Futurehosting / WiredTree Review

Jun 10, 2008

I have been working for more than one year with FH, and now WT for a few months, and I wanted to tell you how was my experience with them so far.

We all know FH have good reputation here so I decided to go for them with a managed 1GB (+256MB special) fully managed VPS. The improvement over past hostings (modvps, dreamhost...) was notorious, both in speed and service. Tickets were resolved fast and servers were fast and reliable. Had a couple of downtimes but nothing important. However service was going worse with time, and had couple of misunderstandings with them and what I consider not a perfect service (not bad, but not perfect) and for the specs I was paying (1250 RAM) I would expect better performance so I decided to move to another server.

I have to say that after the complete transition to the next hosting I had a big mistake on my side on the new VPS, and the only way to solve it was to recover the old backups on the old VPS. After cancelling with them they were so kind to reopen my account for a few days for free in order to recover my backups. Very nice.

I would rate them 8 out of 10 (around 1 year with them)

So after FH experience I decided to move to WiredTree. They are more expensive but everybody were speaking wonders about them so I decided to give them a try. And wow, everything was as good (or better) as expected. WiredTree has been so far the best host I have ever been, both in performance but specially on service.

I started with a VPS with 512 MB of RAM and performance was better than my 1GB+ RAM VPS with FutureHosting! While in FH I was getting email warnings and processes killed because high CPU and RAM usage, same website in "worse" VPS was running better. In addition of that, and as many people said, service was outstanding, with all tickets replied in less than 20 minutes. Impressive! For the first time in 10 years moving to host to host I was having the impression of not being oversold like all the ones I have been before and with a Support as good as you could expect (fast, efficient, and with a human touch not trying to sell you every of their additional services)

And WT have so many nice features that make a pleasure to work with them. They are constantly hearing customers and improving network and services based on their comments, adding nice additional features from time to time, and I always have the feel the whole network is improving with time.

Additionally, they saved my *** couple of times restoring backups (when I didn't had my own ones!) or adjusting some things should have been fixed on my side (being not an expert this is really appreciated!).

They are a little bit pricey than competitors, but after trying them for a few months, they absolutely deserve it, this is exactly the kind of service you could expect at any level. I recommend them to any potential VPS customer, and I hope I can stay with them for long time

My rating, 10+ out of 10!!

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WiredTree Or FutureHosting

Jan 8, 2009

I have seen numerous comparisons between KnownHost & FutureHosting, WiredTree & KnownHost, etc etc, but never seen a comparison between WiredTree & FutureHosting.

FutureHosting ordering system is so confusing, and their separate charges for sevices monitoring, response time guarantee levels and hardware firewall charges are pushing me away from them. If you are their customer, please tell what options did you select while signup and how is everything going.

I need to decide between the two, what do you people recommend? FutureHosting or WiredTree?

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Servint / Liquidweb / Wiredtree / Futurehosting / Knownhost?

Oct 17, 2009

After reading many topic about VPS providers I finally found some providers who fits my needs.






It seems that those 5 have the best reviews and the best packages/price for my needs.

I think that Servint will be the best choise even if they are all good providers.

99% I will go for Servint,but I'd like to know how your experience is with Servint as a customer.

Just checked their speed and this seems to be perfect,to The Netherlands.

Most of my visitors will come from the US,but speed to The Netherlands must also be perfect to work with cpanel etc.

in the past I tried a VPS from FH and their speed to The Netherlands wasn't so good as the speed of Servint.

What I also like about Servint is that they have their own datacenter in Washington DC.

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My Review Of Futurehosting (futurehosting.biz)

Sep 18, 2007

I have been with Future Hosting since April of this year. I originally signed up during a promotion they had here on WebHosting Talk (for their Platinum Unmanaged Cpanel VPS).

My VPS was setup within a couple hours. Their support team was very helpful throughout the entire setup process.

For the months that followed, I had no major problems and everything was running great.

I would rarely experience an outage (in fact the only outages I experienced were due to network upgrades - and upgrades are a good thing). Future Hosting offered to do a free security setup on my VPS (which I thought was excellent - I didn't have to ask them, they asked me).

In the last month, I started to experience some slow downs on the VPS. Sometimes the slow downs were due to high load issues, the SATA hard drives, or a latency issue. I was setup on one of their Dallas servers when this was happening. Future Hosting offered to move my VPS to the Chicago datacenter. I read some posts on here that their Chicago servers are a lot better, so I accepted the offer to move the server. Jim from Future Hosting did the transfer and I was able to transfer all my web sites to the new server with ease. The speed difference moving from Dallas to Chicago was pretty dramatic. They also changed to SA-SCSI drives, and that makes a huge improvement (I believe Chicago and Dallas have the new drives).

In the end, the service at Future Hosting has been excellent. Support is great as well and their technicans are very helpful (especially Jim - great job). I recommend Future Hosting for anyone who wants a VPS. With the amazing prices they offer, and their excellent service, you can't lose.

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[REVIEW] Futurehosting.com

Mar 5, 2009

So I've been on a hostgator reseller account for a few years, and for the most part they were pretty good. Just recently they did a cpanel upgrade which hosed IMAP because I think they switched to dovecot, and IMAP SSL was mere impossible, always freezing my outlook client etc. That and finally wanting to have more control over the server I started my search for a VPS.

Of course, LOTS of reviews with different viewpoints on the different VPS offerings there are. What better place then to come here to see them.
Finally it came down to wiredtree and futurehosting. I finally pulled the trigger on futurehosting.

First glance, I was confused because I wasn't sure when my account was going to be created. I received a welcome email and when I tried to logon to cpanel, it wouldn't bring up a page. In the support chat they said to wait a few hours. After waiting a few hours I tried again but had cpanel errors, because the install was still in progress. See I'm the eager type, hahah so im sure if it was someone else they would have had the patience to wait.

Finally the server was up and running, me new to VPS started opening tickets with questions and "how to best case scenario" help. Just shy of 10 tickets [I would say under 10 minutes before a response was received], because I kept one question per ticket for easy tracking, and I was on my way to getting sites transferred using CPANELS built in transfer tool, which works flawless.

I have to hand it to futurehost, yes there were a few hiccups in the beginning, but it was WELL worth the move. Knock on wood.. I went from a 90ms response time on my old host to 7ms (Chicago DC woot)!

Support, I cannot hand it to ARUN (and the other staff) any better. He did a fantastic job resolving issues and response time was unbelievable.

I would recommend futurehost for those looking for a VPS. I'm still stunned by the quick responses in the support, so I know that when/if I do/did have/had problems it would be resolved instantly.

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Futurehosting Review

Jan 8, 2009

I purchased a VPS from Futurehosting at their Chicago datacentre back in October. They were running a special offering a 40% lifetime discount, with additional ram and bandwidth.

The additional features are nice but probably overkill for my needs. Who really uses all the bandwidth they say they need!

Server was the Platinum cPanel, that comes managed for $35 or there abouts. They colocate their servers in the Steadfast facility, which alone is a nice bonus. I already have servers with PowerVPS but I`ve been looking for a Chicago server for a while and the knockdown price tempted me over.

