How Do I Configure Multiple FTP Sites On IIS 6 That Uses Host Header Names

Jan 31, 2007

I have been tasked with setting up IIS6 to run 10 different sites. We will be using the Host Header Names approach as I do not have 10 IP addresses. I want to allow clients to upload/download to their site via FTP. My IIS6 books have examples of how to setup separate FTP sites for individual IP addresses, how do I accomplish this when using Host Headers? I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

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Plesk 12.x / Windows :: How To Host Multiple Sites With Shared SSL With 1 Dedicated IP

Nov 26, 2014

I am using Windows Server 2008 R2 with Plesk 12.0.18 Update #25 with single IP address assigned to the server.

Is it possible to do the following with only 1 IP address:

-Host 4 shared hosting websites on the same IP but also use the same IP address to install and setup a shared SSL Cert. for hostname AND for 1 of 4 hosted websites ...

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Register Multiple Domain Names Against The Same IP Address?

Jun 26, 2008

I have a dedicated server hosted in some data center. The server provider has provided me an IP address. I have bought a a domain name which redirects the traffic to that IP.

I have not been provided with any nameserver.

My question is is it possible that I register multiple domain names against the same IP address? If yes how?

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Keeping Multiple Domain Names Separate

May 31, 2007

How can it be determined that multiple domains are "affiliated" with each other? For example, at the link below, on the left side of the page it says that,, and are owned together. Does this mechanism use WHOIS records, or does it use the IP addresses to which each address resolves (which would only get sites that use named-based virtual hosting to the same IP address, right?)


If people run multiple sites, say personal and business, and they don't want them to be affiliated, how can they make sure they canít be linked with each other through such mechanisms?

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Configure One Domain On Multiple Servers ...

Feb 25, 2008

I am so lost I am using both plesk for linux 8 and plesk for windows 8 I am trying to figure out how to have one master dns server for all domains regardless of which server they are hosted on. So if I have and I want to have it across the board on all servers is this possible in plesk and how would I go about doing this.

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Apache :: 2.4 - How To Configure Multiple Clusters

May 2, 2013

I wanted to configure 2 clusters on Apache 2.4. Here are my sample configurations

Cluster 1 config:

<VirtualHost *:80>
<IfModule mod_proxy_balancer.c>
<Proxy balancer://sgcluster>
BalancerMember http://IPaddress1:80/ loadfactor=1
BalancerMember http://IPaddress2:80/ loadfactor=2
ProxySet lbmethod=byrequests

[Code] ....

I've included both configuration file in httpd.conf. I'm getting the errors, when I tried to start up the apache.

[Thu May 02 11:01:34.243583 2013] [slotmem_shm:debug] [pid 9240606:tid 1] mod_slotmem_shm.c(448): AH02301: attach looking for /opt/apache2/logs/slo
[Thu May 02 11:01:34.243667 2013] [lbmethod_heartbeat:notice] [pid 9240606:tid 1] AH02282: No slotmem from mod_heartmonitor

[Code] .....

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Apache 2.4 Not Resolving Host Names Only IPs

Sep 19, 2013

Our apache server is not resolving host names only ips. When i check the access.log it is denying entry for any host

For example I have set "Require host" in the httpd.conf and the follow occurs denied

If i set the physical ip of ( in httpd.conf then there is no issue and test1 can access the machine.

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How To Configure A Server W/ Multiple IP Addresses Behind A SonicWall

Jan 5, 2008

I am setup in a co-location facility. I just recieved my new SonicWall TZ180 which I am trying to setup.

Previously I had my server connected to the internet drop via a static ip address assigned via windows tcp/ip (, nothing special there. Then I used Plesk and assign domains and ip addresses as normal.

My co-location facility gives me 4 static ip addresses, lets call them:

And an ip address called Network Gateway at:

And DNS ips at:

I am trying to figure out how I make this work now with the SonicWall. I am using Plesk, and I have already assigned all DNS settings and name servers to their proper static IP address, such as: -> ->

So I cannot use the local ip address ( assigned to the server box by default by SonicWall using DHCP. I must use the actual static ip addresses assigned to me and already configured in Plesk. I have heard I need to use NAT, and assign the SonicWall the ip address of the network gateway:, then add the 4 standard static ip addresses into a pool in the sonic wall.

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Host 3 Domain Names, Small Space Required, No Frills

Jul 3, 2008

I would like to find a host that could handle 2 or 3 domains but without bells and whistles... everything with shared hosting is $25 a month and up! All 3 sites are under 1mb (not likely to go over 3 mb), written in good old HTML; I would prefer a File Manager but FTP is OK too. Must be US based and have a reasonable uptime guarantee.

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Multiple Sites

Feb 22, 2009

i currently have 2 webhosting providers but want to consolidate to one acct at one host with a bit better load times...

