'd share my experiences with them!

I've gone through a few hosts in my time, and some of them have been pretty rough. After using paid hosts, a niche free host started up that I stayed with for around a year before they eventually closed down.

I switched to MonkeyWrench Hosting at that point as a place to host my sites and store my files, and I have to say that I've been impressed throughout the time I've been with them.

Fantastic! The sites have been perfectly reliable and speedy whenever I've gone to access them, and I haven't had any complaints from users. I did come across MySQL going down on one of the servers (I have two accounts for different purposes that are on seperate servers) in the past, but it was resolved quickly before I even needed to get help.

I've used the support a few times, but not for anything critical since there's not been the need. However, everything that I have asked was answered promptly in a professional manner.

Again, no complaints here. The pricing is pretty cheap, especially for the quality of service receieved. They aren't the cheapest on the Internet by any means, but you generally get what you pay for. I'm aware of what my realistic space/bandwidth needs are anyway, and I'd rather pick a host that clearly advertises what you'll receive over an 'unlimited' host.

All in all, MWH have been a fantastic choice and I couldn't have hoped for anything better.

So, thumbs up to Jonathan, and keep up the good work!

I'll report my domains for the moderators to check them out. =)

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Virpus Review (my Final Review)

Apr 26, 2009

I've been very happy with Virpus since I joined. There was 1 issue that has plagued me since the beginning and that was that I was not receiving e-mails on my ISP e-mail, my main e-mail. Not to big of an issue except that I didn't get any news updates or know when my tickets were replied to, or even when I was past due on my bill. 3 tickets later and their solution was for me to use another e-mail address, which was kind of a pain for me since each of my e-mail addresses has a specific reason which only specific e-mail get sent there for organizational reasons.

First off I have to say the VPS I was using was top notch. It easily outperformed my LiquidWeb VPSs and quickly became my primary VPS instead of my backup like was intended. I took advantage of one of their specials a while back which was a 512MB RAM cPanel VPS for $19.50/month which is a steal since the cPanel license alone is $15/month!

So now to why this is probably my final review of this company. Communication is lacking greatly. It was good at first, but now it's non-existant.

Over the weekend all my sites went down and I had no idea why... because I never got the e-mail saying they were moving data centers (if it weren't for a small thread on WHT I would never have known). I also did not receive any updates on extending their ETA so yet again I had nothing to tell my clients. The only good thing was that I run a free hosting company ( for reference) and I offer no uptime guarantee since it's a non-paid service.

Ok, so the sites are back online and everything is working nicely... well I recently hit the 70% mark on my disk space usage so time to start looking for an upgrade. I created a ticket on April 23rd asking if they would allow me to upgrade my plan to their biggest VPS plan and to my surprise I never got a reply. I would think that a billing ticket asking to upgrade to a plan that costs more without the transfer of the discount I'm receiving would be a welcome ticket for them to reply to, but I was incorrect in thinking this. So I ended up purchasing a dedicated server last night because I cannot wait to see if they will assist me with upgrading my account or not.

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WebtHosting Review * Major Review

Sep 27, 2009

What seemed to be a good company quickly turned to nightmares. I purchased a couple domains. All went well. Then paypal emailed me saying they are high risk and wanted me to confirm I made the payment and service was given. So until I did the payment was held. They blame the held on me and threatened me to release it or they will cancel my account.

So they finally gave them the money and all was well. Well I did a stupid thing and decided to get a VPS from them, they have good deals so I thought, whats the worse that can happen. Well shortly after, I get a email saying because your payments are unreliable, we are waiting a week to setup your vps which is complete udder crap.

So I just said screw it and said give me a refund then and about 2 hours ago I try logging into my client center and my account is gone.

I am hoping one of them see this so we can get this worked out. In the mean time I opened disputes on all of the payments.

I will keep you all updated.

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HiVelocity Review (Possible Client Review)

Apr 17, 2009

I just want to take the time and review Hivelocity. Boy oh boy, where to start. I am just so pleased with the customer support they offer and I don't even own a single product with them.

I currently own a server with another comapny and I am always looking at other options for cheaper prices, better services and etc.

I found Hivelocity through WHT and I took the time to start up a live chat which was answered quickly from Kevin. Kevin was very nice and welcoming. I was asking about discounts they could provide and etc. Kevin showed me their reseller program which seemed to be something I may be interested in. After a 15-20 minute chat with Kevin, he offered to add me on MSN if I ever wanted to chat which I thought was pretty nice.