I wanted something in Chicago owing to my location in eastern Canada. I get supeb latency as do my clients.

Anyway, server was paid for immediatly and it wasn`t more than a few hours later one evening when I received my welcome emails along with the other things. Everything was up and running, however there was a slight glitch with the cPanel installation which Jim looked into.

The fact they offer a managed service, colocate in Steadfast, advertise quality hardware, offer proactive monitoring (one service free), daily backups and a bunch of other stuff is sweet.

Three months later I am still with them, I would score them as follows:

Support: 8/10, I would really love to give them 10/10 because the team are always responsive but there two things that bug me. The canned responses, when I would prefer an answer as to what happened not the "this has been fixed now". The support desk is frustrating as hell, especially when email piping is not used. You have to login through HSPC then login to the support desk with a different password. Just seems like a series of annoying hurdles which is as I said, frustrating when you`re in a hurry! That said, the techs are responsive and usually reply with five or ten minutes. I can`t recall a long wait for a ticket to be resolved.

Sales/Billing: 10/10, Nothing to complain about here. They do as they say, work within their advertised hours competently. Vik and Jim who generally man this desk are great guys to work with. Vik the owner is very flexible and seems like a standup guy. Example I had a billing issue where I asked if he could wait a few days before I paid the invoice - this wasn`t a problem for him. I`ve even had sales tickets answered after hours, admittedly they take a little longer to reply but still!

Network/Hardware/Uptime: 10/10, the service has been fantastic at the Steadfast facility. I get pings of 46ms average and my clients always comments on the speed of service. I cannot recall any downtime and I monitor it every ten minutes, so far 100% uptime since October.

Overall: 9/10, should have been ten but my two moans about the support desk and canned response, but hey that might be me being overly fussy.

I can highly recommend these guys. A few days ago I ordered another server. Vik won me over when he mentioned the new 32gig nodes being installed at the Equinix facility in Ashburn, yes that`s Equinix. Yes I can appreciate the node is new and lightly loaded so far, but man the VE runs at warp speed. Perhaps in a few months once he has loaded this node more I`ll come back and update on this new VE I purchased.

Mods, I can submit a domain for verification if you like

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Futurehosting - Review

Jul 11, 2008

I have been with Futurehosting for 6 months now.

I would strongly recommend these guys to anyone out there who is looking for a good VPS provider.

In my initial question and answer with them they were prompt in answering my questions.

I have opened about 8 tickets since my signing up and every ticket has been responded to at least within an hour and communication prompt the whole way through the ticket process.

They migrated my server a while back when they had issues with the Dallas location. Flawless transition with good communication. I even scored an extra 194 dedicated RAM out of the move.

My plan provides:

30 Gig HD
450 Gig Bandwidth
512 MB Ram
194 MB sign up upgrade
194 MB Dallas Center thanks upgrade.
Managed Server


Currently, they are offering 550 Gig bandwidth with the Platinum plan. If I had an issue with them, and I don't, it would be that I could not be upgraded to the 550 without losing my RAM upgrades.

I have Cpanel, Vbulletin, and Phpbb installed. Sitting idle they consume about 175 MB of RAM.

So, in closing I would recommend Futurehosting to anyone interested in a VPS.

With all of that being said..... I would like to give honorable mention to Knownhost who answered all of my questions just as fast as Future. The 194 RAM and a Cpanel were the differences for me... and for the same price I felt like I was getting a little more. If future folded... Known will be the next stop!

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Futurehosting 2 Year Review

Oct 6, 2009

I have been with futurehosting since October 2007 and have had my ups and downs. see my history below:

October 2007: Signed up for both a vps in chicago and one in dallas datacenter. I used my chicago server for my primary hosting and my dallas server is used only for DNS failover for 2 websites. I am a small town host that hosts locally only so we have around 15 clients. Everything was working ok, but the chicago server just always seemed slow, ocasional load spikes throughout the day hitting the 5 or 6s. So finally in May 2009 I posted on WHT to seek some help for why loads were so high and we came to the conclusion in that thread that it must be an overloaded server. So I shot off a ticket to futurehosting to move me to a different node and they did without any problems. Loads seemed to go way down after the move and my server was zippy fast again.

August 2009: My chicago server has been getting progressivly slower throughout the last 3 months and we are back to load spikes again. I finally give up with the load issue and just assume it is my problem.

September 11, 2009: Now I run into a problem with php handeling sessions and ask for help from futurehosting and have a problem with them lying to me. You can see the thread here. Jim at futurehosting is aware of this and apologized deeply. And they reprimanded the admin working on my case.

September 21, 2009: I migrated my chicago server to Wiredtree and still have my dallas server as my backup with futurehosting. Since moving to Wiredtree, all of my load issues have gone away and load sits around 0.25 average.

Please note that in all these cases I have opened tickets with futurehosting and worked with them through the problems.

Now, after I got my history out of the way, here is my review:

Value: 10/10

futurehosting is one of the best values around especially now with their 40% off for life and more ram. I, as an existing customer even submitted a ticket complaining how new customers get this and we as exhisting dont and they gave me the discount.

Support: 7/10

I think the support of futurehosting is a little below of top tier. When you submit a ticket with futurehosting after 15 min you get a reply stating were working on it. Then sometimes after 30 min you get a reply were escelating this to sysadmins. And finally after 45 min the problem is fixed. Now keep in mind this is just one instance, but almos all receive a first ticket stating were working on it and then 15 min later its fixed. Now, I really dont have much to compare to here other than wiredtree, and when you submit a ticket to them, 15 min later you get a response fixed. Now about the server admin lying directly to me when he couldnt fix the problem. I realise this is a rare isolated instance, but still put a sour taste in my mouth.

Server Performance: 5/10

Performance was good at times bad at times and overall seemed slow at futurehosting. I think, but not sure that maybe they are overloading their servers

Server Uptime: 10/10

Server was always up, and I mean always. Only around once or twice in two years was there a problem with DDOS on another server that caused routing problems in the datacenter to cause my server to be unreachable.

I hav enever had any problems with my server in dallas and it is always fast and zippy and never down. I have also never really submitted a ticket on my server in dallas because it is used so infrequently. We, however are leaving futurehosting and will be in process of moving our dallas server away from them soon.

Well, there you have it, my review of futurehosting after two years.

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FutureHosting.com 18-month Review

Jan 23, 2009

I signed up with FutureHosting.com in June of 2007 when my site's traffic was too much for the shared hosting account at GoDaddy (their hosting is horrendous, btw). After looking around WHT here, I discovered a relatively new VPS hosting company called FutureHosting.biz and, because of their great prices, I decided to give them a try.

Having no idea about anything related to managing a server (and still don't, for the most part), the extra $5/month was definitely worth it. Their support is very prompt to respond to tickets. I think the longest I've ever waited is about 30 minutes, but that typically their response time is about 10-15 minutes. If the situation is something they can solve for you, they do it, rather than spitting back a step-by-step tutorial on how to fix it or make the necessary changes yourself.

