Game, What's The Best Bandwidth?

Apr 8, 2008

To the gamers out there (US only), what do you think is the best bandwidth you had experienced so far?

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Game Server Bandwidth Usage?

May 4, 2008

For research can someone tell me what is the average transfer ratio for a game server (ie Inbound vs Outbound)

So if a game server used 200GB outbound. How much Inbound would this equate to?

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Bandwidth Monitoring :: Create Bandwidth Charts Of Network Objects

Apr 3, 2009

I have a Sonicwall NSA 3500. Does anyone know if you can use it to create bandwidth charts of Network Objects (e.g. IPs or Groups of IPs)?

I am thinking something like Cacti, but I don't know the code to pull that info or if it's even technically possible.

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Game VPS

May 3, 2007

i want to say that at one point in time, powervps or solarvps installed gaming software, like half life, so well, you couls have a game server.

Are there any vps hosts that allow this? I couldnt find any info on those websites, but a couple years ago im sure i saw such a feature.

Also, if i do buy a vps or a dedicated server that allows me to use such gaming software, via ssh how would i accomplish the installation?

Me and 2-3 others have this game we'd like to put on a server, but because it's going to be a private server with only us 2-3 people ~ we were also wondering if the software could be installed on a cpanel/whm vps or server at the same time?

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Need A UK VPS For Game Server

Sep 6, 2008

Hello all, First time poster on the forum and i hope you can all answer my questions, thanks.

About 2 weeks ago I bought a team fortress 2 gameserver from a provider in the U.K and it has been great and it was a good price.

A few days ago i was speaking to a friend and he suggested that i should use a VPS because it is cheaper and i could run maybe 2 32 man slot servers on a VPS.

I was just wondering if anyone has tried this, is it a good idea?, what is the cheapest UK VPS provider? i think easyspace is the best i could find.

I am currently paying 15 pound a month for a 20 man team fortress 2 server and i can get a 32 man for 24, so anything below that is great.

Many thanks all, and look forward to seeing the replies.

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Game Servers On A VPS

Apr 2, 2009

Personally I would never follow this route (hosting gameserver(s) on a VPS), but maybe some people on these forums do and I'm quite interested in what these people run (game+slots), on what hardware/OS, at which host and their opinion about the performance of it.

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Looking For Web Hosting For A Web Game

Oct 21, 2009

First I would like to start by explaining my past and current situation.

When I was in High School I created a web game called that was intended for me to learn how to Code PHP and to create things with a couple of friends.

However, within 3 days the game exploded and receiving large amounts of hits and users by nothing but word of mouth. Before I knew what to do, my host said the price of my next month was going to go up from $5 to $50, and at the time I knew nothing about web hosting and was making (barely) enough money from Google Ad-sense so I gladly paid them to continue working on the game.

As the site got larger, the host continued to ask for large amounts of money until I could no longer afford the game because the host was kicking me off of his hosting because I was simply taking up too much of his space.

(I was going to link my daily usage data here, but apparently I have to post 5 times first to add links.)

Now, there is more.

I am NOT hosting the same game, but I am expecting similar numbers just increased a bit higher with a few differences.

This game extensively uses PHP GD Image Functions to generate images for characters and map data. So I expect the server load to be much higher. But PHP GD Image Functions must be on the server, Which I do not anticipate to be a problem.

What is the recommended solution for web hosting? I live in a fairly remote area and could not host my own server, but I am afraid of being removed from a hosting plan again after what happened last time.

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Game Servers On Vps

Aug 31, 2007

I was speaking to Jaguarpc and they told me I can run game servers on my vps.

Does anyone else think this is possible?

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VPS Recommend For Game?

Mar 14, 2009

Is it recommended to use a VPS for online gaming like the mmorpg? Any recommendation on which hosting shall i get from for the VPS?

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Game Servers?

Aug 13, 2008

Our company was thinking about selling some game servers for a monthly lease.

Just wanted to know are these any good to make money from? or are they at all worth getting into?

Just some general information or tips would be great!