1. JaguarPc - i have two accts with them

a. i have a shared acct with them currently - i believe its called the gigadeal (something like $10 a month). i have been with them since 2000, pretty decent host not too much downtime. support is "ok" when needed.
currently i have 3 smallish websites hosted on this one acct, they dont get a lot of traffic. two of them are using wordpress one is just a static html site.
i did a look up and found the server has about 130 sites hosetd on it. so not too bad in regards to overselling. however my big problem is the site takes about 900-1500ms to generate a page. this seems to be pretty often. again the sites dont really draw that much traffic. so thats not the problem here.

b. i also have one of their freedom vps accts with upgraded ram and bandwidth. i only have one site hosted on it. this site used to get about 500K+ unique visitors a month. at its peak we were serving around 1tb bandwidth a month... i know we ran the vps hard but considering we wanted to stay under $50 it worked well. there was of course some downtime due to the massive traffic - [we serve up a popular flash cartoon website].

2. Hostgator - babygator plan
this host only serves up one wordpress site - the site isnt very well known yet, but the site is growing each month. the funny thing is that when i looked up this server there was about 830 websites hosted on it - obviously oversold and crowded. support really sucks here imho. however, the page load time is anywhere between 250ms to 500ms a lot faster than JaguarPcs. which is crazy since jag has much less sites on the server...
im looking to basically consolidate the websites that are on both shared plans. my original thought was to keep them all on my shared hosting acct at jaguarpc (the one with the 3 sites). obviously i cannot add them to the vps since its pretty active. also the vps is business and the other sites are all personal. and i dont want them to mix so to speak.

i am currently spending about $20 a month between the two shared host plans. im looking for some recommendations as to where to move -- where speed isnt such a big problem, and i can maintain one acct. it would be great if i could host these sites all for around $20 - hopefully without much lag.

was thinking mediatemple - but after reading so many negative posts here about them - im not sure...

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Does IIS 5.1 Allow Multiple Web Sites On XP Pro

Apr 9, 2008

Just getting started with IIS on Windows XP Pro. One thing I have a question about is why don't I have an option to 'create new website' when I right click on the Web Sites node? Am I only allowed to use Default Web Site? Also, I know it's not a rights issue because I'm logged in as administrator.

I'm looking at IIS on our server which has Windows Server 2003. On that machine I can create multiple web sites by right clicking on the Web Sites node? Is this just not an option with XP Pro?

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VPS For Multiple Sites

Nov 12, 2008

I currently have few websites hosted for few of my clients over different hosting providers which include from godaddy to other small hosts. I have been thinking about switching them over to a VPS.

After reading lot of threads on the WHT forum, i have decided to stick with wiredtree.
Now for the questions.

1. Wiredtree is a managed VPS server right? that means they install the OS and apache and other applications that are essential to running a site. (not talking about blog software and stuff just basic server software)

2. Do i need to have a Reseller software that lot of them are providing for billing and stuff? I bill my clients myself and take the money upfront. There are no monthly billing and stuff. I dont want to sell the hosting to anyone else then the clients that i pick. Keeping this in mind do i still need the above mentioned software.

3. If i dont get the reseller software for billing and stuff, can i still host multiple websites and have their own control panel and stuff. Basically i want to give every client a username and password where they can log on and add/remove mail accounts, create ftp accounts and etc.

4. If i dont have the reseller software can i still specify different configurations options for different clients, like client 1 has 4gb of space and 50gb of bandwidth?

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Multiple Sites On One Account

Jan 5, 2009

What are the pros (other than saving money) and cons of having multiple sites (4) on one hosting account? Is it recommended to have separate accounts?

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Proper Way To Add Multiple Sites

Apr 22, 2008

Right now I have maybe 6 personal sites that I keep on my new VPS. They are mixed together in the public_html file. Ex: and are found in public_html/coolsite/ and public_html/anothersite/ so the result is somewhat messy with many folders. What is the proper way to add sites so I have access to each site separately so it is not so cluttered? Or am I doing this right?

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Multiple Sites On Apache

Jul 8, 2007

Can i run multiple sites on apache? and if so how do i do it.

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Hosting Multiple Sites

Oct 20, 2007

If I go for a VPS will I be able to host websites for multiple domains in it? What is this "reseller hosting"

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Multiple Sites Behind Single IP

Sep 26, 2007

I have three sites running on three separate servers behind a single router with DDWRT. One of the servers is a Windows 2003 server that I have DNS running on.

Each domain name points to my public static IP address.

My router is set to use the windows 2003 server as the DNS server.

I have port 80 forwarding to the windows 2003 server.

I can access the sharepoint site that is on the 2003 server from outside my network and within it without any problems.

When I try to access one of the other two sites from outside the network, i get a 400 error. When I try to access the same sites from within the network, they work fine.

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Multiple Sites, What Kind Of Account?