A couple situations that are noteworthy:

1. Apache kept going down on my VPS fairly regularly. Since I didn't have the automatic ping service, it would be down for up to a day at a time before I realized it. They would kindly restart apache for me each time, but after a couple weeks of it, I started to complain. They told me about the ping service, but I didn't see why I should pay for an additional service to keep my sites online when their hosting service couldn't do that on it's own. Why should I pay for a service that can't stay online and then pay more for a service to be notified each time it went down? Vik, the owner, contacted me and said they would add the ping service to my account for no extra charge. Fortunately, Apache hasn't screwed up much since then anyway.

2. There have been several times when FutureHosting went out of their way to help me fix problems or address issues that technically weren't even their problems. For example, I was having trouble with a certain CMS and they helped me troubleshoot it and get to the root issue even though it didn't really have too much to do with the VPS.

3. More recently I had them compile Red5 on my VPS so I can integrate video recording with one of my sites. Unfortunately, it kept failing because it requires at least 1 GB of available memory, and at the time my VPS only had 768 MB total. So, rather than making me go all the way up to a dedicated server just to experiment with my new site, they created a custom package for me and threw in 384 MB for FREE!

A couple things I wish were different.

1. I wish they had a phone number (or Skype account) to call for emergencies (like when sites go down or something).

2. I wish they had live chat on their support site.

3. I wish that when support finishes upgrading PHP, MySQL, restoring something from a backup for me, or whatever, that they'd actually check my site to make sure it's up and running. Too often they complete the support ticket, only for me to come back later and say, "Thanks for doing the upgrade/restore/fix for me so promptly, but none of my sites are responding, or they have an Internal Server Error message displayed." Of course they go back and make the correction fairly quickly, but that last little step would be greatly appreciated.

I've found that FutureHosting is always very sensitive to the needs of their clients, and that they also value their client's opinions very highly on a personal level. The past year and a half with them have not been perfect, but I am definitely a loyal customer and will probably never use another webhost as long as they're around. Overall, I'd give them 9/10 stars.

P.S. I see I'm supposed to verify my domain in order to make this review legit, so if an admin or mod wants to contact me about how to do that, that would be fine.

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Initial Review - FutureHosting VPS

Mar 9, 2009

I signed up with FutureHosting for a managed Linux VPS. I'm about a week into going "live" with the nameservers switched over and am very happy! I was going to wait a month before posting but these guys have been so patient and thorough with the tickets I've submitted I wanted to give my initial thoughts

Overall 9.5/10
Great Host. Very patient and thorough support. Very Good response time. Surprisingly low pricing. I highly recommend for your VPS. Very Good response time on Support BUT no phone support

Signup 9/10
Signup was straightforward. I think they have a higher volume than normal with their promotion. It took a bit of time to set up the VPS (under 10-12 hours) but I'll take a few hours' delay if I'm getting a good product/support for months/years.

Speed 10/10
They publish their speedtests here [url]I just downloaded a couple test files (5-20MB each) from my VPS and I get to about 1.1 MB/sec. At that point it may be a limit from my ISP (FYI speedtest.net gives my download 14000 kbps = 1.7MB/s). No issues on speed!
: Support :
Overall: 9/10
Speed: 9/10
Thoroughness: 10/10
'Other': 8/10
Very good response. For NORMAL PRIORITY issues, within 5-30 minutes I get a response that someone's attending to it and soon thereafter I have a resolution. Some tickets have taken longer but they haven't been critical issues so it's really okay. You can prioritize your tickets as CRITICAL or SERVER DOWN and I'm sure they're even faster.

They have gone back and forth with me and been patient with my questions (I've never administered a VPS before) and I GREATLY appreciate that. I've had many tickets with them and other hosts may have just said "this is really not an issue with the VPS" and left me to learn it myself-- FutureHosting has been very helpful.

Sometimes (probably due to my own vagueness/lack of knowledge), my actual request/issue is unclear. I think this is where phone support would be very helpful; it's not currently offered. (and this is why Other gets an 8/10)

Reliability 10/10
I've had no downtime so far! My nameservers/DNS switch took longer than expected but that has nothing to do with FH.

Pricing 10/10
With their DoubleRAM/Bandwidth+30% off OR 50% deals, Pricing is great I think. Others had recommended WiredTree to me given their lightning quick response times. I'm sure they're amazing but they were also almost double the price. FutureHosting has had very good support at a great value IMHO

I'm not sure how you 'validate' my domain/review but just let me know and I'll PM you the information on my domain.

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FutureHosting 6 Month Review

May 5, 2009

FutureHosting.com Review - VPS 6 Months

The following is my review of FutureHosting.com. I am currently hosting with them using one of their "Elite Managed VPS" products. I will be reviewing FutureHosting.com on the following criteria Price
Each section will contain a score of 1(poor)-10(excellent)


I switched over to FutureHosting late last year after Zone.net unraveled. The following is my six month review of my hosting experience with FutureHosting.com.


Pricing is very competitive to other providers. When coupled with WHT offers the hosting packages can be very attractive.

Rating: 9 (very good)


Performance has been fairly good. I have had some issues with SMTP timeouts over the last month and I am currently experiencing some lag on a new VPS. I am confident that support should be able to resolve these issues.

Rating: 7 (good)


Site uptime has been very good and I have had only minor hiccups in my SMTP service.

Rating: 8 (good)


Support has been very quick to respond to my initial tickets -- usually within 15 minutes (for example I just opened a low priority ticket and I can see that 10 minutes later support has already logged into my server to install an application for me). The only issue I currently have with support is that they don't always communicate what was causing an issue and what they did to your server to resolve it (something I like to be aware of). Additionally, some of the new techs who are learning don't always read through the support request so you have to go back and forth to fully explain the issue. Arun, Alex and the other veteran tech's are very very helpful though (I have had a significant number of tickets with Arun and he has been excellent despite my many requests).

Rating: 8 (good)


Six months into my time with FutureHosting and I have been pleased so far with their service. The price is great, performance is good, and support has been very responsive. I would gladly recommend Futurehosting to other WHT users.

Overall Rating: 8.5 (good)

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Futurehosting.biz 6 Month Review

Oct 11, 2007

I've had two VPS from FutureHosting for 6 months now and I'd thought I'd do a quick write-up of my experience.

First of all the setup of the two VPS went very well. They are both 32-bit 128MB RAM unmanaged plans with CentOS, in Dallas, TX.

I had my login details sent to me within 1-2 hours which was excellent. I use them to host a nameserver for my webserver and on the other, a few Multi Theft Auto game servers (which are very low on resources).

The performance has been excellent throughout the past six months, so good that I haven't had to worry about how they're performing. Although there have been a few times where the servers have been a bit slow. I contacted them about this and they offered to move me to another node, which was done within 6 hours and no downtime, which solved the problem. There have also been one or two outages but I was very satisfied with the time taken to resolve these (only a few hours) although one was just a failed RAID card.

Apart from that these VPS have been performing tremendously and I cannot fault them at all - every supplier will have an outage or two and I was not worried, it is inevitable.