After I got off live chat with Kevin, I decided to keep researching Hivelocity. I immediately signed up on Twitter (I never had a Twitter Account). I saw they had some awesome deals. They were offering an awesome deal today it looks like this:

"The next person to go to our site, open a live chat and say "I just got your TWEET" gets a Core2Duo 3.0Ghz e8400 for $5 the first month."

By time I even got onto Twitter, I noticed that this was already taken. I kept browsing their Twitter and hey what do you know, another great deal it followed like this:
"The 1st $5 Core2Duo sold in about 20 seconds so lets do it again. The next person to open a live chat saying "Give me a $5 Server" gets it."

I decided I was going to be late as the last one sold in 20 seconds. Well, it turned out it did get sold but, I got into a Live Chat with David from Hivelocity.

David informed me that the server was sold and I was a bit too late. What do you know, more great discounts! He offered me the same server for $5 on the first month. I decided not to take advantage of the offer as I wouldn't be able to put much use to the offer. I will be moving to Hivelocity within the next 1-3 months.

Overall I am very pleased with the great offers they provide and the support is just amazing!

Based on the sales support and the deals they provide, I did a bit of a rating on Hivelocity.

Sales Support:5/5

Also, if you decide your interested in Hivelocity's awesome offers, I would follow them on Twitter! They are constantly updating their Twitter and offering great deals. Their Twitter deals are 100% and it's pretty awesome a company like Hivelocity offers products and support so great!

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Limestonenetworks Review [8 Month Review]

May 5, 2009

I joined Limestonenetworks back in 2008 when it was a small company. At the time they offered the best price on the server I was looking for, so I took the plunge. The first 2 months were great, I enjoyed the stable network, and responses from the support team were fairly quick (1-2 hours response time). From there on it was all downhill, my servers were constantly down, and the support team took longer to answer my tickets. I didn't think this was a big problem, so I stayed with Limestonenetworks even though it was having problems with their network. Near December an incident occurred that really pushed me over the edge. My servers had been down for hours, so I opened a support ticket, and one of the agents replied and told me that the downtime was due to an upgrade in their network.

Again, I came to conclude that it could be far worst, so I stayed, one of the reasons was that I didn't want to switch my game servers over. It's important to keep in mind when you are running game servers, IPs play an important part because that's where you get your traffic. Near January the network upgrade at Limestonenetworks was still taking place which caused my bandwidth meter to stop working. This really scared me because I didn't want to get charged for overages due to the fact that my servers were receiving DDOS attacks, and I wouldn't know when to close the ports.

This incident actually turned out to be positive for me because even though I went over my bandwidth quota they didn't charge me for overages. I was very happy because this was like a late Christmas present, so now I was even more happy to give my money to Limestonenetworks. Now you might ask the question, how is this going downhill? Even though they didn't charge me for the overages, I still lost many clients who were angry at the fact that their game server were down.

In the end this network upgrade actually cost me 3 clients who were paying ~$60 per month. I let this slide because at this point I already had two servers with Limestonenetworks and I really didn't want to switch over due to the fact I would lose my IPs. The next month, February, was no different, I had more issues with Limestonenetworks. Starting of this month I was getting large DDOS attacks, which kept pushing my bandwidth over the quota, and I ended up paying close to $200 dollars just for bandwidth overages.

At this point they started to nickel and dime me for every single penny they could get of me. I don't know if they were having financial problems, or if it was due to another reason. Again in March I went over the quota, but at this time they told me that I had to pay per gigabyte which would result in a $500+ charge in bandwidth, and after talking with multiple agents, I was finally able to reach an agreement. They had changed a policy all of the sudden due to the fact that they knew I was a good customer and would keep paying for the overages.

The problem I had here was that I didn't mind upgrading to plan after I knew how much bandwidth was going to be used, since they don't offer any sort of DDOS protection, and game servers result in large DDOS attacks occasionally. I understand that Limestonenetworks was not at fault, but by making me pay per gigabyte was a bit harsh, since I had never been late on a payment, and had multiple servers. Try to remember that I stayed with this company even though I lost multiple clients because of their network outages, but they didn't care about this, all the care about is nickling and diming customers.