Sep 18, 2008

i have about 80 domains with godaddy and about 30-40 with 1and1. i have two hosting packages with 1and1 a "home" package and a "business" package. i have a main site up on the business package right now. the home package has tons of files from an old forum that really could just be wiped out.

My question is that i have a few sites being developed right now. 3-4 to be exact, can i host them all on the same package? i want each to not be a sub of anything. What do i do? Calling tech support yielded worthless answers. Do i need a different type of account?

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Multiple Sites On A Single Server

Jan 4, 2007

I am starting a small template based company. How many unique websites in their own unique folder can I host on a single server?

These websites would not get many hits, maybe a few hundread to a few thousand a month per site. My goal is to minimize the number of accounts I will have to open up with a web service provider.

Should I purchase 1 package per site or is there a way to get around this. Each unique site would have its own unique domain.

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Provider That Allows Multiple Template Based Sites

Oct 10, 2009

I have a friend who needs to setup about 3 websites with a template builder type hosting solution. I personally have space at hostgator, but they only allow their template program (sitebuilder) to be used with your topmost domain, so I cannot refer my friend to hostgator.

Does anyone know of an inexpensive (<$10 per month) host that has some sort of built in sitebuilder/template program that will allow hosting of multiple sites running the template application under the same account?

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Alternate To Media Temple (GS) And A Small Orange For Multiple Low-traffic Php Sites

Oct 31, 2009

I host about 30 sites for clients who don't want to manage their own hosting. All of the sites are low-traffic. Almost all use FrogCMS or Wordpress /w minify and cacheing options. All of my clients use Google Apps for email.

I guess I'm looking for a reasonable host (nothing unlimited) more storage than ASO would be nice - I'm looking from something from $10-20 monthly and I can purchase for a year at a time.

Sharkspace, downtown host and host gator seem a little "dreamhost-like"... but have good reviews.

Also, I'm in Montreal so a datacenter on the east-coast would be nice

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Apache :: Configure A Host To Use Vhosts But Server Keeps Breaking

Aug 29, 2013

I'm trying to configure a host to use vhosts but the server keeps breaking when I uncomment the Include vhosts file line. The apache process starts but none of the hostnames work. When the line is commented out, only the main hostname (defined in httpd.conf) works.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Unable To Configure Web Server On Host XXX

Jul 13, 2014

I'm getting this error ....

Code: Unable to generate the web server configuration file on the host <xxx> because of the following errors:

Template_Exception: apache2: bad user name <username>

file: /opt/psa/admin/plib/Template/Writer/Webserver/Abstract.php
line: 75
code: 0

Please resolve the errors in web server configuration templates and generate the file again.

<username> once was a user existing on the server. But I removed the user some days ago.

Since this morning I cannot reconfigure my web server. This always stops with the error message from above.

Unfortunately there is no clue, where the error could be located. The Abstract.php is crypted, so I am not able to check the where the problem is...

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How Do I Configure Dedicated IP's On Virtual Machines Running On A CentOS5 Host

May 24, 2009

How do I configure dedicated IP's on Virtual Machines running on a CentOS5 Host?

I installed VMWare Server 2 almost without a problem using no GUI, I now have the web interface for the VMWS2 and any machine I create and run on it seems to do so without a problem.

The thing is, I can't connect or know how to configure this virtual network so I end up using 2 dedicated IPs on the Virtual Machine.

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How Many Sites Do You Host

May 24, 2009

I did a search on the forum bu it exploded so I thought I would post the question - sorry if it's been asked.

I would like to know how many sites are commonly hosted on a dedicated server..

Say - 4 gigs of RAM, and a Q9300 (for example).

I know that some companies put 600 - 800 sites on the server and then customers talk about load and etc etc.. So, I just wanted to get a feel for how many sites/server..

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One Host For 2 Different Sites

Apr 18, 2008

I have a godaddy deluxe Linux hosting plan for the next year. I'm wondering how I can host my two sites on that plan. According to GoDaddy it's possible but how can I do that and have each site separately? It says the only way would be to have it for other site but I don't want that. I want it to be so you visit one site and it takes you to that exact site.

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How Many Sites Can I Host On A VPS

Apr 17, 2007

I'm not going to define a "site" so you define it 4 times and tell me with every one how many sites I can host.



Sites: single page to forum... (shared hosting basically)

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How To Configure Apache Logs For Virtual Host (copy Log File To Homedir Of User )

Jul 19, 2014

I'm trying to configure Apache logs to split logs files for every virtual host on the server

for example: {site1 .com} => copy access_log to /home/site1/public_html/logs {site2 .com} => copy access_log to /home/site2/public_html/logs .. {site3 .com} => copy access_log to /home/site3/public_html/logs

i want to also to make sure is the logs files updated in the real time

operating system is CentOs6, with Apache and cPanel

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How Many Sites I Can Host On 3GB Space

Jun 24, 2009

I found host1plus hosting, mini plan offering 3GB space, so I'm interested how many sites I can host there?

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