Network-wise I haven't had a single problem, no outages, great speeds, and low latency, just what I need.

Their support is really great, not only have I had an average response time of 30-40mins for 95% of my tickets (which is a lot better than some), they've been really friendly and informative, with explanations of why things have happened or what things mean. They really do go out of their way to help you any way they can, and for an unmanaged plan, I cannot fault them in the slightest.

I am very pleased with FutureHosting, and hope to stay with them for a long time to come yet. In fact I have just ordered another unmanaged VPS from them.

I'd like to take the time to say a big thanks to FutureHosting for a really great experience.

Overall I rate FutureHosting 9.5/10

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FutureHosting 1+ Week Review

Nov 13, 2008

It's rare that I care enough about a company to give it praise. That's because, for the most part, I expect a service to work correctly and it doesn't deserve praise for working as I expected (and paid for).

Well, today, I break from my own philosophies. I was looking for a new VPS provider about two weeks ago because I felt like my sites were a bit sluggish and was also curious what the current opinion was on my then-current provider, Zone.net. I was a bit concerned at the fact that several people complained about lack of support (something I had noticed as well on my own account with them), so I started my journey on finding a new provider.

I bumped into FutureHosting's special offer on WHT's offers section and looked up reviews of the this place. Reviews were fairly sparse (surprising, considering the fairly good deal they offered and as I will see, the awesome service they provide) but all positive.

So while I would've loved to become a WiredTree or a Knownhost customer, I decided to take a gamble and get a better spec'd VPS for the same money.

I sign up very late night, get an email the next morning saying everything was all set up. Try to log-in. Nothing. Contact support...within minutes, they answer, finding out that there was a problem with that particular config of servers in that datacenter.

Immediately offer to move me to another datacenter (Dallas, Chicago, etc) at the same price even though the special offered was in Seattle.

Setup the Dallas VPS node, and I get stuff setup there. And then my site seemingly goes down. Contact support and again, within a few minutes, get a response detailing what is wrong (a rare bug which caused misrouting)...again, it was fixed in a reasonable fashion.

The next day, I get an e-mail from Vik Patel, their CEO! He apologized for the situation and assured me this was a very rare set of cisrumstances and offered me a great deal to compensate me for my troubles. I was impressed at the level of involvement of the management!

Bottom line:
A night and day difference between Zone and FutureHosting support -- I used to be with dathorn.com on their reseller plans a long time ago, and I haven't seen support times like Dathorn's until I moved to futurehosting.

Powerful VPS's, reasonable prices. I think my site is much speedier on FH's servers.

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3+ Month Review Of FutureHosting.biz

Aug 27, 2008

I went from SolarVPS to FutureHosting.biz after over one year at SolarVPS in may this year. The main reason was lower price per month, since Im only hosting my personal sites, with no income what so ever. I paid almost $60/mo at SolarVPS and got a deal at FutureHosting that cost me around $30/mo.

I have a custom Gold plan with 512 MB RAM, 20 GB HD, 400 GB bandwidth, Plesk 8.4 30 domain, 3 IPs and managed plan in the UK.

I have to say that SolarVPS always has been great, and they have very good hardware and support. So I was unsure what I could expect from FutureHosting

The setup was fast, only three hours from I ordered to the VPS was ready. I had some problems with FTP transfers, but I did get help from support and they changed some settings and I was up and running again.

The next support ticket I opened was about port 3306 and remote access (Im using Navicat to take daily backup of my MySQL databases). The first reply I got was that the port was open in the firewall. But after a new mail to support, they fixed the problem, and told me that the port was not open in the firewall. They used around 5 hours to solve this problem.

Since Im on a managed plan, I decided to set them on a test, to create a backup solution that takes a weekly backup of my main sites, and transfer them to my home server. They created a script that takes a .gz backup of all my files, and transfers them to my home server.

They also made a script thats copy all of my logfiles to a directory that I can access from my home server, thats I use for my Webstats (Im using WebLog Expert thats only runs on Windows).

So they have made two custom scripts thats help me to secure my data, and give me all my logfiles. So I have to say that they really deliver fully managed plans.

I have had little downtime on the VPS since I started using them in May. Right now my VPS has been up for 59 days, and still have top performance.

Im very happy with the service and support from FutureHosting.biz and I hope I will stay for a very long time. Keep up the great work, and I hope you will stay in business for ever.

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FutureHosting.Biz 1 Year Review

Oct 31, 2007

I would like to tell my experience with FutureHosting.Biz I hope to this will be helpful who wants to get a VPS from them.
First of all excuse me for my English level.

What i have?
I had 2 VPS from FutureHosting.Biz actually for 14 months. One of them 32-bit 1024Ram and 40Gb the other one 64-bit 1024Ram 80Gb ram.
They are both managed, cPanel with CentOs on Intel Xeon cpus.

For what?
I have 32 websites running with PHP/MySQL and a web-hosting company in the first VPS working very well. The other one using for a bandwith monster web-site like Mr.Skin and a free forum hosting site. This VPS works without trouble too.

Setup speed
Login details of VPSs sent to me so early like in 3 hours while I was still reading the wellcome guide...

What about the performance
I would like to be honest, I wont earn or win something with this review. But I can say never seen a downtime by them. Yes we had some downtimes but these caused from our mistakes. Also I could not remember any crash or something like that.

Support staff doing their job as well as possible. I did not have any un-solved ticket in the help desk. I do not want to talk about solution time, because it depends to profession what you wanted from them. But first response comes in 30min always.

I always check the other VPS providers to learn whats going in VPS providing industry.

But never seen a better one for performance/price/reliability equation.

If you are serious about your website, i think you should think about serious VPS provider FutureHosting

Im still using their VPSs and I hope to stay with them for a long time. Also
Thanks for the reliable VPS solutions for FutureHosting.Biz

Overall my rate for FutureHosting.Biz 9.8/10

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FutureHosting.biz One Week Review

Nov 5, 2007

I decided to go with Future Hosting after the reviews I saw on WHT and it's been a while since I follow their reviews here but I did not need a VPS back then. Now I got over 30 websites each located at a different host, so I decided to transfer them to one single account and decided to go with VPS because reseller is small for us and we don't need a dedicated server yet.

First thing I did is look again for Future Hosting reviews which were very good and what made me take my decision very fast is the 95% off the first month. I signed up with them on october 31 2007. Few hours later I get the confirmation that my VPS is now setup and I get the login information. I had a plesk managed VPS. I logged in to plesk added one domain and I tried adding another but I got an error that I can't add more domains, so I directly open a ticket and tell them about it, and hey fixed it, no big deal.

I point my base domain to the VPS and decide to do some tests and make sure everything is working fine before transferring all the domains. I created then a hosting account for the base domain. First problem I face is I can't access webmail.mydomain.com, again I open a ticket, they fix it with adding a record for webmail.domain.com in DNS zone, now I don't know if this should be done automatically but the support there said I should do this for every domain I add. Now I can access the webmail and had some problems logging in which I fixed.