From that point on I have been living on the edge because I don't want to pay for an upgrade before hand due to the fact I don't know how much bandwidth my server will be using. Even if I upgrade to a different package it does not offer an insurance due to the fact that if I receieve a large DDOS than I orignally predicted, I would still end up paying per gigabyte.

This company has turned from having potential to just making their customers run away. Now the other problems I had with Limestonenetwork is the support they offer, which has been declining since I joined. The associates are very rude and don't really care about the customer's experience. I didn't include every problem I had with Limestonenetwork because it would make it a very long read.

Network - 10/10
Downtime - 5/10
Customer Service - 2/10
Overall Experience - 4/10
Would I recommend this company? NO, I urge everyone to stay away, unless they like to deal with problems on a daily basis.

Also from reading other topics on this forum, I personally believe that Limestonenetwork is overselling and their network can not handle the load.

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Wholesaleinternet Review (4 Months Review)

Sep 12, 2008

I've got high end server from WholeSaleinternet.I've been with Wholesaleinternet for 4 months now and I am extremely happy with them.Got an awesome server for a cheap price, a Quad-Core Xeon 8 Processor (3.0GHZ), 32GB RAM, 100mbit port link.

Sales support is slow but tech support is fast!

That you very much Aaron/Wholesaleinternet!, keep up the good work!

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Virpus Review 7 Month Review - My "ups And Downs"

May 1, 2009

I have been with virpus for the past 7 months

I have posted an review earlier as well for 2 month : 2 month review

Let me summarize my experience so far,

Technical Support - 10/10 Really fab. even though I was on semi-managed plan, they never made me feel I was on a semi it always felt as if I was under complete management, they did every task I had asked them to do, which I didn't get on any other semi-managed host earlier.

I have no sort of complaints about their technical team, they tried to solve some problems which were due to the billing dept.

The minimum response for a ticket generally around 10-15mins and the completion with in an hr.

Billing Dept - This is some dept. that has kept me in wonder-land. Some times the replies were so pleasing and most other times the tickets are ignored. From, almost 2nd r 3rd month, the billing dept. tickets don't get regularly replied and used to bump the tickets in order to get a response to the query. Which I got some how, in a apologizing manner (no complaints for that :p)

Now, for the past 1 month we have been having some serious problems.

First, I had recd. some black-listed ip's when we joined virpus, we failed to check them (mistake on our end agreed 100%), which probably even they might not have been aware of.. As, we had a minor mis-understanding with godaddy during domain registration, my friend registered the domain using one of our partner address who resides in Singapore, where as the registration was done from India. Godaddy, assumed this was a spam registration and refunded the amount. So, we had to register the domain through another partner who resided in India. Godaddy was cool after we gave them the complete details, where they wanted some ID proof, and we provided them.

Our ip was on the black-list, we thought since our domain was spam-listed for a day, (until godaddy took it off) it made the hosts to assume the domain was black-listed, so we had manually submitted forms and proofs to most of the anti-spam agencies and mail providers, where they took the ban off the ip with in 15-20 days after we joined virpus.

Our domain was no longer under black-list, but ip was still under black-listed in some sites, such as rediff, it took more than 2 months to set the things straight at rediff, where we did some config added from the tech.dept. such as setting up spf record, and did a few tweaks here and there.

Even after making all these efforts, our ip was still under black-list of some ISP's. Our main domain (the domain which was under bl list earlier) loads well for every user, but our child domains where we have blogs and other activities do not load for lots of users. The ping results in the internet gives 100% but on their particular systems it gives no ping. Some times, the site loads wierdly such as,[url] might load but [url]might not load, and vice-versa, some times local ping fails but site loads, its all wierd and we found the reason to the problem to be ip after some minor confirmation from our end. We were losing our revenue of more than 60% just because of the failure of loading on the site, the tech. dept used to ask the ips which are facing prob to check if they are blocked, but its not possible to give ips of users who visit as guests and others, we have noted reports on other sites that our site wasn't loading for them. We still were able to give few ips for check and found them not-blocked on the ip. The sites are able to be viewed for all from proxy sites such as but we can't ask each viewer to go to proxy site to view if they are unable to load, it will become ridiculous and we might lose our entire traffic some day.

We had shifted our domains temporarily to other vps where we noted none of the users had a single complaint, we were there for more than a week, which ensured the problem was not the domains but the ips, again after returning to the virpus hosts, we had created 3 tickets to sales/billing dept. to issue fresh ip's, got 0 reply and mailed to mr.Ken using : got no reply after 48hrs.

