Hosting A Subdomain Only

May 27, 2009

I have a client that we will call "" (example for this question). is a huge company that has their own servers, etc. etc.

However, they want me to host one of their subdomains for them...


Is this possible to host only that one particular subdomain for or are they going to need their root domain ( with me before I am able to host this subdomain.

And, if I can host only the subdomain, how do I do this?

Its just one of those things I have never done before in my years of hosting.

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How Many Subdomain And Hosting

Sep 2, 2008

I'm doing website for my customers then they can get a free subdomain and hosting on my server.

May someone help that I want to know how many hosting can I have on one server, I know this depend on server, but how many that can let server runs propertly.

So how may subdomain that can I create when I'm using managed DNS domain now?

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Hosting A Certain Subdomain At Different Server

Apr 25, 2009

I want to host a personal FTP server for myself and friends at home. I have 30Mbit/30Mbit unlimited optical fiber net with a static IP, so that isn't my problem. I also know how to setup the FTP on my computer.

The thing I need help with is the domain. How can I make be hosted at home while the main domain (and the other subdomains) is hosted by a host? I don't own the domain or a host yet, so I'm open for all options.

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Plesk 12.x / Linux :: Domain / Subdomain - Hosting Type?

Nov 28, 2014

Following configuration given:

Abo with "" - Hosting Type - Webspace (with E-Mail Services)
Subdomain "" - Hosting Type - Forward

Customer asked us to activate Forward for " "to other Domain for 2 weeks - but as soon as a Subdomain points on a Domain - I can NOT change the Hosting Type anymore ... WHY???

If I want to change Hosting Type from Hosting to Forward for some weeks - it always deletes the whole Webspace for the Domain ... ?!?

1) Why can't I change Hosting Type when a Sub-Domain is created?
2) Why can't I tell Plesk to change Hosting Type WITHOUT deleting the whole Webspace ...

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Apache :: Redirection Page From Subdomain To New Subdomain

May 11, 2015

Wordpress installation (WPML with 3rd level domain es. site. com, fr. site. com).

I need to redirect page from subdomain to a new subdomain

Example: -> (different subdomain) -> ->

Source site is very chaotic and there are no clear rule for redirection (no regex )

So I need to redirect every page but syntax:

Redirect 301 http://

doesn't work!

which is the correct syntax ?

Can I manage all from one .htaccess file in main root (www) or should I create "esp" directory (and point old subdomain to it - one for every language) and put .htaccess in every directory with redirection ? 

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[cPanel] Not Working | - Working Ok

Jul 24, 2007

I have problem, - not working - working

When I creating new subdomain: - all working ok, I have problem only with this one domain.

I deleting, deleting dns zones, deleting account, adding domain to other account - all not working for

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Using A Subdomain For SSL

Oct 17, 2009

When I was with another host, they set it up so one of my subdomains had a static IP address, and I was able to use this for my SSL certificate. My new host (sharkspace) uses CPanel (other host used HELM) but it seems to me like CPanel could do this as well.

Does HELM have some feature that CPanel does not? How do I set this up? They are telling me that they cannot do this for a subdomain, and I cant afford to go buy a wildcard ssl certificate.

They also told me in the past that the only way to redirect a subdomain was using an iframe (when using the DNS Zone Editor was entirely doable) so im not exactly sure their staff has much of a clue going on,

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Subdomain And IIS

Mar 17, 2008

I want to create a subdomain ""

I want this subdomain to be redirected to another site. Possible? how?

the hoster has a catch all set on my domain,

but how can I add a subdomain and have that subdomain redirect to a different site in IIS 6 (WS2003)?

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IPs To Subdomain Only Except One

Dec 19, 2007

to block all IPs to a subdomain, except one. I am sure there are many ways to do this but I need the most secure. The domain does not need the IPs blocked, just the sub domain.

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Using WHM Tools To Set Up A SubDomain

Aug 15, 2005

I am using PayPal's IPN to set up hosting accounts. It works fine if the user is setting up a domain such as, but if they are using a subdomain from the hosting, such as, it fails to work. Here is the code I am using ...

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Dyndns With Subdomain?

Jan 6, 2009

Hi, i was wondering how i would be able to use a subdomain to "dyndns". By dyndns i mean how some people use or to hide their IP address. It doesnt only hide and "mask" but it's basically like being on a normal website, where the website actually changes for each page you go to. For example pretend i was using

Pretend i dont have a domain and i host a website through my VPS

Instead of 123.456.78.9, i used no-ip.or and it was now But it not only masks, if someone goes to index.php. It would be and if someone went to chat.php, their address bar would say

But is it possible to do this with a subdomain?

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Subdomain Creation

Aug 12, 2009

I am trying to create subdomain for my site [url]but it is not working i tried with another name [url]and it worked however it shows subdomain has been created but dont works. I want the [url]but still it is unable to resolve it

I contacted to the host but i think i will get reply late. anyone knows how to resolve this

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Subdomain Account

Mar 26, 2009

i got host with cpanel, i need create some subdomain accounts for user, a folder tree like this:




each user has ftp account, is this safe? can users use php script to access back to root or other subdomain? if yes how to protect?

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Redirect To Subdomain

Feb 15, 2009

I am trying to do is have a redirect so the files get redirected to a subdomain. So gets pointed to However, I want to keep the current URLs, so say I got [url], the below code is just redirecting that url to [url]rather than

Options +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$
RewriteRule (.*) [url]/$1 [R=Permanent]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}$
RewriteRule (.*) [url]$1 [R=Permanent]

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Change DNS To A Subdomain

Jul 12, 2009

Is it possible to change DNS to a subdomain when the domain is hosted in a VPS?