I tried to send and email, it worked just fine, then I try to receive and email but the emails kept bouncing back and not begin delivered, I open another support ticket and they tell me that there is a problem with qmail they will work on it. Last night I get an email that it's working fine, today I try sending emails and it's being bounced back from the server, this time the email reached the server but the server bounced it back.

Again I open a ticket and I am told that there's a problem with qmail. Few hours ago, I got an email from tech support telling me that they want to change the hostname from domain.com to subdomain.domain.com. It's the first time I face this problem,I always used mydomain.com as hostname but I am willing to do anything to make my VPS work properly, but this is not nice having a hostname as subdomain.domain.com. I asked them several times, that if they need to reload everything on my VPS to go ahead and proceed with it because I didn't transfer anything to it, I am just still testing, but they didn't reply to this request.

Although I am not mad at FH people because they've been trying to fix things for me since day one, and I am willing to stay with them at the moment, I mean these problem won't get me to the point to give up on FH, but it's also frustrating that in one week I am still having problems with my VPS.

What do you think, should they reload my VPS, should I ask for that or do I let them fix the problem, and should I accept that they use subdomain.domain.com instead of domain.com?

So far I will give 5 stars for FH support, let's hope I will give 5 stars for the server stability.

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WiredTree VPS Review

Mar 16, 2009

After leaving my last hosting provider [url]

I moved to WiredTree.

I setup my VPS account with Wiredtree on March 5th. It has not been long enough to give a detailed review, but I will come back and update this thread.

So far I have been very happy with my server's uptime, performance, and Wiredtree's support. I have never used a VPS account before, I have always used a shared hosting account or a reseller account. Some of the configuration options are new to me and I have had questions. So far I have entered a couple of tickets asking these questions.

I have always marked my tickets as low priority and I have still received a response within minutes. I have moved almost all of my domains and have not see any issues.

Like I said I will periodically update this thread as time goes by, but so far I am very happy with Wiredtree.

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Wiredtree First Thoughts Review

Feb 3, 2009

I was having problems with shared hosting so I'm having a crack with a VPS from wiredtree. I have been with them 3days so thought I'd post up an early review on my first thoughts then update 3months on, 6months and 12months.

I'm new to the VPS world and have never had any experience with server management/functions other than with-in cpanel so you could say I'm a total noob, so this is coming from a newbie perspective. Ok so here goes for the pros/cons so far.


- The set-up was fast once sorted (see the first con).

- The payment system and ordering process was easy to follow.

- The support is very fast helpful and understanding (this is for their online support not phoned them yet).

- The start-up e-mail is useful and gives clear direct instructions.

- The prices are fair and in-line with the market.

- Their 'Grove' control panel is clean and clear and gives you access to vital functions and information, such as DNS, server stats, billing and support.

- When I set-up my account they didn't ring to confirm I had to chase them to get it sorted but once it was confirmed my server was up in under 1 hour.

- On their bottom package they give 348mb ram which before you put anything else on the server over 60% of this is used by other functions/softwares. Of course these things can be turned on/off when needed but I feel this should be mentioned at sign-up so people can understand and plan what they are going to need.

- Their knowledgebase has so far failed me as the issues I have had (mostly due to being a noob) are not listed on it and there are no other way other than submitting a ticket to find out about the small easy to solve problems, but their support is fast so no biggy.

Overall its not been a bad start It has had some floors but I'm happy and things are running smoothly.

Like I said these are only first thoughts on the service and I will update at later dates to give a clear picture on their service.

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2.5 Months Review Of WiredTree.com

Sep 24, 2009

After having a dedicated server for more than 70 days from WiredTree.com, I thought that it would be a good time for a review.

I came across them through good reviews in this forum and took the opportunity to get one of their special offers (Core i7). As a short summary in advance: I can fully recommend them to anyone seeking a managed dedicated box.

I just had contact to Sales twice - Once as I tried to bargain for an even cheaper offer than the special one they already had (without success, by the way) and a second time when it came to an eventual server upgrade. Response time was quick, the answers were professional and friendly and there is nothing I could complain about.

Server Setup:
I was in a totally different time-zone than WiredTree while ordering the server. As they have the practice to call their new customers for identity verification, the call reached me at night time and I could not pick it up. So I called them in the morning and they called me back again. It must have been deepest night time in Chicago at this moment. From this telephone call on, it took less than 2-3 hours (as far as I remember) until the server was ready and online.
Another thing is their "ServerShield Server Hardening" that they perform before you get the box. I never received a dedicated server before with so many tweaking measures taken in advance. MySQL performance was improved, the firewall was well configured, security checks were already made, everything felt fine-tuned in advance. So, again, very good job done by WiredTree.

Hardware Quality:
You might say: "You've only been with them 70+ days. Of course, there was no hardware problem during that short time". Well, I read here at WHT about customers of other hosts who had the first failures already at the moment they received the new box. So - No hardware problems at all until now.

I am not very experienced in server management and tend to get nervous if something doesn't work and support takes more than 30min. to answer questions. I know that this makes me annoying sometimes, but at least I always try to be friendly. Fortunately, WiredTree seems very good prepared for nerve-wrackers like me... Support never took more than 15min. to answer my requests and in at least 2 cases, they even bent backwards to help me with problems that had nothing to do with them. Every single request got solved in a very short time. I contacted support at the most unusable hours of the day because I often travel between different time zones - They were always there, like an own IT-Crowd in your pocket. Two thumbs up for their support staff.

100% Uptime during the whole time. No hickups at all, no problem that I would be aware of. Fine speed all the time. There is really nothing negative that I could say.

No billing issues at all. Everything worked correctly.

Their customer portal "Grove":
Well. Hmmm. Okay, one thing first: I saw several customer portals during the last 10 years. And none of them blew me away. I haven't seen SoftLayer's yet and was told that theirs should be even nicer than grandmas cheese cake, but the grass is always greener on the other side as long as you have never been there. Let's say that "Grove" is surely one of the better and nicer looking customer portals around. It bundles a lot of information and offers a good way of communication. The rest is a question of taste...

The bad news:
I cancelled the server today. The company I work for has rent several servers at another host and paid them 1 year in advance. One is totally unused (great planning, MnMgt!) and I was offered by my boss to use it cost-free for that period of time. Well, this is an opportunity I have to take... Saving $300 a month is quite a lot of money. But I am determined to go back to WiredTree as soon as my "free time" is over.

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WiredTree 1 Year Review

Jan 10, 2009

I have been a WiredTree customer for about one year and I am very happy with their services. One of the top VPS providers available on the world, WiredTree runs its servers in its own datacenter and it is the real peace in mind company. On January 15th 2008 I've started a VPS 512 in WiredTree using a a WHT promo offer and encountered not only one problem with billing, hardware, software, support! I'm running 16 monster websites of my selected customers on this VPS under cPanel optimized for VPS release 4-R32603 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9. OS: CENTOS 4.7 i686 on Virtuozzo. I've recently rebooted my VPS by command line (SSH) due a new app install exigence and this task was performed in few seconds without only one problem with cPanel!

Uptime: 10/10
Management: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Billing: 10/10
Domain for verification: ....