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About Game Servers

Jun 30, 2008

I was going to get a TS server , and i found a very interesting company

My users range is from Europe and North Africa , so i was going to choose the one of the three locations avaiable in Euro

Which one of them are better , and as an overall , Is Gameservers worth what i will pay for it.

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Game Servers FPS Way Too Low Need Help

Oct 26, 2006

Alright, I have been running game servers for about 8 months now, but I am having some issues with a new box I just ordered in Ny. I only have 1 server on it, which is a CS 1.6 server and it is getting HORRIBLE FPS. Now usually when I put a new server on a box it always gets constant fps, so if I set it to 500 it will pretty much stay at 500, this has been the case on 10+ boxes I have. This one is getting from about 100-300 with a few spikes to 500. Now as far as running the game server, I know what I am doing, however this must me an issue with the server.

It is a Dual Opteron 252 with 2gb's of ram.(Plenty to run a high fps server)

The only thing I can think of is maybe the timer set in the linux kernel is too low. If so how would I change this (Never done it before)

Anyone else have similar problems? Any ideas what could be the problem?

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Game Servers ...

Mar 10, 2007

i got my box and im thinking of opening a Gsp but for the moment i just wanna learn everythign before opening it. its been already 1 month and a half i have it. i know how to run game servers and stuff but i still dont know how to like make a server 1000fps boosted ( i know how but it seems like its making serevr speed Faster) or Setup ftp access only to this server and such! I need Some1 that is already in this Kind of bussness to help me. If you have Ventrilo it would be perfect because its easier for me to talk then typing everytime. Thnx alot guys. just contact me from pms in here.

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Game Reselling

Dec 2, 2008

is there such a thing as game reselling and could some one suggest a provder?

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Game Server On VPS ...

Aug 18, 2008

I just got a dedicated server yesterday for my website. I originally had it on a VPS, but sharing the server with numerous other people bogged down the harddrive.

Anyway, I got a dedicated with a Quad-Core 2.5Ghz processor(Q9300), 150gb Raptor, 8 Gb Ram (Yes, Eight), 100Mb connection, on Windows Server 2008 Standard. (Server is at )

Well, it will be a few months before the website takes off to heights requiring this power. I just bought it now so I don't have to keep upgrading when hitting the ceiling.

Unfortunately, I'm paying $200 a month with not much action. However, windows 2008 comes with Hyper-V software, so I can run VPS's. I was thinking about selling like one super-powerful VPS (at least 4 gig ram dedicated) to someone who wants to start a game server. I'd ask just for like $50 bucks a month, which is pretty darn good for the server specs.

As this is not the offers forum, which I can't post in, I'm asking if these are good enough specs for someone to host a bomb game server on? Anyone know a forum where I could get some offers?

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Game Servers

Jun 30, 2007

When you host a game server do you just buy the game, then install it on the server and run it as a server.

As you can read i dont know where to start

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Is My Game Server Doing Ok

Jun 2, 2007

I decided to setup a Counter Strike Source game server on my spare laptop which has the following specs:

850mhz Pentium III

Surprisingly, it can manage 24 players (haven't had more people on yet) with very little noticeable lag and only with a 1.3MBit upload speed. :-) It took some fine tuning with the server rates but it's doing pretty well so far.


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Game Hosters

Nov 7, 2007

are there any companys i can contact that can host a MMO that i make?

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C+ + Gml Game Hositng?

Jul 29, 2007

I have a contact who has coded a game in c++ gml and some MUD code its a mmorpg game and am wondering if i will need any special tweaks doing to the server to host this on a linux server bearing in mind it been coded on a windows machine.

Also will it cause any security hole to the server

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Running Game Servers

Feb 25, 2006

lately I have though about getting a game server.. but the question I found myself stuck with is:

Should I get my own dedicated server or get rentals off of other people.

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Hosting For An Indie Game.

Sep 21, 2008

Looked around the site but I am so new to this that I could not tell if anyone had asked about a situation that was truly similar.