What about for a dedicated server or a shared hosting?

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Can You Put A Subdomain On A Different Server

Nov 2, 2009

I have a design client who's main site (eg. is currently hosted, let's say, at He wants to add a blog to his site. I could just set up a subdomain for it and be done with it, but for SEO purposes, I prefer to put his blog on my server which is a different IP.

So is there a way to put his blog, as a subdomain, on my server even though the main site is hosted elsewhere? Is there some magic that can be done in the DNS settings (cpanel/WHM) that can point to the files on my server? Or does he have to simply buy another domain for the blog?

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Different Subdomain, Different Host

Nov 3, 2009

I currently have a domain If I create a subdomain e.g. and can I host these subdomains with 2 different hosting comanys

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SubDomain Host

Jun 6, 2008

I own a domain,, and wanted to create a subdomain ( but wanted to host that sub domain on another host.

In otherwords, is on my own dedicated server, but I wanted to host on lunarpages, godaddy, or any other host.

I didn't see this ability on Godaddy or Lunarpages which leads me to the question which hosts allow me to use my own subdomain while keeping my main domain on my dedicated server?

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Resolving Subdomain

Mar 16, 2008

I'm using DirectAdmin as a CP on one of my server & recently I bought a new windows server with plesk as CP.

My DOMAIN is on my 1st server where i'm using Directadmin. I want to resolve my subdomain to my new server.

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Dns Of Subdomain Loss Sometimes

Apr 26, 2008

i have two servers with whm/cpanel and centos,

i host my on server-A and create a account with subdomain on server-A,

some days later,

i move the account website to server-B,

a> i change the domain of to on server-A from whm,

b> and i edit the dns from whm and add a a address record to point to the server-B.

i think my setting is right and the link will run well,

but i am not sure why sometimes people can not link the,

and they check do the check "ping",

and they will get the ip of original server-A,

because it assail me for months and i'm not sure how to fix it completely.

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New Users And Subdomain

Jun 27, 2008

I am a server admin.

Recently, when I set up new user account, there's something strange in FTP.. ( Please check the image for detail )

Besides, all the new set up subdomain cannot use (no matter new or old user) and 404 error occur.

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Subdomain Email

Jun 9, 2008

how to create subdomain email.

for example, I own, I want to create,

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Subdomain On Different Ip Address

Feb 8, 2008

I have domain, let say it is which is hosted at one IP. I would like to create subdomain and host it on another server with different IP address.

Is it possible?

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Set Record MX For Subdomain

Apr 6, 2008

we must point out all email services of domain

we make it under "edit dns" of WHM by change mail to NEW IP

this work fine BUT NOT for subdomain as

The email sent to keep to delivery on old server

ho to set this?

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How To Point Subdomain On Another VPS

Jul 18, 2008

I have my domain name pointed to a VPS 1. I want its subdomain (for example to be pointed to another VPS 2.

So that if someone visits the php files are delivered from VPS1 and if some visits then php files are delivered from VPS2.

I need to keep my VPS1 rock solid and extremely secure by keeping lowest possible php files and on low load too and want another VPS for online demo and testing (high load and cluttered with php files). I cannot use another domain (for second vps) as the pages are already indexed on google and changing domain means will have to again reindex them and rank them in google.

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Create Subdomain In SSH

Jun 14, 2008

How can create a sub domain for one of our accounts in SSH?

we use cPanel.

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Subdomain Only In Other Host

Dec 24, 2008

i have 1 dedicated server, and 1 shared hosting the is hosted in dedicated server i want the subdomain in other host i have try this but not working:

I. the dedicated server have whm and cpanel
in whm i go to DNS Functions --> Edit DNS Zone --> i add sub name , choose A, and enter other ip host

II. the shared hosting only have cpanel
i go to cpanel --> addons domain --> add my
then go to cpanel again --> Subdomains --> i add sub from
with above step i just got this when accessing the url [url]:

Great Success!
Apache is working on your cPanel and WHM Server
If you can see this page, then the people who manage this server have installed cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM) which use the Apache Web server software and the Apache Interface to OpenSSL (mod_ssl) successfully. They now have to add content to this directory and replace this placeholder page, or else point the server at their real content.

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Subdomain Or Domain For Ssl?

May 2, 2008

i wanted to create . i can create this either as a separate domain or as a subdomain for

which one is preferred and why?

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Mod_Rewrite Subdomain

Aug 31, 2007

I am attempting to redirect any subdomain as follows:

subdomain(dot)domain(dot)com to

I am having some issues doing this though. None of the samples online seem to work. Do I need a wildcard subdomain? Do I need to do anything to the dedicated linux server I am on? I have other sites on the same server all using mod_rewrite successfully.

Here is what I have so far:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^w{3}. [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^([^.]+)$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^.*$ /index.php?user=%1 [L]

Is there anything I am missing to get this thing working?

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Docroot On Subdomain

Jul 24, 2007

I've set up a subdomain on my server. And got the Apache/CentOS welcome message.

But I'm having a bit of trouble with the DocRoot. It says I should put up files in /var/www/html/ - which doesn't make sense - at least it's not working.

Other virtual servers are under /home/domain/public_html ... So I'd like it to go like that... ie /home/subdomain/public_html ...

How do I find out what is the valid DocRoot (it's set to /home/subdomain/public_html but isn't working). I tried so place it under the initial domain /home/domain/public_html/subdomain - which would allow me to acces the subdomain without making corrections to ftp users - but the files I upload just get instantly deleted.

I probably just don't know about some weird redirects or bash_profile stuff.

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