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6+ Month Review Of Wiredtree

Mar 17, 2009

Had to call into Wiredtree tech support for a very minor question (forgot my Grove Logon name and needed to check some billing info), which reminded me I've neglected to do a six month review of them.
See here:

and here:

for background info so you'll know this isn't a puff piece. I had a very frustrating start to the world of VPS's, having migrated from 1and1 shared hosting. Had _major_ problems configuring email to work with port 587 (which is mandatory because of my ISP's blocking port 25) with both Servint and WiredTree. SerVint's fault with them, my fault with Wiretree for not letting DNS changes time to propagate.

So, bottom line is the past 6-7 months with Wiredtree have been totally trouble-free.

All the sites I host are lightning fast and stable. With the exception of a DDoS attack back in September which caused a couple hours of downtime (luckily in the wee morning hours of a Saturday), there've been absolutely no problems whatsoever.

I use mon.itor.us to check availability of my web sites and there's an occasional NOK (not OK) for smtp or pop but never anything to speak of and it's always back up within a minute or two, so I'm pretty sure the problem is on their end or network related and not Wiredtree's.

If I had wanted to stay with Plesk, I probably would have been satisfied with SerVint but they could never get cPanel to work with port 587. I just checked their web site and noticed they re-designed it and must say it looks much better.

One thing I did notice is SerVint now offers 512 MB RAM (burstable to 1 gig) with their entry-level VPS's while Wiredtree still offers 384. I don't go by the "burstable" RAM, which if I remember correctly is pretty much a marketing gimmick but I'm surprised Wiredtree is no longer equal to SerVint in that respect, as they were in August. But it doesn't matter to me as most of my sites are usually Flash, which needs consistent throughput, not processing power.

Bottom line: add me to the massive list here on WHT who are completely satisfied with Wiredtree.com.

Are they a bit more expensive than most other providers?

Are they worth every penny of it?

Most assuredly!

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Wiredtree.com :: My Initial Review

Feb 25, 2009

I will be posting a month review after my 1st months of service.
But for now, here is my initial review of Wiredtree.com

This is under my domain of aps-enterprises.co.uk which you can tell is on the Wiredtree network.
OK here goes.

Placed my order on Saturday 21st as Level3hostings main site went off line and I got a really bad feeling that my VPS would go down too, a feeling which proved all too true.

After a little while, I got the Fraud check phonecall. Although I couldnt hear them, James Webb could hear me, that was quite amusing....

Sunday 22nd, got my VPS Setup. Usually they said it would take a lot quicker to get setup, but they did have a network maintainence for about 3hrs. I was stil happy.

7.16am GMT time, my VPS with LEVEL3HOSTING went down *thank god for backups!! hooray I learnt my lesson*

The VPS I ordered is a good spec and any support tickets I had to raise, all were answered and resolved in an average of 15mins!! Yep! 15mins. I used to pay an external company each month, and they resolved stuff in 24hrs. How cool are they?

So anyway, VPS is great, Uptime has been 100% one can only expect. And Support is by far, one of the best I have seen.

Only been in business with them for my 5th day, so far they will be keeping me as a customer and if I have to upgrade (which I know one day I will), then I will be ordering any upgrades through them.

This is only my initial review and I will post a 1 month one too.

Which I reckon will be a positive one, just like this one is.

Thank you Wiredtree for making my life easier for my hosting business. As they say you do get what you paid for, and believe me the services I have had from some people that saying is very true, however you guys.... I think your prices are cheap for the amount of work you actually do.

Keep it up, and I hope this review makes a few customers for you.

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My VPS Hosting Review (WiredTree)

Jan 25, 2009

I think I owe WiredTree a review since I believe I am their most annoying customer by now. Why annoying? Because I have made a total of 9 tickets and a couple of phone calls after buying their vps512 package on the 8th of this month. So far, their hosting has been my favourite ever. I never even dreamed of such a remarkable hosting company. After lurking around here and asking people for their inputs on the best vps hosts, I imagined that the vps companies would be just the same as the shared hosting companies I have been hosted with from earlier. But to my surprise, these guys were the very best.

I was puzzled whether to go for KnownHost or WiredTree, while KnownHost had a remarkable forum for all types of support, WiredTree had a very brilliantly designed website. Part of the reason, I did not go for KnownHost was because their website did not make a good appeal to me, but that wasn't the main thing. When I asked a question to wiredtree, they gave me answers in less than 10 minutes. And that has never changed even after being their customer. Their president Zac, personally provided me with their userguide which is another masterpiece. That attracted me more towards them. Their grove panel, if only it could do what cpanel and whm can do, it would be the best admin panel in the market.

It's very well designed.

So within these last few weeks, all 9 tickets I opened got answers within 10 minutes and that too in a detailed manner. They left nothing out, they configured everything (from dns, email setup, updates for the vps) for me. I am a big fan of their two support guys (Jake and James). These guys are the most hard working people. I was stunned to see the server's capabilities. The loading speed in my website is unbelievable right now. I know I am so stunned because I come from a sharedhosting. But I have bought vps' for many clients of mine, and their servers were not even as close as these guys. Though wiredtree could not help me with migrating my website's contents, they did migrate my databases. I shut down my website for 2 days only and got even more traffic after a promise to the members that my site would be blazing fast!

So my short review and rating for their services:
VPS512- it might not be the right package for me yet, but it wasn't really expensive for me, so I bought it anyway. I know I will need it very soon (2-3 months time).

Support- They dont sleep, they will answer your questions within 15 minutes and that too in a precise and detailed manner.

Server Speed- Blazing fast, nothing beats it.

Server Upgrades- They will let you know beforehand if you might experience a downtime, I faced one downtime for less than 20 minutes when they upgraded their virtuozzo.

Help with anything- They will fix your problem, they will work with you all the time and yes they never give up.

Its very easy for anyone to learn how to run a VPS, just follow the userguides they provide you with.

I would say that they are the best people in this business. I know within a year or less, I might need a dedicated server. I wont be going for a hybrid server, I will make the leap over to the Dedicated Servers and yes WiredTree will be in my top list.

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WiredTree - 6 Month Review

Aug 3, 2008

I'm not one for posting reviews unless I've had an utterly horrible experience, or an absolutely amazing one.

And thankfully this review is one of the latter.

WiredTree is simply a top notch, professional organization which performs as claimed!

6 months ago I got rid of a managed dedicated and, knowing that I needed similar performance and quality of management, decided to go with a WiredTree VPS.

I have never looked back since. Amazing support, solid uptime and true peace of mind.

So what brings me here now?

I just posted a ticket at 7:54 pm regarding a server wide permission issue.

At 7:56 pm I received a response from Zac, stating that the issue was isolated and fixed. I confirmed this and closed the ticket at 7:58 pm.

2 MINUTES! Two minutes from ticket submission to resolution. Now that is why I stay with WiredTree.

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WiredTree 1+ Year Review

Dec 15, 2008

WiredTree 1+ Year Review

Well its been more than 1 year now since i've been with wiredtree so i decided that i write about my experience in all these months ever since i last wrote about them at [url].