We have to agreee, Earlier,mr.Ken was so helpful he helped us when we didn't have any funds to issue, since we had an dispute with an item where our payment was delayed by paypal. So, we had paid them almost 10 days later than the due date where mr.Ken was so helpful and saw to it our VPS could stay online despite the payments not been released.

In thanks, we had directly mailed our check we got from an ad-agency, which again made around 5-10 days in the payment, which made our balance stand in the positive note, we have our balance in the account for the past 3 months so that there are no dues left.

But, in the past 1 -2 months the replies have been disappointing.

We planned to leave virpus and join other host, where we burnt our hands, we looked for other reputed VPS and had a few in mind after our staff suggested few good organizations(don't prefer to name them here as it would be mis-leading).

Since, virpus wasn't ready to refund the amount in the credits we decided to continue with virpus atleast as a sideby host. Later, some how our members suggested we used virpus as a main host, so we wanted fresh ip's to get rid of the damn problem we are having but we have recd. no response for the past 1 week.

Now, lately after the maintenance our VPS was down for approx. 26-27hrs on april 25th Saturday, where our traffic is usually on the weekends. We lost the compelete traffic and revenue. When we asked if it come under credits, we got response as : This was the result of scheduled maintenance we cannot, it would not qualify under our SLA. (just giving the main result statment off the entire reply recd. from sales). Its some thing we would like to regret but for sure this isn't some issue, which could make us think to get to a new host.

The reply from the sales dept. has made our staff making funny betting, as one would win if we get a reply and other would if its not replied with in 48hrs, lately the first one is winning () due to lack of communication.

This might be our last month. Our next due date major amount would be taken from the credits, so a very little amount would exist in the account. We will stay with them until our amount with them is spent.

We had enjoyed really good with the tech. dept but the sales dept has been really poor in the recent past. I am forced to say this as even after mailing we haven't got response where, mr.Ken stated if our tickets were lost or some thing, mail to him but either didn't work so far.

Once, earlier when we requested for change of ips we were said some $7 or some thing would be charged for the swap, when we made other enquiries about it we didn't get a response till date

My tickets which lay un-responded:

509467 and 385781 are double-post of the ticket, but got reply for none of the above tickets. Was expecting a reply for 1 atleast.

I was ready to pay excess charge for the new ips as there some mistake from my end in failure to check the ips before getting them but I wanted some concession as the major mistake was from their end while dispatching ips. I am not refusing to pay but I wanted the concession, got no reply and the above tickets are a proof of them.

Our staff online time and their live chat time don't tally, so we can't make any contact to them on live as well.

I am not sure if this is mis-understanding or what, but it has been a mixed experience for me. For sure, their sales crew have to be increased that's some suggestion I would strongly do.

I can recommend this host to any one for the tech. support they provide but can't guarantee them for the sales dept. replies based on my past/recent experiences.

Totally my site down for around ~30hrs including all the maintanence and other reasons, it could be a bit less but I am rounding it off, for sure its more than 28hrs

My over all rating: 7.5/10
Tech. Dept - 10/10
Sales/Billing Dept - 5/10

my site submitted for review via report feature
I tried to give all my experience on virpus and I am not against any one for joining virpus nor have any fights with virpus team.

May be if we get response from sales we might still consider continuing with virpus but that stands low at the moment.

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1 And 1 Review

Dec 15, 2008

First off they did not setup my server for nearly 2 days. I bitched and was apologized about that. They said I would get 10% off my next month.

I proceed to get everything running and start setting up my domains and then blamo its gone! It was reset they said even though I did not have a remote switch. I asked them why they did that and they insisted it was me. Whatever. So I setup everything again and was getting horrible speeds for my photography site. The hell???? They promised me the world when I signed up with them. I also got to deal with "outsourced tech support" from india that was not helpful.

I finally get things running but its still a slow *** server and they try to tell me I needed to upgrade to a much faster plan and get a better processor and memory. I tell them screw that they are throttling my bandwidth. Like memory and processor are gonna make a difference for 3 websites 1 with forums and 1 for photography then my personal site.

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WBS Review, Please

Sep 18, 2009

Can you share with me about your experience with WBS as a provider? Including account management, support and of course quality of the network, Also I am interested whether they really have a good South America connectivity.

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