I am trying to find a good host for the promotion, download, purchase and forum for an indie game.

I estimate 220 gig per month at our peak. We have good programmers but we know nothing about web hosting. We just have one guy who made a website with Joomla once. (we will probably be using this to build our website.) We are looking for 30$ to 50$ range. Is this silly?

Have googled it but prices and services varied so wildly that I was forced to believe that some of them were lies.

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Game Server Requirements

Nov 18, 2007

I'm looking to put 4-6 CoD4 servers on a dedicated server.

What specs would be good for a box for that many servers?

How would a E6600 2.4GHz with 2gb memory do?

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Game Server Optimization?

Feb 18, 2008

I hope some of you folks could give me some pointers here. I have a server that is used for a gaming clan's purposes. Nothing major as far as games go, but what I got I want running at peak efficiency.

The most important is the Counter-Strike source. I really need the kernel frequency to be tweaked for this. The number one question is can I merely modify the existing config file and recompile that or do I need to start all over? If I could do that is it something like make old or something to that matter?

I am running a couple other servers as well, but there is never a time where all the servers have anyone in them. I keep everything running. After installing some weird stuffs here and there I got the memory usage to go down. I think. Regarding a scenario of having more than one instance of a game, is there any way to share memory between them?

My Swap. Is there a way to force idling games to move to it instead of using physical memory?

The kernel is what I really need to take care of. I'm still somewhat of a n00b and have just switched from centos to debian to top it off. So any tips would make my day. Thanks for reading me.

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Game Server - Swat 4!

Nov 7, 2008

Game Server - Swat 4!

Well, I need a game server that can handle swat 4! I want it to be really cheap, (dont really want a dedicated server, want a GAME server)

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Setting Up A Game Server

Nov 7, 2007

as you may know i am fairly new at setting up my own servers, well i was wondering if anyone out there could help me with setting up a dedicated game server to run halo or battlefield i have halo server installed on my windows xp box and followed the read me from start to finish, have port forwarded to the box but i just get the command line coming up saying dedicated server is running on map timberland <0 / 12 players>

im looking to host this game to the internet for people to play off my server not just for a lan server of the game.

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Starting Game Hosting

Jul 12, 2009

I want to know how to start a Game Hosting Business?

I appreiciate any details like game (ex. Counter Strike) license?

Hardware requiremnts? Bandwidth usage?...

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Dedicated For Game Hosting

Aug 8, 2008

I was going to buy a dedicated web server with this 3 specs.

I will only host 10 slots CW servers so keep in mind that they are not full all the time. No websites will be hosted on the machine nor TS (have special VPS for it). Can someone tell me how many Counter Strike server I can approximately create on this 3 configurations: ...

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Running A Game On A Server

Apr 5, 2008

I'm a flight Sim Buffer, I use Microsoft flight simulator X Delux, I also have real flying hours under my belt too.

My Question is, what would I need to have FSX running 365 days of the year with upto 100 Connections at all times from it, plus teamSpeak?

Should I Rent a gaming server and allow my costs to increase, which taking into account I have three children, would be quite hard? Or is there a Gaming server service that I can use?

Any help would be great, also I picked this topic, and I'm quite new for posting, so do forgive me for posting in the wrong topic if thats the case.

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Xen Or OpenVZ For Game Server?

Sep 13, 2007

I'm making an online puzzle game and I'm wondering which virtualization would handle it the best: OpenVZ or Xen and why.

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How A Game Server Runs On My Vps

Sep 6, 2007

I am running a counterstrike source 20 slot 66 tick server on my vps.

My vps specs: 512mb ram

When I have around 4 players on it my cpu load is around 7% when theres no players on it its around 0%.

I take it this is really good? Cause I thought cpu usage would be alot higher.

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Game Hosting In Europe

Jun 8, 2008

100 mbit atleast
10 Tb traffik to every server atleast
Lots of ram and disc space

u guys know what i need when i say game servers ho is best to the price? i dont want the cheapest if they sux and have high pings.

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