So where do i start and how do i wrap up the review ? I could do it in just few words here which would be absolutely amazing ! Their customer service and their servers Rock and i hope in coming years, we just get to see better of their services !

And i promised myself today, if they ever sell their company and my account to any new entity, i'll 1st cry out aloud for writing all the good reviews and for the good times with wiredtree and then maybe go and bomb the place before a new ordeal with new owners starts because i dont think anyone can ever run wiredtree the way Zac is running!

20/10 to you Zac for running this good show!

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WiredTree 3+ Month Review

Nov 23, 2008

WiredTree 3+ month review

Over the years, I’ve had a number of dedicated servers. My early experiences were pretty rotten since my servers were always hacked – I didn’t realize that you’ve got to be smart to handle one of these things. After a bout of some really dreadful server hosting, I decided that I would go with WiredTree - or just close shop.

Why WiredTree? Well, from my research they seemed to have one of the best reputations on WHT. I couldn’t find anything bad posted about them. And, they were running a promotion. Why close shop? Because I was disgusted and just didn’t have the patience to deal with a server anymore.

In the end, I decided to get a VPS 384 from WiredTree. I thought that this would be a serious downgrade from my Dual Xeon “barn burner”, but the performance on my VPS, was even better than the server.

One nice thing about a VPS is that you can start with a particular plan and then, if you are experiencing a heavy load, update your VPS, on-line in real-time. This helped me decide since I could go cheap and upgrade in the future if everything was OK.

I can say that WiredTree is just simply amazing. Low priority support tickets are answered within a few minutes. High priority issues are dealt with virtually immediately. It's downright scary.

Not everything is perfect however… I have had several periods of downtime – one was due to a DDOS attack and was a couple of hours, another was about an hour or so due to a bad network device, and another was for only for 10 or 15 minutes. I was credited with the appropriate amount of money according to their TOS. I realize that these kind of things can happen even to the best, and in fairness, thanks to WT’s proactive service monitoring, the problems were dealt with quickly.

Having a fully managed plan has definite advantages, otherwise I would have certainly just shut down my operation. However, fully managed does not necessarily mean everything. In response to a couple of issues, I was only told how to perform the action. One issue I had to leave unhandled since I was afraid to tackle the problem myself. I really don't want to use SSH ever - I'm just too old and tired to mess with it, and I'd rather spend my time on content and not on platform.

All in all – WiredTree is awesome. The hosting experience itself is what I call “boring” – that is, I don’t even notice it’s there. The VPS just runs and I don’t need to worry about it. The support is fast and thoroughly professional - in short, amazing. The only thing that would make me consider moving to another host is getting that extra bit of “fully managed” that WiredTree doesn’t provide. I am considering one host in particular, but leaving WiredTree will indeed be a difficult decision to arrive at.

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WiredTree ][ 2 Month Review

Oct 1, 2008

After spending years on shared hosting in various places I got fed up with 'being kept in the dark' as I like to call it. Unscheduled reboots, mysterious downtimes, other users on your server using up all the resources and thus causing all your sites to crawl So... the time came to upgrade to a VPS. Due to pretty big issues with my previous shared host (another user on the server was using too many resources all the time, and then another one started as well... then they were in the process of moving me to a new server but at this point the server was going down daily for 1-2 hours at a time and this was simply not acceptable) I had to make a rather rushed decision on who to go to.

After several days of research on WHT I decided to go with WiredTree. They were a little more expensive than some of the other VPS providers I looked at, however it seemed to be worth it reading other peoples reviews and looking at all the features the offered on their website.

I ordered the lowest package they offered, VPS384, on a weekend. After sending a ticket to support I got a phone call confirming my order and 30 minutes later my VPS was up.

There was some initial issue with their main hardware node undergoing a kernel panic (happened before I actually started using my VPS), however this was quickly resolved and I was able to start moving things over.

The transfer went seamlessly and so far I haven't had any issues with the VPS. In fact, I've been pretty bored because I simply don't have anything to do anymore. The server seems to run on it's own! Coming from a shared hosting environment where I always had one or the other issue to fix this is a pretty big shock.

So far, I've had 17 support tickets, which have all been resolved to my satisfaction.

The response time WT provides is excellent. In most tickets its been a sub 5 minute response time, with the odd response taking up to 10 minutes. I can post some screens if needed, but I think previous WT reviews have posted enough of those so I'll leave that be for now.

Considering that I've never used WHM or managed a VPS of any sort before, WT have been excellent in explaining what needed to be done to accomplish basic tasks. Their knowledgebase is also a very nice resource and contains some nice starting points for people new to working with VPS'.

# up 23 days, 13:25, 1 user, load average: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00
- The VPS was restarted once to fix an issue with cPanel

Current Server Load 0.01
Total Server Memory 384 MB
Available Physical Memory 154 MB

I think the maximum usage I've had so far was a forum having around 100 users online at the same time. This had zero impact on the performance and everything worked as fast as it did with 10 people online.

All in all, I am extremely satisfied and planning on expanding what I run on the server in the future as well as perhaps upgrading to a better package if need be.

Keep up the good work WT, and a special thanks to the support team who have been absolutely stellar in every way imaginable.

- Satisfied customer

[edit] Small addition... I love WiredTree's monitoring system. Any time a service goes down, I get an e-mail about it and the service is automatically restarted. This happens very rarely and mostly with spamd so it's not an issue, but it's good to know that in the event something does go down it comes right back up.

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6 Month Review Of WiredTree

Dec 25, 2008

After getting a taste of using a VPS, I was desperate to try out a managed version, as the one I had was unmanaged and had always been compromised. I searched up Webhostingtalk.com in hopes of finding a cheap VPS package. I was wrong.

While browsing around on Webhostingtalk, I saw numerous recommendations for WiredTree as a web hosting provider. I browsed the WiredTree website and I took a step back at the price. Coming from a series of $1 shared web hosting packages it was indeed a shock. I knew that in order for my website to expand and grow, I had to pay the price, so I decided to sign up with WiredTree any way. When I signed up I was given a call and from that moment I knew that they took their services very seriously. A few moments later my account was now live from that point onwards my perception towards web hosting has changed.

I had required certain SSH commands to be installed. I was greeted by the support team and everything had been done within minutes. It had changed how I viewed support. For once I was actually talking to a human instead of automated and copy/pasted messages.

Problems big and small were no problem for the team at WiredTree. From installing
Icecast to migrating websites to small edits such as disabling indexing, no matter what the task was, I was greeted with a warm reply and before I noticed everything had been done. No matter where I was, if I had a problem that need helping I could simply log into WiredTree's Grove panel and submit a ticket and it would be done. Period.

Server security had been a big problem at my last host. My server was being compromised day after day and the support staff had done nothing but tell me to change my passwords.

When I moved onto WiredTree, their Servershield service kept the hackers at bay. I could focus my time developing my website. For the first time I would be able to relax without checking my websites each day to see if anything was wrong.

From $1 web hosting to WiredTree, I have finally realised that web hosting goes by the following quote: 'you get what you pay for'. WiredTree's prices may be a bit tad high, but when you weigh up your time you used to worry or manage your PHP version etc, you will find it definitely is worth it.

It is sad to leave WiredTree, but I have to due to fund problems. However you can rest assured that I will be back! I will be definitely browsing in various web hosting forums and recommending WiredTree, because when I do I know that I'll be helping not only WiredTree but for the user requesting VPS provider suggestions!

Special thanks to the support team once again, Michael, Jake, Joe, Jacob, Adam, James, Sam and especially Loren, who had replied to my unusual requests at the most weirdest hours you could possibly imagine! The occasional check-ins were very courteous and caring.

So when you're reading this, considering if WiredTree is right for you, I'm surprised you're still reading and not half way through your order already by now. You won't ever regret clicking that order button. Once you do, congratulations! Your WiredTree experience has begun!
If you can't be bothered reading such a long piece of text, here is the summary:

Support - no ticket answered less than 10 minutes, that actually get the problem fixed.
Security - Servershield does exactly what it says.

When hosting with WiredTree you really get to use your time doing other things instead of worrying or patching up your server. I experienced this first hand and I believe it'll be hard to find something that comes close to this top notch service

If anyone wants to verify that I actually do host with them, I'll be happy to pass on my domain to any moderator

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6 Week Wiredtree.com Review

Aug 19, 2008

I just wanted to take the time to mention how happy I am with wiredtree.

I have been with them for 6 weeks now. Their uptime is second to none I have not suffererd any downtime whatsoever.

Their support is phenomonal Tickets are answered within 15 minutes if not straight away, and are always cleared up straight away.

They are always professional, polite and courteous when contacting them.

I even recieved this email today:


I just wanted to take the time to send you a quick email to make sure that everything is going well with your account here at WiredTree. If you ever need help with your server please do not hesitate to submit a support request through our client portal (https://grove.wiredtree.com). We have Systems Admins standing by to assist you any issues you might have with your server. If you have any non support related comments please feel free to let me know. Have a great week!



Toll Free: 1-866-523-8733
Local: +1 312-447-0510
Fax: +1 312-447-0514

Which I thought was a nice touch and a credit to their customer service.

If I was to recomend anyone looking for hosting wiredtree would be my first port of call.

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WiredTree.com - 7 Month Review

Aug 31, 2008

the past 7 months have gone so fast i though this was my 6 month mark but after checking my welcome email it's 7 hence the odd 7 month review.

I think the reason time has gone so fast is due to everything running like clockwork, my host before WiredTree was plagued with technical problems and downtimes so it was a constant "battle" trying to keep my sites online and a week felt like a month. Anyhow..

Support: 10/10

If i could give WiredTree 11/10 i would, their support excedes all expectations in both promptness and the level of satisfaction. I've purchased thousands of dollars in scripts, products and services on the net over the years and WiredTree's support outclasses them all both in and out of the hosting industry. Take a look at this one for example, 1 minute response time at 3AM


Performance: 10/10

I've got a large number of small to medium sites on my account, and they all run very fast and feel like they are on a dedicated server. Now for uptime, the server itself has excellent uptime however i have had issues with MySql going down about once a month and not restarting. So i was going to give this a 9/10 however to WiredTree's credit, after i bought up the issue with them they implemented a custom script on my server to reboot MySql when it goes down which is working flawlessly ever since so the 10/10 is definitely justified.

Price: 10/10

Now WiredTree is not the cheapest VPS provider, but when crunching the numbers in comparison to my previous "budget" provider and factoring the lost revenue from downtime and the many wasted hours trying to bring the server back online, sending tickets etc WiredTree actually works out cheaper for a much better service. The Pro-Active monitoring is great piece of mind knowing i can go to sleep and not worry about my sites being down, so again 10/10 is justified for what you receive.

So i think that's about it, i've recommended several people who have signed up at WiredTree and everyone is extremely happy also so i have no hesitation in continuing to recommend them. Also my server is a 512MB VPS + 256MB bonus RAM from their promotion in January, i'm planning on staying with WiredTree for a long time and i have been eyeing off their Hybrid server for a while now so hopefully by my next review i'll be on one of those.

A big thanks to Zac, Joe, Jake, Adam and everyone behind the scenes at WiredTree i have never personally spoken with, keep up the great work.


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WiredTree 1 Year Review (Re-Post)

Mar 24, 2009

I have been a WiredTree customer for about one year and I am very happy with their services. One of the top VPS providers available on the world, WiredTree runs its servers in its own datacenter and it is the real peace in mind company. On January 15th 2008 I've started a VPS 512 in WiredTree using a a WHT promo offer and encountered not only one problem with billing, hardware, software, support!! I'm running 16 monster websites of my selected customers on this VPS under cPanel optimized for VPS release 4-R32603 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9. OS: CENTOS 4.7 i686 on Virtuozzo. I've recently rebooted my VPS by command line (SSH) due a new app install exigence and this task was performed in few seconds without only one problem with cPanel!! The VPS 512 has this spec:

WiredTree Fully Managed VPS512 with Cpanel
* Intel Dual Xeon Clovertown (8 CPU Cores)
* 512MB Guaranteed SLM RAM
* 2048MB Burstable RAM
* 500GB Bandwidth (100Mbps Uplink)
* 50GB RAID-10 Disk Space
* Fully Managed - 24x7 Toll-free Phone + Helpdesk Support
* 24x7 Proactive Monitoring and Service Restoration
* ServerShield Server Hardening
* 4 Dedicated IPs
* cPanel / WHM
* Virtuozzo Power Panel
Nightly Off-Server RAID Backups included

A great point in this VPS 512 is the number os disk inodes allowed for its 50GB disk space: 10,485,760 (in generally default VZPP disk inodes for 50GB are only 600,000). Disk inodes number it is a very important item in VPS spec because with much disk inodes you can host much directories and subdirectories; if the inodes number is little you will fill an entire virtual HDD (your VPS) quickly if you are hosting websites with a long files tree.

I did my order using the verified corporate PayPal account of @Macarlo Networks, Inc. and in few hours I received a phone call from WiredTree and then, few minutes after this, the welcome e-mail with my login. WiredTree is not a reseller and control it's own NOC in Chicago, Illinois, a best point for all bandwidth requests from U.S. and other countries.

My rating after one year with WiredTree:

Uptime: 10/10
Management: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Price: 10/10
Billing: 10/10

Domain for verification: http://macarloshark.com/

For evaluate the WiredTree's VPS 512 for this review I hosted there the above referred 16 websites, all setup in few minutes by cPanel version 11.15 with Fantastico De Luxe and more...Using a tarball downloaded also in few minutes from our external backup server, in Nedw York (BQBackup) I put all 16 websites data in my VPS 512, registered in my partner Dotster, Inc. the new name servers for macarloshark.com and after the propagate proccess I started all websites just fine and in high speed, including for same extra-heawy webpages we have just for evaluations on VPSs and physical dedis.

Then I started the WHT Unixbech test on January 2009 and see the output below: ....

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